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January 1, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 1, 2010

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Page12 POST-GAZETTE, JANUARY 1,2010 Ba r'r'ol,1 I Happy New Year! Well, many people no longer celebrate the arrival of the New Year -- they celebrate the survival of the old year. Remember, the New Year is like a new baby -- many changes will be necessary, some of which may be neglected. The astute Tom Analetto of Medford, says, "What the New Year brings us will depend a great deal on what we bring to the New Year." Carlo Scostumato claims to the average girl the most helpful books are mother's cook- book and father's checkbook. Mother Superior Frances Fitzgerald, says, "The Bible is not only the world's best seller, it is man's best purchase." Amen. Poll news! In the year since President Obama was elected, 41% of Americans be- lieve race relations have gotten better, and 22% say they've gotten worse. Blacks per- ceive a greater shift than whites, with 53% saying there's been a change for the better. Just 4% of U.S. voters believe that most politicians keep their campaign promises. 45% say politicians deliberately make false promises to get elected, while 43% take the more charitable View that promises are bro- ken because of unforeseen events. Only 17% of U.S. voters want their children to run for office someday. According to "Mona" Lisa Cappuccio of East Boston, the latest new dance craze is called "The Politician." It's two steps forward, one step backward, and then a sidestep." Huh? If you plan to lose weight by replac- ing sugar with an artificial sweetener, don't bother! A new study revealed that artificial sweeteners actually trigger sensors in the stomach that cause more sugar to be ab- sorbed into the system and eventually con- verted into fat. You drink diet cola to stay slim, but the reverse is true because the artificial sweeteners can activate the sen- sor so you're taking more glucose from your diet. Best you stick to eating Baccala. How hygienic is your home? Not very! That's the finding of a new survey_ In brief. launflcxm nca 0me O0 percent 0r PeODle admit they aren't changing them weekly as recommended Fifteen percent of people never toss out old pillows. Cleaning the toi- let: This is a chore best done once a week. Your tub or shower should be given its own bath every week. Washing towels: Towels can be used two to three times, four maximum before they'll need laundering. Take the money and runI A couple is still on the loose after a bank goofed and mistak- enly enriched their account to ~6 million several months ago. Police are searching for Leo Gao and his girlfriend Care Young who'd applied for a $6,000 overdraft but wound up with 1,000 times that amount thanks to a great clerical error. The couple promptly withdrew a sizeable chunk of the money and disappeared, happily abandoning a 8500,000 home and a failing gas station business in Rotorua, New Zealand. Authorities say the Westpac Bank managed to retrieve close to $3 million, but the rest was wired to Korea. Gao and Young are thought to be hiding in China and living off their ill-gotten gains. Meanwhile, Interpol is helping to hunt down the accidental millionaires. As any good sommelier knows, seafood and red vci_ne generally don't mix. Try it, a.nd you'Ll likely end up with a sour aftertaste. The ef- fect is commonly thought to be caused by tannins, the chemicals that give red wines their "dry" taste. But now scientists have identified a different culprit, says ScienceNOW. Japanese researchers asked seven experienced wine tasters to sample various wines while eating scallops and to rate any aftertaste. The most troublesome wines, it turned out, were those highest in iron, a metal that can enter wine through soil or the production process. Iron is found in low amounts in wine and, since it doesn't affect color or cloudiness, vintners tend to ignore it. It's more common in reds than whites-and higher in some reds than oth- ers-which explain why very few reds go well with seafood. To be safe, says enologist Gor- don Bums, drink your red "with a big stew or a hearty chunk of meat." How about haVing it with Bracioli? Speaking of wine, Ital- ians always served the O O O salads at the end of the meal because if you drink wine with your meal, the salad which contains vinegar is not compatible to wine. So remember, when dining out especially in Italy; do not sip your wine while eating your salad. Recipes from the by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED LENTIL SOUP 1 cup lentils 4 cups of water 1 medium onion chopped l 1/2 cups chopped carrots (optional) 1 1/2 cups diced celery (optional) 1 clove garlic (optional)* 2 tablespoons canola oil or olive oil 1 cup small shells or elbow macaroni Wash lentils. Combine first five ingredients in a two-quart "Happy" and "healthy" often go together, but being sad does have its advantages, new research suggests. Scientists say that though a good mood encourages creatiVity and coop- eration, it also promotes reliance on mental shortcuts; a negative mood prompts the suf- ferer to think more carefully and to pay closer attention to the external world. Sadness "pro- motes information processing best suited to dealing with more demanding situations," psychologist Joseph Forgas tells the London Daily Mail. A "positive mood is not univer- sally desirable." Some worthy advice! For you drinkers, drink lots of water to help your liver get rid of the alcohol. It also reduces the chances of you getting a hangover, which is most often caused by dehydration and vitamin deficiencies. Be a highly effective woman! If asked what yon look for in a man, always reply "a sense of humor." Then when you marry an eighty- year-old millionaire, your friends will under- stand why you can't stop smiling. And only date men whose salary is four times greater than their age. To have fun in a crowded el- evator scream just as the doors are closing. The reaction from the other people around you is hilarious. Instant genius! Are you ready?. What is one of the most graphic textbooks on sex and love ever written? The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, subtitled The Hindu Art of Love. Leonardo da saucepan. Add chopped carrots and diced celery {optional). Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to prevent boiling over. Stir frequently. Add more liquid as needed. Salt to taste. Oil is added just before lentils are fully cooked. Cooking time about 40 minutes. *For a different flavor, add one clove of chopped garlic to lentils while cooking. Follow directions on package to cook pasta of choice. Add lentils to cooked pasta and serve. Lentil soup freezes well. Serves two. NOTE: My love for Lentil Soup came early in life. Whether Mama added carrots and onions or not, I waited for the Ditalini pasta to be served with the lentils. Sometimes, Mama preferred to serve the small elbow pasta with this soup. At times she served us the lentils with thin spaghetti that she cut up into one-inch pieces before cooking. Now I fred myself also varying the pasta for this meal. Mayor's Column (Continued from Page I) to instantly report potholes, graffiti, and other problems that may arise. The "Mayor's Hotline" was implemented this year and anyone who calls 617-635-4500 will receive assistance at any hour of the day or night. decades, the city hosted a professional bike race that attracted former Olympians and national champions and thousands of spectators in September. Biking contin- ues to grow as a means of transportation and form of Through the hotline we've exercise, and this year we made a seamless integra- reached five miles of bike Vinci's "arescrew" was a precursor of what tion with Boston Police to 2Oth-centur~" inventton9 The helicopter_ ~Jc1-1y address n00r? ao gnt an slovator top at tno 13" " ..... Y Owing to superstition, most buildings don't designate a 13th floor. The nomenclature simply jumps from the 12th to the 14% What famous general, renowned for his military genius, was a homosexual who took his lover with him on many campaigns? Alexander the Great. We have been asked why we often men- tion Steven M. Sebestyen. Frankly, he's a good friend. Steven once served as the Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles Steven had been with the Registry since 1995 after migrat- ing from a management career in retail operations and automotive repair. He is a graduate of Stonehill College where he ma- jored in Business Management. Sebestyen is also mezzo Italianl. Wee bit of show business reminiscing with the maestro and musicologist Albert Natale. By the age of 3, Sophie Tucker was singing in her parent's cafe in Hartford, Connecticut in 1894. She had a small roll in "Ziegfeld Follies of 1909" and was a head- liner by 1911. "The Last of The Red Hot Mammas" is remembered best, perhaps, for her approach to the song "Some Of These Days." Rudy Vallee grew up in Westbrook, Maine. He was sclf-taught on drums and reeds, but his first professional job playing sex in a theater in Maine. Pianist/singer Fats Waller wrote "Ain't Misbehavin'" while in jail for nonpayment of alimony. Other compositions included: "Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now," "I've Got A Feeling I'm Fall- ing," and *Honeysuckle Rose." Frank Sinatra's first starring role in a Hollywood movie was in September, 1943. The film was "Higher and Higher," a R0dgers and Hart musical, which also featured Victor Borge and Mel Torme. The Pied Pipers were originally an octet (ten), but Tommy Dorsey couldn't afford that many singers Fred MacMurray was a vocalist on both the George Olsen and Gus Arnheim orchestras. He played saxophone with several bands before becom- ing an actor. And as a girl scout, actress Debbie Reynolds won 48 merit badges. She was also Miss Burbank of 1948. AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME as possible. In addition to better serv- ing residents, the City has continued to turn Beantown into Greentown. In fact, our single-stream recycling sys- tem makes recycling easy. The City has distributed, and will continue to distribute into the spring, tall blue bins that eliminate the need to separate paper, plastic, glass and other materials. With an expanding bicy- cling program, Boston Bikes, the city continues to earn its reputation as one of the greenest cities in the coun- try. For the first time in From MyBakery Perch lanes and more than 150 bike racks a roL. l~d tl~e ctt~ to accommodate and encour- age biking. We're working towards launching a bike- sharing program that will provide access to thousands of bikes, as well as several more miles of bike lanes and additional bike racks spaced 300 feet apart. We accomplished a lot together in 2009, but Bos- tonians should have high expectations for 2010. Inau- guration Day is JANUARY Ith at Faneuil Hall, and with new, exciting leaders and ideas, we'll tackle an ambi- tious agenda and continue to move Boston forward. VtTA OnLANDO S~Novot.! ]st Generation Italian-American Vita Orlando Sinopoli Shares with us a delighOeul recollection of her memories as a child growing up in Boston's "Little Italy" and a collection of Italian family recipes from the homeland. Great as Gifts FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM and in local bookstores -- ask for Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 ISBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN consumer to