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January 2, 2009     Post-Gazette
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January 2, 2009

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Two options were put (Continued on Page 7) Over forty members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Survivors Group crowded the lower church parish hall to decide their future as they head into a new year. Would they decide to stay on or call it quits? The parishioner takeover of their parish church shuttered by News Briefs by Sal Giarratani A Piece of Junk with Seven Saint Statues The other day in traffic, I found myself behind a piece of junk on wheels. It had the nerve to sport vanity plates. Looking through the rear window, I noticed this car's dashboard was sport- ing seven saint statues, one crucifix and a pair of dangling rosary beads. This car obviously needed all the help available. I'm Still Listening to 104.9 FM in the Morning North Shore 104.9 FM is the best oldies music station around. I pick it up every morning over by the West Roxbury Parkway, loud and clear. Charlie Curtis is the best DJ around Greater Boston. You want good music, go to 104.9 FM. Don't take my word. listen for yourself. (Continued on Page 15) As we observe the scandal surrounding Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, arrested for at- tempting to sell the U.S. Sen- ate seat formerly belonging to President-elect Barack Obama to the highest bidder, and think of what it portends for the next four years, it causes me to be grateful for the two most important things President Bush has accomplished during his tenure. The first is that there has been absolutely no hint of the scandal, soap opera or three-ring circus that had been a daily suffering under President Clinton. The dig- nity and the prestige of the office of the presidency were restored, and we could once again take for granted that this sort of thing wouldn't happen. As the Blagojevich scandal shows, this pre- sumption is no automatic thing. Nor was the restora- tion a certain thing, simply by having changed the in- habitant of the office. Yet here we are. with the proper dignity and respect being shown, down to even small matters of etiquette. I sincerely hope that this ef- fort on President Bush's part was not in vain, but skepti- cism is the order of the day. From Blagojevich, whose two gubernatorial cam- paigns Obama was a major part of and to whom he's al- ready had to hold a press conference denying any con- nection (before he's even been inaugurated!), to the infamous Rev. Jeremiah Wright. to Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko. there is as much potential for endless eruption of scandals and soap operas on Obama's part as there was on Clinton's part. Just as Clinton had the Arkansas machine,. Obama has the Chicago machine, every bit as filled with clos- eted skeletons and history he'd rather not see revisited. Perhaps if Obama had been properly vetted during the campaign, we wouldn't be here now. But the main- stream media was so des- perate to orchestrate the election of their Messiah that none of this was looked into when it should have been. And ironically, if sick- eningly, this might be the one thing that keeps the Obama Administration from unraveling into the total cir- cus the Clinton Administra- tion became the media's complete sellout for Obama will continue through his tenure, as they do every- thing they can to cover up for and protect the object of their slobbering mindless worship. Heck, they've already pulled out the old Clinton/ Lewinsky card to play on Blagojevich. labeling him crazy and sociopathic. It re- mains to be seen, I suppose, if he saved the evidence so that he can avoid being de- stroyed. Will he have the equivalent of the DNA- stained blue Gap dress to serve as the ultimate trump card? The second, on a more se- rious note, is that we've gone seven-plus years with no terrorist attacks on U.S. interests. On the morning of September 12, 2001, this would have been an unfath- omable prediction to make, and yet President Bush has made it come true. From eight years of Clinton that began with attacks ('93 World Trade Center), was filled with attacks (Khobar Tow- ers, embassies in Kenya/ Tanzania, USS Cole) and ended with the biggest at- tack of all in which nearly 3,000 people were slaugh- tered on our own soil, we've had none in the years since. (Continued on Page 14) Mayor's Column by Thomas M. Menino, Mayor, City of Boston This has been a challenging year for the City of Boston and its residents, but,looking back, as a City we can be proud of the many accomplishments achieved over the course of this past year. Although we recently learned that the current recession likely began last January, at home, we all certainly felt its effects long before economists made it official. While maintaining the qual-. ity of life for our residents is always my top priority, the current economic conditions will challenge that focus ha 2009. With the foreclosure crisis gripping cities and towns across the country, we doubled our efforts to keep residents in their homes and this year I testified to Congress that foreclosure prevention is the most effective way to address the problem. Stemming from the 2006 Fore- closure Prevention Initiative, this past January the Foreclosure Intervention Team (FIT) attacked the problem of fore- closures bY working vith homeowners, banks, and City services. Through the FIT, we have made significant progress on Hendry Street in Dorchester, where city officials are working with the de- veloper Bilt-Rite to completely renovate four properties. Through the Foreclosure Prevention Initiative, over the last two years we have helped more than 441 homeowners avert foreclosure, preserving more than $130 million in home values. In Sep- tember, the Department of Housing and Urban Development allocated $4.23 mil- lion for Boston to be used primarily for the acquisition and rehab of foreclosed and abandoned properties. However, housing was not the only area affected by the economic downturn. In an effort to help families avoid mak- ing the choice of whether to heat their homes or eat this winter, ! began the Mayor's Food and Fuel Campaign in August. With partnership from non-prof- (Continued on Page 14)-