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January 8, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 8, 2010

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Page 14 POST-GAZETTE, JANUARY 8, 2010 Lo sapevate che ,,, II Presidente Obama potrebbe acquistare dall'Italia non solo elicotteri ma anche vetture ferroviarie per Talta velocita'. Sia le ferrovie italiane, che l'ultranazionale Finmeecanica hanno buone speranze per l'affare, dopo il completamento di una missione USA che espresse vivo interesse per il pacchetto tecnicologico sull'alta velocita' offerto dai due megagruppi pubblici italiani. Intanto il Governo Americano sta studiando cinque tratte per l'alta velocita' feeroviaria, per cui Obama prevede di stanziare tredici miliardi di dollari. I tecnici americani trovano il progetto italiano di grande interesse. Per il momento si parla di 'entusiasmo e vivo interesse'per le imprese italiane che includono anche la 'Ansaldo-Breda' e 'Ansaldo STS'. I 18 membri della commissione Americana hanno viaggiato sul famoso treno 'Freccia Rossa', superveloce, da Roma a Bologna, ed hanno visitato gli stabilimenti Ansaldo-Breda a Pistoia, visionando i processi di produzione del materiale rotabile. C'e' da dire che i tecnici americani hanno pure visitato la Spagna, che usa anche materiale ferroviario 'Alta Velocita', ma preferirebbero orientarsi verso il pacchetto offerto dalle compagnie italiane. La Spagna, pero', usa vetture rotabili costruite in Francia (Alstom) ed in Germania {Siemens). Intanto le Ferrovie italiane continuano ad espandere le loro attivita' all'estero, dal Medio Oriente all'Europa Orientale, al Sud America, specialmente in Brasile dove le FS sono interessate al progetto AV Rio de Janeiro-San Paulo, una distanza di circa 500 Km Naturalmente altri costruttori internazionali sono interessati pure al progetto brasiliano. Did you know that ... President Obama could purchase from Italy not only helicopters but also 'High Velocity' railroad cars. The Italian Rail Administration, as well as the ultra-national FINMECCANICA, has great expectations following a visit by a USA mission, which expressed a 'lively interest' toward the technical packet, on 'Hi Velocity' 'High Capacity' offered by the Italian mega-groups. Meanwhile, the American Government is studying a project for five 'High Velocity rail tracks, appropriating, in the process, $13 billion. The American technocrats find the Italian project of great interest. For the time being, there is only 'enthusiasm and interest'. The Italian corporations include also the "Ansaldo-Breda" and the "Ansaldo STS. The 13 mem- bers of the US delegation were the guests of the 'high- velocity' "Freccia Rossa" (red arrow), running on the Rome- Bologna segment, and also visited the 'Ansaldo-Breda' assembly plants in Pistoia, witnessing the production processes of the railroad material. We must say that the American delegation had also visited Spain, which also uses 'high-velocity' rail material, but kept their interest toward the packet offered by the Italian corporations. As a matter of fact, Spain uses rail cars built in France (AIstom) and in Germany (Siemens). Meanwhile the Italian Railroad Corporation keeps expanding abroad, to the Middle East and to Eastern Europe, as well as to South America, particu- larly in Brazil where they are interested to the High Veloc- ity project "Rio de Janeiro - San Paolo" (about 320 miles). Of course, other international builders are also interested in the Brazilian project. Doubletake (Continued from Page 1) on their way to the United States, will not face the intensified security proce- dures. Civil rights group decried the announcement on Sun- day. Nawar Shora, legal di- rector of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Com- mittee, felt the rule unfairly casts suspicion on all citi- zens of certain nations. "I understand there needs to be additional security in light of what was at- tempted on Christmas Day," Mr. Shora said, "But this is extreme and very danger- ous. All of a sudden people are labeled as related to ter- rorism just because of the nation they are from." Shora intends to file a formal pro- TheFederal test on Monday. Nigeria's Information Min- ister Dora Akunyili had strong words for the change in security procedures, say- ing that Africa's most popu- lous nation did not have a history of terrorism and such a move "could not be justified." (Yes, he really said this.) It's a pity Shora and Akunyili put imagined po- tential hurt feelings of those labeled "suspicious" ahead of the real potential loss of human life. Saving the lives of Americans, from anyone who wish them dead, is the politically correct thing to do. Reprinted with permission from The NorthStar National. works for the consumer to Call 1-8T/-FrC-HELP or log on to The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani QUOTE TO NOTE "The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate evil then from those who actively commit it." HOMELESS GUY FLIES OFF HANDLE? I just read a news story from out of state. It seems a homeless gentleman re- cently stole an airplane. Looking on the bright side of this story at least the guy isn't planeless anymore. And soon, once caught, won't be homeless either. HUGO VESUS TOYOTA A ROYAL PAIN IN THE ... Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez leads a coun- try in recession. His popu- larity is taking a dixie, as he is demanding Toyota pro- duce more vehicles to his liking and to transfer new technologies to assembly plants, as they say, go "popu- list" on the Toyota Motor Company. He is now threat- ening to nationalize them and pledging to take over He's ragging on Fiat and General Motors too. Chavez ordered his trade minister to inspect the Toyota plant and if the in- specti,on shows Toyota isn't in compliance with his wishes, the government may take it over and call in a Chinese company to oper- ate it. Said Chavez, "We'll take it, we'll expropriate it, and we'll pay them what it is worth and immediately call on the Chinese." This former Army officer has been in ofilce far too long and has nationalized dozens of foreign owned companies and sometimes entire sec- tors of the economy, includ- ing electricity firms, cement companies, coffee makers and oil-service firms. TWO CATHOLIC BISHOPS TAKE HIKE IN IRELAND Two Catholic bishops in Dublin resigned on Christ- mas Day in the wake of a government ordered investi- gation into decades of church cover-up of child abuse in the Archdiocese of Dublin. Both bishops offered an apology to victims of abuse as they announced their resignations during Christmas Mass. Earlier in December, two other Irish bishops quit following the publication of a 3-year inves- tigation that found Dublin church leaders spent de- cades shielding more than 170 predatory priests from the law. The Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuld Martin stated he welcomed the res- ignations. SENATOR KERRY MULLS TRIP TO MULLAHS US Senator John F, Kerry, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Commit- tee is considering a trip to Iran with the president's blessing. As the Wall Street Journal recently noted, Iran beset by daily demonstra- tions by democratic oppo- nents since the government stole the June elections should be funding his trip. He would be the highest US official to visit Tehran in 30 years and would convey le- gitimacy to the dictatorship -- Albert Einstein in power. As the Journal warned Kerry, "The Iranians who need support now are the democrats in prison, in the streets, and increas- ingly in the mosques as the regime loses its legitimacy even among many clerics. Please do them no more harm, Senator." NEW YORK TIMES AND SENATE VOTE Here's how the second headline in the page 1 story went, "Sweeping reform would insure millions and cost $871 billion over de- cade" Stated the New York T/mes, "It would, as lawmak- ers said repreateldy in the debate, touch the lives of nearly all Americans. {It) would require most Ameri- cans to have health insur- ance, would add 15 million people to the Medicaid rolls and would subsidize private coverage for low and middle income people, at a cost to the government of $871 bil- lion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office." The health care bill would provide coverage to 31 mil- lion uninsured folks but still leave 23 million uninsured in 2019. According to US Senator Paul Kirk; D- Massachusttes, Edward M. Kennedy is having a Merry Christmas up there in heaven, proud of the leader- ship and all the work that went into it." As one blogger stated, "Prepare to live in a failed country." La Dolce Vita (Continued Panettone is soft and sweet and overflowing with lus- cious morsels (raisins and candied fruits, mainly cit- rus). Born in Milano around 1940, it soon became the cake of all Italians, from the /klps to Sicily. Many legends surround panettone's origins, the most popular tells of a young Milanese nobleman who fell in love with the daughter of a baker named Toni. To impress the girl's father, the young man disguised him- self as a baker's boy and in- vented a sweet, wonderful bread of rare delicacy and unusual size and dome- shaped curve. This new, fruitcake-like bread enjoyed enormous success, with people coming to the bakery in droves at all hours to purchase the mag- nificent "Pan de Toni." Bak- ers have always made sweet from Page 6) risen breads and they still take charge of panettone; pandoro of Verona, its denser predecessor; and pandolce Genovese. The Piemonte version of panettone was invented sev- enty years ago by a baker in Pinerolo who covered the fra- grant dough with a crunchy glaze of hazelnuts, sugar and vanilla. Businessmen in Milano began to give panettone as a gift to their clients for the Christmas holidays. For a long time it was considered a luxury for an elite few, until new pro- duction techniques were developed to make it acces- sible to everyone. A natural leavening pro- cess and a paper mold per- mitted the yeast to raise the dough to form a feather-light cake. Panettone's main in- gredients, flour, yeast, milk, butter, eggs and sugar are The POST-GAZETTE newspaper is a paper of general circulation. We are qualified to accept legal notices from any court in each town that we serve. For information on placing a Legal Notice in the POST-GAZETTE, please call (617) 227-8929; or mail notice to: POST-GAZETTE, P.O. BOX 135, BOSTON, MA 02113 Attn: Legal Notices derived from original reci- pes and the care and stan- dards of preparation are the same at the industrial level as if they were baked at home. The more recent ver- sions of Panettone were in- vented in the 1920s, when Angelo Motta founded a com- pany that used natural yeast and tall cylindrical forms to turn out a rich, porous, high- sided panettone. Studded with raisins and bits of candied orange and citron, the new panettone was such a popular success that Motta's friend Gioa- chino Alemagna opened a competing business the next year, and in the de- cades that followed panet- tone gradually became the Christmas bread of Italy. Nowadays panettone weighs one, two, or three pounds, while rustic panet- tone was traditionally made in enormous six to ten pound rounds. It was once a real status symbol for immi- grants who came to Milan and felt that they had arrived when they could set a panettone on their Christ- mas table. Today, not only is panettone a Christmas tra- dition, but it wonderfully compliments any fine meal. Reprinted with permission from "L'Italo Americano