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January 9, 2015     Post-Gazette
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January 9, 2015

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Page 4 POST-GAZETTE, JANUARY 9, 2015 ay Barron' 11 0 ;L )CK P, On this date, January 9, in 1788 Con- man had necticut became the 5th state..amd born on hope to sur- this date, in 1914, Gypsy Rose Lee, strip- prised his tease artist and actress, girlfriend by C) C) O Be aware, low vitamin D levels can in- suddenly ap- crease the risk of Alzheimer disease and pearing in a other forms of dementia. So, perhaps you crane bucket outside her window, where he should pop a D3, I000 IU every day. We do! would ask for her hand in marriage. But Huh? An unhappy marriage can break before he could pop the question, the unse- your heart literally. A new study from so- cured crane tipped over, forcing authorities ciologists at Michigan State University indi- to evacuate 32 apartments. Nonetheless. cated that people in contentious marriages the impressed girlfriend said yes, and the are much more likely to develop heart dis- pair headed off to Paris to celebrate their ease or suffer a heart attack or stroke than engagement. their more happily wed contemporaries. Pre- Ouchl The Afghanistan War, the longest vious research has shown that married foreign conflict in U.S. history, has cost people tend to be healthier overall, but this American taxpayers nearly $I trillion and study found that the stress of an unhappy will probably cost several hundred billion union outweighs the usual benefits of wed- dollars more after it officially ends this lock. *It's not that every marriage is better month. The U.S. borrowed the money to pay than none," says study author Hui Liu. "The for the conflict and has already racked up quality of marriage is really important. $125 billion in owed interest on the debt. According to the brilliant, attractive, American's racial wealth gap grew Barbara D'Amico, there is entirely too much dramatically during and after the Great worrying about unhappy marriages. All mar- Recession. For every $13 in wealth held by riages are happy. It's only living I ogether the average white household, the average afterward that causes the trouble, black household had $I. So reported the And according to the lovely, brainy Christina Quinlan, the unhappiness in Floating around us! A new study has cal- some marriages is due to illness -- they're culated that there are 5.25 trillion small sick of each otherl and large pieces of plastic, weighing a total Gee, playing football damages brains, even of 269.000 tons, floating in the world's if players who don't suffer concussions, oceans. Studies have shown that at least one-third We learned 51% of Americans think that of NFL players will develop some form of cog- CIA's interrogation methods were justified, nitive disorder, and new research indicates including 76% of Republicans and 37% of the negative effects can already be seen in Democrats. 56% believe torture provided the brains of high school players, intelligence that helped to prevent terror- Ready for this? A Turkish man was kicked ist attacks. off a TV dating show after admitting on the Carlo Scostumato says 53% of Americans air that he'd murdered his first wife during have "mixed feelings" about buying and a jealous rage and "accidentally" killed his receiving gifts. next lover" when I swung an ax." Sefer The astute, Robyn Waters of Swampscott, Calinak 62, cheerfully admitted his violent says. "A good husband meets a marital history on The Luck of the Draw, saying he crisis with a firm hand-full of candy and served 14 years in jail for the crimes, flowers." Calinak was asked to leave the show by the Going nuts! The scandal over a Korean Air horrified host, but later told a newspaper executive's tantrum after she was served that he hadn't given up his search for love. macadamia nuts ir a bag instead of on a "I have changed," he said. "The woman who plate on board a New York-Seoul flight has will marry me should not be afraid that I led to a surprising surge in macadamia would kill her." sales. E-commerce sites in South Korea Have another cup! Coffee can improve report sales of the nuts have increased memory, but don't drink too much. 20-fold since the incident. Researchers asked 160 people to look at Bang! Bang! Bank crimes data from the pictures of objects, then gave them either a Federal Bureau of Investigation show that placebo or a tablet containing 200 milli- when bank guards are armed with guns, grams of caffeine -- equivalent to a strong bank robberies are three times as likely to cup of coffee, become violent. Less you forget! Mr. Coffee, the best-sell- So who made the most money in the ing coffee maker in the world was invented world? Bella Culo of Chestnut Hill? Tom by an Italian American, Vince Marotta, who Antonelli of Medford? Seriously, Jack Ma, also developed a better way to extract off from the head of Chinese e-commerce giant coffee beans and invented the paper coffee Alibaba, made more in 2014 than any per- filter. An estimated 10 billion Mr. Coffee son on the planet. His net worth increased paper filters are sold annually. 818.5 billion to $29.2 billion, after Alibaba Get up off your culo! Standing up can delay went public. the effects of aging. Swedish researchers Our great musicologist and show biz great, split a group of men and women into two Al Natale wants you to know that Fernando groups: Half were given a moderate exer- Lamas had to say about his wife Arlene cise program and told to sit less: the other Dahl. "Being married to Arlene Dahl was half continued their normal lives. After six very nice, at nighttime. But in the daytime, months, scientist measured the volunteers' it was like being married to Elizabeth Arden. telomeres -- caps on the ends of genes that That is where she spent most of her time. generally shorten and fray with age. While If you asked her which was more important the telomeres of subjects in the "normal" to her, her home life or her career, she group had shortened, as expected, those in would have to tell you the the truth: her the active group had grown longer. Further face!" And according to Edward G. Robinson, tests confirmed that the biggest benefit "On the set with Charlton Heston, a gradu- didn't come from exercise but from time ate of the Mr. Rushmore school of acting ... spent simply standing up. Sedentary behav- They were setting up, and we'd been sitting ior, says co-author Mai-Lis Hellenius, could side by side, in silence, some twenty min- be the "new health hazard of our time." utes. Finally, I turn to Chuck and say, "You Moron! A Dutchman's ambitious wedding know, I just can't sit next to somebody for proposal ended in disaster when the crane nearly a half an hour and not even say hello." he hired to reach his beloved's bedroom win- He turns to me slowly, very condescending, dow toppled over and smashed through the and says, "Well, I can." roof of a neighbor's house. The unnamed AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME L'Anno Bello: A Year in Italian Folklore by Ally Di Censo Symynkywicz WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK ... by Sal Giarratani .... "Broken Windows" Is it a Broken Policing Policy? Recently, with several con- troversial police shootings across the country which sparked nationwide protests, a policing policy known as the "Broken Windows" strat- egy first pushed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his Police Com- missioner Bill Bratton as a component in reducing crime back in the 90s began a nationwide policing tech- nique, The theory was that by aggressively targeting crimes like vandalism, tag- ging buildings or simply breaking windows, you also cut down on more violent crimes like armed robber- ies, assaults and murders. This policy pushed by Bratton seemed to work two decades ago and crime rates actually dropped with its implementation. However; today many are questioning the "Broken Windows" model. Recently, Boston Globe col- umnist Derrick Z. Jack- son opined that "Broken Windows" is a broken policy. As Jackson stated, "The deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and others at the hands of police dem- onstrate that the "broken windows' theory of policing doesn't work and should be eliminated." According to Jackson and other liberal critics of the police say that targeting low- level crimes has led to the deaths of unarmed blacks by police over petty crimes and rash judgments based on stereotypes. Personally, after 27 years as a police officer retiring in 2013, I believe in both the "broken windows" theory and also believed it worked to- gether with good community policing. Many neighbor- hoods in large U.S. cities like Boston have too much crime, too many streets have become killing fields and it is only when the com- munity and the police work together that levels of peace are restored to former no- man's land. Since 1983, an average of 60 people are murdered every year in the City of Boston and most of them are committed in three neigh- borhoods where thugs seem to rule. The only way to make our communities safe for those who live there is to work in partnership with law enforcement. The police cannot effectively respond to this chronic violence dys- function without the assis- tance of those who have been victimized by the specter of criminal behavior. The police cannot be viewed as outsiders in this battle to make neighbor- hoods livable for their inhab- itants. Eric Garner died in a horrible takedown over illegally selling cigarettes after the police were called by someone. He didn't die, however, for selling loosies, he died because he resisted arrest. The police didn't kill Gar- ner on purpose or because he was African-American, there was a struggle and he ended up dead. The take- down looked terrible on the video, but I can tell you from a first-hand perspec- tive that police takedowns always look ugly and most of the time it is officers who get injured. I still support the theory of "Broken Windows" but it must be a part of a larger strategy that involves other aspects such as community policing between the neigh- borhood folks and the cops who are there to protect them. We need better com- munication between both sides. People are not broken windows and the police aren't the enemy. Hopefully, when the uproar dies down, we will come to understand that all lives matter in our attempt to make our com- munities safe for all. As a police officer, I was proud of my role in mak- ing people safer and I was more proud of those I helped rather than those I had to arrest. My role in society was to serve and protect and I did just that through- out my long career in law enforcement. Since 1969 FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS RICHARD SETTIPANE Public Insurance Adjuster Experience makes the difference! 209 BROADWAY, REVERE, MA 02151 Tel. 781.284.1100 Fax 781.284.2200 Boston 617.523.3456 Free Parking Adjacent to Building