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January 15, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 15, 2010

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Page 1!4 : "V" POST-iAZETTE/UR'NUART15;2010 t  NEWS BRIEFS (FROM ITALIAN NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS) Compiled by Orio Z. Suttafuoeo WORLD SERIES OF SOCCER 2018: IN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN? Recently the New York Times published a brief report, approved by the White House, which was a part of a letter President Obama sent to the President of the Soccer World body (FIFA), Blatter. Actually the letter was hand-delivered to the President of FIFA. In it, Obama described basically his experience in soccer while living in Jakarta, playing in dusty streets. It was the time when he lived in Indonesia with his mother, around the ages of 6-10. When Obama left Indonesia, for Hawaii, his interest switched to basketball. His interest changed to Soccer when his girls began playing soccer in school. In the letter he has kind words about the "sport of the world". Then he talks about sponsoring the world games (of soccer) in the year 2018 or 2022. We know the success of the world games in 1994 played in the United States. Not much came out of the success of the games. Soccer still lacks the basic can- ons of "organization" in this country. Enthusiasm comes with unique competitions, i.e., by organizing leagues that are interconnected, and provide incentives to all clubs, by playing for being "promoted" to a higher league, or division, as it is in most of the 198 member countries that are part of the FIFA. Only then we would see packed stadia, and applaud emerging new, younger talents. Let me add also that the American super fan, Dr. Henry Kissinger, has accepted an invitation by the US Soccer body to be a part of a special committee to promote the US as the place to stage the Soccer World series for the year 2018 or 2022. Dr. Kissinger enthusiastically accepted the invitation to be in the Committee and be a part of the effort to bring World Soccer to America again. ASSOMEDMARKETS: A NEW BUSINESS ENTENTE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA. A few weeks ago, a "Green Med Forum" took place at Alexandria, Egypt. It is an asso- ciation of directors and managers of wholesale markets in the Euro-Mediterranean area, with the participation of Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Malta. The initiative first came from Italy, stimulated by the Association of Directors and Managers, which deals in the wholesale markets (in Italy). The Green Med Project, under the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) also joined the Italian group. They firmly believe that in an economy based on globalization of commerce and free competition, and the role played by the markets can best be protected, and developed if they are part of a network with a well-organized network, and operating in total syntony. The countries gravitating along the Mediter- ranean area constitute a macro-area of a significant historical importance as well as cultural and economic. To contribute to the development of this area it is impor- tant to establish the role and the reciprocal collaboration between the markets' directors. Therefore, it is essential to set up and exchange information, experience and knowl- edge that "Assomedmarkets" hopes to develop. $tirpe Nostra (Continued Michelangelo carved not one, but four Pieta. His third one is called the "Palestrina Pieta." This masterpiece was sculpted from a marble fragment that was taken from a Roman temple in that town. Palestrina is so old that its origin is lost in an- tiquity. The Circus Maxi- mums was started in 600 B.C. and embellished by each ruler for the next thousand years. The structure was finished with highly pol- ished white marble on the inside and outside. The Roman Colosseums had marble facing on the inte- rior, a marble throne for the emperor, and marble seats for the dignitaries. The pal- aces of the emperors and every monument or monu- mental structure was either from Page 2) built of marble or faced with it. It follows then that Italy is marble and ancient Rome was marble. The early Christians suc- ceeded the pagan Romans, but they were Romans them- selves, so they built in the Roman style, converted Ro- man buildings to Christian use, and inherited the marble technology from the Romans. As Roman Catho- lics, we succeeded the early Christians, followed their teachings, and built in their styles. Remember ... marble was Roman. Marble became early Christian and today marble has become an im- portant part of our Roman Catholic roots. NEXT ISSUE The Renaissance The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani DEEP IN THE HEAT OF TEXAS Texas is my most favorite state next to Massachusetts. My nephew has been living in Austin for more than half his life. It started off with col- lege at the University of Texas-Austin and today he is married, owns a home and is about to be a father for the second time. I visit him of- ten and love the country down there. It is so open. The folks are laid back. The economy is much stronger. Politically, the place is much more conservative. Austin is the capital of both Texas and the most liberal city down there. However, liberal is a relative term. Boston is re- ally liberal compared to Aus- tin. Down there I actually got called a Yankee liberal once at Starbucks from a cus- tomer who didn't like my "eastern" viewpoint. Up here, no one calls me a liberal. Back before US Rep. Mike Capuano ran for US Senate and lost to Martha Coakley, he was asked the question, "Why are people leaving Massachusetts?" He said he didn't really know but per- haps it was a good question for a task force to find out. Task force? All he really needed to do was call up his counterparts in Texas and they would have told him quickly. Massachusetts is about to lose another congressional seat after the 2010 census. Texas is about to gain four new US House seats. Num- ber 3 in population growth in the country is Texas, the nation's second most popu- lous state. Its population grew by almost 500,000 and accounted for 18% of the nation's total population growth. Texas may have above-average immigration growth, but domestic immi- gration was nearly twice as high. There may be lessons and an answer for Capuano in Texas when it comes to pub- lic policies. Texas has low taxes, no state income tax, low govern- ment spending and regula- tions that encourage job growth. Texas has seen an influx of corporation head- quarters and medical doctors. We don't need no stinking task force. Open your eyes to the obvious! CHECK OUT NEW MANDELLA MOVIE The other evening I saw "Invictus" starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. Both actors did a tremendous job. Morgan Freeman was super in the starring role and Matt Damon was equally just as good in the supporting role. The movie is about Nelson Mandella's rise to power 15 years ago in South Africa. However, the movie is really about the power of rugby. That's all I will say. See it for yourself. US SENATE A WEE BIT DISHONEST I usually don't agree with Bob Herbert in the NY Times but his most recent column (A Less Than Honest Policy, Dec. 31) was to my liking. The middle class is going to get whacked by the US Senate's Health Care Bill. The bill will impose, as Hebert stated, "a confiscatory 40% excise tax on so-called Cadillac health plans" which would hurt the middle class far greater than the so-called rich. In the NY Times piece, Herbert stated, "According to the Joint Committee on taxation, less than 18% of the revenue will come from the tax itself. The rest of the $150 billion, more than 82% of it, will come from the in- come taxes paid by workers who have been given raises by employers who will have voluntarily handed over the money they saved by offering their employees less valu- able health insurance plans." When Herbert spoke with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and asked him about this, Herbert had to wait until the union presi- dent stopped laughing. Trumka then told the Times, "If you believe that I have some oceanfront property in southwestern Pennsylvania that I will sell you at a great price." Didn't Obama tell us that ff you liked the health cover- age you have now, you can keep it? Labor unions are outraged over this excise tax and for once I agree with them. If big labor is against it, Obama will cave in along with Harry Reid as they both should. Get honest with the American people and have the courage to tell it like it really is. QUOTE TO NOTE Back in the 1960s, Barack Obama Sr., was a Harvard- trained economist and advi- sor to the Kenyan govern- ment who in a 1965 white paper stated, "If left to the in- dividual, consolidation will take a long time to come. We have to look at priorities in terms of what is good for so- ciety, and on this basis we may fend it necessary to force people to do things that they would not do otherwise ... What is more important is to find means by which we can redistribute our economic gains to the benefit of all. This is the government's obligation." Do you remem- ber when Barack Obama Jr., argued that government should impose "tax laws that restore some balance to the distribution of the nation's wealth." Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I didn't read his first mem- oir or his second memoir but in his second I did read a quote by President Obama that stated, "The problems of poverty and racism, the un- insured and the unemployed are rooted in the desire among those at the top of the social ladder to maintain their wealth and status whatever the cost. Solving these problems will require changes in government policy." Look at all Obama nation has done so far. We've gone from the audacity of hope to the audacity of socialism pure and simple. Our govern- ment is being given a total make-over by the extreme left in the nation's capital. When it's all over, the middle- class and elderly will be the biggest victims of an over- extended government re- shaping itself into a Euro- pean socialist government. Warning: when you take your next European vacation avoid getting sick because it could be the death of you. Most Italian-Americans who travel to Italy pray for good health on their trip because health care there is quite suspect. Soon, it may be quite suspect here too. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THEM THE "WAR ON TERROR" IS OVER The AI-Qaida botched Christmas day bombing of Northeast Flight 253 raises serious concern about Amer- ican vulnerability to terror- ist attacks. Homeland Secu- rity Secretary Janet Napolitano doesn't even be- lieve we are actually in a war with terrorists. Almost 300 Trans-Atlantic passengers were targeted by alleged, would-be bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Everyone was saved by a deto- nator malfunction and quick action by passengers and flight crew. Obviously, Is- lamic fanatics are still out there trying to get us. On Sunday, December 28, Napolltano stated, "... the sys- tem worked." Following day on Today, she recanted, say- ing, "Our system did not work in this instance." President Obama vowed to review the watch list system. He also needs to review whether Janet Napolitano is the right person for Homeland Secu- rity when her credibility has been so damaged. The would-be bomber never should have been sitting on that jet. He had no passport, paid for his round-trip ticket in cash and carried one small carry-on. How many out there know that two of the four leaders allegedly behind the at- tempted destruction of Flight 253 were released from Gitmo two years ago? Once again, the need for a Gitmo to hold Islamic terrorists in- definitely has been made once again. Did you also re- member recently when the Obama-itesin government barred the phrase "war on terror"? The war didn't magi- cally stop when President George W. Bush returned home to Crawford, Texas. Within a short period of time, we have seen terrorism raise its ugly head, first at Fort Hood, Texas and now Flight 253. The Obama Administration seemingly views terrorists as criminals subject to the American judicial system. Miranda rights. Court-ap- pointed attorneys, etc. They are enemy soldiers. We can't treat them like the Ham- burler without realizing more incidents will happen due to such great denial.