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January 22, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 22, 2010

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Page14 POST-GAZETTE, JANUARY 22, 2010 LO SAPEVATE CHE ... Una scoperta che potrebbe potenzialmente aprire le porte alla soluzione del problema della fame nel mondo e' quella della carne artificiale prodotta in laboratorio. Se ne puo' produrre quanto ne serve, senza limiti, e senza produrre gas nocivi che di solito somo emessi usando metodi tradizionali. In passato c'erano stati tentativi per creare carni. L'allevamento di bovini, e di suini per un futuro, crescente consumo di queste carni si deve adeguare all'aumento della popolazione mondiale. Stavolta sembra che gli scienziati, e ricercatori, dell'universita' di Eindhoven, in Olanda, siano riusciti a creare bistecche di maiale facendole crescere da un tessuto del muscolo di suino immerse in uno speciale brodo del sangue di feti animali. L'esperimento e' perfettamente riuscito, tranne per un particolare importante: non c'e' stato un test, e nessuno ha assaggiato la bistecca, come viene riferito dal giornale londinese "Daily Telegraph". La notizia e' stata accolta con scetticismo. Gli scienziati sono convinti che il prodotto si puo' migliorare, e nel giro di cinque anni puo' essere lanciato nel mercato, venduto in supermercati e negozi di alimntari. II metodo seguito sembra semplice. Sotto la guida del fisiologo, Prof. Mark Post, sono state estratte cellule staminali embrionali presenti nel muscolo (di un maiale) e posto sul vetrino di Petri, e poi trasferite in microsphere di collagene poroso, e trasformate in fibre muscolari ed applicate nelle microsphere di collagene. Le microsphere, cosi' strutturate, subiscono un trattamento dentro un bi-reattore, e poi bombardate con microsonde. Cosi' si ottiene la carne commestibile. Seguendo la stessa procedura si possono creare anche flletti di pesce ricavati da cellule muscolari di pesciolini. Beh, ne riperleremo fra cinque anniI DID YOU KNOW THAT ... A discovery that could potentially solve the problem of worldwide hunger is the creation of artificial meat in a laboratory. Any amount can be produced, without limits, and without the emission of polluting gas, typical of tradi- tional methods. There have been similar attempts in the past to create meats from cattle, or pigs, to satisfy an ever increasing demand for these meats by an ever increasing world population. This time it seems that the scientists, and researchers of the University of Eindhoven, Holland, have been able to grow pork steaks from a sample of a pig's muscle in a particular broth made of the blood of animal fetuses. The experiment was successful, except for an im- portant detail: there was no control-test, and nobody tried the steak, as reported by London's "Daily Telegraph". The news created no enthusiasm, just skepticism. But the scientists are convinced that the product can be improved and marketed in about five years, and ultimately sold in food stores and in supermarkets. The methodology followed appears to be simple. Under the leadership of physiologist, Dr. Mark Post, stem cells were extracted from embryos found in a pig's muscle, and placed on a Petri dish, then transferred onto microspheres of porous collagen, and then transformed into muscle fibers and added to the microspheres (with collagen). The microspheres, in structured format, were treated in a bioreactor, then subjected to microwaves. And that's how the edible meat is artificially produced. By following a similar method, fish filets can also be obtained from muscle cells of little fishes. Well, let's see what happens in the next five years! On Sale Now! THE NORTH END Where It All Began The Way It Was by Fred Langone SALE PRICE $19.95 Plus Shipping & Handling On Site at The Post-Gazette 5 Prince Street, North End, Boston, MA The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani My niece Danikka Giarratani Moses gathered together for the weekly "Women of Wisdom" meet up. The girls from left to right, Danikka, Kristen DeMayo, Rachel Skeritt, Andrea George, Sarah Sian, Deanna Salemme and Lynn Burke meet every week to discuss things from politics, food, fashion, books and more. OBAMA WANTS TO TAX "CADILLAC" HEALTH PLANS; UNIONS OPPOSED President Barack Obama has recently called for placing a tax on all so-called Cadillac health insurance plans. House Democrats have adamantly opposed such a tax plan. As Senate and House Democrats try to come up with a plan acceptable to both the House and Senate, the president has interjected his strong belief in taxing high- end health plans. Both private sector and public employee unions have worked hard over the years in getting good health insur- ance for their members and oppose a tax on such plans. Personally, I don't see my health insur- ance plans as "Cadillac" but more like a Ford or Mercury. The only folks with Cadillac health insur- ance are the folks up on Capitol Hill or in- side the White House. Taxing working fami- lies and the middle class on their health insurance plans which unions have worked hard to negotiate with employers should not be taxed and the idea should be taken off the White House table. BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE GOVERNMENT When I recently moved from Roslindale to Eastie, I filled out the change of address with the Post Office. Mail going to Roslindale was supposed to be forwarded to East Boston. Mostly, it worked but I said mostly. The other day, one of my bills arrived in the mail to me inside another envelope. It seems the Post Office knows I'm gone from 02131 but the yellow sticker on with my new address said return to sender. So, my bill was sent back and then redelivered by my bank using the new address provided on the stick-on. Of course, my due date was long past. Yet, people think government can provide us with a health overhaul that works. Under ObamaCare, the object is never get sick. Yet, I'm already sick of it all. ECONOMY STILL BLEEDING JOBS The above was the headline in the Wall Street Journal's weekend edition for Janu- ary 9-10. Another 85,000 jobs were lost in Decem- ber. With those loses, there were 7.2 mil- lion fewer jobs than in December 2007 when the recession began. The unemployment rate remained at 10 percent from Novem- ber. Many workers simply stopped looking for work or took part-time positions because they couldn't find a full-time job. There are now 15.3 million Americans who are job- less. NEW OBAMACARE BENEFITS There is a new ObamaCare benefit just announced. Health plans will now cover full body scans. Only problem, you have to go to Logan Airport to get yours. WHY AM I NOT FEELING THE LOVE The Sunday Globe recently did a story on an illegal immigrant living in the Boston area who needs a new heart. He isn't on a waiting list yet for a transplant. His wife also illegal SURPRISE[ says his only problem is his legal status not his bad heart. He doesn't want to go home to Brazil because it sounds like he doesn't trust medical science in Brazil. He likes American doctors better. I'm not heartless but I don't really feel that much empathy over this story. Like I didn't a week or so earlier reading the plight of some woman who had nine children and numerous fathers. She's on the dole. MassHealth, SSDI and God knows what else. No empathy here either. Great bumper sticker sighting recently that read: "Keep Working. Millions on Welfare Depend On You." Only in America. As I said, Great Country America, especially if you don't come from here. Or aren't working. America is the "Great Enabler". UP, UP AND AWAY? Last year, Northwest Airlines, I believe, lost $5 billion. At the same time Delta was in the red about $6 billion. So, what to do? Mergel And merge they did by year's end. Makes sense, doesn't? If you're company is losing money, find another company in the same predicament and see if the two can turn things around for the better. Makes sense, doesn't it ... NOT! Sounds like merging Edsel with the Yugo and com- ing up a winner. Hey, after all, it is like the cold temperatures. Cold is cold and losing money is just losing money, right? PUT THE LIGHTS ON AND OPEN UP THE SHADES "Good night, John-Boy, Good night Erin, Goodnight, Grandpa, Good night mama!" Remember the Waltons up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia? Every night before bed the family would say goodnight and put all the lights out. Now, it seems the liberal Democrats in Washington have become Walton Democrats because they're putting all the lights out before going to work in- stead of bed. Democratic leaders reportedly plan to forge a final health reform bill behind closed doors and hiding public policy from the public. Both House and Senate must reconcile dif- ferences in each of their bills and come up with one bill. Traditionally, both bills would go to a conference committee to hash out their differences with members from both chambers and parties working together. The committee meetings have usually been con- ducted in public view, as they should be. House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, calls the Democrats' plan to bypass it all a "shady backroom deal." One House Democratic aide told a blogger that "this pro- cess cuts out the Republicans". What happened to all the much-touted transparency talk? Back while running for president, Obama said "We'll have the ne- gotiations televised on C-SPAN and make sure that we're "going to allow people to stay involved in this process." That was then. This is now. Despite all that high talk and promises, C-SPAN's offer to televise the ne- gotiations in their entirety has not been ac- cepted. Our lawmakers are elected servants of the people, not unaccountable old-style Soviet masters who make laws in secret. SOCIETY IS FALLING INTO A SEWER Modern society seems to get sicker by the moment. I've worked for the Department of Mental Health and had thought I'd seen everything and then WHAM, something more incredible comes along to make every- thing I saw before seem benign. A recent news story on the TV tells of a recent con- viction in court. A man was found guilty of making whoopie with his roommate's rabbit. Yes, you heard it right. Not his roommate's girlfriend, his roommate's pet rabbit. I won't go into details but it appears Dante's Inferno is filling up fast. Is anything considered abnormal these days? Or is wacko the new normal? As bad as Elmer Fudd was about that "crazywabbit," only he wanted to do was shoot Bugs Bunny. Remember those Planet of the Apes movies back in the late sixties and early seventies? It is starting to look like a reality show. Soon, Bob will be introducing newlyweds of different species. So Eddie, tell me and the audience how you two met. Well Bob, it was love at first sight at the Franklin Park Zoo, and we're hoping to have kids too. That's just great. Thanks for sharing that with the audience. The rabbit guy is being evaluated somewhere right now to see if he's suited for a jail cell. Hey, the guy might like being caged. Hey, we certainly are becoming a quite sick society, aren't we? VISIT US AT WWW.BOSTONPOSTGAZETTE.COM