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January 27, 2012     Post-Gazette
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January 27, 2012

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ST M ITALIAN-AMERICAN VOICE OF M.SSACHUSETTS TTE L (Formerly LA GAZZETTA del MASSACHUSETTS) VOL. 116 - NO. 4 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, JANUARY 27, 2012 $.30 A COPY Do you 11 Th atcher Street, North End, Boston before the Famous "Pizza Regina" I Wish Pat Buchanan Was on the Presidential Ballot this Year iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil Personally, I am afraid that President Obama could get re-elected by default and the fault is all those "Dead Men Walking" seeking to replace him next November. If Romney or Gingrich is their best shot, the Obama crowd must be smiling. The Republicans needed a principle d conservative this year to counter Obama's leftward taking of America into the land of European social welfarism. The Democrats have long stopped be- ing a centrist broad-based political party and have seemingly turned into the British Labor Party. If ever there was a year for Pat Buchanan to run for president, this is it. Everything he warned us about 20 years ago at the Republican National Convention in Houston has come to pass. He warned of the coming cultural war and was ridi- culed by liberals for spreading racist panic across the country. The GOP went with President George H.W. Bush that year unwilling to listen to Pat's warnings of impending doom. Buchanan didn't run, Bush did and Bill Clinton beat him inNovember 1992. Things that Buchanan warned us of have come to pass. Multiculturalism and diversity have weakened us as a nation. Today we have a president will- (Continued on Page 10) South Carolina Upstages Romney Handing Gingrich Double Digit Victory Mitt Romney The race for the Republi- can presidential nomination took a right wing turn in the South Carolina primary this past Saturday, It had ap- peared as little as two weeks ago that Mitt Romney would carry the day in this south- ern presidential primary. However, in the week pre- ceding the election, Newt Gingrich appeared to be mak- ing strong and steady gains in the polls after two good showings in recent days. Many have said the chal- lenge facing Romney is he needs to stop running like a candidate trying not to lose and start running like a can- didate who wants to win. Gingrich right now has mo- mentum and whether he can keep the big mouth go- ing into the Florida Primary on January 31 is yet to be seen. Romney on the other hand appears to have slipped in voter confidence. by Sal Giarratani The Romney train has been derailed twice already. It now appears that Rick Santorum and not Romney actually won the Iowa Cau- cus. Add to that the double digit win by Gingrich in South Carolina where the former Speaker won 40 per- cent of the vote to Romney's 28 percent. Florida now is a must win for Romney. He must carry the state and carry it in good numbers. The Sunshine State is the first big market diverse state to hold a primary. There are several voting blocs here, who will win the very large Latino vote, espe- cially in the Miami area where Cuban Americans are usually conservative Republicans in their poli- tics? Not to be forgotten is the older vote as Florida has become America's retire- ment state for many from the Northeast. From the Keys to Jacksonville, this could be a make or break state for whether Romney or G.ingrich. Eventually this will become a two-man race. Santorum doesn't have the finances to stay in this race for the long haul. If Gingrich picks up his evangelical con- servative vote, Romney just might not make it to the convention podium to de- liver his acceptance speech. Republicans are caught between a rock and a hard place. Many in the party see Romney as the most elect- able candidate to face Presi- Newt Gingrich dent Obama but many others have a big problem'with Romney's ideology or lack of such. Where does Romney stand on various issues seems too often to depend on the race he is in? Is he a real conservative with core val- ues or is he a moderate will- ing to move left or right to defeat an opponent? However, Gingrich has his wives problem. He handled the ABC News and its inter- view of Mrs. Gingrich #3 but this issue promises to return over and over again. Meanwhile, now many Republicans are beginning to look around at a short list of possible Republican can- didates for vice president. High on that list is Governor Chris Christe of New Jersey. Next stop Florida, all. aboard as we move toward the conclusion of the Republi- can nomination campaign period. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS, Mr. President by Sal Giarratani Playoffs MVP Tim Thomas decided against showing up at the White House with the rest of team to meet with the president at a White House ceremony honoring the team. Thomas, one of two Americans on the team decided to stay home and it was his right to do so. He didn't have to justify the choice he made to anyone criticizing his decision. Current TV's Keith Olbermann called him a "fool" on twitter. Former state Democrat Party chair Phil Johnson said, "My advice to him is to stick to hockey." Another party spokesman Kevin Franck questioned why anyone would not want 'to shake the hand of the man who got bin Laden." Lastly, Boston Globe sports writer Kevin Paul Dupont wrote, Shabby. Immature. Unpro- fessional. Self-centered. Bush league. Need I go on?" He and the others men- tioned need not go on, they have a right to their opin- ions. I have a right to mine. You have a right to yours. Lastly, Tim Thomas has a right to his. He exercised his right as a free citizen. Should be end of story but many in the liberal media are blast- ing him for the choice and keeping this non-story alive. I congratulate Tim Thomas for standing up for his personal principles about what govern- ment should or should not be doing. This wasn't an act of civil disobedience; this was Thomas deciding where or where not to go. He wasn't personally dissing President Obama but rather the direction our federal gov- ernment and its leaders, Democrat and Republican alike, are taking us. Tim Thomas is an Ameri- can who loves his country and took his stand for it by missing the White House ceremony. He knew he would be attacked for it but took it nevertheless. We should be praising him for his stand not bashing it.  ill r ] I ..... m|i ,,llll rlN:TI  IlilIITI]I[|]III]ItlIil]|Illl lIT |rlli]llrFl'taml,m lrlllllll]'KTlltl !1tl I;llll'lllllllllll ',lljil I,rir;rli111a li,il'Tu,:IT=li]il(liiik ,mdi.mali==i=i .....