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January 27, 2017     Post-Gazette
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January 27, 2017

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i li, Ml, hllliliM,,,Ml,illl'ill,,lhill, d"lll,i11,'lli'i .............. MIXED ADC 010 15 PAUL JEFFKO SMALL TOWN PAPERS, INC. 2i 7W COTA ST SHELTON WA 98584-2263 THE ITALIAN-AMERICAN VOICE OF MASSACHUSETTS (Formerly LA GAZZETTA del MASSACHUSETTS) VOL. 121 - NO. 4 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, JANUARY 27, 2017 $.35 A COPY MAYOR WALSH FILES You may have noticed that a First Class stamp is putting you back 49 cents since last Sunday (January 22"d). Most other postal products have also gone up in price. Price increases are never really a big sur- prise, but the reason for this one is some- what historical. There was something called an "exigent surcharge" implemented a few years back to help the postal service recoup losses from the so-called ~Great Recession" of the late 2000s, brought on by the finan- cial crisis of 2007-8 and the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-9. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) determined in 2013 that the postal service lost approximately $3.2 billion in revenue due to this recession and granted an emergency rate increase ("exigent surcharge") not based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 4.3%, to remain in effect until the losses were recovered. The mailing industry, of course, opposed this increase, while the postal indus- try lobbied to make it permanent--but to no avail. But although the Surcharge has expired, the PRC did approve this latest price increase back in November. Special Services prices are not affected by this latest increase. Good news for many Massachusetts natives, though. The JFK Forever Stamp (pictured above) is being introduced on February 20~1 ..... ~.~ Sal Giarratani OMG, the Never Trump Crowd Can't Accept Defeat On Friday the 13~, I heard that U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-GA, stated out loud for all to hear that Donald Trump will be an ~illegitimate president" starting on January 20th when he is sworn into office. Over on ~MsLEFTbc," I listened to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters,~ D-CA, on the Chris Hayes Show call Lewis a civil rights icon. I have another name for him not so positive. As for her, she's .... on the same team as him and others like U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-MD. I think they are nothing more than Larry, Moe and Curly Democrats. The Never-Trump-ers just can't wave the white flag. They lost. The Russians didn't elect Trump, the Ameri- can people did. Yes, the Russians may have hacked into the DNC and Podesta emails, which only brought to light what the Democrats as a whole think of us peons. ....The election wasn't hacked, emails were. The Russians • look like the guilty party, but it is still only speculation ....... and not hard fact. Now the liberals are trying to accuse ~'' Trump of colluding with the Russians before Election i:~i~{ Day. They keep throwing mud out there based on biased ..... ~ opinions from those that abhor Trump. ..... '~ Trump is not the Manchurian Candidate placed into ~;• office by Putin to take over America. He is not anyone's )~i~!~i political puppet. This whole conspiracy thing is worse than all that garbage the Birthers were throwing out there in 2008 about President Obama. ~• Get over it. Move on. When folks like Lewis call Trump illegitimate and folks like Waters back him up, what they are doing is calling into question our whole electoral • system and our democratic republic. Get over it. What Makes You Born AgainP .~. As a Catholic, I am aware that many of those Born Again TV preachers think Catholics are fake Christians because we don't use the Bible enough. That's their opinion. Usually, if you watch them enough, you can see their anti-Catholic bias reach the surface. I believe being Born Again is a good thing. But like the Rapture, it isn't really that accurate. As a Catholic and a Christian, I believe each one of us is Born Again every day we wake up again. Each day is a new day and we are reborn to make today a better day than yesterday was. We can't worry about yesterday or tomorrow, we have no control over them. We only have today to be a better person. I don't memorize the Bible chapter and verse, • (Continued on Page 8) o , "'~ '~ • ' ' i i i i i r I m 20! 7-20! 8 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA Mayor Martin J. Walsh unveiled his priorities revenue raised in Boston from the Convention for the 2017-2018 Massachusetts State Legisla- Center Fund to the City of Boston. five Session. Comprised of 64 bills, the legislative Bringing Opportunity to the Entire City agenda highlights the Mayor's commitment to ~Our residents are the backbone of this great ensuring the City of Boston is healthy, thriving city, so it's critical that we do what we can to make and innovative, and provides pathways to educa- it easier for them to stay and succeed in Boston,~ tional achievement and economic mobility for all. said Mayor Walsh. "Whether through tax credits, "Boston is fortunate to have strong partners in financial empowerment initiatives, or job oppor- state government who want to ensure our capital tunities, the City will continue to provide support City's continued growth and success. I am proud to help residents thrive.~ to put forth a legislative agenda that builds upon The bills in the Mayor's legislative agenda de- the work we are doing every day at the City level signed to provide economic mobility will: to provide improved educational opportunities, • Ensure that Children's Savings Accounts safer communities, access to affordable hous- (CSA) reach their maximum ben.efits by not count- ing and economic mobility for all of Boston's ing against asset limits for the state's various cash residents," said Mayor Walsh. "I look forward assistance programs. t.o working with the Massachusetts Legislature * Hold general contractors accountable for any over the next two years to bring these proposals wage theft carried out by subcontractors on their to fruition. In particular, I would like to thank projects. Boston's State Delegation for their continued * Increase the amount of the State Earned In- partnership during the legislative process to come Tax Credit (EITC) to 50% of the federal tax improve all aspects of life in our City.~credit in order to help low-income residents of Investing in Public Education, Massachusetts maintain their standard of living Eliminating the Opportunity Gap in our high-cost state. "I believe deeply in public education and I will * Provide local licensing boards with another continue to fight for more resources for our stu- disciplinary tool by allowing monetary fines to be dents and our schools,~ said Mayor Walsh. "We levied when appropriate. are working every day to clos~ opportunity and • Authorize the Boston Police Department and achievement gaps, meet the individual needs of Boston Fire Department to implement a residency every student and make our district schools top preference of three years prior to the date of civil choices for every family in every neighborhood. I service examination for individuals seeking ap- am committed to working with our partners on pointment in the respective departments. Beacon Hill to fix education funding formulas, Alleviating Residential Displacement and get every student on a pathway to success "Even as Boston sees historic levels of housing from pre-ldndergarten through college and ca- being built, we must make sure no one is left be- reer. I want to thank our legislative partners for hind," said Mayor Walsh. ~To preserve, enhance their willingness to sponsor and support these and grow neighborhoods, we must protect our reforms." neighbors from displacement." The bills in the Mayor's legislative agenda on The Mayor submitted proposals that will: education will: * Make legal representation in eviction proceed- * Make the Massachusetts School Building ings a right, rather than an option. If a tenant Authority (MSBA) responsible for charter school cannot afford his or her own attorney, one will be facilities charges and make charter schools eli- appointed by the Massachusetts Committee for gible for MSBA funding for school construction Public Counsel Services. and renovation. * Authorize the City to amend its zoning code to • Reform charter school financing by reduc- require inclusionary zoning for affordable housing. ing the state's overall liability while returning to * Codify conditions under which landlords can a true partnership between the Commonwealth evict a tenant or former homeowner living in their and its cities and towns, foreclosed unit and requiring landlords to notify • Adjust the charter school per-pupil tuition the City in case of eviction. calculation to recognize the full transition costs * Allow tenants and non-profits a right of first for students leaving BPS to attend charter refusal to purchase properties subject to foreclo- schools, rather than just the amount funded sure or short sale at fair market value. through the transition funding formula. • Provide landlords who are keeping their rents • Increase Circuit Breaker reimbursement for below market rent with a $1,500 state income tax the highest need and highest cost students, credit. • Find efficiencies in school transportation Promoting the Health and Safety by allowing district and charter schools to split of Bostonians transportation costs equally if transportation ~A city can only thrive and grow when its people schedule agreements cannot be reached, and by are healthy," said Mayor Walsh. ~From implement- prohibiting charters from passing costs of third ing new safety measures to continuing our focus party transportation to districts, on substance abuse recovery and prevention, the • Fix the Chapter 70 Education Aid Formula City of Boston will do its part in aiding residents for communities that spend beyond state guide- to lead healthy lives." lines and serve high cost populations, but do not Mayor Walsh's health bills will: receive significant education aid increases. * Require that side guards and blind spot mir- • Close the equality gap" in pre-kindergarten rors be installed on large vehicles operating in seats in Boston by Fiscal Year 2025 by creating Massachusetts. hundreds more quality pre-kindergarten seats, which would be funded by redirecting surplus (Continued on Page 11) THE POST-GAZEI"rE SATELLITE OFFICE 343 CHELSEA ST., DAY SQUARE, EAST BOSTON Tuesdays-from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM. and Thursdays from I1:00 AM-2:00 PM, for the convenience of our East Boston and North Shore clients and contributors Call 617-227-8929 for more information I