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January 29, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 29, 2010

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~" Page 4 POST-GAZETTE, JANUAR.~_Y 29..~, 2010 i ~ #, q , i nancla eakln withBenDohe~ ~__J ~ ~i-~ J iB Massachusetts was in the were missing views by .60/ ponents, profits fell 18% to I'm Not Liking This news last week with its big share primarily due to 8339 million. Bank of .P n_ .. Is U:t n1.ubIiP_ nf llnitetI .t ttes upset in the election. After Merrill Lynch's addition, America posted a bzgger loss , P ........ the Republicans stunning but its credit problems are of $1.25/share worse than .~ wasrnervus when t'res~ country runk t:Stet~enenT~l~ victory in the Senate race, beginning to stabilize. Its expected. Costs were fiat on u~x,t ,.,ua,.,~ ~,~,,~ u .............. s . President Obama indicated fourth quarter provision for lower fuel prices, shares McCam because I was.n t Democrats havegone solo to o sure where ms elecuon me detriment oi me z~rnerz that he is willin~ to scale credit losses was 810.1 bil- jumped 5)/0 on the news. Its ....... - - o ..... would take us I ned great can people back his health care ambi- hon down 14)/o from the thzrd Chzcago/Bejla Servlce ~ ,, ..... ; ..... tions to put something quarter, so shares roses bit. helped profits. Shares |ears we WOULa t)e neaae(]~n , vemocd:r~sna:~clOrgo~[tn through Congress. Clearly Morgan Stanley's profit of jumped 5%. ,the wrong ,c]zr,ecuon~ ~s ~nezr u ..... the win in Massachusetts .29/share missing by .07/ An IVhone user will soon things unlom, those [ears reopie like !~ancy VeLOSl by a Republican sent shock share. Morgan's fixed in- be using Google and others seem to nave t)ecome the ana rlarry i~ela seem much waves through Capitol Hill. come and stock trading fell may be using Bing reahty of things m zunerzca. ~etter sultea iO_l- so_me au- Obama suggested scaling short of expectations, but its (Microsoft)for searches. The .,.rreslaent ut)ama wants .tnonmrmn gwOhe[7~oodt~or I o mls neaim care overhaul Dm mg people g back reform so that it c mpensation expense rose growing competition be- .. o o very badly The Democrats m them I am wmting for some changes insurance prac- 30~ to $14.4 billion up 30)/o. tween Apple, Google and " - tices such as pre-existing Wells Fargo EPS's earnings Microsoft will intensify soon. theHouse _an, d Senate appear one to take off theE shoe ,.and conditions denial. Demo- were up .8C/share topping Microsoft just announced a to nave iorgotten metr role m Dang it on the. tat)le like government [oaay, there rmrusnenev old at the crats will have to go back to views by .07. Losses on deal between Windows and are no checks and balancmg Umted Nations square one. loans are still a problem as Google's Chrome division. " " " Fears over reports that people default on credit Android will compete with going on as everyone seems ~ Back when our forefathers China's move to curb what cards with losses of 85.9 bll- the IVhone. Microsoft is neaae(] Ior the ocean water i ought |or ]noepenaence, o hke lemmings when you re mey warne(] us at)out [orget officers fear is a perilous lion. Shares fell by 1.5)/o. struggling in its money " " surge in bank lending, in- Amazon boosts Kindle royal- losing online business, talking about taking over tmg where we came from. , one sixth of the natmnal The Boston Tea Party eluding ordinary banks, to ties. To qualify for their new Microsoft s search deal could - " maintain vigilance against rate, publishers must meet be lucrative and they're economy, it is important that wasn't reallyabout tea. It risky borrowers. Greece's for a new rate of 2.99-9.99/ committed to spending hun- legislation no.[.De ,crammed was at)out a dig government (]own me unwnnng mroats oz telling US what to (]o wlmout bonds dived as feared. They book. India's third quarter dreds of millions of dollars to o the Amemcan people having any say m the mat won't be able to pay their profit with Wirpo was up 19)/o boost the search and online " " " - debts. The thought of cooling to .18c/share, above views, ad business. At this time, The more the Democrats ter. Thomas Jefferson wor~ Chinese growth hit global Sales added 5.6% and added Microsoft has 66% in De- push, the nigher the pOlL rle(] at)out tins country, oI numbers go against their ours eventually forgetting stocks. The Shanghai com- 4,885 employees to their cember and followed by Ya- " " posite sank 2.9%. London's workforce in the second hod with 17% and Microsoft ideas of what m good for us. how and why we were born. pound fell 17%, Paris fell 2/6 quarter, the biggest hiring with 11%. It could be lucre- . !n .the past, landmark leg- is a democratic te- l o lSlauon was always (]one in put)he where we, the people and Brazil fell 2.4)/0. The dol- spree in two years. IPhone tire to hardware companies. - ......... lar increased as people were has growing competition Apple will launch it in Feb- ol-parusan ,Jasnlon. l l]lS yule. LioveFnment is our looking for a safe haven as from IBM, and others, rusty, and hit the ground in time unnKe ~oclal ~ecunty, ousmess an(] wm t)e as goo(] other markets fell. China's Shares fell 2%. YouTube to dune 2010 with Bing. Civil Rights and Medicare, as we want it and as bad as authorities denied that it test video rentals! They are EBay's sales were up the Democrats are just we~lowl~Wehave strayed ordered banks to stop lend- letting their video renters 16.5% to 82.4 billion where working nKe me Old rout- iar irom ~HO. uur sacni~ces ing for a month and set its set their own rates and view- analysts expected 82.28 bil- buro back in the Soviet at theBattle of t~unKer ~nl I 2010 credit target at $1.1 ing rentals for up to 90 days. lion. EBay has reduced sell- union, rut)oer-stamping nave t)een overlooKe(]i,uur trillion, 22% less than 2009. The first batch will cost ing fees and made other whatever the communist love of liberty at the /~lanlo U.S. banks posted mixed $3.99 each for 48 hours, changes. Its yam|rigs for the ~ader at the time wanted; have become a mere foot- results. Bank of America This move puts the company current quarter will be up lnere wasno separauon oI note. A. t~wu war taught to lost .60 a share but said in direct competition with 25O/o to $2.2 billion. EBay me neaa olgovernment ann (]etermme me !uture oi.tms credit is stabilizing. Morgan Apple, Itunes, Netflix and continues to lose market the neaa oI me eommumst nauon seems irrelevant to~ Stanley also fell short with Blockbuster. share to and party. It was all one m the day. Paul Reveres rlae.m.lgnt ~P-~ -f 2~ Wells FaraD and Panera Bread said its others same. What was good for the as Well De a piece oI ucuon. ........ ~' " ad US Bancorp beat EPS news fourth quarter rose 7.4%. party was good for the state. I wish it was. all a b and Bank of America rose Shares rose over the news. It's time to call your x ~ no tea.bagger out un~ movie .~ut [.nls Is.real u[e. 0 o (]erstooa quite well what we oeileve in pOlitiCal zree 1)/0 and Wells Fargo 2)/0. Woodward Governor, a financial advisor or call me Bank of America earnings maker of energy control com- at 617-261-7777. those protesters ,were yell~ dom and economic liberty ing abOUt during mose zuuu t)ut Odin seem m peru today. I rallies. The liberal Demo- America seems at a cross- . ~11 I ,~il II crats called them mobs and roads. We can turn one way /'-tthn t Kiwanis (~luD showed great disdain for and endupat the wrongend d~~ their public expressions of of history or we can turn to . ~ _ _ _ outrage. We are not supposed the pathway of liberty con- Infnrm; finn Mizizfino to bee one-party state. This structed 234 years ago. ~P/'t~ CHILDRI~N 0~: "~'~ ni iiVilii~v~ ~ ~i~in u~ On Tuesday, February 2, meeting on Tuesday, Febru- will be served and atten- ~ _ ~ ~, | ~, l 2010 the East Boston ary 2, 2010 from 6 to a PM at danceis freebutyou need ~,| f'~T~r"r~T T ~ ~,Tr"~ ~.~ | Kiwanis Club invites the Spine|l| s, 280 Bennington to RSVP by January 26, 2010 | "~ ~ ~ KL L"I EIN | I ~I~ | public to learn more about Street, Day Square, East by calling Mar|as Dipietro ~. , v -'~~~I| | community service. Boston. Members will be on at 617-650-3442 or e-mail T~ ......... ~~!1 II East Boston Kiwanis in- hand to inform the commu- |.1 I~ I NI T I [~! ( ; ~~ ~:"~, I vites anyone interested in nity about the programs J_ m~ll_JL J_ mJL ~ ~~ II learning more about the Club and activities supported by ~ 5 PRINCE STREET * NORTH END * BOSTON MA02113 m to join us at our evening our local club. Buffet dinner o o ' | Raplno Memorial ~Posi-Gazette FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Home ,,~ ~ .. -n . --. ..-. 9ChelseaSt.,EastBoston Juattry l rmrmg ~~ 51 6175671380 - - .for all your i Commercial and Personal Needs AUTO HOMEOWNERS TENANTS .... lIFE HI'AITH BUSINESS GROUP .... ray-Kaplno Experience makes the difference Memorial Home Owned and operated by Pamela Donnaruma Publisher PostGazette WE PROMISE TO MEET OR IMPROVE YOUR PRESENT 917 Bennington St. ~ COMPETITIVE PRICES POLICY COVERAGE AT AFFORDABLE RATES ?~.. CALL TODAY FOR YOUR QUOTE i 617-523-3456 1 Longfellow - Place Suite 2322 - Boston, MA 02114 1 East Boston 617-569-0305 Dino C. Manca Funeral Director A Family Service Affiliate of gFFS/Service Corp. Infl 206 Winter St , Fall River MA 02720 508-676-2454 617-227-8929 WWW BOSTONPOSTGAZETTE COM