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January 29, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 29, 2010

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Page 12 POST-GAZETTE, JANUARY 29, 2010 P, ay Barron's • Recipes from the / 0 0 / i I mmespoon ~e[cnup oj cnolce r f From Ah, winteH Winter is a strange season: it A husband l S+'- l CO~G~, ~L ~GHTS RESERVED freezes your hands and feet and thaws your can't figure [ [ MAMA'S BEEF STEW nose. out which is | [ 2 to 3 Ibs cubed beef round steak Freakish cold• the lowest temperatures in more dan- O .... "-,i j 4 tablespoons oli~ ui~ decades engulfed Florida causing significant gerous -- al- "~ 4 notatoes damage to the state's citrus crop A low of lowing his ~. h~.~ ..... • 4 ..... ~,, tk,, 36 degrees in Miami broke an 82-year- wife to drive the new car, or refusing to let 6 cut ,n carrots old record; Tampa's record-breaking low of her. ~ cu-~cut u cele 25 degrees was one degree less than the low Ah women! A visit to Spinelli's Pasta & 1 cutP-"our p ry in Juneau, Alaska. In Atlanta, where tem- Pastry Shoppe in East Boston is where you . . p jr ...... peratures did not climb out of the 20s, two will discover five attractive women ready to Season to our likin with salt and e er teenagers died after falling through the ice serve you Of course, ready to serve you tasty . . y g P pp I ¢ 1 cup water ~ of a partially frozen pond• In many southern food. The women who will captivate you are cities, icy conditions disrupted schools and Jill Wolowicz, Jennifer Rueles, Meagen Peel, wash and cube potatoes and set aside. Do the same businesses. In Jackson, Mississippi, state Todisco, Carol O'Brien and Janet Fagone. It s with onions, carrots, and celery. offices were closed after more than 70 fro- no wonder Spinelli's is so popularV See you Place flour in a bowl. Sprinkle salt and pepper into flour zen water mains broke• thereT " before adding beef cubes. Stir beef cubes in flour. Remove Carlo Scostumato claims weather forecast- Huh? 63% of Americans don't feel rested and set aside. ers are never wrong -- it's the weather that's and ready to go back to work at the end of the Heat olive oil in skillet or saucepan and carefully add wrongV weekend So reported CBS News flour-dredged cubed beef. Sear beef to brown well before Bad newsl A new study found that each Depressing! Some 30 million Americans adding one cup of water to mixture. Beef will cook in this additional hour spent plopped motionless in take medication to treat depression, but for broth. Add small amounts of water as needed. v da increases the risk m t le Allow meat to simmer slowly m broth for about an hour front of the TV e ery y " " os peop antidepressants serve mostly as " " of dying by 11 percent, a placebo, scientists now say. Best treatment before adding vegetables to the pot. Stir and continue to Moronl An off-duty German police officer for depression for men is to imagine you are cook slowly. Thirty minutes later, stir one tablespoon of was taken into custod at Stutt art Ai rt ketchup into stew Allow beel stew ana vegetames to slm • y g "rpo dating Giuseppina, la coscia storta. " . • . . " .- when he was overheard sa in he lanned r mer slowly until cooked to your satisfaction Add water ff y" g p Mother Superio Frances Fitzgerald, says, to detonate his underpants. It was just a joke, "Some people sell themselves to the devil; necessary• he told unamused security officials, others rent themselves out by the day. NOTE: This became one of Mama s favorite meals to prepare The bare truthl A Delaware man is suing Albert Natale, the noted maestro and show in the winter. She made sure we all had our hearty meal When a New York strip club, claiming he can't business insider reports, a biography of she was too busy to go to our apartment to cook, she used the remember what he did there• Gerard Wall's Warren Beatty, by Peter Biskind, released a small two-bumer unit in the back room. Coffee was brewed lawyer alleges that after being "provided with few weeks ago claims the 72-year-old actor there every day. A partition separated that small room from the two alcoholic beverages" at Larry Flynt's Hus- has slept with "12,775 women, give or take, oven and workshop where the bakers and Papa prepared the tler Club in Manhattan, a lap dancer took a figure that does not include daytime quick- bread. Since Papa always insisted that we ate together as a him into a private room. He has no clue how ies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses, family, there were many times that our meals were prepared he passed the next 90 minutes, except for a and so on." Well, Warren Beatty's attorney on the small two-burner stove. Of course, Mama added more credit card charge of $21,620.60• claims the huge number of lovers is one of potatoes and vegetables at times so the working bakers could Ah, one of my favorite women, Sarah Palin, the book's many "false assertions." taste our meal. who signed on as a regular commentator with We have been asked, how many Italian When I prepared this meal a few weeks ago, the picture of Fox News, a network that's particularly popu- organizations are there in Massachusetts• the "back room" and burner came to my mind. I remembered tar with the conservative Republicans she'll Last count, 102. We even have the United how the aroma of the baking bread and the stew cooking in need for any presidential run said "It's won- Sicilian Organization in Milford with a mem- the back room spread through the bakery. I really yearned for derful to be part of a place that so values fair bership of 295 proud Sicilians. The Circolo a loaf of Papa's bread for supper that evening. But what did I and balanced news," Palin said• Letterario in Belmont boasts of a member- do?? -- I dipped my store bought "Italian sliced" bread in my Gee, another one of my favorite women is ship of 120. The organization promotes Ital- beef stew broth that evening, and dreamed of those days, back Alba Rosa, a native of Brazil, who resides in tan culture through lectures and social then. Revere, who does my house cleaning• Yes activities• There are 213 Italian American ................................................................................................ Alba does a great job[ If you would like to have War Veterans of the USA posts in Uassachu- Alba do your house cleaning simply let me seCts. Of course, there are many Sons of Italy :ca~ ~l ~CO know! , organizations. There is a Women's Italian Huh? New York City s Harlem neighbor- Club of Boston with 131 members. We have ..................... ........................................................................................... hood, still widely considered the cultural 17 Italian American organizations in * Editorial (Continued from Page 3) capital of black America, is no longer major- Worcester. Arizona has 13 Italian organiza- How the Obama adminis- Conventions. If we had an- icy black. After several years of largely white tions. There are 4 Italian clubs in Alabama. tration will not even let other General Patton com- gentrification African-Americans make up Three Italian organizations in Kentucky ..... , ....... • our Intelhgence officers use mandmg the executions by 40 percent of Harlem s population. Louisiana has 34 Itahan orgamzatlons. New interrogation methods that firing squad would be carried Deadly news: the 106 death sentences Jersey is where you'll find 124 Italian orga- ~i~ ~rr; .............. + +,.~.o,.. oi~;-.+;-~ l.I u ilL.15 u 111 I.~ II,,,. 1~ u~ ii,., ¥ i,~ 1~ UUl.. L 11 li,,~ 1 IL. U y r~,llllllllaLlll~ handed down in the U.S. in 2009 were the nizations. There are 241 Italian American cia- + ..... ~* ................ ,,.,~?+.. ~f ..... ;n;_.¢ fewest since the death penalty was rein- organizations in New Yorkv. We have 161 Ital- criminals, terrorists" Miranda" ri'ghts stated by the Supreme Court in 1967. Eleven tan clubs in Ohio. Wow. There are two Ital- New evidence shows that and civilian trials as Obama states are now considering abolishing tan organizations in Oklahoma and three in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists on. executions largely due to the high cost of Oregon. Little Rhode Island is the home of knew ~bout and a~roved If a liberal ;ud"~° finds death-rowhandling theinmatesOften decades-long appeals by club17 Italianin SouthClUbS•DakotaW°W'i weThere'ShaveOne37 Italianltalian CIA ~,~,-~+~ ou,,,~,,~.*'~-~n' .... ..... ~,~.+~ o,,a,u,.~~-'~;~'~ and other • • In past edltorlals I have intelligence efforts have Gay news! In Europe, openly gay legisla- clubs in Texas and three in Utah. There are mentioned any enemy of _ tainted the case,~4kle case tows and mayors are becoming commonplace, two Italian clubs in Vermont and one is the America not wearing the may falter and the people Eleven openly gay men and women now serve Burlington, Vermont Italian Cultural Asso- uniform of the nation he red in the British Parliament, and the mayors of elation with 150 members. There are 10 Ital- resents can be shot on sigh*t~ will hold Obama responsible for imperiling America and Germany's two largest cities, Berlin and tan clubs in Wisconsin. As far as we know, this is stated in the Geneva not George Bush• Hamburg, are gay, as is the mayor of Paris. there are no Italian American organizations Ah, gay Puree. in Alaska. Driving newsl The overwhelming majority The states with the most Italian Ameri- of Americans -- 76.1 percent -- get to work cans: New York leads with 2,811,911, New 1st Generation by driving alone. Only 10.4 percent carpool, Jersey is second with 1,315,632, Pennsylva- ~ Italian-American and 4.9 percent use mass transit, nia is third with 1,205,823, and sunny According to Tom Analetto of Medford, "All California, is the home of 1,144,102 tanned ~ Vita Orlando Sinopoli the world loves a lover except when he is driv- Italian Americans. We have 749,583 Italian ing his car in crowded traffic -- with his arm Americans in Massachusetts. Shares with us around his girlfriend." Yes, we are right up there! .... .... a delighO~ul recollection The astute Rosalie Cunio of Waltham The U.S. cities with the largest numbe o , , claims driving an automobile would be a Italian Americans: New York, 2,827,167, ~Vl~r~..~|Zt~lp1A of her memories as a child much greater pleasure if each motorist Philadelphia, 556,065, Chicago, 477,932, -" ..... ~|, growing up in would use his head as much as he uses his Boston, 447,359, Los Angeles, 396.243, Pitts- I'C~*¢:~ Boston's "Little Italy" horn. burgh, 252,739, Detroit, 219,280, San Fran- American motorists take the best possible cisco, 214,908, Providence 159,687, Buffalo, and a collection of care of their cars -- and they keep pedestri- 151,296, Cleveland, 148,749, Washington, Italian family recipes ans in good running condition too. D.C., 110,517, Rochester, N.Y., 110,355, Well, according to "Mona" Lisa Cappuceio, Ft. Lauderdale, 106,070, and New Haven, CT., VtTA OI~LANDO SINOPOLI from the homeland. "Maybe the reason we have traffic problems 102,109. is because the traffic has become as dense A lively Italian club is "AMICI" -- Adult Great as Gifts as the drivers." Italian Folk Dancing Group, in Baltimore, FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM Bella Culo of Chestnut Hill wants you to Maryland. The group performs original and in local bookstores -- ask for know, when a woman driver holds out her dances from Italy by wearing authentic re- Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 ISBN _~, hand, you can be certain she's either going gional costumes. Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN ,~ to turn left, turn right, back up, or stop. AMERICA IS A BF.,AUTIFIIL ITALIAN NAME