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January 29, 2010     Post-Gazette
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January 29, 2010

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Page 14 POST-GAZETTE, JANUARY 29, 2010 N EWS B R I E F S (FRO XTAL/AN NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS) Compiled bg ~r~io Z. Buttafuoeo The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani THE MYSTERY OF THE AMERICAN BONDS. Last June 4 (2009) the Italian Treasury Police, a.k.a. Guardia di Finanza, discovered a large package of American Bonds during a routine border control. The bonds were smartly stuffed in a secret compartment of suitcases in possession of two Japanese who were heading to Switzerland. The face value of the bonds was $134.5 billion. The two Japanese were temporarily arrested, later released. The bonds were confiscated, something that causes an international sen- sation at the crossing, of Chiasso. The two Japanese, Mitsuoyoshi Watanabe and Akihito Yamaguchi, attempted to justify the possession of the bonds by saying that they were not authentic, but had historical value only. The agents took note of the foreigners' statements, released the two Japanese, and placed the bonds in the safe of the city of Como's investigating judge. Since nobody on the Police's staff could ascertain the authenticity of the bonds, the American authorities were contacted. They dispatched a special commission to Italy to closely examine the bonds and determine their true value, or lack of it. Many ques- tions have been raised. Why they were being brought to Switzerland? Were they being smuggled to a Swiss bank? The later hypothesis can be realistic but only if the bonds were authentic. We shall wait for a decision by the special USA Commission after thorough study of the bonds, and see that they are authentic or false. However, for the time being, we have in the interim learned that the bonds, val- ued at over $134 billion, had been discovered in the US Treasury Department on March 30, (2009), a sum that reflected their status as belonging to the TARP (troubled assets relief program), a special fund that contains bonds believed to be 'problematic'! It is interesting to know pre- cisely what is actually going on, either in Italy, in Japan, or in the USA. Stay tuned! A RECENT NEW MIRACLE AT LOURDES. A married lady with four children, 50, had joined a group of pilgrims headed to Lourdes. She was in a wheelchair because of the same pathology that had afflicted Lou Gherigh of the N.Y. Yankees decades earlier. The lady was from Francavilla sul Sinni (in the province of Potenza) had been encouraged to go by her own husband, who had paid for her trip. Once in Lourdes, she agreed to get inside one of the pools in and around the sanctuary. Suddenly she felt like being lifted, softly, from the pool. All the pain and immobility had disappeared at once. She felt well, truly reborn to a new life. She started to walk without any help, to the astonishment of all those who had made the trip with her, and the many visitors who congratulated her on her good fortune or miracle. In any case, she is another recipient of God's favor. The miracles have been happening since 1858 when they began to occur or duly certified. The lady, Antonia Raco, is truly a blessed human being. What Scott Brown Means (Continued from Page 2) adhered to, result in true sionate conservatism, as prosperity and true progress, opposed to the hyped-up They know that income tax hooey of ten years ago. reduction creates the rising "Scott Brown conserva- tide that lifts all boats. They tism" doesn't care who or know that sometimes, those what you are, not even what who defend us must go the party you belong to, so long extra mile in order to guar- as you love the Constitution antee our safety. They know and the freedoms and prin- that government is neces- ciples that document stands sary, but its size, scope and for. "Scott Brown conserva- power must always have tism" is a force that can clear limits. They know renew America, protect and that judges who idealize the preserve this country's Constitution are preferable greatness, and add just a to judges who ignore it. little more light to the shin- Above all, they know that ing city on a hill. America is, was, and will always be the last, best hope Mr. Tucker is a Massachu- of mankind, setts-based freelance writer "Scott Brown conserva- and the operator of the blog tism" is what this country Notes from D.R. (dtucker. needs, what this country A long- wants, what this country time contributor to Human must have. "Scott Brown Events Online, his articles conservatism" is the sort of have also appeared on conservatism that can at- and tract rather than repel, that can heal rather than wound, His radio show, The Notes, can that can rebuild rather than be heard each Wednesday destroy. "Scott Brown con- night at 8:00pro EST at servatism" is real compas- 1 WHY ARE WE CLUBBING NAVY SEALS? On January 14, the New York Post ran a great editorial (Clubbing SEALS, Cont'd), I still can't believe the lack of outrage from the American people. However, come to think of it, how much press is this story get- ting in the Boston media? I've read about this ongoing story in the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily and most recently the New York Post. According to the January 14 editorial, "The Pentagon's persecution - er, prosecu- tion - of Navy SEALs Jonathan Keefe, Julio Huertas and Matthews McCabe took a sur- real turn this week when a military judge ordered Keefe's and Huertas' trials relocated to Iraq so terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed could appear ... (McCabe is scheduled to stand trial in Norfolk, VA, in May) ... Abed's crimes are infamous: he masterminded the 2004 murder of four U.S. civilian contrac- tors in Fallujah, two of whose bodies were dragged through the street and hung from a bridge ... Keefe, Huertas and McCabe helped nab the thug last year. Their crime? Abed says that McCabe punched him (doubt- less for good reason), while Keefe and Huertas are charged, in essence, with not ratting out their buddy. It's the sort of inci- dent that Pentagon brass had no good rea- son to bring to trial ... Let's hope they (the 3 Navy SEALs) don't start to wonder why they bothered. QUOTE FROM NATIONAL SYNDICATED COLUMNIST MICHAEL BARONE " ... the tea-party protesters, even if many are loud and fractious, are interested in substantive political issues. They decry the dangers of expanding the national debt, in- creasing government spending and putting government in command of the health-care sector." AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS Back in 1775 the march to political free- dom and economic liberty began right here in Boston, Massachusetts. We overthrew tyrants who seemingly be- lieved in neither concept. Our founders thought we were all born free. Government should be representing our interests. Either we run it or it would run us. These prin- ciples are ingrained into our very being as American citizens. From century to century and generation to generation. What we did 234 years ago makes as much sense today as it did back then. Folks like Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison understood what it meant to be free of government tyranny. However, sometime over the last genera- tion or so, too many Americans welcome government doing for them. We are at an important crossroads be- tween those who would allow government to run our lives for us and those who still believe that Americans are a free people. We seem nearly split about America's fu- ture. It is easy to surrender your thought to government which is why so many seem to be doing that with such ease today. Jefferson, Madison and Adams knew that government is the few in the Nation's Capi- tal but the many across this country who call themselves citizens. Jefferson even warned that at some time in the future, the people might have to rise up again and throw off oppression from our backs. Like many of those guys back at the beginning of America, government was held in suspicion because of its insidious need to grow in power. Today, our leaders in both the White House and Capitol Hill seem to resemble King George 3rd more than the American people. It is time for our leaders to look back at America's roots and stop straying from those principles that made us a great nation. LIBERALS STILL ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL Investor's Business Daily is one of the best newspapers in the country. It is conserva- tive like the Wall Street Journal. They also run one on the left column. On January 14, it was E.J. Dionne Jr.'s turn to whine. Lis- ten to this quote, "Actually, health care re- form is designed in part to contain the long-term growth of Medicare costs. And the savings that can be wrung out of Social Security are limited. In the end, If you care about fiscal responsibility, you have to favor raising taxes." Duh, apparently, he is in a disconnect from mainstream America. I wonder if this liberal Obama apologist drinks his tea in a bag too. But he doesn't sound like a tea bag kind of guy to me. REID RUNNING IN THE RED? The state of Nevada has the third highest unemployment rate in the country at 12.3 percent. No wonder according to recent polls, US Senator Harry Reid has a 52 percent unfa- vorable rating. He may be the toast of the town in Washington, DC but the homies back in Nevada look like they want to help pack his suitcases for him. Currently, there are three candidates trying to replace him this year. Against Sue Lowden, he is behind 40 to 50 percent. Against Danny Tarkanian, same story. This time behind 41 to 49 percent. Finally, against Sharron Angle, it is 40 to 45 per- cent. His people say internal Polls have him winning but of course internal polls always have winning attitudes. Aren't they bought and paid by the candidate's committee? N-WORD NOW FRONT AND CENTER? Not long ago all those MSNBC-liberal lov- ers were bent out of shape upon hearing that the term "Negro" was listed as a self-identi- fier on the 2010 US Census form. However, when news came out that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's book used the term, the liberals immediately stopped bashing the US Census form. ANSWER: Harry Reid QUESTION: A light-skinned Caucasian with a slight racial dialect. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PASS THE FOOD STAMPS PLEASE Did you know that one out of eight Ameri- cans -- 37.2 million of us -- received food stamps in September 2009 a record num- ber and that figure was 18 percent higher than September one year ago before the recession and unemployment numbers soared. Texas has the most folks getting food-stamps at 3.1 million. Missouri has the highest participation numbers at 100 per- cent. God Bless Missouri and thank God I don't live in that great state. GOOD COUNTRY AMERICA USED TO BE According to a NY TOnes report, China has now passed the United States of America as the largest car market. TEA PARTY IS CONVENING IN NASHVILLE The Tea Party Movement which caught the liberal media by surprise last year is planning a national convention in Nash- ville on February 4-6 and the event is sold out. Former Alaska governor and GOP Veep nominee Sarah Palin is showing up to speak. By the way, the nightmare of MSNBC is becoming a Fox News Network commentator. NY SENATE RACE GETS INTERESTING Governor David Paterson, the appointed governor of New York State appointed US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand after Senator Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Gillibrand had hoped to have no primary opponent this coming September but it looks like things are changing for her. Former US Representative Harold Ford Jr., who now lives in New York was a 5-term Tennessee senator who lost a close US Senate race in 2006. Back then, before the election of Barack Obama to the US Senate from Illinois, many thought Ford might be a presidential candidate in 2008. Ford is a centrist Democrat who in the past has supported restrictions on abortion ac- cess and opposed same-sex marriage. Can he fit into the I love NY mentality? I think so. Sometimes it is good to shake up the establishment. Ford would make a great US Senator and I still hope, maybe, president someday. WWW. BOSTON POSTGAZETTE.CO M