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February 3, 2012     Post-Gazette
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February 3, 2012

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Page 10 POST-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 3, 2012 News Briefs (Continued being judged on the basis of those 3 minutes and 28 sec- onds. We never know which flight will test us. So it's in- cumbent on each of us to be vigilant and avoid compla- cency. [ had gotten to a point late in my career when I thought that test would never happen to me. I was wrong. Stop Insider Trading on Capitol Hill There was a great letter recently in the Boston Metro concerning insider trading by our elected officials. After several years of the FBI investigating Wall Street, a number of folks were charged with insider trading of hedge funds. The letter writer pointed out ... "accord- ing to a recent episode of 60 Minutes, if you are a member of Congress insider trading rules do not apply. (Right, Nancy Pelosi?) Then again, Congress is not sub- ject to ObamaCare either." Hey, at least some people out there aren't knuckleheads taking up space, huh? Gingrich Should Send Flowers to ABC's Nightline The week leading up to the South Carolina Primary was a very good one for Newt Gingrich. He bruised up on Fox's Juan Williams in one debate, knocked out CNN's John King moderating another debate and then whacked Mitt Romney by getting a 12 percent victory at the polls. Newt picked up a first-place 40 percent of the vote to Romney's runner- up spot with only 28 percent. Mitt was supposed to win South Carolina not lose by a 12 point margin. This race continues. Mitt seems still to be running not to lose while Gingrich runs to win. Soon Santorum will drop out of the race and most of his supporters will not be going Mitt's way. Romney support- ers still say he is the most electable candidate to face President Obama but his overall win-loss record in all his races including presi- dential primaries is now 6- 18. If he were a major league pitcher, that record would stink. Getting back to ABC-TV. The network's decision to broadcast an interview with Mrs. Gingrich Number 2 (who by the way was Mis- tress Number 1) actually from Page I) seemed to have backfired in favor of Newt who actually took the evangelical vote in the primary. I felt sorry for John King who hails from Dorchester. He was looking like a punch drunk boxer right from the get-go. He also added a new word to political lexicon: "John Kinked" as in to be John Kinked. "You Didn't Hear Me Say the Word "Home?" It isn't always the economy, stupid ... but it might be the lie, stupid. When you admit to an act of omission like this guy did, you too can be toast. A Missouri gubernato- rial candidate who had been playing up his economics degree was out-ed as a liar, liar, pants on fire by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch when it discovered the candidate had left out the word "home" in his "home economics" degree. The candidate claimed to be an economics major in campaign fliers. After, the news leaked, he called the whole thing "overblown." This Trip Like Real Torture for this Grieving Family A trip to the bathroom ended badly for a Port Colborne, Ontario resident who died of natural cause as he was turning on the sink faucet. The water flowed for three weeks before his body was discovered. His family wants water officials to waive the $600 bill but so far they've refused. I say tell the water department, they can take a trip to hell to collect. That place never has any water. Some Things You Can't Multi-task A woman crashed her car into the rear of a tanker truck in western Sweden. She was breast-feeding her infant. Using a cell phone is one thing but breast-feeding is something else. Next time pull over if your tank is full or in the baby's case empty. No Charity for this Tinman The trial of former US Senator John Edwards is get- ting delayed so the former vice presidential candidate can get some heart surgery. "The real shock," said Michael Goodman from the NY Post, "Is that doctors found he really has a heart." Ouch7 State of Union Not That Good! That's putting it mildly. Our president delivered his State of the Union Address but we've seen it before and it always turns out the same, a lot of hype and spin and very little substance. If we're lucky, this will be Mr. Hope and Change's last such address to the full Congress. The country is still in deep trouble. All the bailouts haven't really helped the American people. The home- ownership train just left the station empty leaving most of us on the platform. Too many of us remain home- less, jobless and hopeless. Wall Street got bailed out but the rest of us are in deep water without a paddle. Right now I say a pox on both sides. The Keystone pipe-line from Canada is being used as a way for both sides to blame the other for failure to do something. Nobody compromises any- more. It is all or nothing. It's the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel all over again. No wonder so few folks bother to vote anymore. President Obama has been the biggest faker in the Oval Office since poor Jimmy Carter. His idea of a solution is a great speech signifying nothing. I always think of St. Paul when thinking about Obama, "a clanging bell and a noisy gong signifying nothing." The Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader can also be located inside that quote from St. Paul. The failed leadership in Washington, D.C. just keeps marching along like the 3 Stooges, "A left, a right, a left press, press, pull, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!" Liberals Hated Rick Perry Liberals dislike conserva- tives to put it mildly. They couldn't stand the idea of a Rick Perry coming out of Texas running for president as an evangelical Christian. He hit the race by falling on his face tripping over his own words. Eventually, he just decided to pack it in and go home to Austin. He could be back in four years if he can polish up his national image and study better before stum- bling more at debates. However, the liberals were on his case from the get-go before he imploded. Rolling Stone back in November did a big piece entitled, "The Best Little Whore in Texas" and one simple sentence in the long commentary com- pared him to the Fuhrer, "He could be the Adolf Hitler of shallow." How low can lib- erals go? Let's do the limbo, eh? I hope he returns to the national scene in the future, if only to bother lib- eral know-it-alls. i VlEWS more00han0000t.00theeye..! I Iooo o oooooo ooooo o e o oo'o=:o oo oo HEAVENLY CREATURES/ VELVET GOLDMINE/ CITY OF GOD (Blu-ray) Lionsgate Heavenly Creatures Kate Winslet made her big- screen debut in this true- life story thriller. Two teen- age girls form an unwaver- ing bond rooted in a fantasy world that only they share. Velvet Goldmine -- Glam- rock superstar Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) fakes his own death to es- cape the spotlight, and faces being discovered by investi- gative journalist Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale). City of God -- is the name of the violent Brazilian neighbor- hood in Rio de Janeiro, where two boys grow up, one wanting only to pursue his passion for photography, and ultimately find a way outf TRIGGER (DVD) Wolfe Video Two of Canada's top female stars, the late avant-garde actress Tracy Wright in her final performance before succumbing to cancer, and Molly Parker as Vic and Kat. The former bandmates and lifelong friends, reunite to perform at a 'women in rock' benefit show, and after a wild night of reminiscing, recon- necting and true confes- sions, the pair face the dawn, and the true nature of their friendship is revealed. A heartbreakingly genuine rock-and-roll drama! SESAME STREET: IRON MONSTER AND SESAME HEROES (DVD) Warner Home Video - Sesame Workshop When Super Grover's cape is not ready at the Laundromat, he turns him- self into "Iron Monster" -- to heroically solve any problem that comes his way. The questions are can he make change for the dryer and sub- tract stains using amazing math skills? Find out the answers in this and three other action-packed Sesame Street stories including fan- tastic friends Elmo, Abby and Rosita in "The Furry Four," "Super Grover's Sidekick" and "Slimey the Hero." Pow- erful! TWO MINUTES TO GLORY (DVD) NFIVivendi Ent. Fans can relive the chaotic euphoria that is the final two minutes of an NFL game, as they prepare to watch Super Bowl XLVI. Packed with the emotion, the heartbreak and the triumph fans love to ex- perience, "Two Minutes to Glory" will detail the thrill- ing stories of the greatest comebacks in NHL history and the legendary players who made them happen. Pro- filing two-minute quarter- back geniuses whose defin- ing moments are etched into fans minds forever in- clude John Elway, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana and Tom Brady. THE DEAN MARTIN VARIETY SHOW (6-DVD) Time Life This "Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show" gem continues to earn rave re- views as the 6-disc set rolls out the popular show that was a blend of music and comedy, and loved by view- ers from around the world. Following its 1965 debut, Dean's show was tops in the ratings for most of its nine- year run, thanks in part to Dean's classic comedy rou- tines. Star appearances on the show had Red Buttons, Mickey Rooney, Sid Caesar, Jackie Mason, Bill Cosby, Carroll O'Connor, Bob Newhart and many others. Musical guest included "A- list" performers as, Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Fisher, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Mathis, Liberace, Herb Alpert and The Supremes. 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But semi-nude, or head-to-toe in sequins, in battle fatigues or rags, her beauty and ambi- tion ensured that Josephine Baker will always be re- membered as the first, and possibly most loved, truly in- ternational star. GAME TIME (DVD) Lionsgate Trying to make a fresh start after an abusive past, Vance (Phil Haus) and his mother move from Wiscon- sin to New York City. Vance soon meets Jules (Jason Hurt), and the two form a basketball duel partnership ready to wipe the court with their opponents. Word of their new team spreads to the ultra-competitive duel championship, and they are invited to play with the big boys for the win. A "winner"! II 1-877-382-4357 or s|t,