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February 6, 2015     Post-Gazette
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February 6, 2015

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Page 4 POST-GAZE'n'E, FEBRUARY 6, 2015 p, BEREA VEMENT BUFFET $14 95 Y I After helping the New England Patriots reach the Super Bowl, defensive line- man Vince Wilfork still had enough strength to pull a motorist free from an over- turned car. The NFL player was driving home with his wife following the Patriots 45-7 rout of the Indianapolis Colts when they spotted a Jeep turned over on its side near Foxborough, Mass. The 325-pound athlete kept the driver calm until police ar- rived, and then helped an of- ricer lift the woman out of the vehicle. Wilfork down-played his heroism. "It wasn't a big deal," he said. "I was just lucky to help." A true Patriotl Bravo! A British grandfa- ther who survived three types of Cancer over the past three years has just completed a 138-mile trek to the South Pole. After beating intestinal, skin, and prostate cancer, Patrick Mclntosh, 58, de- cided that he wanted to do something that would inspire other cancer patients and settled on the idea of walk- ing across Antarctica. Bat- fling temperatures as low as minus 40, Mclntosh and his guide made it to the South Pole in 11 days -- raising $100,000 for cancer research in .the process. "It is possible to live beyond cancer," he said. "I am the living example of that." Hitting the drive-thru, after a Georgia man was ticketed for *distracted driving" as he chomped on a McDonald's hamburger. "Maybe I was enjoying the burger too much," said Madison Turner, who says the cop told him, "You can't just go down the road eating a hamburger." A New York City woman filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Kushyfoot Shaping Tights because the tights didn't give her the *su- per satisfied" feeling prom- ised by the sexually charged advertising. Decisive victories, after a California high school girls' basketball coach was sus- pended because his team won a game 161-2. "What are you teaching these kids?" I rron said a local parent angered by the suspension. "Are you teaching them to be a loser?." Good move! Last week, At- torney General Eric Holder barred state and local police from using a federal program to seize property from sus- pects without a warrant or criminal charges. Police de- partments have made more than 55,000 seizures of cash and property worth $3 billion under the "Equitable Shar- ing" program since 2008. In most civil forfeiture eases, the property owner was never charged with a crime. Police spent their share of seizure proceeds-which are spilt with federal agencies-with little oversight, and in some eases bought luxury ears and high- powered weapons holder's new policy includes some exemptions. Police will still be allowed to seize illegal fire- arms, ammunition, explo- sives, and property associ- ated with child pornography. "Hanoi" Jane Fonda has backtracked over her infa- mous 1972 protest of the Vietnam War, telling a group of Army veterans at a Mary- land event that her decision to pose for a photo in North Vietnam on an anti-aircraft gun was a "huge" error of judgment. The 77-year-old said that in opposing the war itself, she'd given the wrong impression that she didn't support America's troops. "It hurts me, and it will to my grave, that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot people think I was against the soldiers," Fonda said. Well, should you wish to send Jane Fonda a card or letter, last we heard, she lives at 1050 Techwood Drive. NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318. Fonda celebrated a birthday on December 21. She was born in 1964. A moron/A 2 I-year-old Nor- wegian man has been fined 8980 because he accepted a contract -- killing job despite having no Intention of carry- ing out the hit. Police said the man admitted that he has been paid $4,000 to kill a 17- year-old who had rejected his 21-year--old client's romantic I 0 0 0 advances. But officers couldn't prove that the alleged hit man was serious about killing the teen, so they could charge him with only defrauding his client. The man accepted the fraud charge and paid the fine. Weird! A California man survived more than three hours in the back of a gar- bage truck after he was scooped up while searching for his wallet inside a dumpster. Police said the unidentified man used pieces of discarded lumber to climb to the top of the refuse and avoid being squashed by the truck's compactor as more trash was dumped on top of him. The truck even- tually emptied its garbage at a landfill, where a worker spotted the dazed man-just before a bulldozer rolled over the trash pile he'd been in. "He's very lucky to be alive," said a police spokesman. *So it's official," said Phil Plait in," 2014 was the hottest year on record." Scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that while the east- ern U.S. was cooler than usual last year, average glo- bal temperatures were the highest since record keeping began back in 1880. Attention ladies! Many women can attest to the aches and pains that can re- sult from strutting around in a pair of high heels. But a new study indicates that the pain isn't temporary: Wear- ing heels can prematurely age knee joints and cause osteoarthritis, re- ports. Our show biz great, Al Natale, reminds us that our paesano Frankie Laine, after ten years of singing for spa- ghetti dinners, recorded That's My Desire, which even- tually sold two million copies. B0m Frank Paul LoVeccio on March 3rd, 1913 in Chicago, Illinois he was already sea- soned when a record com- pany executive heard his singing. He followed his hit with others. Among them are: Mule Train, Jezabel, I Believe, and My Heart Goes Where The Wild Goose Goes. Laine has worked in practi- cally every form of entertain- ment and is president of five Now expanded and enhanced in its 1 lth printing with 10,000 copies sold. $12.00 - HOLIDAY SPECIAL pay no shipping and postage. FRANCENA - 125 Boyce Road, Centerville, OH 45458 937-433-7313 - music companies. He loves golf, horses and sponsors Little League baseball teams. He is married to Nan Gray (two children by her former marriage.). So how did you get through the great blizzard? You ate a lot? You shovel snow? You read the Post Gazette? You made telephone calls? Which reminds me. the great Steven Sebestyen called me to check on how I was sur- viving the blizzard. Also, a call from a funeral parlor. Hal AMERICA IB A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME by Sal Giarratani OMG! Another Snow Storm! Most of my friends are already down in Florida braving the winter sitting out in the sun, tanning up and not worried about any of their homebound friends back home getting plenty of exercise with their shovels. One of my friends called just to ask how things were up here with all the snow and I told him everything was just peachy. He asked how the streets were and I told him pretty much all messed up. He retorted, *Ah, that's too bad." He said he had to go, he needed to add on more suntan lotion. I go through this every year with these long distant calls wondering why I am still on the Boston side of the call. I must be out of my mind. Right now, there is already over two feet of this white stuff on the ground and no place to throw any new snow. I am writing this on Super Bowl Sunday trying to block out the idea of more snow on the way. I hate watching the news because every time I watch the news, the meteorologists drive me bananas. They seem to be very pro-snow. Watch them as they talk about a dusting to an inch, no smiles, but when talking about 10-12 inches, they seem to be jumping for joy. Sadly though, whether you watch them or not, the storm still seems to arrive too quickly and with too much snow, I have been trying to get a broken tooth pulled for weeks now, but the appointment keeps getting cancelled due to snow. I am thinking spring might be a good time to get it extracted. By then things should be better, right? However, I still recall an April Fool's Day blizzard back in 1997. Right now, I am looking out the window of a house in Roslindale, a place with driveways which seems far bet- ter than looking out a window on Eagle Hill in East Boston, a place with very few driveways. ThInking out loud, a window down in Austin, Texas looks mighty good right now. At the moment it is partly cloudy and 70 down there with no snow in sight. Alas, but here I am bracing for lots more snow to push me around again. During last week's blizzard I was outside with my shovel talking with a neighbor who was doing likewise. Surprised, right? Both of us talking about warmer climates. I told him I wished I were down in Texas. He said why wasn't I. Good question. I must like all these winter storms or I would be gone. I guess this is also why people born in Buffalo never leave either. We're all sick puppies up here who like this winter torture. Too bad my grandparents didn't get off the ship in Texas. I think they would have loved the climate, I know I would have. ......................... 500 Canterbury Street Boston, MA 02131 617.524.1036 ICHAEL CEMETE RY CREMATORY The Respectful Serving the Italian Community [or Over 100 Years! FUNCTION FA CILITY Please accept sincere condolences, from the Spinelli's family and staff. During this difficult time, we would like to offer our facility at a specially reduced price, for you, your family and friends. SERVED UPON ARRIVAL Coffee, Mini Danish Pastries and Tea Breads BUFFET LUNCHEON MENU Tossed Salad. Assorted Rolls with Butter Chicken, Ziti and Broccoli Alfredo Eggplant Parmigiana Italian Sausages. Onions and Potatoes Above price does not include a 15% Administration Fee and a 7% Mass State Tax. 280 BENNINGTON STREET, EAST BOSTON, MA Telephone: 617-567-4499 J