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February 12, 2016     Post-Gazette
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February 12, 2016

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qlu li1.,hlh.u ll.,qqq h'hh'1.! lh t11'1'11"h ............... Mr't.ED ADC 010 ' ~ PAUL JEFFKO SMALL TOWN pAPERS, iNC-,. 217W COTA ST SHELTON WA 985842263 THE ITALIAN-AMERICAN VOICE OF MASSACHUSETTS MM (Formerly LA GAZZETTA del MASSACHUSETTS) VOL. 120 - NO. 7 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, FEBRUARY 12, 2016 $.35 A COPY TRUMP, SANDERS TOP NH PRIMARY VOTES Just as expected by recent polls, US Senator Bernie Sand- ers cleaned Hillary Clinton's clock on Tuesday, beating the former Secretary of State by a vote of about 60.33 to 38.01 percent. This was an amaz- ing defeat for Clinton, who got trashed as Sanders seemed to get the lion's share of the so- called youth vote and his num- bers were higher than expected among female voters, too. Latest news was that while Clinton conceded to Sanders, her concession speech sounded like she was the big winner of the night Proving that, as usual, with her, it is always about Hillary and damn the vot- ing stats Bernie? Bernie WHO? Within 24 hours of winning, Sanders was off to New York for a breakfast gathering with Rev. AI Sharpton. Methinks we got a good race for the Demo- by Sal CRarratani cratic nomination, if Sanders can reach out beyond his New England appeal. Over on the Republican side, Donald Trump ran away with the GOP primary voters, beating surprising second-place winner Ohio Gov. John Kasich by a 20-point margin. Kasich's second-place finish keeps him alive for South Caro- lina later in the month, and Jeb Bush tied Ted Cruz for third, which keeps him in the running, too. He is expected to do well down in South Carolina where the Bush name is gold. I hear that his brother, former President George W. Bush, wilt be out on the campaign trail down there. Bush needs a good finish in that primary to stay in the hunt. Winners and losers? Hillary, a definite loser. Sanders, big win- ner. Trump back on top of the heap. Bush alive. Marco Rubio no longer Surgio Rubio. Chris Christie goes home to Jersey by the time you're reading this. The son of the mailman, Kasich, keeps on plugging, but South Carolina could be his Waterloo. As far as Carly Fiorina, she's finished. And as far as poor Dr. Ben Carson goes, death is knocking at his campaign's door and he ain't got a cure to turn things around. Outsiders had a big night as voters are tired of the same old stuff from establishment-type candidates who just keep bab- bling away, but say very little of importance. The most shocking reaction to Trump's big night was the mainstream media's assault on his win and on his many supporters. The NY Daily News should be ashamed of itself (Continued on Page 13) "7 Wounded Warrior Project Broken? Latest news doesn't look good for the Wounded War- rior Project, a charity set up to help wounded veterans returning home with physical or emotional injuries. Thanks goes out tO CBS News, which uncovered some pretty ugly news concerning a charity we see adver- tised on TV over and over again, sometimes with big Hollywood names as its pitchmen. Tums out much of money donated really doesn't get to the veterans ini eed. CBS uncovered super high salaries, private above. Allegedly, as much the funds raised never go to meet a Before donate to any group or organization, find out first how much goes directly to the intended recipients of the charity. If they won't tell you, try another organization. As Jeff Kuhner stated on his WRKO radio show, heads should roll and perhaps there should be an .............. :~,~ investigation by law enforcement. I'm with Jeff on ....... this one. I was appalled to hear of the disgraceful decision by Italian officials to cover up the naked statues at a museum during the visit by Iran's president. Reports say nobody in Rome is owning up to making the deci- sion, but somebody did, so the denials amount to a cover-up of the cover-up~ Sanders Has an $18 Trillion Price Tag U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has a call to action that is .......... attracting many young voters moving his long-short .... : campaign forward, but his proposals would amount to the largest "peacetime" expansion of government ....................... in history. In all, he backs at least $18 trillion in new spending. This alarms Republicans and Democrats | alike. No way Sanders works without massive spend- i | | ing fueled by massive tax hikes , . i I As Mike Huckabee recently stated on Twitter, I | The Post-Gazette Satellite Office has moved to 343 Chelsea St., Day Square, East Boston This office is open on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Call 617-227-8929 for more information L'Anno Bello: A Year in Italian Folklore Will You Be My Valentine ? I know it is February when, despite the blankets of crusty snow on the ground and bare branches whistling in the wind, signs of spring bloom out of seemingly nowhere, gracing ev- ery angle like snowdrops, win- ter jackets, while still readily on hand for these frigid days, get pushed to the clearance racks in department stores, making way for jaunty pastel-colored skirts and breezy windbreakel~. The produce aisle of grocery shops and farmer's markets begin to acquire a greener hue, as the citrus fruits of winter cede their way to the tender artichokes and early peas of spring. If you are still having trouble finding any hope of spring during the bitterly cold winter, I urge you to look no further than this Sunday, which is St. Valentine's Day. This holi- day, ostensibly dedicated to love and all things heart-shaped, is also a celebration of renewed life -- hence its emphasis on flowers and birds. I cannot wait to slowly bite down on luxurious chocolates that day, and enjoy a romantic meal with my hus- band. But in the midst of all the pink and red that characterizes Valentine's Day, I will also be thinking spring. This feast will remind me of the love I have in my life, a love that is necessary in order to weather the transi- tion from winter to spring. Like so many holidays, St. Valentine's Day now remains associated with rampant com- mercialism. As soon as Christ- mas is over, it seems, stores overflow with bright pink ca~ds and velvety red chocolate boxes giant teddy bears and bouquets by Ally Di Censo Symynkywicz of roses. Though I never com- plain about chocolate, this sort of commercialism accounts for the reason I disliked Valentine's Day as a moody teenager, par- ticuiarly during times when I was single -- I hated the idea of romantic love constantly be- ing pushed down my throat, constantly reminding me of my unattached status! I have matured since then, realizing that Valentine's Day not only celebrates romantic love, but all types of love, including friep.d- ship and familial bonds I alSO became interested in the his-' tory of holidays, and found out that St. Valentine's Day holds deep roots, both Christian and pagan, which extend all the (Continued on Page 4) from Freeway and the Post-Gazette J