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February 15, 2013     Post-Gazette
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February 15, 2013

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Page14 POST'GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 15, 2013 LO SAPEVATE CHE ... I primi test sull'uomo sulla 'senescenza cellulare' sono positivi. Esai consistono nel far invecchiare il tumore anziche' le cellule sane. I1 nuovo approccio per la cura e la prevenzione del cancro e' stato recentemente presentato a Vienna al congresso della Societa' Europea per l'Oncologia Medica da Pier Paolo Gandolfi, direttore scientifico del Centro per la Ricerca del Cancro, alla Harvard Medical School of Boston. "La senescenza e' un meccanismo fisiologico di difesa delle cellule contro il tumore. La dimostrazione piu' evidente e' la pelle dei marinai, che appare molto piu' vecchia perche' le cellule rispondono all'influsso oncogenico dei raggi solari invecchiando e dffendendosi in questo modo dal tumore della peUe." "Questo meccanismo ", ha spiegato Pandolfi, "e' eccellente ed e' stato 11 modello che abbiamo sfruttato sia per attaccare il tumore, invecchiandolo, che per prevenirlo." Pandolfi sta conducendo due tipi di sperimentazione, entrambi in fase clinica avanzata, su due farmaci che fanno invecchiare le cellule del cancro della prostate bloccandone la moltiplicazione. II tumore cosi' non riesce piu' a moltipliocrsi e invercchia fino a bloccarsi rimanendo in uno stato di quiescenza. "La prima sostanza e' un inibitore di un complesso enzimatico SCF che agisce inibendo alcune proteine oncogeniche che si degradano e invecchiano. I1 secondo farmaco inibitore delle proteine PARP e' invece stato sperimentato anche nelle fssi molto precoci del tumore, o a scopo preventivo. Questa sostanza e' del tutto priva di effetti tossici ed e' molto ben tollerata perche' vogliamo avviarne la sperimentazione anche a scopo preventivo per il tumore alla mammella." DID YOU KNOW THAT ... The first test of 'cellular senescence therapy' on a hu- man has been positive. It is focused on making a tumor get old instead of the healthy cells. This new approach for treatment and prevention of cancer has recently been pre- sented in Vienna at the European Society for Medical Oncology by Pier Paolo Pandolfi, science director of the Cen- ter for the Research on Cancer at Harvard Medical School. "Senescence is a defense physiologic mechanism of cells against the tumor. The best evidence is sailors' skin that looks a lot older because the cells react to the oncologic assault of the sun's rays that make the skin look old, thus using it as a defense mechanism against skin tumors. "This mechanism," explains Pandolfi, "is great and is the model that we have used not only to attack the tumor by making it old, but also to prevent it." Pandolfi is conducting two types of experimentation, both in an advanced clinical phase on two drugs that cause the cancer cells to get old in the pros- tate by preventing their multiplication. This way the tumors cells cannot multiply, they get old by creating a blockage by staying still." The first substance is an inhibitor of the engine complex SCF and acts by blocking some oncologic proteins, which disintegrate and get old. The second inhibitor (substance) of the PARP proteins instead has also been experimented in the very precocious phases of the tumor or as a preventive. This substance is entirely devoid of toxic effects and is well tolerated; therefore we must experiment on it also as a preventive for breast tumors. For information on placing a Legal Notice in the POST-GAZETTE, please call (617) 227-8929; or mail notice to: POST-GAZETTE, P.O. BOX 135, BOSTON, MA 02113 Attn: Legal Notices On Sale Now! THE NORTH END Where It All Began The Way It Was by Fred Langone SALE PRICE $19.95 Plus Shipping & Handling On Site at The Post-Gazette 5 Prince Street, North End, Boston, MA News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) gal." No wonder so few are watching their news on the big three network giants? No wonder, Fox News Network is America's #1 watched news network. Feds Eyeing NJ Senator? According to several news sources, the Feds are inves- tigating accusations that U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, D-NJ had been cavorting with underage hookers on trips to the Dominican Re- public. The New York Post on January 31 st reported that Menendez and his trips have come under scrutiny after federal officials raided the Florida office of Dr. Solomon Melgen, a friend of the sena- tor. According to a Febru- ary 1 st editorial in Investor's Business Daily, "If New Jer- sey Democratic Senator Rob- ert Menendez were a con- servative Republican, there would be a daily drumbeat of stories updating the latest revelations ... It's only thanks to web-based (conservative) sources like Breitbart, Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit that this story has stayed on the screen." Once again we see the re- suits of the left-wing liberal media bias with its near vir- tual media blackout on seemingly sleazy allegations that a newly re-elected U.S. senator took a reported ho- ho-ho-ho gate-away to the Dominican Republic. "Biased Media Just Won't Stop" The above was the Febru- ary I st editorial headline in Investor's Business Daily con- cerning the seemingly and quite frankly constant me- dia bias in our lame-stream media. How often do we see the mainstream media out- lets and cable news sources such as CNN and MSNBC in particular disregard major story after major story if it doesn't seem to play into its biased agenda. Mean- while, phony and manufac- tured stories are thrown at us all the time. Too often we are fed a diet of disin- formation and seemingly outright lies that does not a free and informed America make. Remembering The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour This CBS-TV Sunday night show aired for the first time back on February 5, 1967 as a midseason replacement show. Tommy and Dickie Smothers had a short run of fame as TV hosts. This TV show only lasted until 1969 when CBS censors took them off the air because they were so unexpectable on the air. The show ran live and The Smothers Brothers were al- ways pushing the envelope to see what they could get away with. Eventually, their opposition to the Vietnam War took them off the air. Nowadays, that kind of a show would never get on the TV schedule. Back then Tommy and Dickie had a great short run giving view- ers some great entertain- ment. They also gave us Pat Paulsen, who ran for presi- dent in 1968, as a character on the show. I remember many friends who actually wrote in Pat Paulsen that year on the ballot. I wish some cable station would air those old comedy shows be- cause I would like to see if they stood the test of time. VA Lines Far Too Long Kudos to U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Florida who no- ticed that so many veterans were having trouble getting timely mental health care from VA hospitals and clin- ics. Why don't these folks have access to thousands of health care providers who care for military folks and their families, asked Miller who chairs the House Com- mittee on Veterans Affairs. His proposal would tap into the top military's Tricare net- work of doctors. Says Miller, "We can double overnight the number of providers for those who are in need. Eigh- teen veterans a day commit suicide in this country. No- body thinks that is accept- able." While the VA system has been beefing up mental health staffs to meet the growing challenging of re- turning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, the inspec- tor general reported the wait period for services is still far too long. Miller believes tap- ping into the Tricare Net- work of psychologists and psychiatrists would allow more veterans to get quicker care closer to home. Miller doesn't have a price tag for his proposal but says that is a part of the cost of going to war. It is called treating the wounded. His expansion of Tricare would only apply to mental health services. Never Mind Surf and Turf How about serf and state because that is where our great democratic republic is headed. The waters are ris- ing off the coast and crash- ing over the seawalls. The erosion has already begun. Home is being demolished. However, the home in ques- tion is America itself. Soon there will be more people inside the wagon and fewer pulling it. Soon the weight will force the wagon to stop. This is what always hap- pens when those taking from society are greater in number than those financ- ing them. What happens to the entitlement state when those paying the freight bills can do so no longer? What happens when those waiting for their government payouts see their checks stopping to arrive in the mail? Eventually, the takers may demand their fair share of cash. Eventually the serfs who have been bled dry will demand action too. Sounds like a sequel to the Fall of the Roman Empire to me. Eventually, even the serfs won't take it anymore. They watch as their governors turn into Robin Hoods in reverse. By then, President Obama will be gone from the White House living it up in Chicago, Hawaii or dare I say Kenya? King Richard HI Found Under a Parking Lot Poor King Richard III ended up in a shallow grave 500 years ago after losing the Wars of the Roses to Henry Tudor who became King Henry VII. Recently , they found Richard Ill buried very unceremoniously in a 500- year-old hole in the ground. Apparently, they just threw him into a hole and threw dirt all over him. I guess this probably happened to lots of losers over the centuries. The king dug up in the park- ing lot was lowly King Rich- ard III and not to be confused with Robin Hood's buddy King Richard the Lionheart, offi- cially known as Richard I. Does anyone think that Robin and his merry men would associate with such a lowlife? And for heaven's sake, would Hollywood actor Robert Taylor ever play a bad guy on the screen? I hear next year King Richard will finally get the royal treatment with a kingly funeral and burial. Simple Times (Continued Reeb's father who lived in Wyoming. Dozens of reporters gath- ered outside the univer- sity's hospital. Marie Reeb took questions and reminded them her husband's commit- ment to civil rights never wavered despite knowing ST. JUDE AND ST. ANTHONY NOVENA May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and for- ever. Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us. St. Anthony, most loving protector and wonder worker, pray for us. Say this prayer 9 times a day and by the 8th day your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. My prayers have been answered. Favor received. A.T.P. from Page 5) the dangers ldrking in Selma. The next morning, Rev. Reeb died. He was 38. News of Rev. Reeb's death spread swiftly. Demonstra- tions and marches and me- morials swept the nation. In Boston, 30,000 faithful supporters joined in a prayer service. Activists gathered at Princeton University, where Rev. Reeb earned his theological stripes at its seminary 12 years earlier. Rev. Martin Luther King, with clergy from every de- nomination standing at his side, thundered to the con- gregation his eulogy "A Witness to the Truth" in Selma's Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church. boldened a mass movement to urge President Johnson and the U.S. Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act. President Johnson was emo- tionally stirred by the death of a white man supporting the cause of black Ameri- cans. He spoke about the searing events in Selma on TV to Americans on March 15 th. Later that Au- gust, the Voting Rights Act became the law of the land. Boston's Rev. Reeb never thought about personal risk as he responded to the hot-button issue of the day. The WWll veteran paid the supreme sacrifice not in the battlefields of a far away _country but on American