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February 19, 2010     Post-Gazette
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February 19, 2010

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Page 6 POST-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 19, 2010 Culture Warrior Oroscopo by D.R. Is Sarah Palin the Mel Gibson of Ameri- can politics? Palin's February 6 speech at the 2010 National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee was a declaration that she would never wave the white flag in the American culture war. With stirring rhetoric, Palin lambasted the Obama administration ("How's that hopey-changey stuff working out for you?"), pledged her allegiance to foreign-policy neoconservatism {"It's time for some tough actions, like sanctions on Iran. And in places in the world where people are struggling and oppressed and they're fighting for freedom, America must stand with them"), and made clear her be- lief that we are, indeed, one nation under God ("... [W]e know that America is still that 'shining city on a hill.' I do believe that God 'shed his grace on thee.'") The speech was every bit as galvanizing as Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" speech nearly fifty years ago. Progressive bloggers and pundits lashed out at the speech, making an issue of Palin's unusual preparation habits and vocal tics. Their anger -- and, conversely, the adula- tion Palin's speech received from the con- servative blogosphere and punditocracy -- recalls the partisan divide over a little film Mr. Gibson put out six years ago this month, The Passion of the Christ. Gibson's controversial epic about the crucifixion of Jesus was embraced by the same religious conservatives who revere Palin and condemned by the same secular progressives who find Palin so intolerable. Liberal film critics condemned The Passion as ugly, negative, bigoted, geared to the low- est common denominator. Conservative per- sonalities praised The Passion as honest, real, courageous, reflective of the values most Americans share. Sound familiar? You betcha! Like George W. Bush before her, Palin stirs up unbelievably strong emotions on both sides of the culture war. It's impossible Tucker to be lukewarm towards her; either you sa- lute her as a soldier in the struggle against secularism and socialism, or you scorn her as a flighty, fundamentalist fool. Americans may have a chance to declare their love, or hatred, for Palin in two years. It's hard to imagine Palin not challenging Obama in 2012; she has generated so much political and cultural momentum that a presidential run is now obligatory. If she manages to secure the GOP nomination in 2012, we will witness the most divisive, and most fascinating, White House contest since Bush vs. Al Gore in 2000. An Obama vs. Palin race will be a hate- filled contest -- how could it be otherwise? Palin's supporters see Obama as a man waging a deliberate assault on capitalism, American exceptionalism and social tradi- tionalism. Obama's admirers see Palin as the embodiment of racist, homophobic, plutocratic, religiously intolerant, anti- science America. Palin's supporters are scared to death of Obama moving the US Supreme Court to the left during a possible second term; Obama's backers are similarly horrified about Palin's potential judicial nominees. In his 2009 book Disconnect: The Break- down of Representation in American Politics, Hoover Institution scholar Morris Fiorina contends that the divisiveness present in American politics for a generation may be on the decline. However, that divisiveness will not decline in time for the 2012 elec- tion. If the culture war is the Civil War of our time, an Obama vs. Palin race could well become the new Gettysburg. Mr. Tucker is a Massachusetts-based freelance writer and the operator of the blog Notes from D.R. ( A longtime contributor to Human Events Online, his articles have also appeared on and MassachusettsMatters.corru His radio show, The Notes, can be heard each Wednesday night at 8:00pro EST at drtucker. ASH WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 17 TM by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Lent begins this year on February 17, Ash Wednes- day. The Teutonic word Lent literally means the season of spring, a time of growth. The word Lent has been used from the Anglo-Saxon period to translate the more significant Latin term quadragesima which we em- ploy to denote the forty days preceding Easter that make up the Lenten season, a time of rebirth. Lent, there- fore, is about growth and re- birth facilitated by acts of penance which are acts of purification The faithful are marked with ashes on their fore- heads on Ash Wednesday as a sign of penance and a re- minder of human mortality. The symbol of ashes dates back to ancient times when ashes were sprinkled on persons practicing penance. Ash Wednesday, originally called dies cinerum (day of ashes) is mentioned in the earliest copies of the Gregor- ian Sacramentary, and prob- ably dates to the 8 th Century. One of the earliest descrip- tions of Ash Wednesday is found in the writings of the Anglo-Saxon Abbot Aelfric {955-I020). In his Lives of the Saints, he writes, "We read in the books both in the Old Law and in the New that the men who repented of their sins bestrewed them- selves with ashes and clothed their bodies with sackcloth. Now let us do this at the beginning of our Lent that we strew ashes upon our heads to signify that we ought to repent of our sins during the Lenten fast." This quotation confirms what we know from other sources, that throughout the Middle Ages ashes were sprinkled on the head, rather than anointed on the forehead as in our day. As Aelfric suggests, the pouring of ashes on one's body (and dressing in sack- cloth, a very rough material) as an outer manifestation of inner repentance or mourn- Greater Boston's Affordable Private Cemetery Traditiona[ Buria[ Ptot (for00tarting at $1500 : T, MICHAE,LCEMETERY TMuNITY MAUSOLEUMS GARDEN COLUMBARIUMS 617.524.1036 31 the Italian community for over 100 years/ ing is an ancient practice. It is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. What is probably the earliest occurrence is found at the very end of the book of Job. Job, having been rebuked by God, confesses, "Therefore I disown what I have said, and repent in dust and ashes" (Job 42:6). On Ash Wednesday, the faithful according to an- cient custom, are exhorted to approach the altar where the priest, dipping his thumb into ashes previously blessed, marks the forehead of each with the sign of the cross, saying the words: "Remember man that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return." This is of course what God spoke to (Continued on Page 15) unit stats Census 2010 Be a part of History! APPLY NOW! Recruiting Assistants, Clerks, Census Takers AND MOREl Flexible hours & paid training Must be U.S. Citizen and pass written test. Call TODAY 1-866-861-2010 For moreinfoand practice te, go towwN.2OlOcensusiobs.2ov US Census Bureau an EqualOppouni Empyer ARIETE 21 MARZO - 20 APRILE Lavoro. Potrete dimostrare preparazione e competenza nella vostra sfera d'azione. Approfittatene, anche per liberarvi di questioni lasciate in sospeso. Amore. Sentirete il desiderio di essere al centro dell'attenzione della vostra dolce meta e... sarete ricambiati con attenzioni e coccole a profusione. Salute. Piccoli malesseri. Consigliati momenti sia di relax, sia di esercizio fisico, che utile a sciogliere le tensioni. Un tuffo nel verde. TORO 21 APRILE- 20 MAGGIO Lavoro. Approfittate dell'energia e del dinamismo che vi sentite addosso, per fare cose interessanti. Sfruttate anche il vostro intuito e creatMta. Amore. Momenti di grande intensita emotiva, che vi scaldera il cuore e vi spingera a realizzare col vostro partner i desideri pie intimi. Salute. Date il giusto valore al benessere dello spirito. Praticate la meditazione in un ambiente accogliente e silenzioso. GEMELLI 21 MAGGIO - 21 GIUGNO Lavoro. Pensate positivo e agite con tempestivitk Baste#, questo apporto generoso d'entusiasmo per risolvere molti dei vostri guai. Aroore. Amicizia e attrazione fisica s'intrecciano quasi per gioco, con tanto entusiasmo, ma senza alcun impegno o complicazioni di sorta. Salute. Assecondate gli entusiasmi e muovetevi in libert&. Mettete al primo posto in agenda svaghi e vita sociale.., il resto pub attendere. ,.,,, CANCRO 22 GIUGNO - 22 LUGLIO Lavoro. Tutto procede un po a rilento, rispetto alia vostra voglia di arrivare al i presto a conclusione. Mettetevi il cuore in pace. '  Aroore. Usate intraprendenza, fantasia e sex-appeal, per guadagnarvi rinteresse di una persona veramente affascinante. Salute. Glove continua a pretendere una dieta sana e dimagrante, visto il suo effetto... dilatante. Evitate troppe leccornie: causano fastidi al fegato. L LEONE 23 LUGLIO - 23 AGOSTO Lavoro. Concentrate la vostra energia. Provate a non disperderla, non facendovi llq distrarre da progetti e imprese pressoche irrealizzabili. Amore. Desiderio e carica erotica portano alle stelle le vostre quotazioni. L'amore trova nella passione il modo migliore di esprimersi. Salute. Prevale una condizione energetica brillante, che vi permette di tenere sotto controllo efficacemente eventuali punti deboli. L VERGINE 24 AGOSTO - 22 SETTEMBRE Lavoro. Non date ascolto alle polemiche gratuite e ai progetti sconclusionati di colleghi poco affidabUi, se volete evitare spiacevoli conseguenze. Jr 'lqbroore. Con Venere opposta, provate, nel rapporto di coppia, ad essere pie leggeri, pi scanzonati, pie disinvolti, pie sciolti, pie rilassati ... Salute. II desiderio di nuove emozioni deve convivere col bisogno di tranquillit&. CondMdete con gli amici i progetti, pie o meno realizzabili. BILANGIA 23 SETTEMBRE. 22 OTTOBRE Lavoro. Non alimentate le competizioni. Otterrete molto di pie con un atteggiamento complice, comprensivo, collaborativo e simpatico. Aroore. S'instaura una spiacevole atmosfera di freddezza, a causa di un banale bisticcio. Non tiratela troppo per le lunghe e chiarite i malintesi. Salute. Gli agenti atmosferici rendono la pelle secca o screpolata? Per renderla pie morbida, applicate una crema nutriente al ginko biloba. 1 SCORPIONE 23 OTTOBRE - 22 NOVEMBRE Lavoro. La strada non sempre e diritta e spianata, ma voi riuscite a dare il meglio proprio quando siete sottotorchio. Percib, non mollate!  Amore. L'intuito che avete non mente e vi fa capire la direzione da seguire. Avete bisogno di chiarezza, precisando ogni cosa. Salute. Non andate mai a letto, se prima non vi siete riconciliati con voi stessi e col mondo. AIIora si che potrete fare sonni tranquilli. SAGITTARIO 23 NOVEMBRE - 21 DICEMBRE Lavoro. Attivit& pie varia e interessante del solito. Usate una certa accortezza in una trattativa che si rivelera importante per il vostro futuro. Amore. Giornata brillante, generosa. Con la dolce meta, provate a riscoprire la carica feeling che vi ha sempre unito! Fatevi venire un'idea.., piccante. Salute. Le attivit& fisiche all'aria aperta e Io sport vi renderanno ancor pie vigorosi. Per la bellezza, volendo, potete fare ricorso al bisturi. ,CAPRIGORNO 22 DICEMBRE - 20 GENNAIO Lavoro. La Luna vi raccomanda cortesia e savoir-faire con una persona anziana e autoritaria, impegnata a... mettervi i bastoni tra le ruote. Amore. Eventuali discussioni col partner, riguardo a questioni domestiche? Animo, non e il caso di fame una tragedia. Salute. 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Per la bellezza dei piedi, collegati al segno, bollite quattro cucchiai di fiocchi d'avena in un litro d'acqua e usatela per un pediluvio. f Boston Harborside Home Joseph A. Langone 580 Commercial St. - Boston, MA 02109 617-536-4110 Augustave M. Sabia, Jr. Trevor Slauenwhite Frederick J. Wobrock Dino C. Manca Courtney A. Fitzgibbons A Service Family Afiliate of AFFS/Service Corporation International 206 Winter St., Fall River, MA 02720 Telephone 508-676-2454