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February 24, 2017     Post-Gazette
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February 24, 2017

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PAGE 8 POST-GAZE'FrE, FEBRUARY 24, 2017 PENNY DREADFUL - THE COMPLETE SERIES (9-Blu-ray} SHOWTIME Ent~ + CBS DVD + Paramount Some of literature's most terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his mon- ster, Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from the novel Dracula are lurking in the darkest cor- ners of Victorian London. A core of original characters, in a com- plex, frightening new narrative, joins them. Penny Dreadful is a psychological thriller filled with dark mystery and sus- pense, where personal demons from the past can be stronger than vampires, evil spirits, and immortal beasts. DYNASTY: THE FIRST SEASON (DVD) CBS DVD + Paramount Dynasty is one of the most successful primetime soap op- eras of the '80s. Relive the high-life of the Carrington's of Denver, a wealthy family whose fortunes are endangered when hostilities in the Middle East threaten Blake Carrington's oil empire. But, it is the dramatic interactions at home between the Carrington's and the Blais- del's that provide the explosive fuel for this riveting drama. From the opening episodes, surrounding Blake and Krystle's opulent wedding, to the count- less illicit affairs, the dirty busi- ness deals, and hair-pulling cat- fights. This is the show that had viewers tuning in every week to catch all the outrageous story twists and flamboyant fashion statements. LEONARD COHEN: I'M YOUR MAN (Blu-ray + DVD} Lionsgate Home Ent. Celebrate the legendary sing- er/songwriter, Leonard Cohen; with l'm Your Man, a fascinating and critically acclaimed docu- mentary. Narrated by Cohen himself, the film features perfor- mances of Leonard Cohen songs by such luminary artists as U2, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, Antony, Martha Wainwright, and Beth Orton, among others. A weU-done doc- umentary that is sure to please both die-hard Cohen fans and the newly-initiated, this film is a beautiful record of captivating music and an intimate portrait of a truly singular artist -- poet, songwriter, and cultural icon. THE 9TM LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX (Blu-ray + DVD) Lionsgate Home Ent~ After surviving eight near- death accidents throughout his unlucky life, Louis Drax (Alden Longworth) plunges off a steep cliff on his ninth birth- day. While police investigate the case of Louis'near fatal fall, and the whereabouts of his violent father, Peter (Aaron Paul), ac- claimed neurologist Dr. Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan) uses un- orthodox techniques to try to tap into the boy's unconscious mind and reveal the truth about the events that led to his condition. But as he's drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery of Louis' seeming ability to cheat death, the doctor finds himself failing for Louis' mother, Natalie (Sarah Gadon). As new clues emerge in the case, a shocking revelation changes the fate of Louis Drax, and everyone around him. SABRINA DOWN UNDER (DVD) CBS DVD + Paramount While on vacation in Austra- lia, Sabrina SpeUman (Melissa Joan Hart), a normal teenager except for one thing, she's a witch. Aspiring to learn more about marine biology, Sabrina travels with Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay}, a mischievous warlock doing penance as a black cat, to Australia. While there, she discovers that marine mammals, including a hand- "some merman and his mermaid sister, are all falling ill due to ocean pollution, and are in need of her magical protection. But when Sabrina loses her powers, things really get flipped upside down! A hilarious comedy for the whole family. FIVE NIGHTS IN MAINE (DVD) MVDv/sua! While grieving over the trag- ic death of his beloved wife, Sherwin (David Oyelowo) travels from Atlanta to Maine, in order to meet his abrasive, estranged mother-in-law Lucinda (Dianne Wiest). Sherwin's late wife had a rocky relationship with her terminally ill mother, which culminated in a trip that ended in confrontation just prior to the wife's fatal accident. Lucinda and Sherwin attempt to connect and mend their broken hearts in this touching drama, as they find themselves forced to cope with their failings and grief in a quiet journey of empathy, com- passion, and healing. GRAVES: SEASON ONE (DVD} Lionsgate Home Ent. Nick Nolte stars as Richard Graves, a foriner two-term President of the United States in EPIX's first original comedy series, Graves: Season One. Follow Graves as he embarks on a Don Quixote-like quest to right the wrongs of his admin- istration and reclaim his legacy 25 years after leaving the White House. A comedy that ironically reflects on the ex-president's life after he recognizes the error of his ways. DOWN ON THE FARM (DVD) MVDvisual When a bale of hay goes missing on the farm, mystery- solving Oink the Flying Pig and his know-it-all pal, Boink the Owl, set off on an adventure to discover which of the farm ani- mals is the culprit. In order to discover who took the hay, Oink and Boink have to first learn all there is to know about all the farm animal suspects. Join Oink and Boink on their mys- tery-solving quest Down on the Farm. Take this opportunity to "pig out on fun and adventure." YOGA HOSERS (Blu-ray) MVDv/sua/ Fifteen year olds Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie (Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith) are on their smartphones constantly, sing in a small band, and take yoga classes. The girls will do just about anything to receive an invitation to a senior party. But when they discover the leader of a Nazi splinter group has been raising an army of monsters beneath the store where they work, the teens team up with a legendary man- hunter (Johnny Depp) to stop the world-threatening uprising. The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani WOULD MARCUS WELBY DO THIS? There have been some recent trial balloons floating from the Golden Dome at the State House about legislation that might require doctors to ask their patients during medical appointments whether or not they own any firearms. Why is this something that doctors need to be asking? One thing to ask about cigarette smoking or drug usage, but GUNS? This is one trial balloon that needs to be shot down quickly, (pardon the pun). DIEHL HIM IN? Seems like there is talk brew- ing that State Rep. Geoff Diehl, R-Whitman, is mulling a run next year against U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her Sen- ate seat. I~e met him. He seems like a nice guy. He's real BIG with the conservative wing of the state Republican Party, but I just don't see him as a viable candidate, and sad to say, I think the same thing of former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling. Sadly, the farm team for the local GOP in these parts doesn't have much to offer, which is why Massachusetts has become so one-sided. BLACK ICE MATTERS Recently, Jeff Kuhner from WRKO, hit some black ice out there in Kuhner Country, on the way to his radio show, and missed two days on the air, after being slightly injured and reportedly totaling his vehicle. He kept blaming DPW crews for not putting down enough rock salt on the road, causing the accident. Get over it, you gotta remember Black Ice Matters, and you need to drive carefully and not start ranting on air. Speaking of his rants, he needs to stop~ all this name- calling on air. We are all up- set about how Beacon Hill voted their most recent obscene pay hike, and were also up- set with the way Gov. Char- lie (Tall Deval} Baker just buckles over to them with barely a whimper. However, you don't have to go so low, especially with A.G. Maura Healey. Stop the prerogatives with her life partner. Such actions should be beneath you. IN BETWEEN QUOTE "The question is can we (the Democrat Party} present our- selves in a way that we're not just anti-Trump? What's our vision for the country? How are we going to put people back to work"? -- U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio While the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is on fire across the country, ranting and raging against everything Trump, the party cannot win elections without getting back traditional Democratic blocs that went over to Trump last November. The more they sound like a crazy fringe movement, the more they will continue to lose mainstream America. NEVER TRUMP ADVOCATES LOVE BELITTLING OTHERS A recent letter to the editor in the Boston Globe belittled, it seemed, those who were quoted in "a news story concerning an apparent gang-related shoot- ing at the South Shore Plaza. He stated that those who first thought, the shooting might be terror-related were giving in to "irrational and greatly exagger- ated fears of the most remote dangers. You have a higher chance of getting killed by the impact of a meteorite than being killed by a terrorist." Thank you so much for calling people plain dumb for believing in, I guess, foolish and mis- guided thoughts. These smarter than your-average-bear liberal e!ites take the cake to para- phrase Yogi Bear, don't they? BACK AROUND CHRISTMAS, YOU KNOW THAT PERIOD WITH NO SNOW Remember back around Christmastime, when there was a news story in the papers about lighting up the Congress Street Bridge over in the Sea- port area? Seemed City Hall was thinking about lighting up the bridge in LED-colored lights. I thought it was a stu- pid idea, since it was nothing but a waste of money to put smiles on the faces of tourists to our city. Keep the bridge in good condition and don't worry about turning it into some kind of urban Christmas tree. JAMES BROWN, THE SUPREMES, LUTHER VANDROSS & MORE Growing up back in the '50s and '60s in both the South End and lower Roxbury, I al- ways loved Rhythm & Blues and Jazz, too. Back then when James Brown was big, big, big, we called the sound Soul Music, which there were two versions of, Motown and the Philly Sound. I liked both and knew the difference between each once the song started. I favored the Philly Sound be- cause it was great dance music, and I loved to dance the night away while dressing pretty hot, as well. You had to have style to R&B with the lovely ladies. Recently, while scanning through my car radio, I came across 97.7 WKAF-FM, a great new sound on the radio air- waves, which used to simulcast WAAF-FM 107.3, but now is broadcasting 24/7 nothing but great R&B, a.k.a. Soul Music, as I called it back in the day. The industry calls it "urban music," but I think they love this stuff in the suburbs, too. The station now has on-air personalities, like the morning duo KJ & Kesha (KJ Carson and Kesha Monk), and afternoon- host Chris Malone. I listen to it as much as I can, and it is much more re- laxing than all those endless talk shows with all the yelling, isn't it. AIN'T NEVER GETTING OLD I was having my Angela's Special at Angela's Restaurant up in the Heights over in Eastie one morning while watching a Latino music TV station. One song caught my attention, *I Ain't Getting Old." Hey, I know age wise I keep having more and more birth- days, but it doesn't mean I have to get old. I am still as crazy as I ever was after all these years as Paul Simon once sang. What keeps you young, and yes, maybe a little crazy, is staying young inside one's head. It is all psychological, and I fftlly believe in that. Hey, I am still out there shov- eling snow, at an age older than when I was yelling at my father to stop shoveling. I thought he was too old to shovel, but he just looked at me and told me to chill out inside, If anyone told me I was too old to shovel, I would say much worse to them than my dad said to me. Does anyone out there re- member poet Dylan Thomas who once wrote, "Rage, rage against the darkness of the night. Do not go gentle into the light." Do you? Today, the lyrics are used in a new TV series just airing, but for me it was about never giving up and living life as best and as long as you can. We get one life, live it, and don't surrender to it. GETTING BACK TO LESS CEREBRAL STUFF Is it just me, or have joggers all lost their common sense? In the middle of stormy winter weather, does it make sense to be jogging on Morrissey Boule- vard over in Dorchester tempt- ing fate to exercise? As they say, you have plenty of time to rest when you see that light, Dylan Thomas wrote. The same thing goes for bicy- clists, almost as bad as joggers in bad weather. DR. GRACE MOVES TO WRKO SATURDAY MORN Recently, I turned my ra- dio onto AM 1260 to listen to Dr. Grace, but there was a sports show on instead. Seems, Dr. Grace got the apparent boot from 1260 but, alas, Dr. Grace can now be heard early Saturday mornings be- tween 8:00-9:00 am. Can I say, much too early for me. I wondered how long she'd be do- ing GraceIand on another radio station, when her hubby had his own talk show on WRKO. Surely, most of Dr. Grace's audience left 1260 at noon like clockwork when her show ended and Jeff's WRKO show began. I knew Graceland was in trouble as soon as it came on the air. It was only a matter of time. Sorry, but I have yet to catch her new one hour Saturday show because I always sleep late on the weekends. EDDIE JENKINS SOUNDS LIKE ON-AIR PERSONALITY I love 97.7, as you know from above. Lately, I have been hearing Eddie Jenkins voice so much; he should be an on-air personality. He is a pretty well- known lawyer, and a former Patriots football player, too. Got a great baritone voice. Just thinking out loud. ~f-p~u want yourphotos ~/nehufe