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March 1, 2013     Post-Gazette
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March 1, 2013

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PagelO . , , , I()ST-GAzF:'iE, MARCH1,2013 by bob morello Fac ax reviewing the the rest JOSH GROBAN - ALL THAT ECHOES Reprise All That Echoes has exploded into the No. 1 spot on Billboard's 'Top 200'- Josh Groban's first album to debut at the pinnacle. The dynamite dozen songs include seven penned by Groban, who surrounded himself with a host of top producers. Those choices re- sulted in a typically smooth- as-silk Groban performance. Pick your favorites from beauties as the soaring Brave, the mixed messages of False Alarms, on to the haunting Falling Slowly, the romantic She Moved Through The Fair and the inspirational Below The Line. Groban du- ets with Italian vocalist Laura Pausini on the spir- ited E Ti Prometterb trailed by the chilling The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, a tasty cut is trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval performing with Groban on Un Alma Mas, the confusion of Happy In My Heartache and the words without meaning on Hollow Talk. Putting the final touches on this wonderful album are the passionate words of Sincera and the spec- tacular I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever). Groban has a way with words that blend nicely into his music! THE MAVERICKS - IN TIME Valory Music The Mavericks were labeled "a country-steeped garage band" when they emerged from Miami in 1989, fronted by Cuban American lead singer Raul Malo. Following an eight- year stretch of 'down time' -- they reunited in 2012. Their music has lost none of the rhythm and spark and ex- hibits a refreshing sound. Malo co-wrote all the songs, managing to keep a rock- abilly edge to the music. Cuts of note begin with the horn-laden, Back In Your Arms Again, followed by Lies, the Roy Orbison-flavored Born To Be Blue and In Another's Arms, plus the Tejano-sounding All Over Again! The pleading ballad Forgive Me will send chills down your spine, along with the rhythmic Amsterdam Moon. Malo's That's Not My Name will bring back memories of Bobby Vinton's Mr. Lonely, plus the soulful Dance In The Moonlight. It all sadly comes to an end with a pair of memorable slices -- (Call Me) When You Get To Heaven and Ven Hacia Mi (Come Unto Me). A mix of music that is truly "The Mavericks!" TEGAN AND SARA - HEARTTHROB Vapor-Warner Bros. Twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin can double your pleasure if you digest their pulsating album, Heartthrob - a ten-song collection that proves the pair can write just as good as they lookr Neff Young's manager signed the Canadian-born, openly gay, identical twins to Vapor Records. Their sev- enth studio album is rock- eting up the charts, as they currently perform on their North American summer tour, running through Sep- tember. Their hit single Closer has set the charts on fire, trailed by lyrical gems as, Goodbye, Goodbye, the pain of I Was A Fool, the in- timate Drove Me Wild and the questioning How Come You Don't Want Me. T&S main- tain the mood changes via I Couldn't Be Your Friend, try- ing to define love with Love They Say, the hurt of Now l'm All Messed Up and end with Shock To Your System. Lots of love pain! HEAVEN'S BASEMENT - FILTHY EMPIRE Red Bull If you are ready to have your head explode, be ready to get pumped up, cause UK hard rockers Heaven's Base- ment is about to enter your ears and explode your mind. Powered by the vocals of Aaron Buchanan, they make their debut with Filthy Em- pire- full of killer melodies, mega guitar riffs and the sound that rocks arenas. Parental guidance may be necessary in some cases, but rockers like the driving opener Welcome Home will get the adrenaline going quickly. Additional dynamite in Fire, Fire, the-devil-may- care attitude of Nothing Left To Lose, the angst of Lights Out In London and the fury of I Am Electric. The rockers keep their foot on the pedal for The Long Goodbye, dream- ing the dream of Be Some- body, the possessive Can't Let Go, the haunting The Price We Pay, confessing Jump Back and the finale is in the form of Executioner's Day. This CD is described as a dynamic, full-blooded as- sault and I'd say that's right on! MUSIC FROM THE HOBBIT & THE LORD OF THE RINGS Silva Screen From the mind of one of the most respected and honored composers in cinema his- tory, Howard Shore, comes Music From The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings. Con- ducted by Evan Jolly and Nic Raine, and performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the music is spectacular! From The Hobbit: An Unexpected Jour- ney - A Thunder Battle and Dreaming of Bag End. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellow- ship of the Ring has The Fel- lowship, The Prophecy, Con- cerning Hobbits, The Shad- ows of the Past/A Knife in the Dark and The Bridge of Khazad Dum. From The Lord of the Rings: The T).vo Towers reaches new heights with The Riders of Rohan, Evenstar and Forth Eorlingas / Isengard Unleashed. The last themes from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King fea- tures the royal sounds of- Hope And MemoryMinas Tirith, The White Tree, Twilight and Shadow and The Fields of Pelennor. This music will remain forever as Shore's highest achievement. The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani JIMMY FLAHERTY KICK-OFF PARADE BREAKFAST St. Patrick's Day marches closer and closer to us. Last weekend, the South Boston Citizens Association held its annual Kick-Off Breakfast at the Cornerstone. This year the event was emceed by City Councilor Billy Linehan, who seems to be priming him- self for the Parade Break- fast. Once again the music was by Bob Fowles and Curragh's Fancy. PATRICK MAY CALL THIS JUST AN ANECDOTE BUT ... A friend of mine recently observed something that up- set him while waiting to use a self-service register at a supermarket recently. He got behind a guy holding two bags of chips and then watched the guy scan one bag and push a few buttons and two hundred bucks came out the side. Then, he repeated the process with the second bag of chips, buttons and all and another two hundred came out to him. In less than a minute the guy made two purchases of chips and walked away with $400 in hand. I call this misuse of the EBT system and why the program is so wasteful and why taxpayers are irate with all the political apologizing from our liberal Democrats who think we need to de- stigmatize those on welfare. I am more concerned that nothing will happen except re-arranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, if you get my tidal wave. LINEHAN TO EMCEE ST. PATTY'S ROAST Usually, the state senator from South Boston emcees the annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast but with Senator Jack Hart having just retired from public life, the shenani- gans will fall to District 2 City Councilor Bill Linehan to do the hosting. Somewhere up in Heaven, Jimmy Kelly is wishing he hadn't gone up- stairs so soon. Can you imag- ine him at this breakfast? Right now there are two elec- tions coming up quickly. One election to replace Secretary John F. Kerry and another election to replace Hart. U.S. Rep. Steve Lynch, a former breakfast host, is too busy at the moment campaigning against Ed Markey, who claims he lives in Malden, for the vacant U.S. Senate seat. Meanwhile, State Rep. Nick Collins is running for state senate and hopes to be next year's emcee but first he must get by Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry in a primary fight. DO WE REALLY NEED THESE BILLS Our voices and votes up on Beacon Hill always seem to come up with crazy pieces of legislation. Rep. Peter Kocot of Northampton wants to require anyone who rides a horse in Massachusetts to wear a helmet. Even little kids at a carnival or festival who ride little ponies would be forced to be helmeted. However, historic re-enac- tors like the guy who dresses up like Paul Revere would be exempt. He can still use his tricorn hat like the real Paul used. Hey, if a kid on a pony must switch his cowboy hat for a helmet, I say Paul Revere should be treated the same. If the guy doesn't want to wear a hel- met, he can always borrow the little kid's cowboy hat since the kid can't wear it anymore. As bad as that sounded, here's another great bill coming your way: State Rep. Danielle Gregoire from Marlborough has filed legislation to move public tree climbers into Group 2 of the state retirement sys- tem. This sounds so silly since even special state po- lice officers in state agen- cies are required to be in Group 1 because obviously these officers are never at serious risk of harm. I be- lieve these undervalued law enforcement folks face far more risks than any tree climber I've ever known. I think tree climbers should just be issued those mandatory helmets too. GRAND OPENING GREAT SUCCESS HOPED The much-anticipated of- ficial opening of the new Recovery Center at the old St. Monica's Rectory in South Boston took place on January 31 st. A large crowd gathered to wish the place well and stayed to enjoy the festivities. SUFFOLK DOWNS IS A GOOD NEIGHBOR Once again, folks at Suf- folk Downs put on a great time for East Boston's senior community. The annual Valentine's Day Party at the Topside Room had the usual great turnout for all the fes- tivities, the food, the music, the dancing and of course the free roses. City Coun- cilor Sal LaMattina showed up handing out roses to all the ladies. When it came time for the dancing, he got out on the floor too. Some wondered had he changed his name to "Sal Travolta" with all his fancy foot work. Meanwhile, Ayanna Pressley showed up to pay honor to the community's seniors. I have to say she is a looker in the guy sense but in reality, she is looking out awfully hard to represent working families who pay all the bills, the children who are our future and the eld- erly who made today possible. However, she still is a looker in the other sense too. I hope that isn't too politically in- correct. Hey, at least I don't call women dames like some other city councilor I re- member from years ago. IS CONNOLLY MAYORAL MATERIAL IN '13? Some political know-it-alls out there think that City Councilor John Connolly is mulling a run later this year against Mayor Tom Menino. He has been rais- ing healthy amounts of campaign cash later which is fueling all the specula- tion. Personally, I see him running for re-election as an At-Large City Councilor but who knows what these days, eh? ARE SULLIVAN AND BIELAT GETTING READY FOR SPECIAL ELECTION FOR U.S. SENATE? Latest news shows that both former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan and former U.S. House candidate Scan Bielat are gearing up for a possible run for U.S. Senate in the upcoming April 30 th primary election to replace John Kerry. Already seem- ingly in the race are State Rep. Dan Winslow, R-Norfolk and possibly Cohasset busi- ness guy Gabriel Gomez. If all four get in, we will see an ex-Marine taking on an ex- Navy SEAL with Bielat and Gomez respectively. Time will tell. Democrats Steve Lynch and Ed Markey are ready to flee their respective House seats for a chance to move up to the U.S. Sen- ate. If Middlesex D.A. Gerry Leone joins the Democratic primary, that too could be- come an interesting battle. Tickets will also be on sale at the door. CARS VANDALIZED AFTER RECENT STORM According to Boston Police, a number of cars in five neighborhoods which were parked in spaces previously shoveled out were vandal- ized by person or persons unknown. I find it difficult to feel sorry for folks who steal someone else's space and then cry how unfair the un- known culprits were to them. How about all the back- breaking work it took to clear out a space on the street for a car? When driveways do not exist, the rule has always been don't touch my spot, dig your own out. While people in the suburbs may find this funny, it really isn't! Thank God, I pay for an off-street parking space. I remember when I lived in Charlestown; I had to dig my car out and had a space saver when I drove off to work. Ninety-five percent of the time, the space saver is honored but there are always lazy people who think someone actually dug out a spot for them. Once I remember coming home finding my dug out spot oc- cupied by a BMW. I immedi- ately started throwing all the snow I cleared off my car onto the BMW. Soon someone was running down the street yelling at me and asking what I was doing. I told him I was simply throwing the snow I had shoveled the day before back into the area I found it since I couldn't use the space for my car any- more. He got into his BMW swearing and I got my spot back. WWW.BOSTON POST(00AZETTE.COM