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March 8, 2013     Post-Gazette
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March 8, 2013

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POST-GAZETTE, MARCH 8, 2013 Page7 Maintaining Standards by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Not many of us will deny that life has grown more difficult, the price of things continues to climb while basic services seem to be slowly disappearing. A trip to the supermarket is all that is necessary to confirm how expensive necessities have become and our next telephone conversation with an automated voice will speak volumes for the loss of personal service we have come to accept in modern life. We struggle to find something of interest on television, try to contend with increasingly aggressive drivers who won't "give you a break" on the highway and do our best to hold our temper while battling with some indecipherable computer program. As a response to the deteriorating situation, how often have we heard someone say that life was better in the past, that things have grown far too complicated in today's world and wish they could turn the clock back to a simpler time. It is true that life in the modern world has grown more complicated and as a consequence more difficult; too often we succumb to life's mounting difficulties by relaxing our standards of civility falling victim to the pressures of the world around us. As children, we were taught to respect our elders, to never speak until we were spoken to, to remove our hat upon en- tering a house. Speaking with your mouth full was discour- aged and eating in public was confined to restaurants and assigned places like parks and rest areas, never done while walking down a street, a common breach of etiquette that we experience today, one that the trash and food wrappers on our streets and sidewalks will attest to. The use of "four letter words" was seen as a severe breach of civility while the way we addressed people was reflective of our respect for one another. Recently a group of us had dinner at the home of mutual friends, immediately it became apparent that our hosts had made an effort to receive their guests. The table was set with fresh flowers, each setting was laid properly with knife and spoons to the right of the plate and forks to the left, and it all went to convey a sense that as guests we were welcome. Often, we are stopped on the street by friends who speak of Mom. Even though she has been gone for several years, they remember her as a fastidious woman who always dressed well and looked well groomed. It is true, even at 100 plus Mom took the time to make up and go to the hairdresser. She took pains to have her clothes well-tailored and pressed everything before dressing. In her last years, there were many stays in hospitals, we always knew when she was feel- ing better when she asked for her makeup and Shalimar, how she loved Shalimar. Mom set high standards for herseK and years later she is remembered with affection and admi- ration for them. Every excuse is offered to justify the loss of civility we have grown accustomed to, we are too busy, it is old fashioned, it is too difficult, and as a result we continue to experience the deterioration of polite society replaced by a mentality of indifference and disrespect. It has been said; when standards are lost they are gone forever, sobering words that should be remembered as we conduct our lives from day to day. WHEN TOLD THE REASON FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME THE OLD INDIAN SAID, "Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom and have a longer blanket. " f Bakery and Function Facilities Visit our Shops for your Traditional Easter Specialties Open Easter Sunday 8 am - 2 pm Pizza Grana (Wheat Pie), Pizza Ghiena, Strufoli, Taralles, St. Joseph Zeppole Italian Pastry and more 282 Bennington Street, East Boston 617-567-i992 WWW.BOSTON POSTGAZETTE.COM Route One South, Lynnfield 781-592-5552 Mrs. Murphy... As I See It Hello folks, we are now that much closer to spring. St. Pat- rick's Day is coming soon and Easter will be celebrated the end of March. Snowbirds will be making their ascent back to Boston. Heard Florida wasn't much warmer, but we all know the attraction is "no snow to deal with!" ... Talk of the town is Ecco Restaurant on Porter Street is receiving rave reviews from diners for fine dining. Customers say "The food and service are second to none!" Meat lovers are passing the word that Ecco's sirloin steak sur- passes Abe and Louie's on Boylston Street in Boston. The restaurant offers afford- able prices, fine dining in an ultra contemporary atmosphere. Ecco Restau- rant receives a platinum plate in my eyes! ... HERE'S A THOUGHT! If Presi- dent Obama's administra- tion continues to take from the wealthy, eventually the wealthy will run out of money, the middle-class will become the wealthy and the poor will become the middle- class. And of course, those who know how to manipulate the system, the so-called free-loaders, will remain receiving free health care, free rent, free food, free everything plus the extraor- dinary EBT Card. There may be some people that need all the above, but not all of the millions of people on welfare are needy! There are many users and abusers that give the system a bad name. And here's the interesting part, working people and seniors who pay for prescription in- surance have to take ge- neric drugs to keep costs down, while those on Medic- aid are allowed brand names on our taxpayer's dime! It's the cherry on the cake! If that's not enough to keep your blood boiling, there are illegals that receive amenities, only in Massa- chusetts. And now we learn the government wants to make them legal causing an uprising among those immi- grants that did everything by the book to become citizens of this country. Only in America and only initiated by the Democrats, sealing votes for their party! ... Gas prices continue to rise! The oil industry reports a $0.25 trillion annual profit, yet gas prices continually rise which in turn raises the cost of goods and services depen- dent on transportation. What is the Obama administra- tion doing about it? NOTH- ING! Yet, the voters voted the man back into office. What's wrong with this picture??? ... Budget cuts in Massachu- setts and a raise in state tax will take effect this month, according to the Patrick ad- ministration. But there's no mention of cutting back on social programs or even investigating fraud in the system! How much more is the working-class going to take before they begin to rebel??? ... It's unrealistic how much junk mail the public receives on a daily basis. Our mailboxes are stuffed with the nuisance piles of unwanted advertise- ments and catalogues, etc. Environmentalists preach about needing to keep the planet green, free from un- wanted trash, but do nothing about putting a limit on the amount of junk mail compa- nies are allowed to mail ... The last surviving founder of the East Boston Times has passed recently. Frank Tarbi helped launch the now fa- mous East Boston Times and early on into the newspaper's history turned his share of the paper into the publish- ing end of it, dividing the paper into two separate part- nerships. Many people re- member Frank as being out- going and friendly. He will be missed by the community. .... Till next time! * Res Publica (Continued from Page 2) U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 1150, Washington, DC 20425 "We need to render unto Caesar those things that bear his image. But we need to render ourselves unto God -- generously, zealously, hold- ing nothing back. To the extent we let God transform us into his own image, we will -- by the example of our lives --fulfill our duty as citizens of the United States, but much more impor- tantly, as disciples of Jesus Christ." -- Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia MOVING PEOPLE FROM Homelessness to Hope North End Friends of St. Francis House for St. Francis Homeless Shelter Friday, March 22nd, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday, March 23rd, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Nazzaro Community Center 30 North Bennet Street, North End, Boston We will have Mamma Romano's Famous Eggplant Sandwiches as well as Meatball and Sausage Sandwiches. Homemade baked goods, pastries and goodies from North End bakeries. Also tons of treasures in our Flea Market. We will also be collecting SPARE CHANGE HELP US HELP THE HOMELESS[!