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March 9, 2012     Post-Gazette
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March 9, 2012

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T THE ITALIAN-AMERICAN VOICE OF MASSACHUSETTS (Formerly LA GAZZETTA del MASSACHUSETTS) VOL. 116 - NO. 10 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, MARCH 9, 2012 $.30 A COPY [ Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday, March 11 th at 2:00 am. Set your clocks forward one hour. The Boston Fire Department reminds residents to make another important adjustment -- change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Deval Becoming Obama&apos;s Point Guard Just announced! Governor Deval Patrick is now co-chair of the 2012 Obama for President cam- paign. He'll be crisscrossing the country in his spare time campaigning for his old friend Barack this year. I guess he'll be doing that in his other spare time when he's crisscrossing the country for one of his new bestselling books. The governor's job must be pretty tough. Hey, at least, his politi- cal airfare is coming out of the governor's own campaign committee. So many things to do and so much spare time to do them in. Hey, at least the state is in great economic shape, right? Wrong! We elect the governor to do the job of governing. I didn't klaow the governor- ship was such a good paying part-time job? Hey, not to worry, we always have "Hurry Murray" back here as acting governor. We're safe and so is he as long as he doesn't have any spare keys to a Crown Victoria. Democrats used to &%$# about Mitt Romney being on the road so much but then again he was a Republican and there are obviously two rules going here. Perhaps to use his spare time more efficiently Patrick should be writing those books on plane rides to campaign events. Better still perhaps he should just start playing the role of governor much better than he has to date. Battle Brewing Over Photo ID Laws Challenges to voter ID laws are building as vot- ers prepare for more presidential primaries and the election in the fall. Thirty-one states have voter ID laws and of these states, 27 are expected to be in effect this coming November. Such laws (Continued on Page 10) Romney Wins Most States, Delegates But Can't Seal Deal Yet March 6, Super Tuesday has come and gone and the Republican nomination fight only looks like it will get longer and nastier. Mitt Romney won six states and the lion's share of delegates in play but Rick Santorum took three states and Newt Gingrich won 47 percent of the vote to top the ticket in winner-take-all Georgia. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum, who once again as in Michi- gan, narrowly lost to Romney in Ohio by a 38 percent to 37 percent, a 1 percent victory for Romney in winner-take- all Ohio, The race is now about delegate counts and Mitt is the frontrunner with the most delegates to date. Back in Boston before the polls closed, Romney stated, "This is a process of gather- ing enough delegates to be- cpme the nomine e and I think we're on track to have that happen." After the polls closed, he added, "We're counting up the delegates and that looks good and we're counting down the days un- til November, and that looks even better." However, seal- ing the deal isn't any closer. The day after Super Tuesday when Santorum carried North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Put Ging- rich's runaway Georgia vic- tory and Romney appears no closer than before in win- by Sal Giarratani ning the hearts and minds of the Republican base. Upcoming next are Ala- bama, Mississippi and Kan- sas and none of these are in Romney Country by most accounts, to date, Romney has outspent all his oppo- nents. Reports say he outspent Santorum in Ohio by 12-1 margin and yet won . by a narrow 12,000 votes out of a million casts. Many in the Republican Party are warning Romney to stop being so negative. Among them are Jeff Katz the morning after Super Tuesday and Holly Robi- chaud over at the Boston Herald who stated, "Negative campaigning can be very effective. That's why it is used. However, if not prop- erly handled, it can be shaped like a boomerang. When you bake cookies, only a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring is required. How- ever, if you pour in the whole bottle, the batch is ruined." If Mitt Romney wants to be an electable frontrunner, he needs to tell his super PAC to stop going nuclear on both Santorum and Gingrich. It is time to shift to a more positive strategy painting Mitt as the nice guy with the right answers that Americans need to hear in 2012. Stop bashing your opponents and start giving voters in November a reason to pick you over President Obama. There is still a distinct pos- sibility that Republican del- egates might be gathering at a brokered convention this summer which would be great news for the Demo- crats. After some 30 con- tests, Republicans remain much divided over who is the most conservative and who is the most electable. The Republican Party re- mains fractured between the Republican establish- ment and the so-called Tea Party conservative base. This race remains Mitt Romney's to win and he needs to be able to reach out to all parts of the Republican Party before he can start campaigning to win over con- servative Democrats and moderate independents for November. Beware of Gas Saving Gimmicks and Aftermarket Devices With gasoline prices climbing throughout the US, and expected to soon top $5.00 per gallon in some parts of the country, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers to be wary of gas-saving claims that empty your wallet, in- stead of saving you fuel. Although there are practi- cal steps you can take to in- crease gas mileage, many websites make unbelievable claims for various aftermar- ket automotive devices (fuel-line magnets, air bleed devices and retrofit ghdgets) and oil and gasoline addi- tives that suppos:edly in- crease gas mileage for au- tomobiles. The Federal Trade Commission found many of these claims to be either false or overly exaggerated. Before adding any fuel sav- ing devices to your vehicle, check with your mechanic. You may end up with a voided manufacturer's war- ranty and serious engine problems by adding aftermar- ket devices to your engine. What you spend at the pump is influenced by how you drive and what type of gasoline you use to fill your tank. Here are some tips On what you can do to save fuel consumption: Keep your engine tuned. Studies have shown that a poorly tuned engine can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 to 20 per- cent depending on a car's condition. Follow the recom- mended maintenance sched- ule in your owner's manual; you will save fuel and your car will run better and last longer. Don't let your engine run at idle any longer than nec- essary. An engine actually warms up faster while driv- ing. With most gasoline en- gines, it is more efficient to turn off the engine than to idle for any period longer than thirty seconds. Drive more efficiently. Stay within the posted speed limits. The faster you drive the more fuel you use. Set your cruise control on highway trips. This can help (Continued on Page 10) THE POST-GAZEI"rE SATELLITE OFFICE IS NOW OPEN AT 35 BENNINGTON STREET, EAST BOSTON ! This office is open on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 3.'00 PM and Thursdays from II.'00 AM to 2.<)0 PM, J for the convenience of our East Boston and North Shore clients and contributors Call 617-227-8929 for more information