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March 12, 2010     Post-Gazette
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March 12, 2010

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Page 2 ..... POST-GAZETTE, MARCH 12, 2010 ' . i THE TRUTH ABOUT THOSE SABINE GALS 753 is the date given as the beginning of Rome, and of course, there are few people who are unfamiliar with the stories of Romulus and Remus. In their adult years these twins had a great desire to found a city in the area where they were reared. Romulus took the Palatine and Remus took the Aventine. Each built walls around his domain. The most common story to come down to us from antiq- uity is that Remus leaped over the Palatine wall in mockery of his brother, whereupon Romulus, in great anger, slew him. At that time Romulus is sup- posed to have said, "So perish whoever else shall leap over my wall." Romulus acquired sole power and founded the city which bears his name. After attending to the wor- ship of the gods, Romulus called all of his people to- gether and gave them the rules of law, since there was nothing else but law that could unite them. The city was expanding because they built their walls and de- fenses to suit the terrain rather than the population. They were strong and could wage war on any of their neighboring states, but the scarcity of women was their greatest problem because it posed the threat of being wiped out in a single gen- eration and bring an end to the greatness of this young nation. Romulus sent en- voys to their neighbors to make friendly advances and to provide for intermar- riages, but they were re- jected and returned without Success. Romulus concealed his re- sentment and started prepa- rations for their national festival and games honoring Neptune, the mythical god of the sea. Their neighbors were in- vited, and many who lived nearby came to see the fes- tival and this new city. The visitors included people from Caenina, Crustumium, Antemnae, and the Sabine country, Homes and hearts were opened to the visitors and they marveled at the rapid growth of that Roman nation. The start of the games occupied the atten- tion of the guests and they didn't notice the assembling Romans in the background. At a given signal the young males darted through the spectators to seize and carry off the maidens. Some of exceptional beauty were marked out in advance for the Senators, and these women were taken to pre- designated houses. The games broke up in panic and the parents of the girls fled in great sorrow. They charged the Romans with violating the very essence of hospitality. The stolen maid- ens were no less indignant, and Romulus visited them to explain that it was the pride of the parents in refusing intermarriages that caused this deed. During the ensu- ing wars, the aggrieved nations were quickly de- feated by the Romans and it was the body of the dead king of Caenina that was mounted on a frame, carried up to the Capitol Hill and de- posited beside a sacred oak. Romulus then marked out the limits of a temple to Ju- piter. After suitable offer- ings, this became the first temple that was consecrated in Rome. History makes no further mention of these Sabine girls but alludes to a genera- tion of very happy Romans. What else can be said except "Figlio maschile e cento anni." NEXT ISSUE: The Sabines Three America's Greatest Concerns -- Health Care & Amnesty When Japanese Admiral Yamamoto indicated after his successful attack on Pearl Harbor, "I feel the only thing we have accomplished is to wake the sleeping giant and fill him full of resolve." The modern giant, with a strong resolve are the patri- "-ors of the Tea Parties deter- mined to protect and pre- serve our treasured Demo- cratic Republic against all enemies, foreign and do- mestic. Right now, our num- ber one enemy is on the do- mestic side of the equation considering the real reason behind ObamaCare is to put the insurance companies out of business to eventuate government-run health care, long a dream of the Marxist movement in America. Andrew McCarthy of Na- by Edward P. Shallow tional Review indicated: "Today's Democrats are con- trolled by the radical left, and it is more important to them to execute the permanent transformation of American society than it is to win the upcoming election cycles." Consider the secular so- cialist left, their labor unions, trial lawyers and academic allies realize this is their one chance to ram through the radical America they want. I sug- gest they are already con- templating a blanket am- nesty. WorldNetDaily ad- vises amnesty will be dis- guised once again by euphe- misms like "comprehensive immigration reform." Am- nesty will create millions of new Democratic voters. I have advised readers of this gimmick many times in the JO BAFFO, LLC Certified PublicAccountant INCOME TAX PREPARATION Individuals Businesses John G. Baffo, CPA Lewis Wharf, Bay 217, Boston, MA 02110 Tel.: 617.248.9500 Fax: 617.248.9511 E-mail: Serving the Italian Community recent past. As President Obama, adviser and SEIU executive vice president Eliseo Medina said recently regarding amnesty: "Can you imagine 8 million new vot- ers who care about issues and will be voting? We will be creating a governing coa- lition for the long term, not just for an election cycle." I declare if amnesty is imple- mented it will in effect be the end of self governing in America. We simply cannot afford to import more low- skilled immigrant workers. American taxpayers cannot afford to pay their we-lfare services, not to mention pay out Medicaid and food stamp benefits. With 15 million Americans out of work and (Continued on Page 13) Italian speaking man available to care for elderly Italian man/woman - housework - cooking - errands - companionship. Perfect for senior who would like to remain at home. Call: 617-569-9864 Vazza Funeral Homes 262 Beach St., Revere 781-284-1127 11 Henry St., E. Boston 617-567-0955 Louis R. Vazza - Mark A. Tauro Funeral Directors Res Publica by David TrumbuU They're Not Just The two Suffolk County holidays, Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill Day -- often ridiculed as "hack holidays" because employees of the Commonwealth get them off with pay, while the rest of us work -- have been in the news again lately, with a hearing earlier this month on a proposal to nix both. Evacuation Day -- Wed- nesday, March 17 t" this year -- reminds us the first ma- jor military victory in the war for American indepen- dence, namely, "the evacu- ation of Boston by the Brit- ish" in 1776. Or at least that the justification in the law. It is also St. Patrick's Day, a coincidence not lost on the large Irish-American popu- lation of Boston. In fact, the entire month of March is, by statute, an observance of Irish-American heritage. Bunker Hill Day -- June 17 th -- is a doubly dubious observance. First, as every Bostonian can tell you, the battle was on Breed's Hill, not Bunker Hill. Secondly, we losff One does not customar- ily celebrate one's defeats, but in the case of Breed's/ Bunker Hill, it is under- standable, for it marked the first American resistance that put in question British victory in the War. Survey- ing the heavy Red Coat losses British General Sir Henry Clinton said, "A few more such victories would have shortly put an end to British dominion in America." General Clinton was paraphrasing the Greek general Pyrrhus who, ac- cording to the ancient writer Plutarch, won battles but at such high cost that he nearly ruined himself. "Hack Holidays" In Boston, America's pas- sion for Independence is seen, touched, heard, and smelt in our Old State House, the Old South Meet- ing House, in the steeple of Christ Church in the North End, and in scores of other sites along our Freedom Trail. Laugh and call them "hack holidays," but don't forget the individual men and women who struggled for freedom, for that is why we set aside special days of remembrance and observance. They are not days off from work, but a couple more ob- servances this month deserve note. March 29 th is Vietnam Veterans Day and on the 27 th we observe the anniversary of the found- ing of the Italian American War Veterans of the United States. On that date the governor, in accordance with the law, will issue a procla- mation In recognition of the distinguished patriotic ser- vices rendered by the Italian American War Veterans of the United States, and rec- ommending that the day be observed by the people in the display of the flag and by appropriate exercises in the public schools and else- where,, commemorative of the services and sacrifices of the men of Italian ances- try who fought in defense of the United States. David Trumbull is the chairman of the Boston Ward Three Republican Committee. Boston's Ward Three includes the North End, West End, part of Beacon Hill, downtown, waterfront, Chinatown, and part of the South End. AFFORDABLE SENIOR HOUSING Constitution Cooperative Apartments, where residents have a voice in the management of their building, is currently accepting applications for studio and one bedroom apartments. Located in the heart of City Square in Chadestown, this active senior housing co-op is within walking distance to shopping, banks, churches and is on an MBTA bus line. Rent is based on 30% of income (income limits apply) to qualified seniors 62 and older and to younger persons who are mobility impaired requiring the special design features of accessible units. Call 1-800-225-3151 for leasing information. r EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY &