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March 16, 2012     Post-Gazette
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March 16, 2012

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PagelO POSI'-GAZE'E IARCbI'16:2"01"2 News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) Recently, I listened to old sound bites by Democrats who were rallying against the Bush Administration be- cause gas prices were "soar- ing" to $3.07 per gallon. It's interesting listening to US Senator Barak Obama (D-IL), US Senator Hillary Clinton and Speaker Nancy Pelosi all blame George W. Bush for his failed energy policies causing such hard- ship for ordinary people try- ing to survive those horrible gas prices of $3.07. Jeff Katz on Romney Spinning Around Issues If you listen to Jay Severin in the afternoons on Talk 1200 Boston, it sounds like a very long infomercial on Mitt Romney's greatness. However, if you are a fan of Jeff Katz in the morning, you get the very best and latest information uncolored by any kiss-upping rhetoric. I support the exemptions contained within the Blunt Amendment up in the US Senate which is also sup- ported by rising GOP star US Senator Marco Rubio, (R-FL). This legislation strengthens the religious exemption from some of the rules which ObamaCare mandates. To date, Mitt Romney has been for the religious exemp- tions, against the religious exemptions and his latest he wants to be Switzerland on the exemptions. He sounds like he's trying to beat US Senator John F. Kerry in a flip-flop race. This is another reason preventing me from being a Romney-ite. What Does "Official" Rally Mean? President Obama recently went up to New Hampshire to deliver his plan to boost the economy. He stopped over in Nashua to speak with students at Nashua Community College. This speech was built as a gov- ernment trip rather than a campaign stop which means all of us paid our dimes for it to happen. I agree with NH GOP ex- ecutive director Tory Maz- zola, "I think it raises some questions. It's no coinci- dence the president is trav- eling from swing state to swing state on the govern- ment's dime." I've been told the total cost of the president's flight on Air Force One would cover the annual salaries of three New Hampshire jobs. OUCH! Is the Future of America Still California? Time Magazine recently did a cover story asking the question, "Why California is still the future of America." I certainly hope not. Califor- nia has become the front lines of the cultural war when it's not trying to go broke over too many entitle- ments, too many taxes and too little money. Mexicans are sneaking across the bor- der 24/7. Folks are now ac- tually trying to escape to bet- ter political and economic environs like Texas. Texas isn't the Promised Land but when it comes to opportunity, it can be found there. Texas keeps growing. More and more folks are moving in from southern states, from New England and even California. Govern- ment knows its place down there. Texas is a red state with blue patches such as the City of Austin and Travis County. As blue as Texas gets, it is still not as blue as, say, Boston, Massachusetts. Governor Rick Perry was a big disappointment on the presidential campaign trail but he's still a good governor down there. Its state values personal liberty and indi- vidual freedom. I have seen the difference first hand from my days as a young US Air Force recruit in San An- tonio back in 1966 to today when I visit family in Aus- tin the State Capitol. The place is alive and jumping. The land is open wide and you can feel freedom in the air. The place is big enough and smart enough for cow- boys and Latinos to live and work together. This is not the same Texas I remember back when I was 18 years old and serving my country down at Lackland AFB. Tea Party Nation Not Liking Mitt Recently, Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation lashed out at Mitt Romney saying, "He blew it. It's like we tell our kids-always tell the truth, otherwise we won't know when to believe you. He's taken two positions on everything except how to spell his name. It doesn't matter what he'd say, none of us would believe it." OUCH Apparently, many Tea Party regulars out there are hoping to hear more from Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Some are even hoping for an open conven- tion. Many feel that Mitt has done nothing to reach out to Tea Party conservatives and his ability to energize them seems almost non-existent. Local Tea Party spokesper- sons, however, are saying they will end up supporting anybody but Obama if push came to shove. In the end, however, most of these con- servative Tea Party types just might stay home as they probably did with McCain and Dole before Mitt. McCain Says Begin Air Attacks on Assad's Troops - What? US Senator John McCain became the first senator to call for airstrikes over Syria and take a stand against President Assad. McCain ap- parently thinks the slaugh- ter of unarmed Syrians is probably a war crime. McCain said the USA has a moral and strategic obligation to force out Assad. I am getting tired of all this bombing talk. We did it last year in Libya and now things are worse there than before. Let somebody else bomb. We aren't the policemen of the world. Why is it always our job to take this kind of ac- tion? In the end, Assad's re- placement could even be worse for our moral and stra- tegic interests. Look at Libya and look at Egypt. Muslims radicals are taking over. Remember any interna- tional effort is usually spelled "United States." Whacking Those Dirty Fossil Fuel Fans Everybody is out trying to get those gasoline-powered vehicles off the roads of America. They want us thinking about alternative energy sources like wind, steam and electricity. The president is trying to push products like the Chevy Volt on us. You know the car that catches fire. Actually most Americans if they buy American at all buy models like Ford F-150 and F-250 or the Chevy Blazer. The Volt is far too expensive and Chevrolet is having a hard time selling them. I heard they've stopped current pro- duction because of the back- log of stock at dealers across the country. Recently, I heard a Green- peace radio ad talking about wind turbines, solar, elec- tricity and battery powered cars. If the Democrats had their way, we'd all be driving cars smaller than Smart Cars if that is possible. Greenpeace probably would not be satisfied until we all were riding horses again and then we'd get those PETA ads talking about horse tor- ture. Sometimes common sense just never wins in this whacky world we live in today. Clint Eastwood recently said during the Super Bowl that America was at half- time. I'm starting to think it might be more like the final two minutes in the fourth quarter. It might be much later than most of us think. by bob morello Fac ax reviewing the the rest fun. - Some Nights Fueled By Ramen When your band is named 'fun.' you know that you've got a lot to live up to, and even more so when your sound described as idiosyncratic, robust melodies, that pro- ducer Jeff Bhasker marries with elements of hip-hop. Nate Ruess' vocals lead the way, delivering a blend of past Queen and their own fresh approach to music. The title cut sets the pace, with tinges of Freddie Mercury through- out, trailed by the breakout single "We Are Young" featur- ing Janelle Mon&e, plus the persuasive "Carry On," the optimistic "It Gets Better," and the questioning "Why Am I The One." fun. toys around with the mysterious "All Alone," followed by the lack of feelings with "All Alright," seeking identity via "One Foot," the glowing "Stars," and the 'lost soul' bonus track is titled "Out On The Town." A unique band with a sound to match, live at Boston's House of Blues 4/21. NEAL McCOY - XII (TWELVE) Bluster Records Country music legend Neal McCoy looked to Blake Shel- ton and Miranda Lambert to produce his first album in five years, and the 21 st anniver- sary of the release of his first single. McCoy's first single is the feel-good tune "A-OK," looking for the cure for blues with "Real Good Feel Good," the ballad "Judge A Man By The Woman," the tongue in cheek "Mouth," the inviting "Shotgun Rider," and the eye- catching "That's You." McCoy sings the praise of "Crazy Women," cashing in via "Lucky Enough," the pain of "Every Fire," singing the AA denial with "That's Just How She Gets," diagnosing him- self as "Borderline Crazy," and the tender "Van Gogh." Neal is back, and his music is the 'real' McCoy! Excellent album[ FANFARLO - ROOMS FILLED WITH LIGHT Canvusback-Atlantic The uplifting and euphoric pop music of Fanfarlo bright- ens the world with the dozen enticing tracks of 'Rooms Filled With Light.' The UK group's mesmerizing melo- dies are neatly tied together with lyrical loops, Pick your favorites from slices sung and written by Fanfarlo's Simon Balthazar, including the lead track, "Replicate," the free- thinking "Deconstruction," along with the flighty "Lens- life," the anthemic "Shiny Things," revisiting Siberia's 20 th century event with "Tun- guska," and hit the half- way mark with "Everything Turns." Balthazar's tunes trigger moments of brilliant light sometimes masked by darkness. Walk this way with the high energy of "Tight- rope," as Fanfarlo's orchestral rock strains continue with the flighty "Feathers," the power of "Bones," plus the electro-sound of "Dig," the cleansing "A Flood " and the finale is in the form of the half-minute "Everything Resolves." Missed their March 5 th show at Boston's Paradise Rock Club? Catch up with this excellent album! I MELT WITH YOU - MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK Lakeshore A quartet of friends played by Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Christian McKay and Thomas Jane, each dealing with their own midlife situation, decide to plan a lengthy binge of drinking and drug abuse. The music for the film is a mix of punk and wave, fitting the film nicely. Boston's indic rock band Big Dipper provides "All Going Out Together" from 2009, Galaxie 500, an Ameri- can alternative rock band served up "Blue Thunder" in 1991, Julian Plenti's first solo 2009 album spawned "Sky- scraper," industrial rock band Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" gives a look at suicide, while "Maggot Brain" is by the band Funkadelic, from their 1971 album of the same name. British ska revival band The Specials offer up "Do The Dog," trailed by "Just Like Honey" from The Jesus and Mary Chain, England's post- punk band, Love and Rockets perform "Kundalini Express," Boston band, The Pixies, are an American alternative rock band supplying "Caribou," and gothic rockers Bauhaus' give up "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything." Modern English revisited their classic "I Melt With You 2011," for the song that became the movie title, plus Adam Ant's "Dog Eat Dog," "The Lawn" from Deep Six, and the instrumental fi- nale "Here" by Tomandandy. Tracks that will take you back in time, to punk and more! FILASTINE - 00T Multi Music Transnational Electro-Bass A/V artist FILASTINE blends beautifully intense digital sound with found recordings ranging from metallic and apocalyptic to rootsie and soothing. His cd 00T re- leases April 3 and he tours through Boston's Wonder Bar (186 Harvard Ave.) March 27 10:00 pm. An audio-visual nomad and percussionist, Filastine can simultaneously command the dance floor, start a sonic street insurrection in Tokyo or Barcelona, and win over xenomaniacs worldwide with found objects, North African and Indian percussion, cus- tom software, and video collage. He makes low-end rich, organic beats and images that speak to our ethical bankruptcy, pending environmental collapse, and alt-globalization possibilities. Filastine generates the in- puts himself, using tabla techniques he studied in In- dia, playing the hand drum (though with drumsticks), laying down rhythms picked up from hours of samba parade marching down Rio's rougher streets. If unique is your cup of tea, drink Filastine's hearty servings!