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March 16, 2012     Post-Gazette
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March 16, 2012

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Page12 POST-GAZETTE, MARCH 16, 2012 Ray Barron'e 11 O'CLOCK NEW5 Do not laugh this offl Doctors have long suspected that laughter is good for your health. Now new research sheds some light on a comic cure. It seems the muscular exertion required to let out a good guffaw releases endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals that boost mood and can also reduce pain. Other studies have found that laughing lowers blood pressure and improves the immune system. The one caveat: You should be "laughing till it hurts," as opposed to slightly giggling, says lead author Robin Dunbar, Ph.D., an Oxford psychologist. In re- cent years laughter-therapy workshops-in which instructors teach participants how to produce those deep belly laughs-have prolif- erated, most notably in cancer centers. Want a home remedy? Forget the hot bowl of chicken soup and watch Duck Soup instead. Celebrities who enjoy Joking around! Sophia Loren: "A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view." Joan Rivers: "Never let a panty line show around your ankles." Gilda Radner: "I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch." Red Skelton: "How do you know you're flying Vatican Airlines? The emergency instructions are in Latin so good Catholics can get out first." More suggested remedies for cancer: Cut your cancer risk by drinking coffee: Re- search suggests it can lower your risk for certain types of skin cancer, breast cancer, and uterine cancer. Sipping java may also help you live longer and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, writes Robert J. Davis, Ph.D., in his new book about nutri- tion myths. Coffee Is Good for You. So what surprised Davis most after analyzing de- cades of food research? That canola oil may be healthier than olive oil, and that bagged salads should be rewashed to remove dirt and germs. Rewarding! Marine Cpl. Alexander Degenhardt agreed to donate bone marrow to a stranger. Two days later, while playing the slots in Las Vegas, he won a $2.9 mil- lion jackpot. Mocking Angie's leg, after Angelina Jolie repeatedly thrust her right leg out of a slit in her gown while posing at the Academy Awards. A Twitter page, @ Angles Right Leg, quickly amassed 40,000 followers with mocking comments, and on the Web, Angie's leg was being photo shopped into famous images, such as the Statue of Liberty, the moon landing, and The last Supper. So what is happening around our great country? In Denver, voters will decide this fall whether recreational marijuana use should be legal in Colorado. Annapolis, MD. Gay marriage passes: Cheers and applause erupted from onlookers in the State House as Maryland moved one step closer to becoming the eighth state to legalize same- sex marriage. Urban centers in France are conjuring up the same word in the minds of investors and economic analysts: innovation. On the Global innovation Hubs 2011 list, Paris ranks first in Europe for innovation and third globally, just after American cities Boston and San Francisco. Yes, Boston is right up there! Whitney Houston's family is outraged over the release of a photo of the deceased singer in her casket, said The National Enquirer acquired the photo from an unknown source and printed it on the cover of its March 5 issue. Houston's mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, is said to be devastated by publication of the photo, and struggling mightily to come to terms with her daughter's tragic death. Sources say Cissy is planning to revisit Room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel, where Whitney was found dead in the bathtub on February 11, in hopes of establishing a spiritual connec- tion with her daughter. "Cissy won't be at peace until she gets closure," said a friend. Women know everything! According to Barbara Walters, "Show me someone who never gossips and I'll show you some- one who isn't interested in people." Julia Roberts says, "My real hair color is kind of a dark blond. Now I just have mood hair." I ng rid Bergman claims hap- piness is good health and a bad 0 0 0 memory. Katherine Hepburn suggests, if you always do what interest you, at least one person is pleased. Princess Diana says, "I don't go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head." "You can't get spoiled ff you do your own ironing." So says Meryl Streep. "A man would prefer to come home to an un- made bed and a happy woman than to a neatly made bed and an angry woman." So claims Marlene Dietrich. And Anne Bancroft says, "The best way to get most husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they're too old to do it." And Zsa Zsa Gabor thinks husbands are like fires. They go out if unattended. And Bette Davis, says, "If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent." George Clooney is acutely aware of his own mortality, said Tim Teeman in the London Times. While shooting Syriana, in 2005, the actor suffered a serious injury to the base of his neck, which left him in agony, with spinal fluid leaking out of his nose. Lying in a hospital bed, he considered suicide. "I was in real trouble," says Clooney, 50. "For the first time, I contemplated whether I had accomplished all I wanted. I felt I was going to die or have to die; I felt I couldn't live with so much pain." He had three operations, but the pain is still with him. "I know when I wake up it will always feel like a hangover, but I can't mourn what I used to be." His health aside, Clooney is also aware that the clock is ticking on his Hollywood career. "There's only a certain amount of time" -- about I0 years, he thinks "when you get the keys to the kingdom. I'm terrified of the moment when you're the guy who goes to the studio and says, 'I've got this idea', and they're like, 'Thanks for stopping by,' and you walk out and they roll their eyes." CitruloT A Minnesota man was arrested after he allegedly hobbled out of a store with a 19-inch fiat-screen TV in his pants. A cop noticed Eric Lee King shuffling slowly and strangely through the parking lot, and found a large rectangular shape in his pants. It turned out to be a TV. Police say King was also carrying a remote control, power cords, and a bottle of brake fluid. The percentage of Americans with tattoos rose from 14 percent in 2008 to 21 percent last year, and women are now more likely to be inked than men. Of those with tattoos, 30 percent say their ink makes them feel sexier, and 25 percent say it makes them feel rebellious. The first Academy Awards ceremony was held in May 1929, over dinner at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. How did the Oscar get its name? Legend has it that a librarian at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, which awards the prizes, took a peek at a statuette and said, "Gee! He looks just like my Uncle Oscar." The name stuck, and so did the "Little Man," which remains the single most prized award in the movie business. Time for some interesting show biz stuff as compiled by the stately musicologist Albert Natale. Can we, or do we care to, remember Frank Sinatra's role as Nathan Detroit in the 1955 movie version of the Broadway hit "Guys and Dolls." Freddy Martin's hit "Tonight We Love" (1942) was taken from Tchaikowsky's Piano Concerto in B Flat Minor. It sold over a million records. The first U.S. movie roll for Rex Harrison was "Anna and The King of Siam" in 1946. Eighteen years later, he won an Oscar for "My fair Lady" (1964). When the country started catching onto the big band sounds in the mid 1930s, Duke Ellington and his band had already been playing for ten years. In the 1920s, James Cagney attended the Professional Dancing School in Hollywood. The daughter of the owner was Margarite Cansino, later to be known as Rita Hayworth. AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME Recipes from the Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RICOTTA CHEESE PIE Cassatta Recipe for one large or two 8-inch pies. FILLING: 1 2-pound container of ricotta cheese 11/2 cups sugar 3 slightly beaten egg whites (save yolks for piecrust) 1 teaspoon finely chopped citron (optional) I/4 teaspoon vanilla (optional) A sprinkle of cinnamon (optional) CR UST: 3 cups flour 3/4 cup sugar I/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder I/2 cup butter (or margarine) 3 slightly beaten egg yolks Place flour in a bowl. Add sugar, salt and baking powder. Cut i/: cup of butter into flour until evenly distributed. Gradu- ally add slightly beaten egg yolks. Mix to form piecrust. Some cold water may be added if needed to complete piecrust. Set aside a few minutes before rolling out piecrust (not too thin) and place in pie plate. Place ricotta cheese, sugar, citron (optional), vanilla and cinnamon (optional) in a separate bowl. Add slightly beaten egg whites and mix thoroughly until smooth. Do not whip. Gently pour ricotta cheese mixture over piecrust. Bake in preheated 400F oven for ten minutes. Lower to 350F. Bake until firm, approximately forty to forty-five minutes. To dry any extra liquids in the pie, shut off oven and leave pie in oven with door open for fifteen extra minutes. Length of baking time may vary depending on liquid consistency of rieotta cheese. NOTE: As a child, I sat on my perch (the wooden icebox) in the family bakery where I watched the bakers work. On Holy Saturday afternoon, when all the bread had been baked, I waited to watch Mama and Aunt Lena make two large 12-inch Ricotta Cheese Pies. After filling the pie shells, I watched them roll out 11/4-inch strips of remaining piecrust and saw them create the lattice topping over each pie. It gave those pies such a festive look even before baking. After placing the pies in the oven, they returned to the table to mix the dough for cannoli shells. My mouth watered in anticipation of the ricotta-filled cannoli I knew would be served on Sunday. M ro YBakery Perch \\;._./ V1TA ORLANDO [,N'O|'(ILI 1st Generation Italian-American Vita Orlando Sinopoli Shares with us a deligheul recollection of her memories as a child growing up in Boston's "Little Italy" and a collection of Italian family recipes from the homeland. Great as Gifts FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM and in local bookstores -- ask for Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 1SBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 Docket No. 12W0437 Docket No. 12W0438 Jirattikan Ryan, Plaintiff VS. Somchai Gosarutta, Defendant To the above named Defendant: Somchai Gosarutta A Complaint has been presented to this Court by the Plaintiff: Jirattikan Ryan seeking sole legal and physical custody of Sasiwimon Komsin and Chaiwat Komsin. You are required to serve upon Jirattikan Ryan, 200 Leisure Lane # 21, Stoneham, MA 02180 your anser on or before April 16, 2012. If you fail to do so, the court will proceeed to the hearing and adjudication of this action. You are also required to file a copy of your answer in the office of the Register of this Court at Cambridge. WITNESS, HON. PETER C. DiGANGI, Esquire, First Justice of said Court this sixth day of March, 2012 Tara E. DeCristoforo, Register of Probate Run date: 3/16/12 LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 Docket No. MI12P0918EA In the Estate of GEORGIANA SOUZA Late of Watertown, MA 02472 Date of Death January 19, 2012 NOTICE OF PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, a petition has been presented requesting that Lorraine Herter a/Ida Lorraine Souza of Watertown, MA or some other suit- able person be appointed administrator of said estate to serve Without Surety. IF YOU DESIRE TO OBJECT THERETO, YOU OR YOUR ATTORNEY MUST FILE A WRITTEN APPEARANCE IN SAID COURT AT CAMBRIDGE ON OR BEFORE TEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING (10:00 AM) ON MARCH 27, 2012. WITNESS, Hon. PETER C. DiGANGI, First Justice of this Court. Date: February 28, 2012 Tara E. DeCdstofaro, Register of Probate Run date: 3/16/12