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March 19, 2010     Post-Gazette
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March 19, 2010

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BOSTON POST-GAZETTE, MARCH 19, 2010 Page15 Revisionist History (Continued from Page 1) among non-progressives that Bush was, at heart, a good man who did what he truly believed to be right. Further, there is a consen- sus that despite his faults, he was committed to the idea of American exceptionalism and fought to preserve Amer- ica's safety and sovereignty. There's also a consensus that Bush was not a phony with regard to his Christian faith, and that much of the left's disdain for the man stemmed from his firm be- lief in God and his symbolic presence on the traditional- ist side of the culture war. As former Secretary of Edu- cation William J. Bennett noted in an April 2004 Bos- ton Globe interview, the left's contempt for Bush was "not about taxes ... I think it's Texas, it's born again. It's something deeper, it's vis- ceral. I think it's cultural." Fish suggests that Bush will inevitably regain his lost popularity and credibil- ity: "He is officially a mem- ber in good standing of the ex-presidents club, and the longer he lives the more his reputation will be burnished ... [As for] the judgment of history? Well, I'm not that foolish, but I will venture to say that it will be more nu- anced than anything the pro- fessional Bush-haters ... are now able to imagine. He will not go to the top of the list, but neither will he be the fig- ure of fun and derision he seemed destined to be only a year ago." Hopefully, history won't airbrush some of Bush's most egregious mistakes: as Michelle Malkin noted in a February 9 blog post entitled "Things I don't miss about George W. Bush," "Dubya" is still the man who "joined with open-borders progres- sives [John] McCain and [the late Ted] Kennedy to try to force shamnesty down our throats; massively expanded the federal role in education; [and] championed the Medi- care prescription drug en- titlement using phony math ..." Yet those of us who have grievances with Bush must accept history's likely deci- sion: that the man may have made serious mis- takes, but didn't deserve so much derision. Mr. Tucker is a Massachusetts-based freelance writer and the operator of the blog Notes from D.R. ( A longtime contributor to Human Events Online, his articles have also appeared on and His radio show, The Notes, can be heard each Wednesday night at 8:00pro EST at drtucker. Editorial (Continued from libraries entirely will hurt neighborhoods. How ironic a brand new Mattapan Public Library branch just opened and was touted as a neigh- borhood strength and now the mayor is talking about locking the doors of some of our branch libraries. Tell it like it is. We can't afford our libraries out in the neighborhood if that is what Page 3) the mayor believes. However, don't pretend you are reforming the system to make it better. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it is probably a duck. People may no longer be using encyclopedias as they once did but they still know when they are being "played" by political hyperbole. Sal DiDomenico Endorsements (Continued from Page 2) wins on April 13 th, added Hardy. "Creating jobs, strength- ening our schools, and maintaining local aid fund- ing are my top priorities as your next State Senator. It is humbling to have the support of local teachers, firefighters, police officers, and the men and women of Local 123/ said DiDomen- ico. "It is clear that the next State Senator must work tirelessly to get our economy moving again and I am proud to stand with the working men and women that keep our streets safe, our chil- dren educated, and provide a strong living wage for a hard days work" added DiDomenico. DiDomenico's candidacy had previously been en- dorsed by Carpenters Local 218 and Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3. For more information on Sal DiDomenico's candidacy, log onto his website at or call his campaign headquarters at 617-387-3507. LETTERS POLICY The Post-Gazette invites its readers to submit Letters to the Editor. Letters should be typed, double-spaced and must include the writer's name, address and telephone number. Anonymous letters are not accepted for publication. Due to space considerations, we request that letters not exceed two double-spaced, type-written pages. This newspaper reserves the right to edit letters for style, grammar and taste and to limit the number of letters published from any one person or organization. Deadline for submission is 12:00 noon on the Monday prior to the Friday on which the writer wishes to have the material published. Submission by the deadline does not guarantee publication. Send letter to: Pamela Donnaruma, Editor, The Post-Gazette, P.O. Box 130135, Boston, MA 02113 Good Mroney for Bad Piitchers? The Minnesota Twins just signed right:-hander Nick Blackburn to a four year, $14 million d0eal with a club option in 2014. Last season, he went 11-1.1 with a 4.30 ERA. Nowadays, any pitcher who can stalrt at least 28 games can make great money despiLte ballooning ERAs in the fours and fives. Did You Know? The Minnesota Twins were the last major league team to fully house all their players together for Spring Training. This was because owner Clark Griffith had a long time lease with a Florida hotel and would apparently rather segregate his team into different hotels, then take on Jim Crow. Wonder if he ever thought what his black players thought of him. Al Capozzi Writes "Hi Sal, I was happy and surprised you included me in your column (recently), thank you. I got a big kick out of it. Feel free not to use my name as I don't want to EXTRA Innings by Sal Giarratani impose on your column ... Here is a funny story, I doubt you could print this but ..." Sal Replies You doubt I could print this? Oh yee of little faith. I read your little story about the Mariners and think it is a great story to share with the Extra Innings fans out there in "Post-Gazetteville." Al said,"... (in) 1987 Dick Williams was managing the Seattle Mariners On this team, he had a large contin- gent of Born Again Chris- tians. One Sunday morning his coach, Ozzie Virgil has the Sunday paper and goes into the locker room bath- room stall to conduct busi- ness. He is almost done read- ing when a large group of his players enter the locker room and stand close outside his stall and conduct a (Sun- day service) Ozzie doesn't know what to do, so he just sits there for over half an hour his legs are numb. Fi- nally the (service) is over and he is able to leave. THANKS AL, Keep them coming. Damon Feels G-r-r-r-r-e-a-t Being a Tiger Said Johnny Damon, "I loved being with the Red Sox and I loved being with the Yankees. I didn't want either to end, really, but it's just something I have to accept" He played 597 games with the Sox and 576 games as a Yankee. He hit .295 for the Sox and .285 as a Yankee. He hit 56 homers for the Sox and 77 for the Yankees. He be- came a left fielder with the Yanks, which he will be as a member of the Detroit Tigers. At age 36, he got a one- year, $8 million deal. The Yankees gave him $13 mil- lion last season when he hit .282 with 24 homers and 82 RBIs. He also hit .364 in the World Series. Damon is hoping that he will be the best free agent signing of the offseason. Damon is also 575 hits shy of 3,000 and feels he has a chance to get there, but his age seem- ingly could be a roadblock to that goal. Saint Joseph (Continued from Page 6) Jesus, 12, when he had strayed during the yearly pil- grimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem. Tlhis is the last we hear of St.. Joseph in the sacred writing,s, it is believed that Jesus' foster-father died before the beginning of the Savior's public life. They never speak of Joseph in connection with his public life, when Jesus was referred to as the son of Joseph the carpenter. Assuming he died before Jesus' public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth thus bestowing on Saint Joseph the title, Patron of the dying. Sacco & Vnzetti (Continued from Page 4) SATURDAY,, APRIL 17  Day of Celebration On Saturdlay morning, April 17 th, there will be free guided tours of Braintree's historic distr!ict and South Braintree Square. The tours will commence at 10:00 and 11:00 a.m and will begin and end at Braintree Town Hall. The main event on Satur- day, however, will be held in the evening, from 7:00 - midnight, in the Town Hall auditorium. Unlike the ear- lier programs, this event will be celebratory in nature. "Braintree Remembers" will be a celebration of Italian culture. Guests will enjoy an evening of Italian food, Ital- ian music (Arthur Calabro) and Italian dancing (Ricordi d'Italia). For further information or tickets regarding Thursday or Friday programs, call John at 781-848-8074 or Kate at 781-843-5140. For further information or tickets re- garding Saturdays program, call Joe at 781-848-3634 or Marta at 781-848-4768. Mayor's Column (Continued from Page I) deductibles -- that go along with these benefits. We could ease the burden on municipal taxpayers if lo- cal leaders had the ability to update employee co-pays and deductibles to levels used by state and private insurance plans. Many municipalities, and their taxpayers, pay a significantly higher portion of total costs than those cov- ered by the state and private businesses. LEGAL NOTICE MAJESTIC MOTORS 14 FURLONG DRIVE REVERE, MA 02151 (617)347-9104 (FAX) 781-286-8402 TO PERSON(S) OR OWNER(S) OF 2001 HYUNDAI VIN #KM8SC83D71U123605 MAJESTIC MOTORS HAS HAD SAID VEHICLE IN THEIR POSSESSION SINCE JUNE 2004. IF ANYONE CAN PROVE OWNERSHIP OF THIS VEHICLE PLEASE CONTACT MAJESTIC MOTORS WITHIN 15 DAYS, OR I WILL PROCEED WITH COURT ACTION TO ASK FOR THE RIGHT TO SELL THE VEHICLE TO RECOVER THE LOSSES. SUBMITTED BY MICHAEL SORRENTINO AGENT FOR MAJESTIC MOTORS Run date: 3/19110 Currently, cities and towns in Massachusetts spend about two billion dol- lars each year on health in- surance, which represents an average of 14% of mu- nicipal budgets. In Boston, health insurance costs have increased 127% since 2001, while other City spending grew by just 33%. Plan de- sign changes could reduce municipal health insurance costs statewide by $75 - $I00 million annually and the City of Boston alone could save $18 million each year. The Coalition is already hard at work to advance health care plan design leg- islation and we hope that we can work collaboratively with legislative and union lead- ers to find a solution that is both fiscally responsible and provides our employees with excellent health care. With budgets already tight, we cannot afford to ignore such an important measure that would alleviate budget stress for our state's cities and towns and reallocate tax- payer money to fund essen- tial city services and pro- grams. f Boston Harborside Home Joseph A. Langone 580 Commercial St. - Boston, MA 02109 617-536-4110 Augustave M. Sabia, Jr. Trevor Slauenwhite Frederick J. Wobrock Dino C. Manca Courtney A. Fitzgibbons A Service Family Afiliate of AFFS/Service Corporation International 206 Winter St., Fall River, MA 02720 Telephone 508-676-2454