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March 25, 2011     Post-Gazette
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March 25, 2011

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BOSTON POST-GAZETTE, MARCH 25, 2011 Page 15 News Briefs (Continued from Page I) the air as we speak, but why should public dollars be handed out to help them serve the public? I don't believe with the sad state of the economy where folks are seeing fuel subsidies slashed while the liberal media apparently believes public broadcasting needs more of our monies to con- tinue to operate in the best way possible. Meanwhile, poor and work- ing folks don't have much time to watch television be- cause they're trying to make choices about whether to fill their furnaces or feed their stomachs. It is time for public broad- casters to free themselves from the government yoke. If the product they produce is good, it will survive with pri- vate funding. If it can't, per- haps that says something about the product. I support the move by the Republican leadership in the U.S. House up on Capitol Hill to prioritize its spending bet- ter. PBS and NPR are no longer the sacred cows the Democrats apparently still believe they are. Channel 2 will survive on their own in that brand-new palace they built in Brighton, or they won't. Either way, I don't care! I Didn't Know That, Did You? More than one-third of all wages and salaries in Amer- ica are government hand- outs. Are we on the way to being a nation of depen- dents? Something is wrong when 35% are receiving some kind of government payment. [n 2000, the num- ber was 21%. In 1960 the rate was only 10%. Most of these entitlements are Social Se- curity, Medicare, unemploy- ment benefits and a host of other items. The ratio of pro- ducers to non-producers is growing in the wrong way. When there are more people not producing than people ac- tually creating wealth, how long can they go on before pro- ducers decide to go ori strike as they did in one Of Ayn Rand's novels? Britain's rate of 44% makes our 35% rate look good. It isn't. Things could be worse, we could be Britain, but does this mean we should get in line behind them and jump over the cliff. Capitol Hill needs to put a fix on entitlements before it really does become unfixable. As Investors Business Daily recently opined, "... the repair (to the entitlement issue) has to start soon. The longer lawmakers wait, the closer we get to the edge." The last thing our economy needs is to fall and go BANG! Now They're Taking Our Light Bulbs Away Too When will the madness stop? The leader of the Tea Party Caucus up on Capitol Hill, US Rep. Michele Bachmann, has introduced legislation saying govern- ment can't tell us what kind of light bulbs to purchase, even if "their" light bulbs unlike Thomas Edison might be an environmental hazard. Our Fearless Leader and crowd have already told us that forcing us to buy health insurance is a condition of citizenship. Now, in order to be energy independent, the same folks are hell-bent on banning the light bulbs we've always used in favor of com- pact fluorescent light bulbs. Calling Edison's invention a controlled substance and out- lawing the 100-watt bulb by 2012 and the rest of them by 2014. Already in Europe, people are hording up all the old bulbs as fast as they can. Rep. Bachmann also wants Washington to prove that "there is public health risks from the mercury in (these) replacement bulbs at home or in any public building." According to Bachmann'the mercury in one bulb, for ex- ample, is enough to contami- nate up to 6.000 gallons of water beyond safe drinking levels. By the way, guess who makes these new bulbs? Yeah, you guessed it! China! where The Times of London recently reported that large numbers of Chinese workers have been poisoned by mer- cury, which forms part of the compact fluorescent light bulbs. Bachmann says our government has no business telling us what light bulbs to buy. An editorial in Investor's Business Daily on March i0 stated, ~Neither does it have the right to tell us to buy health insurance, which cars to drive and what foods to eat." All these decisions should be ours to make and ' when government wants to limit our choices, like Democrats are calling him a union-buster and Republi- cans are seeing him in a Reaganesque moment. How- ever, the only opinion that really counts is that of the people of Wisconsin. by Sal Giarratani No, I Didn't Forget About Joltin' Joe Di Maggio In my recent commentary on the passing of the great Dodgers slugger Duke Snider, I mentioned the lyr- ics to a song about Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider who all played at the same time in the '50s for New York teams. Mays with the NY Giants, Snider with the Brooklyn Dodgers and The Mick with the NY Yankees. This tune compared the three great slugging center fielders. The question asked was, who was the best of these three guys, and when Mantle was asked, he said Mays was the best center fielder of the trio. I never meant to infer that Mays was the best all-time center fielder in either baseball or any New York team. Many baseball fans he said the "Hey Say Kid" was tops. When The Duke was asked on a TV show after his re- tirement, he said that DiMaggio was the greatest center fielder in all of base- ball history. I'm not old enough to have seen DiMaggio play and for me, it was his successor Mickey Mantle that I most remember. To me. he was one of the greatest. I saw him play often at Fenway making catches and hitting home runs. Mantle was an amazing player who did great baseball feats despite his injuries and medical condition, and sadly despite his drinking problems, too. He played in constant pain throughout his 17-year career. He often would wrap himself up like a mummy in the locker room before each game. He was a na- tional hero. which also ex- plained why my folks were upset when Roger Marls and not Mantle reached the 61 homer mark in 1961. Mantle was a legend while still playing. He died at 63 years old before he could get a liver transplant. I'm sure DiMaggio was great but he was a little before my time. However, .this year is the 70th anniversary of his 56 game hitting streak, a mark However, I believe Willie Mays was the greatest out- fielder of his generation and all-time. I put him ahead of DiMaggi0 because I followed his career season after sea- son. Everyone has a right to their oioinion. I thought Mays was tops, I liked Mantle the best and I as an Italian American, felt proud of DiMaggio. AJ Burnett Looking Good So Far this Spring The NY Yankees expected so much more out of AJ Burnett when they gave him those big bucks for the 2010 season. He didn't come through last season going 10-15 with_ a 5.26 ERA, but so far this spring it has been a breeze for the 34 -year -old righty. The Bronx Bombers need AJ to be the pitcher they expected him to be last year. Zaun Calls it" Quits I read the piece about the Padres catcher Gregg Zaun, 39, retiring after a 16 season career, the only question I had was who the &A%S was Gregg Zaun. How could someone be playing all these years and never make my radar screen? I can only assume Cooperstown is not in his future. [ don't mean to be so mean but Zaun's name doesn't ring any bells for me. Are the Dorchester Ducks Looking for You? There's a Single A. team coming to Dorchester in the New England Football League. All levels of athletes will get their shot at Boston's newest sports team, the Dorchester Ducks. Visit the site: http:/www.Dorchester For more information, contact owner/ founder Bill Shivers, Jr.. at 857-318-9690. -I Patrick Henry, I smell a rat - out there who regularly readthat will probably never be too. my Extra Innings column broken. Walker Between Rock thought I was shorting the Duke Snider by the way '~.'~ and Hard Place "greatrte'ss ofJ0e DiMaggi0 also never got any real RelStlbl'ican Gov. Walker but I wasn't. Is Joe DiMaggio justice for his greatest d0wri -in Wisconsin found the best all-time center since he played in the himself between a rock and fielder in baseball history?shadow of both Mays and a hard place. He's only been Many of you told me he was Mantle. It never should have governor since January and the very best. Was DiMaggio taken him so long to get he was facing a staggering the best all-time NY team into the Hall of Fame in budget deficit, with most of center fielder? Even more C0operstown. the budget deficit caused by said yes to that question. To anyone out there who fixed costs he could not slash, When Mantle was asked thinks I did an injustice to he turned to the state's pub- as I said one paragraph ago, DiMaggio, I don't think I did. lic unions and seemingly was met with resistance- LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE from both union leaders and Democrats in the state leg- Commonwealth of MassachusettsCommonwealth of MassachusettsCommonwealth of Massachusetts islature. Fourteen Democrat The Trial Court The Trial Court The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court Senators fled the state to 208 Cambridge Street 208 Cambridge Street 208 Cambridge Street stall any action. However, Cambridge, MA 02141 Cambridge, MA 02141 Cambridge, MA 02141 the Republican legislators Docket No. MI11P1078EA Docket No. MI11P1079EA Docket No. MI10D-3157DR found an end run around In the Estate of In the Estate of DIVORCE SUMMONS BY HELEN E MASTROIANNI ROBERT D FAY PUBLICATION them and passed a bill that Late of NEWTON, MA 02466-1615Late of WALTHAM, MA 02453 JAMES R. MURNANE, JR.. reportedly will end collective Date of Death January 30, 2011 Date of Death January 19, 2011 Plaintiff bargaining for all items NOTICE OF PETITION FOR NOTICE OF PETITION FOR vs. but salaries. Employees will PROBATE OF WILL PROBATE OF WILL KATHLEEN CRAFTS MURNARE, be seeing more money de- To all persons interested in the above To all persons interested in the above Defendant captioned estate, a petition has been pre- captioned estate, a petition has been pre- To the above named Defendant: ducted for their health insur- sented requesting that a document purport- sented requesting that a document purport- A Complaint has been presented to ance and retirement. Also, ing to be the last will of said decedent be ing to be the last will of said decedent be this Court by the Plaintiff, JAMES R. unions will now have to proved and allowed and that DAVID A proved and allowed and that VIRGINIA A MURNANE, JR., seeking a DIVORCE. MASTROIANNI of Newton, MA be appointed O'BRIEN of Arlington, MA be appointed An automatic Restraining Order has been Y collect union dues directly executor/trix, named in the will to serve executor/trix, named in the will to serve entered in this matter preventing you from from their members and Without Surety. Without Surety. taking any action which would negatively IF YOU DESIRE TO OBJECT THERETO, IF YOU DESIRE TO OBJECT THERETO, impact the current financial status of either membership will no longer be YOU OR YOUR ATTORNEY MUST FILEYOU OR YOUR ATTORNEY MUST FILEparty. Please refer to the Supplemental a condition of employment. AWRITTENAPPEARANCEINSAID COURTAWRITTENAPPEARANCEINSAID COURTProbate Court Rule 411 for more Unions are outraged and AT CAMBRIDGE ON OR BEFORE TEN AT CAMBRIDGE ON OR BF_~FORE TEN information. plan a counteroffensive in O'CLOCKINTHEMORNING(10:00AM)ONO'CLOCKINTHEMORNING(10:00AM)ONYou are required to serve upon: James APRIL 12, 2011. APRIL 12, 2011. R. Murnane, Jr., - Plaintiff -whose address the public media. Time will In addition, you must file a written affidavit In addition, you must file a written affidavit is 5 Momingside Drive, Billerica. MA 01821 tell if the citizenry thinks of objections to the petition, stating specific of objections to the ;)etition, stating specific your answer on or.before April 25, 2011. If the governor was wrong- facts and grounds upon which the objection facts and grounds upon which the objection you fail to do so, the court will proeeed to the is based, within (30) days after the return day is based, within (30) days after the return day hearing and the adjudication of this action. headed or if unusual condi- (or such other time as the court, on(or such other time as the court, on You are also required to file a copy of your tions meant emergency ac- motion with notice to the petitioner, may motion with notice to the petitioner, may answer in the Office of this Court at t_ion to change the status quo allow) in accordance with Probate Rule 16. allow) in accordance with Probate Rule 16. CAMBRIDGE. WITNESS, HON. PETER C. DiGANGI, WITNESS, HON. PETER C. DiGANGI, WITNESS, PETER C. DIGANGI, Esquire, and keep Wisconsin fiscally First Justice of this Court. First Justice of this Court. First Justice of said Court at CAMBRIDGE, afloat. The whole nation is Date: March 15, 2011 Date: March 15, 2011 this 141h, day of March, 2011. watching Wisconsin because Tara E. DeCristofaro, Register of Probate Tara E. DeCdstofaro, Register of Probate Tars E. DeCristofaro, Register of Probate as Wisconsin goes, so may go Run date: 3/25/11. Run date: 3/25/11 Run date: 3/25/11 the nation. This story has national consequences. "i