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March 29, 2013     Post-Gazette
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March 29, 2013

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Page 4 POST-GAZETTE, MARCH 29, 2013 Saint Hugh Bishop of Grenoble by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Saint Hugh was born at Chateauneuf-sur-Isere, in the territory of Valence, France in the Dauphine Alps, in 1053. Hugh, who showed piety and theological aptitude from a young age, was made a canon (member of the clergy) of the cathe- dral of Valence. In 1080, while attending a synod in Avignon, Hugh was named bishop of Grenoble. He attempted a massive reform of the dio- cese, which had fallen into very poor condition. After two years of trying to reform his Bishopric and becoming ut- terly discouraged, Hugh at- tempted to retire to Chaise Dieu Abbey, and became Benedictine. Pope St. Gre- gory VII ordered him back to Grenoble to complete his work. Hugh returned to Grenoble and was reason- ably effective in the role of reformer -- surely because of his devotion to the Church, but also because of his strong character. In conflicts be- tween Church and state, he was an unflinching defender of the Church. He fearlessly supported the papacy in a conflict with Guigues III, Count of Albon over confis- cated ecclesiastic lands; Hugh alleged that the Count had usurped the lands from the bishopric of Grenoble. That was the object of the preamble to a series of doc- uments designed to estab- lish the right of the diocese over those lands, documents known as the "Cartularies of Saint Hugh." An accord was finally reached between Hugh and Guigues in 1099 in which Guigues agreed to cede the disputed territo- 00uona 00asqua Green Cross Pharmacy FARMACIA CROCE VERDE J. Giangregorio, Reg. Ph. - F. Giangregorio, Reg. Ph. 393 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass. Tel: 617-227-3728 Professional Dependability - Accuracy - Service ries back to the Grenoble diocese. Hugh was also instrumen- tal in the foundation of the Carthusian Order. He re- ceived Bruno of Cologne, per- haps his own teacher, and six of his companions in 1084, after seeing them un- der a banner of seven stars in a dream. Hugh situated the seven in a snowy and rocky Alpine location called Chartreuse. They founded a monastery (the Grand Char- treuse) and devoted their lives to prayer and study, often being visited by Hugh, who was reported to adopt much of their way of life. Hugh remained Bishop of Grenoble for 52 years, living a penitential life; he passed away on April 1, 1132 after a lingering illness. Hugh was canonized April 22, 1134 by Pope Innocent II, only two years after his death. His feast day is on April 1. Hugh was eloquent as a preacher. He restored his own cathedral, made civic improvements in Grenoble and weathered a brief exile. f fappy 6asiez" DIAMONDS ROLX ESTATE JEWELRY Bought & Sold Jewelers Exch. Bldg. , Jim (617) 263-7766 J Happj/ Easter EAST BOSTON ADULT ED. 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There is an uneasy relationship be- tween the two life forms, them and us. These aliens have one bad habit, they get grossly drunk on milk and send the price of milk sky high. Tension never disap- pears as humankind doesn't take too kindly to them. I thought about this old TV show when thinking about the very real concern of un- documented aliens living among us uncounted. They use our streets, send their kids to our schools and are locating services that tax- payers are subsidizing. In East Boston, it is said that the Latino community is now 52 percent of the total popula- tion. In reality, we all know that there are vast numbers of Latinos in this country illegally, who are never counted in official stats. The same thing is happen- ing in communities across Massachusetts. Quincy for instance has a very large Asian population, mostly Chinese. Many joke that North Quincy is now China- town South. Here too the il- legal population goes under the radar. There is much culture clash taking place. Sides seem at times to be drawn. When bad things hap- pen, somebody has to be blamed for it. Recently, the subject of immigration in general and specifically illegal immigra- tion has been growing as a government concern which means political concern. Many hard-right conserva- tives ask what part of NO don't you get in NO illegals here? Many Republican offi- cials and candidates have made the issue a wedge is- sue. Other Republicans like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are trying to find ways to deal with the illegal immigration issue without looking like racists or nativists. I believe that if the official number of illegals is num- bered at 12 million, the ac- tual number is probably more like 20 million. How do we deal with this large num- ber of immigrants who en- tered the country illegally? This number continues to grow as inaction serves lots of politicians on election day, with great fodder for political campaigns on either side of the question. This issue can- not be solved as either a lib- eral or conservative dynamic. The issue is now a crisis because we haven't secured our borders, nor seem an- guished to do so, for many reasons. We can not deal with who is here until we deal with securing all of our borders. Stopping illegal en- try may be difficult, but not completely impossible. Most illegals are coming here for a new life with their fami- lies, leaving the misery of the past across the border. It is pretty difficult, if not impossible to separate fami- lies without looking like "the bad guys." Once we secure our borders then we can start slowly but surely dealing with all those who made it here without telling us. We are a nation of immi- grants, which makes us dif- ferent from the rest of the world. We have come from everywhere in the world. We don't necessarily look the same or different. Illegals don't have bald heads, giraffe spots or get drunk on whole milk. Illegals are not enemy people, but they have broken a law that we set up and by the lack of enforcement, we tell them to keep sneaking into our house. We cannot have a civiliza- tion to call home if we have visible and invisible people among us. Having folks who have no respect for the rule of law creates chaos for a society. A nation is a con- tract citizens make with one another through our repre- sentatives. All of us are the government. However, those who choose to live side by side in a limbo state actu- ally weaken the bonds of society. I agree with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush who think we must find some path to travel that secures our bor- ders without the necessity of mass deportations of indi- viduals and families now quietly living in the shad- ows of our nation. The sooner we solve this issue, the better for the United States of America. We need to get this matter out of the crowded intersection of poli- tics and simply do what is right for all. $ IBIl00 T'@U1 I@LB $ 1600 r ' 24 781 - 286- CASH Pe Ounce. K ="jr We Buy Diamonds, Gold and Silver Jewelry We Buy Gold and Silver Coins J - "y  345 Broadway, Revere -- EXTRA SPENDING MONEY-- Hours 10-5:30pm every day. Saturdays until 3:3O pm