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April 1, 2011     Post-Gazette
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April 1, 2011

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PagelO POST-GAZETTE, APRIL 1,2011 News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) a trip to merry ole England. How convenient for our gov- ernment to be away when the bad news dropped on Massachusetts. Did the gov- ernor just happen tobe out of the state for the an- nouncement or was it just a coincidence? He l.eft Lt. Gov- ernor Tim Murray in charge, you know the guy who didn't know the difference between a nuclear power plant here and one in Japan. " He seemed to blame any mis- speaking on how we heard his statement and not what he actually said. And this guy is a heartbeat away from the Corner Office? By the time Patrick crossed back over the Atlan- -- tic Ocean, he hoped this political tsunami had blown over. Let's see, first Ever- green and now Fidelity. I'll bet the governor will continue to take trips out of Logan more often if all this bad news continues under his watchful eyes. Senator Calls for End to "Sweetheart" Deals State Senator Mark Mon- tigny, (D-New Bedford), is outraged at Fidelity's deci- sion to move 1,100 jobs to Rhode Island and New Hampshire and has called for a hearing to examine tax breaks that benefited Fidelity and other mutual fund groups. "The sweet- heart deals need to end," said Montigny, who chairs the Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight and his plans are backed by Senate President Therese Murray. Back in 1996, the Bay State's mutual fund indus- try won a tax break after Fidelity started expanding to, you guessed it, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. In exchange for the tax break, Fidelity made a com- mitment to create 11,000 Bay State jobs. The tax break was worth $20 million per year. However, in recent years, the company has trimmed back its workforce to 8,400 in Massachusetts. It doesn't look like Massa- chusetts and Fidelity are estranged from each other. The romance seems over. Sex Offender Caught After Ditching GPS State Police have caught up with a "sexually violent predator" from Milford who was freed to the streets after being convicted of aggra- vated rape, rape and abuse of a child among other offenses, according to state police. The culprit allegedly cut off his GPS bracelet in a Tewksbury parking lot and tossed it into the back of a pick-up truck. The spokes- man for the state police said, "We'-e thrilled we got him. He's a serial rapist and he had to be taken off the streets." Many, myself in- cluded, wonder why such a character was free on life- time parole and monitored by a GPS bracelet. Should repeat sex offender wth multiple convictions be out on the streets possibly lurk- ing for new victims? Gas Prices Remain Steady: Good Or Bad News? The answer is bad news. If prices stay the same, it means we are still in the recession. If gas prices go up, it means the recession gets worse. The only good news would be falling gas prices at the pumps, but who knows when that will hap- pen. The Mideast is implod- ing, ga prices soaring and unemployment holding steady and we get next to no leadership from Our Fear- less Leader living, seem- ingly, in denial, inside the Oval Office. And from the look of things from the GOP a second term is possible and quite probable at this stage of the game. United Nations Sanctions Military Response to Libya Usually when a newspaper headline states that the U.N. backs military action, it means American action. In this latest case it is a no-fly zone, not land troops, we're talking about. Something US Senator John F. Kerry has been calling for lately. However, a no-fly zone could mean the start of yet an- other military intervention not unlike Iraq or Afghani- stan. What happens if Libya violates the no-fly zone? Do we retaliate? If we do, then what? Open-ended strate- gies haven't worked well for us lately. Quote to Note In his new book, former President George W. Bush talks about the failure of finding any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, since the whole war thing was predicated on that assertion and states, "I had a sicken- ing feeling every time I thought about it. I still do." We still do, too Wrangling Over High Pump Prices Inside the Beltway In Washington, DC, top Democrats seem to off the opinion that Big Off is sitting LETTERS POLICY The Post-Gazette invites its readers to submit Letters to the Editor. Letters should be typed, double-spaced and must include the writer's name, address and telephone number. Anonymous letters are not accepted for publication. Due to space considerations, we request that letters not'exceed two double-spaced, type-written pages. This newspaper reserves the right to edit letters for style, grammar and taste and to limit the number of letters published from any one person or organization. Deadline for submission is 12:00 noon on the Monday prior to the Friday on which the writer wishes to have the material published. Submission by the deadline does not guarantee publication. Send letter to: Pamela Donnaruma, Editor, The Post-Gazette, P.O. Box 130135, Boston, MA 02113 on leased government land when they should be drilling oil. The oil companies say sometimes there's just no oil on leased lands. One Democrat US Senator says Big Oil is trying to get rich off of not drilling. That's pure boloney, according to a Republican member of the U.S. Senate. Bottom }ine remains, we still have too much oil-rich land that Washington is not leasing out in the Gulf and in Alaska because we're try- ing to save some endangered animal. Meanwhile instead of getting off foreign oil de- pendence, we remain hooked to it. Every time I drive past a gas station with those awful prices up on the sign, I blame government for talk- ing the talk, but not walking the walk. I actually feel that Our Fearless Leader wants pump prices to rise because he wants us all to ride around in those tiny electric boxes that make Fred Flintstone's car look good. I don't let Big Oil off the hook either, but I am tired of be- ing held hostage to the likes of Hugo Chavez and his likes in the Mideast. We need to start looking for more domestic oil right here and right now. We've got it way down in the ground. We just got to get it out of the ground and into our gas tanks. I don't trust Democrats in the US Senate anymore than I trust Big Oil. Banks Losing Profits and the People Pay More U.S. banks lost billions in profits last year and are now before Congress to screw not only their own customers but the entire American people as well. It seems that their target are debit card holders. They want more user fees from customers who use debit cards instead of cash to purchase items. Something all banks pushed their customers to do for con- venience sake. However, it appears the banks were just talking about themselves, not us. Putting caps on with- drawals by debit cards is a crock. It can mean multiple withdrawals with multiple user fees. This means more for them, less for us. Whose money is it anyways? They get to use our money and then tap into it too. If it weren't for their customers, they might have gone out of business rather than just losing profit money. It sounds like a funny way to pay back your customers who probably saved your @&". Folks will go back to using "Bank of Mat- tress" ff this all goes through up on Capitol Hill. One time banks gave us good interest for banking with them but that was yes- terday and these are today's new banking rules. Here . For information about adveising in the Post-Gazette, call 617-227,8929. Fac reviewing the , THE ROYS - LONESOME WHISTLE Rural Rhythm Lee and Elaine were born into the Roy family in nearby Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and the family later relocated to Coal Branch, New Bruns- wick, Canada. The duo has mastered a 'hat trick' with bcautiful melodies, instru- mentation, and harmonies. Their exposure to traditional country music and bluegrass, inbred a love that has resulted in Lonesome Whistle, an eleven-song CD that will surely put The Roys on blue- grass radio and charts real quick! Pick your favorites from their first single release "Coal Minin' Man," teaming up with Ricky Skaggs & The Whites for the tender "That's What Makes It Love," followed by "Nothin' I Can Do About It Now," mending a broken heart with "Right Back At You," learning life's lessons with "Give A Ride To The Devil," and the sad "Lone- some Whistle." Elaine sings of a 'mother's love' on "Every= thing I Ever Wanted," the catchy. "My Oh My How Time Flies," the homeless tale of "I Wonder What God's Think- ing," a salute to women with dreams, labeled "Trailblazer," and end appropriately with "High Road." A bullet to the top! THE LINCOLN LAWYER - SOUNDTRACK Lak'eshore Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei star in The Lincoln Lawyer, a film boasting an excellent rap- heavy soundtrack. Bobby 'Blue' Band gets down with "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City," the film title track by Marcus "Seige" White (fea- turing Big Hollis)is followed by Eric Sermon and Marvin Gaye samples on "Music," picking up the pace is Erik B. & Rakim with the groovin' "Don't Sweat the Technique," Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx lower the decibels for "Nightcall," and Danny Chaimson & The 11 th Hour describe the "Bobblehead Girl., Ari Hest continues via "Now," Citizen Cope cranks up the temp with "107 Degrees," Colin Smith serves up "The Wilderness," while Cinema Guitar Works offer the instrumental "Hot Lazy Porch Swing," and Deadmau5 & Kaskade pound out "I Remember." Gang Starr explains "Moment of Truth," and the final track has Marlena Shaw featuring Ya Boy with "California Soul (Lincoln Lawyer Remix)." Great beat! THE STEVE MILLER BAND - LET YOUR HAIR DOWN Space Cowboy- Roadrunner-Loud & Proud The Steve Miller Band enjoys a career that spans more than four decades, and sold more than 30 million records. Steve a/k/a/ "The Gangster" -- returns to the scene of his crimes with an album of 14 tracks of blues- rock gems that have been keystones in his musical life. Set for release on April 19, by bob morello F the rest each track is a 'winner'. Blues diamonds include, "Snatch It Back and Hold It," "I Got Love If You Want It," the modest "Just a Little Bit," the guitar beauty "Close Together," legendary Willie Dixon's "Pretty Thing," along with Muddy Waters' "Can't Be Satisfied." The Band continues their mastery via "Sweet Home Chicago," a second Dixon creation "Love the Life I Live," plus Jimmy McCracklin's crossover hit appearing on American Bandstand, "The Walk." Four bonus tracks have, "When Things Go Wrong," the swinging "I Ain't Got You," the mind-boggling "Tell Me What's the Reason," and "-Driftin' Blus." Outstanding[ GNOMEO & JULIET - SOUNDTRACK Buena Vista Living legend Elton John is featured on nine new and classic songs for which he wrote the music and Bernie Taupin the lyrics. An album version of "Hello Hello" one of the new cuts serves as the opener, plus an excellent remake of Elton's 1973 #1 hit "Crocodile Rock" with Nelly Furtado, the spirited "Satur- day Night's Alright (For Fight- ing)," a duet with Kiki Dee "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," the second new cut "Love Builds a Garden, and the classic "Your Song,, Elton launches "Rocket Man," the moving "Tiny Dancer," the aggressive Bennie and the Jets," followed by James New- ton Howard and Chris Bacon's score, "Gnomeo and Juliet," "Dandelions," "Bennie and the Bunnies," "Terrafirmin- ator," finishing with "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" as Elton John brings Garden gnomes to life! CLAIRE RITTER - THE STREAM OF PEARLS PROJECT Zoning One of my favorites, pianist Claire Ritter paints a master- piece with 18 illuminating songs that cover every direc- tion, to create a kaleidoscope of music and color. The first of two opus variations have, North American Watercolors, reflecting brilliance with, "The Beauty of Its Stillnessj the lengthy "Bolero on the Charles," the curvaceous "Swiftly Winding," the elegance of "Blue Ridge in Watercolor," the title track ,Stream of Pearls," the vista image of "Across the Gorge," the solitary feel with "The Brook, the Bird & I," the rhythmic "Catfish Shuffle," with the final strokes - "Valse of the Ponds" and "Fortuity." The second opus variation, Outer Banks Crystal Scores flow nicely via, "Under the Moonrise," moving to the beat with "Skydune Mambo," soar- ing with "Ballade of the Flight," the. free-range "Wild Ponies Run Free," the gently skimming "Sailing Pamlico," the steel drum sounds of "Mustang Calypso," exploring "Along the Banks," and Ritter's work is complete with "Island Jingle, Dancing With My Heart."