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April 2, 2010     Post-Gazette
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April 2, 2010

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15arron's Samantha Castro of East Boston asked if it was true coffee cuts strokes. Yes! Drinking just one daily cup cuts your stroke risk, ac- cording to a study from the University of Cambridge in England. Headed by epidemi- ologist Yangmei Li, the 12- year study of nearly 23,000 people found that drinking one cup of coffee a day low- ered stroke risk by 27 per- cent. The reduced risk was "irrespective of the type of coffee consumed, caffein- ated, decaffeinated, instant or ground," said Dr. Li. And it didn't matter whether a person reported drinking one cup a day or four. Remember, sweetening one's coffee is generally the first stirring event of the day. And Carlo Scostumato thinks the first requisite for a good cup of coffee in the morning is to get your wife out of bed. The brilliant and allur- ing Lisa Cappuccio of East Boston reminds us, half the world's supply of coffee is consumed in the United States in spite of what some of us have to drink at breakfast. The astute, charming Roalie Cunio of Waltham claims a catty remark often has more lives than a cat. Speaking of cats, ancient Egyptians worshiped cats as sacred Bast, the cat-headed goddess of pleasure. Killing a eat meant instant death, and cat funerals were so common and kitty cemeter- ies so numerous that un- til recently such final rest- ing grounds were profitably used as fertilizer. In the U.S. today, the Cat Fancier's Association lists 71,036 reg- istered cats classified into 39 different breeds. Some of the most popular breeds of cats, Persian, Maine coon, Siamese, Abyssubuab, Exotic short hair, Scottish fold, American shorthair, Orien- tal shorthair, Birman and Burmese. The most popular cat names? Words describing the way cats look domin- ate the list of the most popu- lar cat names in the U.S. Some of the popular cat names are: Patches, Misty, Samantha, Tiger, Pepper, Smokey, Max, Angela, Ginger, Princess, Mickey, Boots, Angel and Rusty. Well, we once owned a beautiful cat named Cicero, who lived a long, long life. Cicero rests in peace here in our property. Presidents and their most unusual pets: Thomas Jef- ferson had a trained mock- ingbird; Calvin Coolidge, a raccoon, Theodore Roosevelt turned the White House into a zoo. During his presidency, the home of the nation's first family was also home to bear cubs, a young lion, a donkey, raccoons, snakes, cats, dogs, rats, and guinea pigs! Many presidents, how- ever, have had more con- ventional pets. Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her. Bill and Hillary Clinton brought their daughter Chelsea's cat, Socks with them to the White House, despite the president's al- lergy. However, it is Millie, the beautiful dog owned by George and Barbara Bush, who eamed the title of most popular presidential pet. Meow! A German man was charged with breaking into jail every night for weeks to have sex with his girlfriend. Police say that Daniele Eberhardt, 33, scaled a 10- foot fence, dodged surveil- lance cameras, and used a skeleton key made from a spoon to break into the jail in the town of Bielefeld. Other inmates broke the prison code of conduct and snitched because the noises coming from the cell made them jealous. "It was like a bad porno movie," said one inmate. "It was hard on us who didn't have anyone to cuddle with." A direct quote! "Sarah Palin is obsessively discussed as a possible Candidate in 2012. She is feisty and public- spirited, and millions of people vibrate like tuning forks to her rhetoric. The lat- est poll shows that 71 per- cent of Americans-including 52 percent of Republicans think she is not qualified to be president. She is not go- ing to be president and will not be the Republican nomi- nee unless the party wants to lose at least 44 states." So said George Will in The Wash- ington Post. Bite your tongue, George Will! Huh? More than 10,000 children go to the emergency room every year because they're choking on a piece of food; of those who die, 17 per- cent have hot dogs wedged in their throats. "If you were to take the best engineers in the world and try to design the perfect plug for a child's airway, it would be a hot dog," says pediatric emergency doctor Gary Smith. Happy Easter -- FOR YOU WHO APPRECIATE THE FINEST-- THE MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS 781-648-5678 I I 0 0 0 Are you ready for this? The most hazardous streets are in Fort Lauderdale, average annual fatalities, 58, Miami 100, Atlanta 84, Tampa, 76, Dallas, 101, Houston, 107, Detroit 92, and Phoenix, 79. The safest streets! Leader is Pittsburgh, followed by Mil- waukee and Boston is thirdl The states with the most cops! New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Georgia. Time to do some show business reminiscing with the stately musicologist Albert Natale. Stan Laurel, before teaming with 0liver Hardy to become one of the funniest slapstick teams on film, was an understudy for comedian Charlie Chaplin. Eddie Cantor turned down the lead role in the 1927 film "The Jazz Singer." A1 Jolson, of course, accepted the part. The lead role in the 1942 film classic "Casa- blanca," played by Humphrey Bogart, was originally offered to Ronald Reagan. George Reeves, who played Super- man on TV, was buried in the grey, double-breasted suit that he wore for years in his Clark Kent role. Connie Francis dubbed Tuesday Weld's singing voice in the 1956 movie musical "Rock, Rock, Rock." James Cagney turned down the title role in "The Jolson Story" (1946), which eventually went to Larry Parks. Three months before Tommy Dorsey and the Pied Pipers had a hit ballad of "I'll Never Smile Again," Glenn Miller had recorded it at a faster tempo. Guy Mitchell's first big hit was "My Heart Cries For You," a song adapted from an 18 century French tune by Percy Faith in 1950. And best known for her musical roles on Broadway, Ethel Merman is most associated with the song "There's No Business Like Show Business." AMERICA IS l BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME uona asqua Italia Unita, Inc. "Promoting Italian culture and the preservation of Italian heritage." 35 Bennington Street East Boston, MA 02128 Tel: (617) 561-3201 Fax: (617) 569-2898 Email: ItaliaUnita @ Recipes from the by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ROAST LEG OF LAMB 1 leg of lamb (5 to 6 pounds) 4 cloves of garlic I tablespoon thyme or oregano 1/2 cup chopped mint (optional) I/4 cup lemon juice Salt and pepper Rub the leg of lamb with half of a garlic clove. Then make several gashes with point of knife into the lamb leg and insert small cut portions of garlic clove into the narrow openings. Rub meat with mint, thyme, or oregano, which- ever you plan to use, or some of each. Rub leg of lamb with salt and pepper. Add a little water to the lemon juice and pour gently over lamb. Place lamb fat side up in roast- ing pan. Place in preheated 325F oven uncovered. After 30 minutes, baste lamb with juices from the roasting pan and repeat frequently. Lamb should be baked until meat thermometer reads 175 to 180F. If you are baking without a meat thermometer, allow lamb to bake approximately 30 minutes per pound of lamb. Add more water mixed with a little lemon juice if more liquid is needed for basting. OPTIONAL: Small white potatoes, carrots and some mushrooms can be added around the leg of the lamb after the lamb leg has baked about an hour. Continue basting vegetables as well as the lamb, NOTE: I awoke Easter morning to a combination of aromas filling the kitchen. I watched as Mama put the lamb roast into the oven. I saw the chicken soup simmering slowly on the stove next to the tomato sauce Mama had prepared earlier. I always asked to have one of the meatballs as she completed frying them. When did Mama start all this, I wondered. On the kitchen table, a bowl of hard-boiled eggs greeted my eyes along with a Cannatone (Easter Bread)for Peter and me. As Peter, Papa and I departed for church after breakfast, Nonna and Mama's sister Lena arrived to help make the ravioli. I knew then that the Easter meal would keep us at the table for a long time. Buona asqua Green Cross Pharmacy FARMACIA CROCE VERDE J. Giangregorio, Reg. Ph. - F. Giangregorio, Reg. Ph. 393 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass. Tel: 617-227-3728 Professional Dependability - Accuracy - Service From MyBakery Perch ~i TA ORLAN DO SI NOPOLt 1st Generation Italian-American Vita Orlando Sinopoli Shares with us a delighOeul recollection of her memories as a chiM growing up in Boston's "Little Italy" and a collection of Italian family recipes from the homeland. Great as Gifts FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM and in local bookstores -- ask for Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 ISBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN 1!