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April 5, 2013     Post-Gazette
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April 5, 2013

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POST-GAZETTE, APRIL 5, 2013 Page 7 Mrs. Murphy... As I See It The "Big News of the Year" came when five term Mayor Tom Men- ino announced he will not seek a sixth term as Mayor of Boston. However, before he leaves office Hiz Honor wants compact rental units built, 350 to 500 sq. ft. of living space built in Bos- ton, including East Boston and South Boston. He sug- gests rents should range from $500.00 up to $2,800 according to location ... The Mayor said, "Business people just sleep in them" and are willing to give up space for the convenience of living in Boston. The Mayor expects construction to begin shortly. Of course, the more afford- able units will be in East Boston, the gateway to down- town Boston. Potential rent- ers can expect to rent one of these 350 sq. ft. cozy units in East Boston for approxi- mately $500 ... Heard con- struction in Central Square Park will begin this spring. A new park will enhance the area until the increasing number of homeless start taking up residence on the park benches! ... Former res- idents of East Boston whose parents owned homes on Marginal Street back in the '40s, '50s and '60s and sold them for short money can- not believe the incredible upswing of Marginal Street. With the magnificent Piers Park built and with other piers on Marginal Street now under construction, the once most undesirable street in East Boston has become one of the most desirable ... Since Menino's announce- ment not to seek another term, many hopefuls will be throwing their hats in the ring. Boston City Council President Steve Murphy, a likeable guy, is already get- ting media attention. Ac- cording to reports, Murphy is mulling over whether he will or should campaign for the mayor's seat and risk losing his council seat if he loses. If Menino decides to retire before his term is up, Murphy will become acting Mayor raising the bar higher for his chances of becoming the next Mayor of Boston .... Speaking of liberal politi- cians, Governor Bloomberg of New York whose claim to fame was taking sodas off the shelves and out of the public reach is raising ciga- rette taxes, saying the "Rich" can afford the raise. Hello Governor, it's the poor uneducated people that make up the majority of smokers in this country. So, Mr. bleeding heart liberal governor, who is noted as being the fifth richest man in the country, you'll be hurting the ones, you've sworn to protect. The chain smokers of New York liv- ing off the system that will buy cigarettes regardless of the cost. Or, maybe the government (who pay for tattoos, liquor and other amenities) intend to pay for their smokes too!!!! ... And with that said, Mr. Bloomberg is campaign- ing to take away the right to bear arms for protection from the public. I'm for tighter gun control, but not for making it impossible for those who qualify to pur- chase guns! Stricter laws need to be in place to pre- vent the mentally ill and convicted criminals from owning firearms. (GET IT!) ... Revere: Housing assess- ments went down, tax rates went UP. So how do you win! Plus the city intends to reevaluate properties in June at the end of the fiscal year, taking away any tax decrease a homeowner might have been entitled to. Revere's water rates have risen nine percent since 2012 and are still climbing. Revere, like many urban cit- ies has an abundance of residents with government subsidies who pay zero taxes, so taxpayers are carrying the load. It's no surprise hard working home owners are moving out of Revere and surrounding cities to the suburbs where public trans- portation is not easily acces- sible and the majority of residents pay taxes! ... The President "Airhead" Obama is making Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan. It's politics at its worst. This woman hasn't the slightest clue about being an ambas- sador. She can't even speak properly! Her claim to fame is "supporting Obama dur- ing his campaign," and the never ending Kennedy name! ... Keep your heads up and your ears open, it only gets worse ... Till next time! RISTORANTE & BAR Traditional Italian Cuisine 415 Hanover Street, Boston 617.367.2353 11 MountVernon Street, Winchester 781.729.0515 P,ivole function I ooms antI Occasion Christening - B ,.tk lo,j I:t . Donato Fraffaroli donato @ by Claude Marsilia SHALL WE GATHER By John & Ed Nicholson Soft Cover * 123 Pages * Published by The Printing Press Ltd. As a tribute to my dearest friend Reverend Ed Nicholson who passed away on January 1, 2013; Pamela Donnaruma, Publisher and Editor of the newspaper, The. Post-Gazette has agreed to publish once again a book review, on the book Shall We Gather, that Reverend Ed Nicholson wrote, it was previously published on September 20, 2002. I have high expectations for this book. Shall We Gather written by a personal friend of mine, Ed Nicholson, and his brother, John. Ed Nicholson is a full blown minister whose popularity has him preaching and conducting weddings and related functions every- where. His brother John was an FBI agent who passed away in 1977. Ed's daughter Cindy and my daughter Robin were valedictorians of their Fluvanna County High School in Virginia. Our fami- lies' relationship was ce= mented further when Min- ister Ed Nicholson performed the services that married both my daughters Robin and Tina. This book is about the indigenous people who lived in the rugged mountain area of West Virginia, where Ed Nichol- son was born. The story centers around three youngsters, Mat- thew who lives with his grand- father, Mr. Flint and Matthew's two friends, Atwell and Taylor. Ed Nichol- son cleverly uses Matthew as a third person to tell his amusing and sometimes sad observations of these hill people struggling to endure the difficult times brought on by the 1930 Depression. Early in his book, he writes about two neighbors, Mr. Dodds and Mr. Bates who enjoyed wrestling each other, until one evening Mr. Dodds, a policeman, got tired of wrestling and pulled out a gun and started shoot- ing at Mr. Bates. Mr. Bates did so much whooping, jump- ing, and dodging causing Mr. Bates to miss. "Mr. Bates figured that the Lord was try- ing to tell him something, so he got baptized- even before they released him from jail." As I continued to read Ed Nicholson's effectively writ- ten words I could almost hear the distinctive West Virginian accent. His color- ful description of the belea- guered characters that are throughout this book is classic. For example, he describes Preacher Moose. "He was a very small man, baldheaded and all wrinkled up with about seventy years of plenty rough living." Saturday comes along and Grandpa Flint says to grand- son, Matthew, "It's Saturday mornin'! Gotta pick up th' relief groceries." Consisting of a week worth of food they received at the Government warehouse, which included potatoes, canned fish, flour, sugar, oysters sometimes, ,',,,, , . " " ,', . Author Ed Nicholson and unmarked canned goods which Matthew enjoyed opening revealing the sur- prise contents. Most of the colorful tales Ed Nicholson writes about occur in the old Meeting House which was used for -- Claude Marsilia procession of weak-kneed, soon to be baptized, parish- ioners followed by the dea- cons and the churchfolk meandered down to the creek. "Bessie Johnson, the largest person on the whole hillside ..." caught up in the emotional atmosphere decides to be baptized. The enactment of this baptismal scene is so hilarious that I screeched with uncon- trollable laughter bringing tears to my eyes. Read this, "As Bessie splashed into the water, resembling a ship being launched ..." then, "Moose mumbled a few worlds at her, Bessie proudly replied, 'I do,' and Moose pushed Bessie, hold- ing her nose, over back- wards." This action caused a whirlpool wherein both dis- It (Shall We Gather) is a wonderful tale of earthy people who lived a simple but meaningful life. These mountain people seem to accept their place on Earth and are happy to be a part of it. religious as well as town meetings. On a special day, the boys were watching through an outside window as preparations for a com- munion and a feet-bathing ritual were well underway " ... all was going well until it came Sister Liz's time." Amid the splashing, praying and the "Amens" one could hear Brother Loren shout- ing, "I ain't washin' Sister Liz's feet and thet's fer sure!" he adds, "She hain't washed them things since th' last meetin'. An' I ain't afigurin' thet's right!" What followed was even more outrageous. Preacher Moose had grabbed Brother Loren by the seat of his trousers and tossed him right out the front door. Finally the big day arrives, Baptism at Coon's Creek. A appeared. "Moose soon popped up, grasping his throat and looking as if he didn't know where he was." Bessie, in the meantime, was beginning to resurface. "Some- one hollered from the crowd, 'Thur she goes!' All eyes looked toward the dying whirlpool and caught sight of Bessie coming to the surface like a phantom sub- marine." I found Gertrude Van Allen's primitive illustra- tions to be significant and fun to view. I sincerely loved this wholesome book. It is a wonderful tale of earthy people who lived a simple but meaningful life. These moun- tain people seem to accept their place on earth and are happy to be a part of it. I strongly recommend the purchase of this book. It is inexpensive and I believe you will treasure it for many years. I want to thank author Ed Nicholson for allowing me to read and critique his sen- satiohal book. On Sale Now! THE NORTH END Where It All Began The Way It Was by Fred Langone SALE PRICE $19.95 Plus Shipping & Handling On Site at The Post-Gazette 5 Prince Street, North End, Boston, MA ..... . ,'.'." .... ..