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April 6, 2012     Post-Gazette
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April 6, 2012

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Ullm wmL='j' , " " um-mmwaUlmllmLllllWL., kJ, IIIIIiliiIiJLIlIliIIlIiIDII "  - _ _ -IIIJ Page 12 POST-GAZIE'TTE, APRIL 6, 201'2 Ray 15arron's 11 O'CLOCK NEW5 So what's new?. Boston po- lice are cracking down on aggressive dancing at heavy- metal concerts. "Mosh pits" date back to the 1970s, but police say they will no longer tolerate metal fans jumping and slamming into each other. "Dancing is a First Amendment right." said po- lice spokeswoman Nicole Grant, "but the behavior it- self is a violation." Speaking of dancing, the dance called the twist cre- ated an interesting phenom- enon. For the first time in history clothes were worn out from the inside. Hands offi The TSA said it would begin testing less- stringent screening proce- dures for passengers who are 75 and older, allowing them to keep their shoes on and avoid body pat-downs. "We know people in that popula- tion and age group pose a lower risk to security," said a TSA spokeswoman. Penny news! Every one- penny rise in the cost of a gallon of gas takes S1 billion of consumer spending away from other goods in the course of a year, according to an analysis by Credit Suisse bank. A 50-cent increase this year would thus divert 850 billion away from con- sumer spending. In a majority of U.S. met- ropolitan areas, single child- less women in their 20s gen- erally have more education and higher median incomes than their male peers. In Dallas and Atlanta, the aver- age young woman earns 81.18 and $1.14, respec- tively, for every dollar earned by a male. Dangerous habits! Smok- ing remains a stubbornly entrenched habit among American teenagers. A new report on youth smoking from the U.S. Surgeon General's office -- the first since 1994 shows that one in five American teens smokes; 80 percent of them will still be addicted as adults. Teen smoking was in dramatic decline a decade ago, but in recent years the decrease has slowed. Anti-smoking activists blame the $10 bil- lion that tobacco companies spend every year on market- ing and advertising. About 600,000 middle school stu- dents and 3 million high school students light up regu- larly. Teen smoking is a "pc- diatric epidemic." Surgeon General Regina Benjamm tells USA Today. "The num- bers are really shocking." Smoking related diseases are the leading cause of pre- ventable death in the U.S., killing some 1,200 people per day. Yet for every death, two or more people under the age of 26 take up the habit. In addition to drastically in- creasing young people's odds of developing cancer and heart disease, smoking can permanently damage their still developing lungs. "The addictive power of nicotine makes tobacco use much more than a passing phase for most teens," Benjamin says. "It's a problem we have to solve." How true! More stuff about our health! Spicing up your meals may be an easy way to increase metabolism and improve heart health. Researchers at Penn State University pre- pared two identical high-fat meals for a group of volun- teers, then added two table- spoons of a mix of spices -- including rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, garlic powder, and paprika to one of them, transforming a plain chicken dish into chicken curry. Usually, eat- ing rich foods increase blood levels of insulin and triglyc- eride fats, which heighten the risk of heart disease, dia- betes, and other illnesses. But when researchers tested the blood of the volunteers after both meals, they found that the spicy version re- duced triglyceride levels by 31 percent and insulin levels by 21 percent compared with the blander fare. Previous re- search indicates that spices may contain anti-oxidants- much like chocolate and red wine do that can help ward off chronic disease. Re- searchers now hope to figure out what amounts of which spices are the most benefi- cial, and whether the use of spices reduces the risk of dis- ease over the long term. Some useless information about food: Dinner guests during medieval times in England were expected to bring their own knives to the table. In eighteenth-century France, visitors to the royal palace in Versailles were al- lowed to stand in a roped-off section of the main dining room and watch the king and queen eat. Chewing gum Buona Pasqua order Sons of Italy in America Grand Lodge of Massachusetts James DiStefano, State President and the State Council o o o while peeling onions will keep you from crying. And people drink the urine of pregnant women to build up their immune systems. Proprio Stronzo, says, "Some folks commit a crime and go to jail: others commit a crime, write a book, and get rich." Despite his frequent criti- cism of the Bush administra- tion policies. Mitt Romney has named 16 members of that administration to his team of 24 "special advisers" on national security and for- eign policy. "Bush loyalists" all want to be back in power again," said former Bush speech writer Matt Lattimer, and "Romney's the best bet." Time for some interesting show biz stuff as compiled by the stately musicologist Albert Natale, a proud native of Boston's North End. Ac- cording to Ava Gardner, "Fred Astaire did not have a huge feud with Ginger Rogers. The feud was between Roger's and Fred's wife, a tiny, rich woman who was very much in charge. She wouldn't let Fred and Ginger dance to- gether off screen. She was jealous of Ginger; maybe she imagined Ginger wanted to have an affair with Fred. which I'm sure she didn't- unlike me, Ginger liked handsome men. As for Fred, I honestly don't think he was anything other than basically asexual." Marcello Mastro- inni shot his mouth off about Dom DeLuise! "Wasn't Dom DeLuise fat enough? Most fat people don't know when to quit. They go from chubby to fat ... and at fifty it is disgust- ing, and then they go to ex- tra fat and then monstrous. I would shoot myself before letting myself get so fat!" And singer Julio Iglasias is in the Guinness Book of Records on the strength of having sales of more than I00 million record albums in five languages. AMERICA IS l BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME Buona Pasqua fio,n N E\\;W F-00EAI',I-,L\\;I Nolh [:nd Waterfront k Health 332 Hanover Street Boston, Massachusetts Telephone (617) 643-8000 Recipes from the Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PIZZA GHENA "Peeza Gay na" Easter Ricotta Cheese Pie with Meats CRUST: 1 cup lukewarm water 2 m 3 packages dry yeast 6 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 I/2 teaspoons sugar 1/8 teaspoon black ground pepper 6 to 7 cups flour - preferably King Arthur or Gold Medal 1 beaten egg for egg wash 1 9" x 12" x 3" baking pan Pour water into a bowl. Sprinkle yeast over water. Stir until yeast dissolves. Add oil, sugar, salt. pepper and stir. Add flour gradually until all water is absorbed. Add addi- tional flour if dough is too soft. Work dough into a soft ball. Knead dough for a minute and then separate into two por- tions. Spray vegetable oil lightly into a bowl before placing the two portions in it. Cover and let dough rise to twice its size. Spray oil lightly over entire inside of baking pan. Moisten hands with oil for ease of spreading risen dough in baking pan. Then take one portion of crust dough out of bowl. Be- gin spreading and fattening it out by hand or with a rolling pin. Place it gently in the baking pan. Continue spreading by hand until the dough covers the entire inside of pan (including the four sides) all in one piece. Crust should be about I/8 inch in thickness. Set aside. FILLING: 8 beaten eggs I pound ricotta cheese I pound fresh formaggio cheese I/2 cup freshly grated Romano cheese 1/2 pound sliced ham of choice* FILLING MIXTURE: I/2 pound sliced Prosciutto* 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon black ground pepper * Other dried cured meats can be added such as sopressata, pepperoni, and various salami slices if desired. In a large bowl place ricotta cheese, fresh cut-up formaggio cheese, grated Romano cheese, salt, and pepper. Mix gen- tly with a fork. Cut up ham and Prosciutto* slices into smaller portions and add to bowl. Add eight beaten eggs. Using a fork or spoon, mix thoroughly. Gently pour filling over bottom crust in the baking pan. Fill only about three- quarters of the baking pan, leaving about one inch or more from top edge of pan. Spread top crust to about I/8 of an inch in thickness and large enough to cover mixture as one piece in baking pan. Then place over mixture. With your fingers, gently crimp edges of the two crusts together and roll inward to seal mix- ture in baking pan, If desired, crimp edge portions with fork. This is necessary to prevent mixture from seeping through any openings while baking. With pastry brush, spread egg wash over entire top crust. Prick three or four small openings of top crust to help mois- ture escape while baking. Place baking pan in middle shelf of preheated 400F oven for one-half hour. Then lower to 350F and continue bak- ing for about three-quarters of an hour. Then lower oven to 300F and continue baking until the crust is golden brown. Check mixture after two hours of baking, insert a thin small knife into center. If knife blade comes out dry, mixture is cooked. Cool this special Easter Pie for at least eight or nine hours for best results. Pie is served in square portions. Makes sixteen to eighteen portions. NOTE: Rose (Marcantonio) Sinopoli, my sister-in-law, has been encouraged yearly by her brother Dr. Joseph Marcantonio to prepare their mother's (Antonietta Pisano Marcantonio) origi- nal Pizza Ghena recipe. The family traveled from Avellino to America in the early 1920s, settling in Boston's North End be- fore moving to Roslindale. For many years my husband and I have been privileged to taste some of Rose's delicious Pizza Ghena, Because Rose makes such a large pie each year for all mem- bers of her family, she kindly reduced the original size of the recipe so I can share this smaller-size recipe with you. '00luguri - Santa 00Pasqua Tutti" from Vita Orlando Sinopoli I]Ir[[ 'TflI[K00:0000TIfl TrlI10000[IIIIIIr00NIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIII tl,Ir, 11111111r[I- ;[iE1-Si[00i ..... lll]00;1[lllil00]iI00I00]00l