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April 9, 2010     Post-Gazette
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April 9, 2010

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Page2 POST-GAZETTE, APRIL 9, 2010 q i~: . by Prof.:Edmu.nd Turiello A weekly column highlighting some of the more interesting aspects of ou r ancestry.., our lineage.., our roots. ii THE ROMAN REPUBLIC During past issues we out- lined the history of ancient Rome by dividing it into three separate and distinct periods. These were listed as: 1. Regal Rome, the period of seven legendary kings; 2. The Republic and 3. The Empire. We then identified the seven legendary kings of Regal Rome as Romulus, Numa Pompilius, Tullus Hostilus, Ancus Marcius, Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, Servius Tullius, and Lucius Tarquinius Superbus. The great political era, that is properly referred to as the Roman Republic, started with the expulsion of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus in 510 B.C. and continued be- yond the death of Julius Caesar, to the declaration of Augustus as Emperor in 27 B.C. This was a period of four hundred eighty-three years which is about the same length of time in U.S. History since Columbus dis- covered America. A study and report on the history of Rome will fill an entire library, and require a hundred years to under- stand and record all of the material. The period of the Republic alone would prob- ably require thirty-five years. There are times when sim- plification can be most mer- ciful and I guess that time is now at hand. Greatly condensed and simplified, we can safely say that the main political events occurring during the Republic were: 1. The Conquest of Italy: A simplified and suitable set of laws were formulated dur- ing this period, and were called "The Law Of The Twelve Tables," the Roman Senate became a powerful governing body while their armies engaged in a series of wars which ended with Roman control over the Ital- tan peninsula up to the Arno River. 2. World Power: Rome be- came a world power when it defeated Carthage in a war over Sicily. Later the Romans were victorious in the Punic Wars. and estab- lished complete control over the Mediterranean. This is the time .when the Romans referred to that body of water as "mare nostrum," our sea. 3. Internal Conflict: The City of Rome became a barbarous arena filled with politicians. generals, and soldiers. The unfair distribution of slave labor drove many farmers into ruinous debt and even prison. This was also the time of Julius Caesar, the First Triumvirate, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, hanky panky and "Veni, Vidi, Vici." NEXT ISSUE: The Character of the Early Romans City's New Technolog Will Help Boston Drivers with Parking Ticket and Resident Parking Permit Issues The City of Boston is in- ply forget to pay their tick- ends and residents who pick troducing new technology ets on time. Ticket Alerts up their vehicles after 3 PM designed to help Boston driv- will ease this financial bur- on Friday will not be able to ers save time and money den on drivers as well as al- go online for a temporary when dealing with parking low the Office of the Parking permit. These residents are ticket andresident parking Clerk to reduce the admin- eligible to have "Resident issues, istrative effort necessary to Parking Only" tickets can- Boston drivers may now complete a long term collec- celled by forwarding a p{oof sign up to receive a "Ticket tion process." of residency at their Boston Alert" email that will serve The second piece of tech- address and a copy of the ve- as notification that a City of nology now available simpli- - hicle rental agreement to Boston parking ticket has fies the process for Bostonthe Office of the Parking been issued to their vehicle, residents who wish to applyClerk. The new option is intended for a temporary Resident "Many Boston residents do to serve as a reminder to Parking Permit for a rentalnot own a car and like to drivers to pay their tickets vehicle. Boston residents rent one on occasion, and before any late payment fees who rent a car may now apply others have a car that is are accrued. A notice will be for a temporary permit fromoccasionally in the shop for emailed to the vehicle owner the convenience of their repairs. All of these resi- 24 hours after ticket issu- homes. New technology dents want to have access ance, long before the first adopted by the Boston Trans- to the "Resident Parking late payment fee is applied portation Department will Only" spaces available on at 21 days after issuance, allow residents to navigatetheir neighborhood streets," Vehicle owners who would the application process andcommented Commissioner like to participate in "Ticket receive the permit via theii- Tinlin. "In FY2009, 1,287 Alert" must register online personal computers, temi orary permits were is- at Boston residents will be sued to Boston residents The notification is available required to supply the citywho were required to make to drivers who have previ- with their personal contactthe trip into City Hall to ously receive0 at least one information as well as a copy receive a permit for a rental parking ticket issued by the of the vehicle rental agree- vehicle. This new appl- City of Boston. merit to-receive a permit, ication is a convenient al- Boston Transportation Rental vehicle permits are ternative that will save Commissioner Thomas J. valid for a maximum of 30 local residents a consider- Tinlin said, "Drivers consis- days. At this time, the newable amount of time and tently tell us that they sim- system is not available week- energy, and allow them to take advantage of on-street parking spaces near their homes." To apply for "a Resident J Q BAF F O i Parking Permit for a rental Certified Public Accountant vehicle, please log on to /parking. INCOME TAX PREPARATION Individuals Businesses John G. Baffo, CPA Lewis Wharf, Bay 217, Boston, MA 02110 Tel.: 617.248.9500 Fax: 617.248.9511 E-mail: jb Serving the Italian Community Publica by David Trumbull Tax- Already The Tea Party Express III rently favored by the tax Tour comes to Boston, to code. the Parkman Bandstand on The Republican Party sup- the Common, Wednesday, ports a rollback of the state April 14th. The featured sales tax to 5%, and sup- speaker is former Alaska ports a rollback of the state Governor and Republican income tax to 5%. This Vice Presidential candidate would lower the income tax Sarah Palin. back to the level that ex- Tea Party-goers struggling isted prior to the Dukakis to pay their' mortgages, feed economic debacle. We recall and clothe their families, that then-Governor Dukakis and put a little money aside promised that the income to put their kids through tax increase would be tern- school and save for retire- porary. Notwithstanding an ment know first-hand that initiative petition adopted by out-of-control spending in the citizens to return it to Washington and on Beacon 5%, it remains above that Hill is destroying the middle percentage rate today. class and turning us into a The Mass GOP also sup- nation of a few rich and ports a constitutional many poor and dependent, amendment requiring a The Massachusetts Re- two-thirds vote of the House publican Party believes and Senate in order to in- that excessive taxing and crease Massachusetts taxes spending by state govern- of any kind. ment adversely affects eco- The Party Platform shows nomic prosperity and that that the GOP gets it! The smaller, less intrusive gov- Republicans understand ernment is the preferred why ordinary citizens, many path for the Commonwealth. of whom had not previously That's what the Party stated attended political events, are in the recently adopted Party showing up in huge num- Platform. bers at the Tea Parties. For The GOP says that the politicians, taxes are like tax code needs to be fair and a drug, and it's time for an equitable to all. Offering tax intervention. As writer P.J. incentives to one group O'Rourke put it. while excluding another "Giving money and power typically engenders inter- to government is like giving group conflict, which is un- whiskey, and car keys to healthy for our nation and teenage boys." Commonwealth. Republi- cans reject .this behavior. David TrUmbull is the All taxpayers should be ex- chairman of the Boston Ward tended the ability to deduct Three Republican Committee. any and all healthcare and Boston's Ward Three includes medical drug costs on their the North End, West End, part MASS TAX FORM 1 -- this of Beacon Hill, downtown, benefit should not be limited waterfront, Chinatown, and solely to those groups cur- part of the South End. RATE *APR RATE *APR RATE *APR RATE *APR 419 Broadway - Everett, MA 617-387-1110 Member FDIC Member $]F Equal Housing Lender *Annual Percentage Rates (ARR) effective Apd 5. 20t0. NI Rates and APR's are calculated based on a $150 600 loan for ar owner occupied dwefling, v~h 20% down payment. Rates On M~stebte Rate Mortgages are fLxed for the firet. 7 or 10 years; 0~on adjust annually at 2,75% above the weekly average yield on the U.S. Treasur/index adjusted to a cesstont rnatudty of 1 year. The principal and interest payments for a 711 ARM with 0 points is $5.37 per $1,000 borrowed. The prine@a] and interest payments for a 10/1 ARM with 0 points is $5.37 per $1,000 bonownd. Caps on the 7 and 10 Year Adjustable 2/4 All rates on Adjustable Rate Mo~gages are subtect to increase after consumma~on of the loan. The prfflcieal and interest payments for the 15Yesr FrxedRate Mortgage with 0 points is $7.71 esr $1.000 borrowed 1Tzepdndaiandinterestpsymentfotthe30Yesr FLxed Rated Mortgage with 0 points for 30 years is $5.52 per $1.000 bon'ownd. ii t q WWW. BOSTON POSTGAZETTE.CO M