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April 24, 2015     Post-Gazette
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April 24, 2015

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Page8 POST-GAZE'I-rE, APRIL 24, 2015 WWW.BOSTONPOSTGAZETTE.COM Ray Darron's 11 O'CLOCK NEWS In many developing countries, poor hygiene and sanitation can be a death sen- tence. That fact led Sales Exec Shawn Seipier to quit his job seven years ago to launch Clean the World, a charity dedicated to collecting and recycling leftover hotel soap for those in need. His company has since partnered with Global Soap, and together the two groups have delivered more than 25 mil- lion bars to 99 countries. "One of the most effective ways to prevent many deaths is actually just hand washing with soap," said Global Soap Director Sam Stephens. "We're hoping to make a difference." The first Democrat to announce a 2016 rtm, Hillary Clinton polls more than 40 points above other potential contenders from her party, such as former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. She also has higher approval ratings than all her likely Republican opponents, who denounced her candidacy. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Clinton had "the same Washington-knows-best men- tality people around the country are looking to move beyond." "Hillary Clinton is probably going to win the election," said Jonathan Chair in Nymag.corr Presidential contests bring out lots of young, black, Hispanics, and poor voters, who lean Democratic. And while Hfllary can't offer any- thing new, she will still be "the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics." Her opponent, whoever he turns out to be, will be forced to deny climate change and embrace proposals to cut ben- efits for the poor and elderly while giving huge tax cuts to the rich. Wow! More than 4 million pets are euthanized in the U.S. every year, mostly because of overcrowding in shelters. But a growing number of kindhearted pilots have been donating their time, fuel and aircraft to transporting unwanted rescue dogs to less overburdened shelters, where many of them are quickly adopted. Groups like Wings of Rescue and Pilots N Paws have helped tens of thousands of strays find new homes over the past several years, and the number of volunteer aviators continues to rise. "We get a lot of the glory," said pilot Angela Garcia. "But in reality, it's just pure fun." Huh? A speaker at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting warned attend- ees to arm themselves against the Islamic extremists who, he claimed, have seized con- trol of cities across the U.S. Author Steve Tarani said sharia law and "no-go-zones" are now being established in various cities. "I have seen it with my own eyes," Tarani said. He also stated that terrorists are now stream- ing across the country's "porous borders." Good idea! Going Italian! The International Space Station was outfitted with an Italian- made espresso machine to give crew mem- bers a break from instant coffee. "It's just to boost spirits." said a NASA spokesman. Bella Culo of Chestnut Hill thinks the crew should be fed Baccala. "This will keep them alert!" MoronI Lying down on the jobl An Alaska Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing when passengers heard banging and yelling under the cabin floor. After the plane landed, an embarrassed baggage handler emerged from the cargo hold, saying he had fallen asleep there before takeoff. Stupid ideal An Ohio woman was charged with child endangerment for dangling her 2-year-old over the cheetah pen at the Cleve- land Zoo -- and accidentally dropping him. The boy was quickly rescued. Congratulations! Danielle Busby of Houston gave birth to the first set of all-female quin- tuplets in U.S. history. Gwyneth Paltrow has once again found her- self the source of widespread mockery. This time, for accepting a challenge to survive for a week on $29 of groceries to raise aware- ness for poor families living on food stamps. Several social media scathingly pointed out that the money spent on many products on Paltrow's luxury-lifestyle website, Goop, could feed a poor family for a year. Others tore into Paltrow's $29 grocery basket, which con- tained a number of elitist purchases. "If ur trying to buy all ur groceries for $29 u don't buy 7 limes and 2 different kinds of let- tuce and avocado." tweeted one. o o o Wedding bellsI Barry Manflow quietly mar- lied his long-time manager, Garry Kief last year, but has kept the nuptials secret for fear of alienating fans. The private wedding cer- emony took place at the 71-year-old's Palm Springs mansion, in front of an audience of 30 guests who thought they'd just been invited over for lunch. Manilow's 30-year relationship with Kief, 66 has been an open secret in the music business, though the perm-tanned crooner has never publicly discussed his sexuality, worrying how the older women who love his music would react. Indeed, some of his fans were left inconsolable by the news of the wedding. "My Mum can't stop crying about Barry," posted one woman on Twitter. What is the U.S. prison population? Well, it's higher than any country in the world, including China and Russia's. When Christine Royles of Portland, Maine, learned that she needed a kidney transplant, the 23-year-old got creative, putting a sign on the back of her car asking strangers to consider donating. When Josh Dall-Leighton saw the sign in a local mall's parking lot, he told his wife, "I have to try." Remarkably, the 30-year-old proved a match, and the lifesav- ing surgery is scheduled for May. "If some- one needs help, you do whatever you can to help them," DaaII-Leighton said. "I have three kids of my own. I want {them} to know these aren't just words." On this date: In 1895 U.S. sailor Joshua Slocum set sail from Boston to sail single- handed around the world; the voyage took just over three years. On this date, April 24, in 1942, the U.S. film actress and singer Barbra Streisand came into this world. Happy birth- day! And on this date, in 1974, Bud Abbott, straight man in the U.S. comic team Abbott and Costello passed away. Let it be known, the era of the Middle Ages has been referred to as "1,000 years without a bath. " Bathing was rare in Europe at that time, largely because the Christian Church considered it a sin to expose the body, even to oneself. It was not until 1641 that soap was manufactured in England. Religion had become less oppressive, but government harassment in the form of restrictions and taxes on the soap-making industry caused the soap business to develop slowly. Ah, 19271 It was the year Sacco and Van- zetti, admitted anarchists, are executed for a crime they did not commit. Riots and fight- ing broke out worldwide with 20 people dying in one Paris street fight. And one more time! In 1962, President John F. Kennedy speaks before a Columbus Day audience and claims his grandfather John Fitzgerald, mayor of Boston stated the Fitzgerald's descended from the Geraldini family in Venice. Show biz quickies by the noted musicologist Albert Natale. Marilyn Monroe had this fan- tasy of having a child by Albert Einstein. Marilyn converted to Judaism. She believed between her and Einstein, they could have the perfect child -- one with her looks and his brain. By another token, what ff they had a child and it had Einstein's looks and Marilyn's brain? This was stated by Otto Preminger. From the mouth of Vittorio Gassman: "Shelley Winters has a fondness for Italian men. She married me and Anthony Franciosa. But she doesn't like Italy enough, and to me it was more important to be at home in Italy than to be in America with her. Mamma Italia comes frst" And this is what Cary Grant once had to say about Mae West. "Mae West doesn't live in the real world. She has so many illusions, we have to be very careful what we say when we're around her now." Proprio Stronzo claims he saw Barbra D'Amico and Christina Quinlan running in the Marathon Race. We will be checking this out. AMERICA IS l BEAUIFUL ITALIAN NAME Parla Come Mangi! (Speak as You Eat!) by Aleandra, Sambiase .... Benvenuti! Let's end our visit to Piemonte with a remarkable dessert savoiardL The house of Savoy, royal dynasty that nded the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 till the end of WWII, gets its name from the Savoy region, the Alpine area between France and Italy. Fine cakes and pastries were loved in Casa Savoia (House of Savoy) and the first savoiardi recipe was in fact created by one of their pastry chefs in year 1348. Savoiardi, delicious sponge fingers, are a specialty of Piemonte but are also made in other French regions which were once part of the Savoy region. SAVOIARDI (Ladyfingers) 3 eggs Pinch of salt 1/2 cups sugar 1 Tbsp butter i/2 cup all-purpose flour cup powdered sugar Preparation: separate the eggs. In a bowl, beat the yolks with 1/3 cup sugar until frothy. Gradually add 1/3 cup flour, a pinch of salt and mix. In another bowl beat the egg whites until stiff and carefully fold into the egg yolk mixture. Grease a baking sheet with butter and dust with flour. Fill the mixture into a piping-bag with a smooth fiat nozzle about inch wide. Pipe fingers about 4 inches long leaving enough room in between. Mix the powdered sugar with the remaining sugar and sprinkle half over the fingers. Wait about I0 minutes, until the sugar has soaked in, then sprinkle on the remaining sugar mixture and let stand for a few more minutes. Bake the fingers until golden yellow in a pre-heated 300F oven (10-15 minutes). Remove the tray from the oven, carefully transfer the sponge fingers to a wire tray using a spatula and allow to cool. Buon appetito! SAVOIARDI 3 uova Un pizzico di sale 100 g di zucchero 1 cucchiaio di burro 100 g di farina 30 g di zucchero a velo Preparaz/one: separa le uova dagli albumi. In una terrina, monta i tuorli con 60 g di zucchero fmo a renderli spumosi. Gradatamente aggiungi 60 g di farina, un pizzico di sale e mescola bene. In un'altra terrina, monta gli albumi a neve fermissima e facendo attenzione incorporaci bene i tuorli montati. Ungi una teglia da forno con il burro e spolverizza con della farina. Riempi con il composto una tasca da pasticcere con bocchetta piatta e liscia del diametro di poco piu' di 1 cm. Forma delle strisce lunghe 10 cm, ben distanziate fra Ioro. Mescola Io zucchero a velo con il restante zucchero e cospargine meta' sui savoiardi. Aspetta circa 10 minuti per fare assorbire Io zucchero. Cospargi con il resto dello zucchero e lascia rip0sare per qualche minuto. Infoma in forno preriscaldato a 300 F fino ad ottenere un colorito giallo-oro (10-15 minuti). Sforna e, aiutandoti con una spatola, trasferisci i savoiardi su una griglia di raffred- damento facendo attenzione a non romperli. Buon appetito! If you would like to cook with me go to www.speakasyoueaLcom. Alessandra Sambiase is an elementary and middle school Italian language teacher in the Catholic school system and in the North End. She is also a cooking instructor and founder of "Parla come mangLr" (speak as you eat!) cooking classes, where the passion for the Italian language meets the love for the Italian food. * Massachusetts Education and Law Awards (Continued from Page 1) children, requiring defibril- lators in public schools, and strengthening the experi- ence requirements for young drivers. She plans to focus her efforts as Lieuten- ant Governor on topics such as homelessness, domestic violence, and empowering women. The public servants and scholarship recipients hon- ored during this event are shining examples of the hard work and achieve- ments characteristic of the Italian American commu- nity. We hope that we can provide a unique opportu- nity for the recognized stu- dents to witness and cel- ebrate the successes of ac- complished professionals, and for the Law and Justice awardees to meet and in- spire the best of the younger generation. For the attend- ees and their families, this event will be the most im- pressive that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has to offer, and will encourage future participation in the Sons of Italy. The Scholarship Commis- sion is currently in the pro- cess of choosing this year's recipients, who will be high- lighted individually in a fu- ture edition of the Sons of Italy News. For additional information or to purchase tickets, please visit our website's "Events" page at eventsor contact the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts at 617-489-5234.