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May 4, 2012     Post-Gazette
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May 4, 2012

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Page12 POST-GAZETTE, MAY 4, 2012 Ray Barron's 11 O'CLOCK NEW5 The controversial must-read! Within a generation, more households will be finan- cially supported by women than men. So read the introduction to a new book: The Richer Sex, by Liza Mundy, How the new majority of female breadwinners are transforming sex. love and family. In brief, in The Richer Sex, Liza Mundy takes us to the exciting frontier of this new economic order: she shows us why this flip is inevitable, what painful adjustments will have to be made along the way and how both men and women will ultimately feel liberated in the end. So read part of a full-page advertisement in Publisher's Weekly. According to Steve Coil, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and presi- dent of the New American Foundation, the book is "A visionary, optimistic, inspiring book about the future of gender relations in America. Mundy writes with verve, rigor and a keen sense for the unexpected. This is a rare book about the future that not only tells you where we're headed but why we should want to arrive." Wait7 Another book you should read is The Marriage Story: A Timeless Tale About Stay- ing in Love, by Dennis Edward Green, Boule- vard Press. The 80 page book offers a par- able about a couple's lifelong challenge to stay in love while chasing the American dream. Ah, marriage! You have only to mumble a few words in church to get married and a few in your sleep to get divorced. The lovely Christina Quinlan of Windham, New Hampshire, says. "Many divorces are caused by the marriage of two people who arein love with themselves." The stunning Barbra D'Amico of Russo Imports offers some great advice about mar- riage. "Before criticizing your wife's faults, you must remember it may have been these very defects which prevented her from get- ting a better husband than the one she married." Some great advice on how to reduce your stress. Stress amplifies the production of free radicals, hampers the function of the immune system and has been linked with premature aging. Try stress-reduction tech- niques such as progressive relaxation, deep breathing, visualization or meditation. Laugh. Researchers at UCLA are currently studying the ability of humor to blunt stress- induced physiological changes. Laughter also releases the body's natural opiates into the bloodstream, dulling pain and improv- ing mood. Exercise regularly. Moderate ex- ercise increases the body's production of antioxidant substances and mildly boosts immune function. Try to fit in three or more workouts per week. Men undergoing treat- ment for cancer or BPH may be better off sticking with very gentle exercises like yoga, tai chi or chi kung. Hey! Smile, when your heart is aching! There's a face-lift you can perform yourself that is guaranteed to improve your appear- ance. It is called a smile. Just remember, it takes twenty-six muscles to smile and sixty-two muscles to frown. Why not make it easy on yourself?. Some corny jokes! I went to a bank the other day ... I asked the banker to check my balance. So he pushed me! What would you call it when an Italian has one arm shorter than the other? A speech impedi- ment. What's an Irishman's idea of a seven- course meal? A six pack and a potato. Unbelievable! Frustrated patients in China have taken to murdering their doc- tors, said Kai Yue. At least 10 doctors were killed last year, and another was stabbed to death in a northern hospital just last month. Some have taken to traveling with body- guards. What has driven so many patients to snap? The answer lies partly in our bro- ken medical system, in which waiting times to see providers are inexcusably long and treatment is expensive. To cash in, doctors have developed a habit of over-prescribing the priciest medications and now, "any pre- scription arouses questions by patients sus- picious that the doctor might be scamming them." Among those who endure long waits "n-d -high costa "and-still -dn't-geI "bgtter,-ilfs" no wonder some start to feel desper- ate. O O O Carlo  J Scostumato claims some doctors tell their patients the bad news man-to-man; others prefer to send the bill by mail. Bella Culo of Chestnut Hill claims the sur- geon wears a mask while performing an operation so that if he makes a mess of it the patient won't know who did it. Giuseppina. cosce storte, says, "A doctor recently gave one of his male patients only six months to live. When the guy didn't pay his bill, the doctor gave him another six months." Whether you like it or not! The U.S. just experienced the warmest start to a year since records began, in 1895. Temperatures in the lower 48 states were a record shat- tering 8.6 degrees above normal for March, and 6 degrees higher than average for the first three months. Mona-Lisa Cappuccio of East Boston claims "the only person who's constantly wrong and still keeps his job is the weatherman." Mother Superior Frances Fitzgerald, says, "The weatherman's reports would often be more accurate if he would only stick his head out of the window." Gee. we miss see- ing the attractive Mother Superior gra- ciously strolling along Hanover Street in the North End. Moron! Ted Nugent, the rock 'n' roller turned gun enthusiast, who said during the NRA convention that President Obama is like a coyote that deserves to be shot. add- ing that if Obama is re-elected. "I will ei- ther be dead or in a jail next year." The Se- cret Service said it would be asking Nugent for clarification. Guess you heard enough about the Secret Service and the puttane. It's no secret; some men have their brains between their legs Be alert! Burglars. after a poll found that 27 percent of Americans who keep sizable amounts of cash in their homes hide it in their freezers. Eleven percent prefer to stash the cash under their mattresses. Spooky! A New Jersey couple is suing their landlord, claiming their rented house is haunted. Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan say they and their children have heard slamming doors, disembodied whis- pering and the sound of someone ... or some- thing ... moving around in the basement. The landlord says they are just trying to get out of their lease, but Chinchilla says the house is so terrifying that "they should burn it down." For you hockey buffs! In 1980, U.S. Olym- pic ice hockey captain, Mike Eruzione, fires off a 30-foot shot into the nets giving the U.S.A. a shocking upset over the Russians at Lake Placid. "The Miracle on Ice," brings a gold medal for Eruzione and, his team. Time for some show biz reminiscing with the stately musicologist Albert Natale. The first song recorded by Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey band was called "The Sky Fell Down." Singer Frankie Laine's father wanted Frankie to become a pharmacist or an architect. Harry James played drums before he began playing the trumpet. Glenn Miller's success was predicated principally on his own arrangements, though after com- mercial interests began taking so much of his time, he turned over most of his writing chores to Bill Finnegan, Billy May and Gennaro Graziano better known as Jerry Gray. It was Duke Ellington who coined the phrase, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." Among the nicknames for Frank Sinatra over his long career: "The Voice," "The Swooner," "King of the Rat Pack," "Chairman of the Board," and "Ole Blue Eyes." And singer/actress Doris Day's original aspirations were to be a dancer. She studied dancing in Hollywood, but turned to singing after suffering a broken leg at age 14 as result of an automobile accident. AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME Recipes from the Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED STUFFED CABANBLLE PEPPERS Elongated Green Peppers 4 CabaneUe peppers (long 2 teaspoons capers in light green peppers) vinegar/water 1/3 cup flavored bread crumbs Vegetable oil spray With a paring knife, cut around the edge of the pepper stem to remove the stem and seed pod from each pepper. Wash peppers, dry, outside of each and set aside. In a bowl. mix bread crumbs, capers and a little of the liquid from the bottle. With a paper towel, rub a little oil over skin of pep- pers. Place three teaspoons of breadcrumb mixture in each pepper. Peppers will not be completely filled. Spray a broil- ing tray with oil, Place peppers in center of tray. Turn your oven on to broil and place tray with peppers on the correct shelf for broiling. Peppers should he about two inches from heat. The outer skin of the pepper sears but should not burn, though a portion may blacken. Keep checking and turning until all sides have been seared, This only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. Remove from broiler oven. cover and set aside. It is best to broil these peppers just before serving. If broiled in advance, they can be warmed up in the microwave oven. These can be fried in a skillet with a little olive oil. but the flavor may be different. NOTE: MaryAnn (Summa) Trodella, a childhood _friend, treated my husband and me to these delicious peppers many years ago. She learned to prepare these from her mother-in- law who had immigrated to this country from Italy with her husband during the early nineteen hundreds, Vita can be reached at vos @comcast. net Thinking Out Loud (Continued from Page 4) younger days. I developed a great sense of humor which gets me through those hard times we all suf- fer. Along the way. I ended up doing aradio show over in Allston-Brighton and played drums in a rock and roll band. too. I am looking forward to my 40 *h anniversary as a college student from Boston State College. A working class blue collar school where students worked hard all the time. We valued our education and we were neighborhood kids too. Many of us were the first generation college students in our family's history. In case you graduated from Boston State College with the Class of '72, you should know there is a reunion weekend planned June 1-3. This will be a time to renew old friendships and a time to remember our younger days and endless tests to take. One of my pro- fessors gave his class extra credit if we volunteered to help him in his race against U.S. Rep. Michael Harrington up in the 6 th district. Or watch the Johnny Cash Show on a regular basis. Those were good yet somewhat crazy-at-times times. If you are interested in attending, call the 1972 Reunion Planning Commit- tee and ask for Casey Gavin at 617-287-5344 or email him at Go Bo State! "IF YOU SEE SOMEONE WITHOUT A SMILE, GIVE THEM ONE OF YOURS." -- Dolly Parton Best Little Whorehouse in Texas i Perch \\;T,*. O,LAX)O [NOPOU 1st Generation Italian-American Vita Orlando Sinopoli Shares with us a delightful recollection of her memories as a child growing up in Boston's "Little Italy" and a collection of Italian family recipes from the homeland. Great as Gifts FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM and in local bookstores -- ask for Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 1SBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN