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May 6, 2011     Post-Gazette
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May 6, 2011

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Page 4 POST-GAZETTE, MAY 6,2011 peaking Ben Doherty PROFITS With two-thirds of all S&P500 stocks reporting higher revenues, all are on pace to earn 17.5% as firm's pass along higher costs and prices. Reviews are on track to gain 8%. Materials and energy stocks led the way as they keep their margins high. Materials led to a 34% gain and as the recession falls further, financials are on a fiat curve, and materi- als growing at a 32.9% gain. S&P techs are on a path to earn 34.6% gains. Good Year Tire, Wal-Mart has done well but consumers are getting sick of being frugal. Two years is a long time to not refresh your wardrobe. Shares of both firms fell on Friday. The dollar falls and hit a three-year low. China's Yuan broke the $6.50 dollar level. Caterpillar's moving and equipment unit's earn- ings shot up topped views by .54 to $13.05 billion. It raised its full year net to $5.25-6.75/share. Caterpil- lar raised its full year EPS to $6.25-6.5/share. Shares rose 2.5% pending rising 6% in March, the 9th straight rise. Shares rose 2.5%. The ISM-Chicago regional ON TRACK FOR A 17.5% GAIN manufacturing fell three percent in April. The job gauge fell 1.9% to 63.7% and new orders fell 3% in April, 6.2% and new orders fell and sank. The national ISM manufacturing due out Mon- day is seen edging downward to 59.7%. The NYSE rose .6% and the S&P500 rose .2% and NASDAQ. In many cases big cap names such as Apple, Netflix, Baidu and Priceline did well! Occidental Petro- leum leapt almost 9% in high volume up 8% past its 106 buy points. The DJll ended up 4% in April, the best month since December. Monster Worldwide, the job search site expects 2nd quar- ter earnings as low as .6/ share, below the .9C/share estimated by analysts. The first quarter was break even or a per share basis and .20 last year. First quarter re- suits include costs related to the acquisition of Hot Jobs. For 2011, earnings could be .38-.48/share. Universal Health Services jumped 87.04 to $34.78 and Carpen- try Technologies rose $6.18/ share to $51.28/share and Good Year Tire and Rubber rose up $2.39/share to $18.15/share. Osh Kosh Corp. fell $3.29 to $31.66 and Sun Power & Corp., escalated to $21.68/share up $5.70/ share. European oil producer Total SA agreed to purchase 60% of Sun Power, the sec- ond largest U.S. solar panel maker, and a friendly take- over , subject to approval by both boards. Chevron gains that rose 31% in the 1st quar- ter topping analysts forecast of .9C/share. Higher oil prices around the globe holstered resu}ts. Trans Canada shares rose 30% to $450 million above esti- mates. Revenue rose 30% topping forecasts. Merck posts strong earnings as the earnings rose 11% to $11.58 billion over forecasts. Its earnings of $3.6 billion the low end of its forecast or $3.66/share. Bernanke has said the economy is still weak with unemployment and high oil prices and a weak housing market. The economy grew at 1.8% down from 3.1%. U.S. Treasury 10 Year Notes sold at 3.29% down .2 ticks. It's time to call your financial advisor or call me at 61 7-261-7777. Saint Catherine of Siena Doctor of the Church by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Caterina Benincasa was born in Siena, Italy, in 1347. Her father Giacomo di Benin- casa, was a cloth dyer, her mother, Lapa Piagenti, was the daughter of a local poet. At the time of her birth the Black Death struck the area; Siena was badly ravaged. From her earliest childhood Caterina began to see visions and practiced self-denial. At the age of seven she conse- crated herself to Christ; at sixteen she took the habit of the Dominican Tertiaries, In 1374, during the great pestilence, she devoted her- self to the care of the sick. Later she began traveling throughout northern and central Italy advocating reform of the clergy advising people that repentance and renewal could be accom- plished through "the total love for God." Travel was not the only way in which Caterina made her views known. In the early 1370s, she began writing let- ters to people in authority as she begged for peace between the republics and principali- ties of Italy. She carried on a long correspondence with Pope Gregory XI exhorting him to contribute, by all possible means, to bringing about peace in Italy and pleading for the return of the Papacy from Avignon to Rome. Through her influ- ence, Gregory returned to Rome, in 1377, despite the opposition of the French king. The works of St. Catherine of Siena rank among the clas- The Agency for all your Insurance Coverages AUTO HOMEOWNERS TENANTS COMMERCIAL Experience makes the difference- SPECIALIST in RESTAURANT and BUSINESS POLICIES CALL TODAY FOR YOUR QUOTE 617-523-3456 - Fax 617-723-9212 1 Longfellow - Place Suite 2322 - Boston, MA 02114 Conveniently located with Free Parking sics of the Italian langu- age, written in the beautiful Tuscan vernacular of the fourteenth century. Her writ- ings consist of the "Dialogue," or "Treatise on Divine Provi- dence," a collection of nearly four hundred letters; and a series of prayers St. Catherine died in Rome in the spring of 1380, at the age of thirty-three, she was canonized by Pope Pius II in 1461, her feast is celebrated on April 29th. Saint Catherine has long been regarded as one of the finest theological minds in the Church, as evidenced in her outstanding work, Dia- logue: 1970 Pope Paul VI de- clared her a Doctor of the Church. She is one of the two patron saints of Italy, together with Saint Francis of Assisi. Rapino Memorial Home 9 Chelsea St., East Boston 617-567-1380 Kirby-Rapino Memorial Home 917 Bennington St. East Boston 617-569-0305 Dino C. Manca Funeral Director A Family Service Affiliate of AFFS/Servce Corp. Int'l 206 Winter St. * Fall River, MA 02720 508-676-2454 by Sal Giarratani / I Was a Coca-Cola Conservative The Coca-Cola Company has a new motto and website. The pause that used to be the real thing and quite re- freshing is now living pos- itively and can be reached at I think I always lived positively because like TWA, it was the only way to fly 40 years ago. Back in my younger college days, I hooked up with the Young Americans for Free- dom on campus. This group was founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., in 1960. Young college conservatives were going toe to toe with the radi- cal SDS on campus. The spirit of debate 40 years ago was pretty spirited to say the least. I met both a young Dan Rea who now hosts a nightly talk show on WBZ radio and Don Feder who wrote a great col- umn in the Boston Herald for many years. Dan was a real conservative and Feder a lib- ertarian. Back then while YAF countered the SDS dia- tribe across the country's campuses, conservatives had its own internal war between so-called traditionalists and libertarians. I felt caught in the middle of all this ideology. I was a social conservative but hardly libertarian. My be- liefs were ideological but merely practical. Back when I was 16 years old and a junior at Boston En- glish High School, I supported Lyndon Johnson and not Barry Goldwater. I liked what the U.S. senator from Arizona was saying on the Vietnam War but not much else. He lost badly that year because apparently lots of pretty con- servative voters like my dad decided to stick with Presi- dent Johnson then take a chance with the ideological package offered by the Repub- licans that year. However, in the middle of that campaign, the future of conservatism was show- cased in the person of Ronald Reagan. Recently, I read the recent obituary of William Rusher, conservative writer and longtime National Review publisher.:~in 1964, he and F. Clifton White master- minded the Goldwater cam- paign and started the move in turning conservative from an idea into a movement. Rusher was one of the early movement leaders who quickly saw the potential of Ronald Reagan as the face of the new conservative move- ment. In 1976, Rusher at- tempted to get Reagan to run as a third party candidate against Jimmy Carter and Gerry Ford, but Reagan turned down the offer. Four years later, he ran for presi- dent as the Republican candidate and won by a landslide over Carter and began the rise of the con- servative movement within the Republican Party. Total failure in 1964 turned into total success in 1980 as America began moving right- ward. As a social conservative, I have referred to myself as a Reagan Democrat for over 30 years now. I could identify with Reagan's conservatism since it was neither whacko right wing nor intellectually dis- tant. I liked listening to Buckley and Rusher speak, which I did often, but grasp- ing what they were saying was difficult work. Reagan, on the other hand, would always cut to the chase and speak clearly and directly to the issues at hand. Ronald Reagan was the founder of the mod- ern conservative movement. Buckley and Rusher could provide the thought, but it was Reagan who translated it all for the American people. Without Reagan, the liberals might still be gloating over themselves. The Tea Party movement shows a direct link to Reagan's brand of leadership. It is down to earth, speaking directly to the ills of today's troubles. Reagan is its patron in both style and substance. Republicans once again seem at its tipping point. The Obama White House should be enough to turn all of us looking backward to the spirit of 1980. President Obama and his Democratic cohorts up on Capitol Hill seem hell-bent on making our government both bigger and more intru- sive than ever in U.S. his- tory. To date, the Republicans appear to have little chance of unlocking the grip Obama has in the Electoral College. The strongest candidate is Mitt Romney who is any kind of conservative and Donald Trump who is hardly any kind of politician. No wonder Obama is always smiling. There isn't a Reagan any- where on the horizon, is there? I say, all of us "Coca-Cola" voters out there getting hurt by liberals in Washington, forcing us to pay more at the pumps, more at the super- markets, more in taxes and more for our kids going to col- lege need to stand up and say, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore, like the guy that played in that old movie "Network." The liberal intellects try and make the Tea Party folks look like a bunch of racists and ignorant Archie Bunker types, but folks who like lots of tea in their politics could be collectively the next Ronald Reagan providing the leadership needed from the grassroots up. Time will tell. Just stay tuned and see for yourselves. Bottom line, like Coca-Cola says, "Live positively." Live positively and know that we are the government. It will be as good as we want it and as bad as we allow it. We have a choice. Remember, 2012 is around the corner. Positively get involved in making our government as good as its people! Ilil , J .... , !:t JL, III liLllll kr i