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May 11, 2012     Post-Gazette
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May 11, 2012

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Page 14 ..... P'O;T-G.EI'TE, MA'11,2012 "" tW if It Ain't Broke (Continued from Page 2) number is 100 fold. They all seem to survive the way things are now. However, one place that could use a good rehab is The Prado around for about 80 years. It needs a "This Old Urban Park" TV crew from Channel 2 over there. Yes, I know we just partici- pated in "Shine," it still would be nice for them to come. When my father was young, he was glad when the Prado was put forward by Mayor James Michael Curley but over time this urban park has come to look quite worn and in need of some treatment before it looks even worse. Tourists leave Boston wondering why this park looks so shabby. It shouldn't and not just for tourists but for the neighbor- hood residents too. Yes, I am repeating myself, once again on this matter. LEGAL NOTICE MASSACHUSETrS PORT AUTHORITY NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS The MASSACHUSEI-rS PORT AUTHORITY (Authority) is soliciting profeional consulting services for MPA CONTRACT NO. A302-D1, FY13-15 ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING SERVICES. The Authority is seeking a multi-disciplinary firm or team to provide professional services with an emphasis on architectural design. The Consultant shall demonstrate expertise in the following disciplines including but not limited to architecture, civil, structural, HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, electrical, security systems, building control systems, building codes, vertical transportation, specifications, cost estimating, geotechnical, marine engineering, landscape architecture and sustainable design. The Consultant shall demonstrate its ability to manage costs effectively and shall be experienced in providing similar services on an on-call, as needed basis. The Consultant must be work closely with the Authority and other interested parties in order to provide such services in a timely and effective manner. The projects may range from small and simple to relatively large and complex. The scope of work may include new construction, alterations or additions to various facilities such as airline terminals, maintenance facilities, garages, sheds, warehouses, electrical substations, pump houses, elevators, escalators, waterfront fenders and piers, and security systems. Services may include but shall not be limited to conceptual or schematic drawings and outline specifications, design development or construction drawings and specifications, construction services, resident inspection services, cost estimates and analyses, investigations, reports, value engineering, and energy audits. The Authority expects to select two consultants. However, the Authority reserves the right to select a different number if it is deemed in its best interest to do so. Each consultant shall be issued a contract in an amount not to exceed $1,000,000. The services shall be authorized on a work order basis. Each submission shall include a Statement of Qualifications that provides detailed information in response to the evaluation criteria set forth below and include Architect/Engineer & Related Services questionnaires SF 330 with the appropriate number of Part IIs. W/M/DBE Certification of the prime and subconsuitants shall be current at the time of submittal and the Consultant shall provide a copy of the W/M/DBE certification letter from the Supplier Diversity Office within its submittal. The Consultant shal also provide litigation and legal proceedings information, signed under the pains and penalties of perjury, in a separate sealed envelope entitled "Litigation and Legal Proceedings". See www. massport.corn/ doing-business/Pages/CapitalProgramsResourceCenter.aspx for more details on litigation and legal proceedings history submittal requirements. In order to be eligible for selection, all aspects of Section 38A1/2, Chapter 7 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall be satisfied including the majority of the firm's Board of Directors or ownership shall be registered in the CommOnwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with the applicable provisions Of the statute. Consultants shall furnish professional registration status of the firm's board of directors or owriership. All individuals responsible for technical disciplines shall, upon commencement of the project, be registered Architects or Engineers, in that discipline, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The submission shall be evaluated on basis of: (1) current relevant experience on projects of similar complexity, (2) experience and geographic location of the Project Manager and eperience of other key personnel to be assigned to the project, (3) experience and expertise of sub consultants, (4) familiarity with MGL, including filed sub-bid experience, (5) cost rfianagement capabilities, (6) M/W/ DBE and affirmative action effortsl (7) familiarity with this type of assignment and a demonstrated ability to respond in a timely manner, (8) current level of work with the Authorityl (9) past performance for the Authority, if. any, (10) experience with sustainable design, and (11) lit!gation and legal proceedings history. The selection shall involve a two-step process, including the shortlisting of a minimum of three finns based on an evaluation of the Statements of Qualifications received in response to this solicitation, followed immediately by a final selection. The Authority reserves the right to interview the firms prior to final selection if deemed appropriate. By responding to this solicitation, consultants agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Authorify's standard agreement, which can be found on the Authority's web page at www.massport.cem. The exception to this standard agreement is the insurance requirement of $1,000,000 of commercial general liability. The Consultant shall specify in its cover letter that it has the ability to obtain requisite insurance coverage. Submissions shall be printed on both sides of the sheet (8 1/2" x 11"). Fifteen (15) copies of a bound document and one PDF version on a disc each limited to: 1) an SF 330 including the appropriate number of Part IIs, 2) no more than 5 sheets (10 pages) of information contained under SF 330 Section H addressing the evaluation items (except for the litigation and legal proceedings history), and 3) no more than 3 sheets (5 pages) of other relevant material not including a 3 page (max.) cover letter, covers, and dividers shall be addressed to Houssam H. Sleiman, P.E., CCM, Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs and received no later than 12:00 Noon on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at the Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan Office Center, Capital Programs Department, One Harborside Drive, Suite 209S, East Boston, MA 02128 Any submission that exceeds the page limit set here or that is not received by the Capital Programs Departn ent in a timely manner shall be rejected by the Authority as non-responsive. Any information provide o the Authority in any Proposal or other written or oral communication between the Proposer and the Authority will not be, or deemed to have been, proprietary or confidential, although the Authority will use reasonable efforts not to disclose such information to persons who are not employees or consultants retained by the Authority except as may be required by M.G.L.c.66. All questions relative to your submission shall be directed only to Catherine Wetherell, Deputy Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs at (617) 568-3501. MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY DAVID S. MACKEY INTERIM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 05/11/12 News Briefs (Continued from Page I) Silly Talk That MSNBC loves to Hear Recently, U.S. Rep. Allen West, (R-FL) went on MSNBC and said that there were be- tween 78-81 members of the Democratic Party inside the US House he considered to be communists. When I heard his comments I thought the left would go after him and they did. West considers any- one who calls themselves progressive to be nothing but Marxist and that's his opin- iorl. However, it doesn't help when conservatives call their opponents commies. However, other comments by West were right on target. Like him, I believe we live in a constitutional republic but apparently there are many others across the country and unfortunately on Capitol Hill and inside the Oval Office, who it ap- pears, would like to see Annerica turn into a bank- rupted European socialist country like Greece. If you Start sounding like the late U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy, (R-WI) with all the name call- ing, nobody hears all the other good stuff you say. What Does He Do? Recently, when asked about a law enforcement raid in several Bay State cit- ies investigating EBT law breaking, the governor said he was never informed of the plans for the raids or the raids itself. The Boston Her- a/d ran a great cartoon after Gov. Patrick said: the Her- ald does what it does, law en- forcement does what it does and I do what I do. However, as the cartoon implies, the governor never exactly said what he does. Except we all eyes. Beating Obama means taking on all that big govern- ment entitlement mindset, not running as Obama-lite. Chief Warren -- 1/32 Cherokee? Sad that the Warren cam- paign had to waste so much time on such a bogus lin- eage hunt to prove she's a drop of Cherokee Nation. My father once told me the oral history of my family's roots, passed down to him from his mother, says the Giarratani family originally settled in Sicily from southern France. There's no proof to say it is a fact. Even if it were backed up by real information, I still wouldn't call myself a Frenchman. My roots are Sicilian on my father's side. Elizabeth Warren is not a minority, nor should she ever have allegedly used any race card. She's a white gal from the plains of Oklahoma who is now a rich white gal from Harvard University and the Peoples Republic of Cam- bridge. The only place she is actually a minority is back home in Oklahoma where she must have been the most liberal female in the Red State's history. She can be a fake Indian if she wants but no one will elect a faker to the U.S. Senate. No Change for North Carolina? Recently, President Obama took another trip to another college campus to kiss up to more Millennium voters come November. Speaking to University of North Caro- lina students, he failed to mention one word about a state ballot Amendment. One which would not only ban same-sex marriage but civil unions too. Also, when speaking with Rolling Stone, he denied he ever said he would step back from federal involvement in state medi- cal marijuana laws. Said the Big Zero, "I never made a commitment (to do any such thing) because it's against federal law." However, when he was running for office back in 2008 he said, "I'm not going to be using Justice Depart- ment resources to try to cir- cumvent state laws on this issue." President Obama must be getting a bit ner- vous over this fall's election. He kisses up to young col- lege students and at the same time appears trying hard not to stir up more con- servative North Carolina vot- ers who might be tempted to switch over to the COP side of the ballot. Chief Jay Strongbow is Probably More Native American Than Her Whether or not Elizabeth Warren is Native American, is unimportant to this writer. Anyone can call themselves whatever they wish. Back in the day, no one wanted to be identified as an "Indian" not even if you were just bucking up for sides in "Cowboys and Indi- ans." Playing an "Indian" was almost as bad as playing a "Nazi" in a game of World War II. Seriously, who considers poor "Okie from Harvard Square" a minority? Maybe, back home in Oklahoma she's a minority for her looney left politics but not here in the Bay State. know about those campaign flights raising money around the country for President Obama's re-election bid. It Didn't Take Mitt Long, Did It? Already we are seeing pre- sumed Republican presiden- tial nominee Mitt Romney quickly moving to the cen- ter of the political spectrum and basically running the same campaign that McCain and Dole did previously. When a Republican attempts to out-center a Democratic nominee, America gets a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Why settle for anything less than the real thing. A con- servative running mate like U.S .Sen. Marco Rubio, (R- FL) won't hold the conserva- tive majority together any- more than it can guarantee a good Latino share of the vote in November. Primary voters were looking for the most electable and conser- vative nominee to face up to President Obama. Republi- cans need to hold its conser- vative base and not take it for granted as McCain and Dole appeared to have done previously. Some of Romney's latest hires appear to be outside the conservative base. Ap- parently Romney has de- cided the way to beat the in- cumbent is to be a centrist. If that's the strategy, it could be a losing one on Election Day. Lately, Obama has been touting Ronald Reagan more than Romney and that's a big problem in my LEGAL NOTICE MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS The MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from TRADE CONTRACTORS interested in performing work for MPA PROJECT NO. Ll177-C2-1, CBIS RECAPITALIZATION/OPTIMIZATION, LOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, EAST BOSTON, MA. The Authority is seeking Qualification Statements from HVAC Trade Contractors who have a demonstrated experience in the construction and implementation of similar work in terms of scale and complexity as required for this project at Logan Airport in East Boston. In accordance with Massachusetts construction manager at-risk requirements, MGL Chapter 149A, Section 44F, Qualification Statements are being requested at this time from the HVAC trade contractors. In 2002, in-line Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS) were installed and commissioned at various locations in Terminals B, C and E at Logan International Airport. Terminal A was subsequently constructed with an entirely new baggage handling system that also included an in-line CBIS. While these systems were state-of-the-art at the time, they were designed well before the adoption of the Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS) by the Transportation Security Administration (ISA) in 2009, Under the proposed project, the Authority is proposing to make improvements to the CBISs at Logan International Airport. The scope of work on the Project involves construction activities in all of the Terminals at Logan International Airport. Extensive interaction and coordination with the TSA and the airlines will be required. Construction of the Project will commence in the spring of 2012. The work wilt be completed in a minimum of five phases. The work on the last of the phases will be completed on or before April of 2014. The proposed work includes the demolition of existing duct work, diffusers and associated HVAC infrastructure in an existing "office area. The work shall also include but not be limited to the construction of new HVAC ducts and diffusers, the installation of VAV boxes with associated controls and the installation of a split sysiem to provide supplemental cooling in a telecom closet. The estimated value of work to be performed by the HVAC trade contractors is $70,000. The Authority is implemeoting this project in accordance with MGL Chapter 149A, Sections 1 thru 13. This selection of trade contractors conforms to MGL Chapter 149A, Section 8, subsections (b) to (k) inclusive. This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be utilized to prequalify trade contractors capable and experienced in the construction of parking structures. The Authority shall utilize a two-step process including the prequalification of trade contractors based on an evaluation of the Statement of Qualifications received in response to this solicitation, followed by an Invitation to Bidders that will only be issued to .the prequalitied trade contractors. A Prequalitication Committee consisting of four representatives, one each from the Designer and the CM at Risk and two Massport staff. This Prequalification Committee will be conducting a qualifications-based evaluation of submittals received from interested trade contractors in order to identify prequalitied trade contractors who will be invited to respond to a written Invitation to Bidders. Qualification Statements shall be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria; (1) Management Experience; (2) Project References including a Public Project Record and (3) Capacity to Complete including a demonstration that the contractor has the financial stability and long-term viability to successfully implement the Project. Please contact Susan Brace at or 617.568.5961 to obtain copies of the submittal forms. Seven (7) copies of a bound document each limited to 20 sheets (40 pages), exclusive of covers and dividers and resumes, which shall be limited to one page, shall be printed on both sides of the sheet (8 Y2" x 11") and shall be addressed to Mr. Houssam H. Sleiman, P.E., CCM, Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs, and received no later than 12 Noon, Thursday, June 7, 2012, at the Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Drive, Suite 209S, Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA 02128-2909. Any submittal that exceeds the page limit set here or that is not received in the Capital Programs Department by the above deadline shall be rejected as non-responsive. Questions regarding this RFQ shall be directed to Ms. Catherine Wetherell, Deputy Director, Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs, at 617-568-3501 or via email at MASSACHUSETrS PORT AUTHORITY DAVID S. MACKEY INTERIM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 05/11/12