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May 25, 2012     Post-Gazette
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May 25, 2012

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Page 6 POST-GAZETTE, MAY 25, 2012 Saint Anthony of Padua Festivity LEGAL Interest by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Saint Leonard Parish is blessed with two patron saints, officially, Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, the great Franciscan orator and teacher of the late seven- teenth century for whom the parish derives its name and unofficially, Saint Anthony of Padua, the beloved Franciscan teacher, orator and miracle worker of the late twelfth century, who seems to be everyone's fa- vorite saint. To both commemorate the life of Saint Anthony, whose feast we celebrate on June 13 th. Saint Leonard Parish prepares a series of events that begins with a spaghetti supper and customarily ends with the distribution of blessed bread and oil. The festivities open this year on June 2, with the 37 th annual spaghetti supper, a favorite event of parish- ioners and friends of the par- ish. The spaghetti supper this year, for the first time, will feature regional sauces such as Bolognese, Marinara and Amatriciana served with meatballs, a delicious salad and for dessert, coffee and cake. The supper begins at 5:00 pm and continues as tradition dictates until the food runs out. Donation 812.00 per person. At 2:00 pm on June I0 th, following the 12:00 No,on Mass at Saint Leonard Church, a procession will take place through the streets of the North End with the statue of Saint Anthony. The North End Marching Band will accom- pany the statue. The Blessing of the Children will take place in Saint Leonard Church af- ter the procession at 5:00 pm. On June 12 th, at 7:00 pm a special Mass will be cel- ebrated at Sacred Heart Church in honor of Saint An- thony, the relic of the saint will be exposed at 5:00 pm. On Wednesday June 13 th the distribution of blessed Saint Anthony's bread and oil will take place through- out the day in Saint Leonard Church. All are invited to join in the celebration and festivities of the Saint who has become, in so many ways, synony- mous with the North End. In Loving Memory of My Wife 8mrna and Son R/chard from Angelo DiFrummolo DIVORCE * CRIMINAL * 230 MSGR. O'BRIEN HIGHWAY LAW OFFICES OF FRANK J. C00ANO GENERAL PRACTICE OF LAW WILLS ESTATE PLANNING . TRUSTS PERSONAL INJURY * WORKERS COMP. 617-354-9400 Si Parla Italiano CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 02141 In Occasione de166 mo Anniversario della Festa Nazionale della Repubblica Italiana Bocce Tournament Sunday, Hay 27 -- 10:00 am to 6:00 prn Langone Park (North End) - Boston "Piazza Italia" Sunday, June 3 --10:00 am to 8:00 pm Christopher Columbus Park, Long Wharf, Boston A reproduction of a typical Italian Piazza Various Exhibits Childre's Area Entertainment. Popular, Modern & Classical Music Italian Cafe Concert at 6:30 pm featuring Moreno Fruzzetti Canta rltalia nel Hondo Moreno Fruzzetti All the Events are Free to the Public David J. Saliba Attorney at Law Is it unlawful to give the middle finger to a Police Officer and shout F. You to the Police Office? ROBERT O'BRIEN vs. ALAN BOROWSKI SJC-10866 Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts 461 Mass. 415; 961 N.E. 2d 547; November 7, 2011, Argued January 31, 2012, Decided Background. Borowoski is a police officer with the Northampton police depart- ment, who knew O'Brien be- fore he became a police of- ficer thirteen years ago. He had "charged [O'Brien] with a crime" in 2006 and knew O'Brien to be "a fighter." On the evening of May 15, 2010, Borowski entered a bar with his girlfriend, saw O'Brien inside and decided immediately to leave. After Borowski left the bar, O'Brien followed him out of the bar, yelled Borowski's name and when Borowski turned to look at him, raised both of his middle fingers in the air and said "F. You." On the afternoon of Aug- ust 8, 2010, Borowski was at his home moving his truck from the driveway when he saw O'Brien in the front pas- senger seat of a truck trav- eling past his house. As the truck drove past the house, O'Brien put his hand outside the window and again "flipped [him] off" with his middle fin- ger. After Borowski got out of his truck, the truck O'Brien was traveling in stopped in the middle of the street ap- proximately seventy-five yards from Borowski's house, remained there for several seconds and drove off. Approximately ninety min- utes later, Borowski was standing on his deck when he heard a horn sound in front of his house. He saw O'Brien lean forward in the passenger seat of the truck and again extend his middle finger in the air; the driver then drove away. Borowski applied for a ha- rassment prevention order on August 23, 2010 and a temporary order issued. O'Brien also claims on ap- peal that the harassment prevention order against him constituted a prior restraint on speech. The Court Said: Both civil and criminal ha- rassment require proof of three or more acts of willful and malicious conduct aimed at a specific person. The definition of "[h]arass- ment" evolved from the crim- inal harassment statute which makes it a crime to "willfully and maliciously en- gaged[] in a knowing pattern of conduct or series of acts over a period of time directed at a specific person, which seriously alarms that person and would cause a reason- able person to suffer substan- tial emotional distress. We now turn to O'Brien's claim that the act was un- constitutionally applied to him because the finding of harassment was based on his raising of his middle fin- ger, which is constitutionally protected speech. We recog- nize that the raising of the middle finger as a form of in- suit has a long, if not illus- trious, history dating back to ancient Greece. The Middle Finger and the Law, like its verbal counterpart, when it is used to express contempt, anger, or protest, it is a form of expression protected by the First Amendment. (passen- ger yelling "F. You" and ex- tending middle finger while passing a group of protestors entitled to First Amendment protection). What this case says is that if you do it once it is free speech. If you do it three times or more and it intimi- dates the person to whom it is directed it is a crime. ACROSS CROSSWORD PUZZLE Movie Quotes 1. Balanced ride 6. Mythical giant bird 9. Iranian monarch 13. Her face "launched a thousand ships" 14. Lawyer group 15. Abu __, United Arab Emirates 16. It describes the siege of Troy 17. *"Thank you __, may I have another." 18. Churns 19. *'Tin ready for my ." 21. Whitman's craft 23 .... -been 24. Italian money 25. An NBA game can never end with this 28. Bumpkin 30. Bald Eagle to Americans, e.g. 35. Party request 37. Crucifix 39. Outburst of firearms 40. 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