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June 3, 2016     Post-Gazette
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June 3, 2016

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PAGE 2 POST-GAZETTE, JUNE 3, 2016 Stirpe by Prof. Edmund Turiello Nostra A weekly columa highlighting some of the more interesting aspects of our ancestry.., our lineage.., our roots. CARCER Mamertine prison in the Roman Forum. This is where Apostles Peter and Paul were incarcerated. In Latin, =carceff' means pris- also of stone. The only means on, jail, or prisoner and is the of entrance was through a hole origin of the English word in- in the roof. carceration. =Capitalis" relates Prisoners were tightly bound to laws affecting a man's fife and lowered by ropes. Execu- or civil status. Capital punish- tioners descended by ladders, men~ can be simply defined either to chain the prisoners to as t~ death penalty. History the walls, or to execute them in is h tory, facts are facts, and the lower chamber -- the TUl- we ~ouldn't be led to believe lianum. Church legend tells us that~fll was peaches and cream that St. Peter and St. Paul were durifig =those good old days." imprisoned here during the Evidence of man's inhuman- time of Nero, and that a spring ity to man probably goes back miraculously started to flow in to the very beginning of time. order that St. Peter might bap- One early account tells of ~hJl- tize the other prisoners. lus Hostilius," the third of the =Cruciatus" or =cruciare" are legendary kings of Rome who the Latin expressions for tor- seized the Alban leader, Mettius, ture, torment, or to put to the had him stretched between two rack. "Crux refers to the cross four-horse chariots, and tom as an instrument of capital p~n- apart as the horses were driven ishment during ancient tirdes in opposite directions. Such is in eastern countries. Darius, the brutality that was common- an early king of Persia, boasted place among those ancients, that he had crucified the leader The oldest prison in Rome is of every rebellious group that said to be the one called =Mare- opposed him. Persons who had ertine,~ which in time became been executed by other means two dungeons, one above the were sometimes placed on a other. The upper one is the orig- cross after death as an indica- inal Mamertine, and was named tion of dishonor from the deed after its builder, AncusMarcius. which caused their demise. He was the fourth of the legend- Tarquinius Priscus, the first ary kings, supposedly a son EtruscanKingofRome, resorted of Mars, who was also called to this kind of disgraceful dis- Mamercus. The lower dungeon play of deceased bodies in an was constructed by the Etrus- attempt to stop the suicides of can king, Servius Tullius, from those persons who were driven whom the name ~ullianum~ is to despair in forced labor camps. derived. These are said to be It is said that execution by cruel- the oldest prisons in the world fixion was very common with the and are seen in modem times Carthaginians who were noted in their original severe naked- for the cruelty of their methods, ness. They are underground, and through them it was intro- about sixteen feet by twenty feet duced into Rome. in size, with stone wails and a NEXT ISSUE: primitive arched-type ceiling, The Roman Republic annua by July I wiliz llheServices Depaflment. To register, please visit the Housing Division, 1010 Massachusetts Ave. 5th floor, Boston, MA 02118 Or download the registralion form: http://b ly/isdrental 1 Save Hanover Street by Marie Simboli When is it all going to ask ourselves some questions, to direct traffic as it is, let alone stapP Think of all the issues What responsibility does a shop decide one-way or no-way for we have in the North End that owner take for their customers Hanover Street. need attention, and there are a lined up outside the door and I have heard this remark said chosen few that think CI,OSING around the comer, taking up the more than once, =If you don't DOWN HANOVER STREET is whole sidewalk so you can't get like it here, moveF Many North the hottest??? Really?? Will that by? Does the owner of the shop End residents have lived here address any of problems that decide to put one of his or her ALL their lives and they have RESIDENTS have been asking workers outside to form aline to no intention of moving. Why to be addressed for years?? the left or right of his or her pas- should they have to? Why can't Cross-walks need to be re- try shop's door and not crowd we work together to make the painted, cars DO NOT STOP. the sidewalk so that residents North End better? Not just for We have children and elderly in and tourists can get by? Some you, but for everyone, including the North End that walk these of the restaurant owners are not the residents. THINK BEFORE streets while cars continue not far behind with this situation- YOU MAKE CHANGES! to STOP, and race by without -lines out the door! It's not only I will say this, changes are any consideration that they are on Hanover Street, it also hap- made all the time without no- in a residential area. pens on Prince Street and Salem tifying the residents. Consider- Traffic lights on Cross and Street. Good for business, but a ation and concern about quality Hanover Street: one sign says pain in the you-know-what for of life should be ALL ABOUT WALK and the light tums green the rest of us. THE RESIDENTS. Business at the same time. It has been Closing down Hanover Streetowners and restaurant owners re.ported time and time again, is not the solution. I also un- close up shop, get in their cars PLEASE do something about derstand they want to widenand go home. They have no idea this comer! We have thousands the sidewalks like Newbury about the noise, the parties, the of tourists that walk that area Street. Is there a reason? Of fights, and people talking on as well as the residents. It's a course there is, so restaurant the sidewalk until 3 am. WHEN serious safety issue for every- owners can put out tables and DOES IT STOP?. Mayor Walsh, one. chairs and have customers eat I hope you read this article and Trash containers are con- outside. What a great idea, just try to understand how we North stanfly filled and the trash is like Italy! I don't know if Italy End residents feel. You are the everywhere. We never have has rodents, but we do and only one that can allow closing enough trash containers for plenty of them. So let's make of Hanover Street. Please work dog owners and we wonder why it easier for Mickey and his ex- with us so we can honestly say, the dog trash bags are all over tended family. They don't have "Thank you Mayor Walsh for the area? to go inside anymore; they can being there for the North End What about the paper cups, be just as happy sitting under residents." spoons, napkins and wrap- the table waiting for the food to Working together is the best pers that are thrown on the drop. Please, let's not make our way to make this over-crowded streets? Do any of the shops rodent problem any worse than situation work best for every- have containers near their it already isl one. We can call for a meeting- place of business to dispose of I have lived here all my life. -all residents, business owners, this trash? We have no control We never, ever had a rodentrestaurant owners, etc. Closing over our trash as it is, can the problem before the explosion down Hanover street is not the business owners at least take of restaurants in our neighbor- right answer. The North End is some responsibility? They are hood. We have so many restau- a genuine and special place. It is the ones benefitting, not the rants, they have taken over our not Newbury Street or New York residents. But we have to live streets. Again, closing Hanover City. It is a wonderful neighbor- with the mess their businesses Street is not for the residents, hood with a character that only cause. If the city won't step up, It is just another attack on our life-long North End residents why can't they? quality of life. can know, love and understand. Traffic and valet parking- One-way Hanover Street? We CAN find solutions to our -cars doubled parked to let Impossible! More congestion, problems that don't compro- customers out, blocking half of traffic, and horn-honking. And raise the beauty of what we have Hanover and other streets. The the side streets the North End here---a real neighborhood, not spaces in front of restaurants will be overwhelmed with traffic, just a business district. are supposed to be used for We can't even get a police OfficerCan we talk? dropping customers off so they can pull off the street and not block traffic. They are not for valets to park vehicles in. This is the law. why is it being not enforced? And where are these cars being parked? I hope not in residential spots if parking lots are filled. Speaking of our streets, we also need more lighting or new lights on Prince Street and many other residential side streets. These are problems that cause confusion, consterna- tion and inconvenience at best, unsafe conditions for residents Age- Friendty Boston and visitors alike at worst. Why can't the City of Boston work to the Community: on these problems and at least alleviate them? Thousands of people across the city participated in the Age-Friendly Boston And how does closing down data cottection effort over the tast year and a hatf--through fitting out the survey Hanover Street address any of and/or attending a Listening Session. these problems? Who benefits? At this meeting we wiLL share the results with the residents of Boston and ask for NOT THE RESIDENTS, that's feedback and further input to shape the priorities for the initiative. for sure. Driving around here is For questions about the meeting, please cat[ 617-635-4877. difficult enough, with traffic and .~_~ one-way streets everywhere, not When:they, June 16th, 2016 to mention waiting for people to 10.30 AM - 12:00 PM *'~B~ Real Pos=d~lities parallel park on narrow streets Where: Old South Church in tight spots. Closing down the 65 Boylston St. ] TUFTS main drag will only make mat- Boston, MA 02116 ' ~ Hearth Plan I/BASS ters worse. So who will benefit? ............. .osTo. The shop owners, the restau- rant owners, and all the other the business people, that's who. [ Who was the bright light bulb The Federal Trade ~mmission that came up with this idea?? for the met to fraud and deception. Good bet it was not a resident! Call I ..... ELP (1 82 57) Let's walk down Hanover or log onto Street and look around and