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June 17, 2011     Post-Gazette
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June 17, 2011

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Page12 POST-GAZETTE, JUNE 17, 2011 rron Gee, we missed seeing and greeting the magnetic Sarah Palin in Boston. Fortu- nately, our illustrious publisher Pamela Donnaruma had the opportunity to welcome Palin to the North End. Yes, she also received a copy of the Post-Gazette. Wowl Flush with success! In 1938, young Jesse Mattos accidentally dropped his high school ring into a toilet at a local butcher shop in Dunsmuir, California. Seventy-three years later, Tony Congi, a sewer maintenance worker and fellow alumnus of Dunsmuir High School, found it in a bucket of sewer debris. He had the ring cleaned, saw the initials engraved on it, and tracked down Mattos with the help of an old school year- book. "This ring thing was a real booster for me" said Mattos, 90, who recently lost his wife, "I felt like I was a lot younger again." Fishy news! In an attack that seemed straight from a horror film, swarms of jelly- fish invaded beaches along Florida's central coast, stinging 1,000 swimmers and send- ing tourists screaming out of the water. Strong winds and a freak current pushed thousands of mauve stinger jellyfish from the Gulf of Mexico around the tip of Florida and onto the heavily populated Atlantic beaches over the Memorial Day weekend. More fishy news! A quarter of fish in U.S. supermarkets are fraudulently labeled, DNA testing has revealed, and the rate rises to as much as 70 percent for desirable spe- cies like red snapper, Atlantic cod and wild salmon. Cheaper cuts of Vietnamese cat- fish, thresher shark and tilapia are rou- tinely passed off,as more expensive fillets. Ugh. Doctors in Taiwan have removed doz- ens of ants from the ears of a teenager fond of eating cookies in bed. Dr. Hung Yauan- tsung says the 16-year-old girl would "pick her ears while eating snacks and later go to sleep without brushing away the crumbs." While she slept, hungry ants would then fol- low the smell of food into her ear canals -- where they would stay "because there was more than enough food there to keep them alive." If ants are so busy, how is it that they at- tend all picnics? Big bust? A Chicago trial lawyer has ac- cused opposing counsel of trying to distract the jury by having an attractive, buxom pars- legal sit at his table. Attorney Thomas Gooch says that while "personally, I like large breasts," the presence of Daniella Atencia, 26, in the courtroom is clearly a ploy on the part of rival attorney Dmitry Feofanov, 53 -- who happens to be Atencia's husband -- to draw the attention of the jury and create sympathy for his client. Feofanov denies the charge, saying that his wife has a "brilliant legal mind" and is "actually overqualified as a paralegal." Ah, England! During World War II, we spent close to five months in England preparing for the invasion of Normandy. In brief, real brief, we were issued a small booklet con- taining suggestions about how to get along with the British. For example, do not use the word "bloody" and if they say you are being "cheeky," that means you are being rude. Well, fortunately, many of us were shipped up to Manchester and billeted with English families. It was there we fell in love with an attractive English young lady who was in the British military service. That's another story! Good news! The violent-crime rate in the U.S. has dropped to the lowest level in nearly 40 years, defying several long-held theories on the underlying factors for crime. Despite high unemployment rates and fewer people held in jails, robberies fell by 9.5 percent last year, and violent crimes dropped by 5.5 percent. Just remember, crime doesn't pay, except for the writers of detective stories. Wow! We were deeply concerned about tor- nadoes! So far this year, tornadoes have killed 504 Americans, the highest number of deaths since 1953. Time for some Gallup Polls. When asked to guess what percentage of the population are gays or lesbians, Americans estimate, on average that 25% are. A new, population- " I Recipes from the Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED based sur- vey puts the ASPARAGUS OMELET actual num- 2 cups cut-up fresh, frozen 1 medium onion (optional) bet of adults O O O who identify ~ or canned asparagus 1/4 cup olive, canola or themselves 4 beaten eggs or equal vegetable oil as lesbian, gay, or bisexual at 3.5%. quantity of egg substituteSalt Doctor-assisted suicide is now the most Cut up fresh asparagus, wash and par boil or steam in a divisive cultural issue in Gallup's Values saucepan. Set aside and dry with paper towel. To prevent and Beliefs poll, with 45% of Americans say- dangerous oil splattering, be sure asparagus is dry before ing it is morally acceptable and 48% sayingplacing in skillet with oil. it is morally wrong. Remove skin from onion. Cut onion in half, and cut each Some notables who apparently committed half into 1/~-inch long slices. Set aside. suicide: Pier Angeli, Ben Pollack, William Heat oil in skillet before adding asparagus. Fry aspara- , Payne Bourne, Marie Wells, Judd Holdren, gus slowly for about five minutes, stirring frequently. Add Lupe Velez, Georgia Skelton, Stanley Adams,onion to skillet (optional) and fry until onion is slightly Charles Boyer, Barry Brown, Maggie browned. Stir frequently. Meantime beat eggs thoroughly McNamara, Gig Young, Jon Hall, Rachel in a bowl. Add salt to taste. Skillet should be well heated Roberts, Bends Benet, Eleanor Powell, before gently pouring beaten eggs in a circular motion over Joseph Massengale, Walter Slezak, Doodles the asparagus/onion mixture. Lower burner: Using spatula, Weaver, Shauna Grant, Elizabeth Hartman, lift mixture slightly. Tip skillet, allowing beaten eggs to Lindsay Crosby, Abbie Hoffman, Richard slowly drain under the asparagus. Repeat this process on Quine, Capucine, Jack Fletcher, Victoria opposite side of skillet until only small portions of the eggs Howden, John Paul Duffy, Terry Keegan, remain on top. Gently shake skillet over burner to keep Davis Roberts, David Begelman, Phyllis mixture from sticking to bottom. Carefully slide the mix- Hyman, Hugh O'Connor, Christine Pascal, ture onto a platter. Return the mixture face down into the Luigi Pistilli, and Adrian. skillet. Fry slowly until all of the eggs have cooked. Slide A new throne! So few toilets make a user omelet carefully from skillet onto a platter for serving. feel like royalty. But Kohler's new Numi VARIATIONS: In place of asparagus, use cut-up green pep- seems to answer your every need. "It senses pets, vinegar peppers, potato pieces, ham, or frankfurters. your presence" as you approach it, "raisingCheese of choice and/or mushrooms can be added to the its lid in salute and, if you like, welcoming omelet. Another option is to scramble all the ingredients you with the sound of soothing piano music." in the skillet after adding the beaten eggs. Stir until beaten A charcoal-filter deodorizer guards your nos- eggs cook thoroughly. trils, and Kohler's "most advanced" toilet yet even calculates how much water is required NOTE: Omelets or "Frittati," as my mother called them, were for each flush based upon the amount of time frequently prepared during my childhood. My favorite high it has been occupied. But with a foot-warm-school lunch was a pepper and egg (omelet) sandwich. Now ing heat vent, an iPod docking station, andthat I realize what a strong aroma the pepper and egg omelet an oscillating bidet with integrated air has as a sandwich I often wonder what my classmates thought dryer, who would ever want to stand up? when I opened my brown lunch bag. 6,400, kohler, com Source: Milwaukee : : : :: :: : :: : : : :: Journal Sentinel. So what's cooking? Sales of cooking sauces rose 20 percent from 2005 through 2010, says market researcher Mintel, as Private Sector Must Lead (Continued from Page 1) recession-squeezed consumers cooked at home more often and used sauces to add ling because it is a "right 1980s, when Kennedy and flavor to cheap cuts of meat. to work" state, some busi- Reagan were in the White According to Mona-Lisa Cappuccio of East nesses simply put expansion House, respectively, de- Boston, "The only thing some women cook plans on hold. They are not bunks that notion. successfully is their husbands' goose." And going to be bullied into Watching this economy Carlo Scostumato claims many a bride who expanding their businesses struggle over the next 18 cook on an electric stove give their hus- into union dominated states,months is going to be espe- bands gas pains. The private sector is the cially painful for the unem- The astute Tom Analetto of Medford, says, engine of this economy, but ployed, and those busi- "Summer is the season when a man thinks putting more spending and nesses that are barely hold- he can cook better on an outdoor grill than regulations in the caboose of ing on for survival. And yes, his wife can on an indoor stove." the train is not going to fuel the private sector will have And the brainy Rosalie Cunio of Waltham, the engine. So expecting to take the lead when we asks, "Why is it that our neighbor's barbe- this economy to grow faster properly boost the engine. cue always smells better than our tastes?"by watching and hoping is Until then, we might as Some interesting show biz by the stately an empty expectation, well watch grass grow, be- musicologist Albert Natale. Singer FranticMuch of the public has cause that's about all the Avalon began as a trumpet prodigy as a child been deceived into thinking green this economy is going and recorded an instrumental single for that cutting tax rates re- to see. RCA Records. While a very popular performer duces revenue into the in Europe, Charles Aznavour has also writ-Treasury, and that it only ten a few songs that turned out successfulhelps the rich. The experi- Reprinted with permission worldwide. Among them: "Dance in an Old- ence of the 1960s and by Northstar National. Fashioned Way," and "Yesterday When I Was Young." Ann Miller was the first tap dancer ever to appear on television. One more time! 1st Generation Glenn Miller's theme song, "Moonlight Ser- enade," was originally titled "Now I Lay Me Italian-American Down to Weep." The Claude Thornhill band used to feature seven clarinets in unison Vita Orlando Sinopoli creating an eerie sound! Ed McMahon Shares withus played a clown on the TV show "Big Top" in the early 1950s. Singer Eydie Gorme worked a delighO~ul recollection From as a Spanish interpreter after high school, Mt~-- , of her memories as a child before turning to music. It was singer Gogi 13a!ery growing up in Grant who dubbed vocals for Ann Blyth in ~m~ pCl:Ch the film biography of Helen Morgan in 1957. ~ Boston's "Little Italy" Gogi's biggest hits on her own were "Sud- denly There's A Valley," and "The Wayward and a collection of Wind," both in the mid 1950s. Bing Crosby's Italian family recipes yacht was called "True Love," obviously ~:r~'.~ O~L,~m $INOPOL,~ from the homeland. named after the 1956 hit song with Grace Kelly, contained in the movie "High Soci- ety." And the song '~oo Marvelous For Words" Great as Gifts was composed by George Gershwin for FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall for the and in local bookstores- ask for 1947 movie "Dark Passage." Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 ISBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME ~. ,~