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June 17, 2016     Post-Gazette
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June 17, 2016

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PAGE 12 POST-GAZE'I-I'E, JUNE 17, 2016 ~ar-+ "VENT DATE / TIME rrorl On this date, June 17, 1775, in the American Revolution, American troops won a victory at Bunker Hill, sustaining the siege of British-held Boston. Also on this date in 1928, U.S. aviator Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, from Newfoundland to Burry Point, Wales. It was on June 17 in 1917, that singer and actor, Dean Martin came into this world. In the news] A Home Depot employee in Staten Island, N.Y., sparked death threats by wearing an "America Was Never Great" hat to work. Krystai Lake, 22, says she wore the hat after several co- workers wore pro-Donald Trump pins. "The point of the hat was to say that America needs change and improvement," Lake said. A company spokes- man said Lake has been told never to wear the hat again. International relations, after the IOC announced that it would be handing out some 450,000 con- doms to 10,500 athletes and staff during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, more than three times the number distributed at the London games four years ago. Veterans Affa/rs Secretary Robert Mc/~na/d com- pared the months-long walt times that vets must' endure to get health care at the VA to the lines at Disney World, saying it was the "experience" that counts. After an uproar, he apologized. Growing up, after a new analysis of census data revealed that 32. i percent of Americans between 18 and 34 live with their parents, a higher per- centage than are living with a spouse or partner. Wow! Taking deep breathe, after a woman in India gave birth to a 15-pound baby girl, believed to be the heaviest female infant ever born, "In my 25 years of experience, I have never seen such a big baby," said a local health official. "She is a miracle." Bomb threats: Dozen of schools across Britain were closed right in the middle of high school exam season, after receiving bomb threats by phone. The shuttered schools included elementary, middle, and high schools in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. One school, Canterbury Acad- emy in Kent, said it received repeated robocalls of a recorded voice with an American accent warning that "the shrapnel will take children's heads off." Police searched all the affected schools and found nothing suspicious, and said they are treating the threats as a "malicious hoax." Schools in 18 U.S. states and Ireland also reported threats; none were found credible. Time for a break. A team of chefs in Italy set a Guinness World Record by baking a 1.15-mile- long pizza, the longest ever. We did see a photo of the pizza. News from London. London's newly elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, condemned Don- ald Trump's "ignorant" view of Islam, after the Republican presidential contender said he'd make Khan an "exception" to his proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Khan, the son of a Pakistan bus driver, and the first Muslim to head a major Western capital, dismissed Trump's offer, saying the ban "isn't just about me--it's about my friends, my family, and everyone who comes from a back ground similar to mine." The mayor said he would not travel to the U.S. if Trump is elected president, adding that he hopes Hillary Clinton "trounces" the businessman in November. From Mun/cb: A German man killed one person and injured three others in a knife attack on a suburban commuter train platform outside of Mu- nich. Witnesses said the attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar!" and "You infidels must die!" But police said the 27-year-old suspect, identified only as Paul H. in local media reports, had no known connections to Islamic extremism, and appeared to be men- tally disturbed and on drugs. Like all Europeans, Germans have been on edge since the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria recently called on German Muslims to carry out attacks on Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin and at the Cologne Bonn Airport. Ah, Munich Germany! During World War II, my outfit took over the great city. We also managed to acquire some great lodgings. Enough said. It wasn't Snakes on a Plane. It was Tarantulas on a Plane. Passengers on a recent flight from the Dominican Republic to Montreal were left in an up- roar when a hairy tarantula crawled up a woman's leg. "I brushed (it) away and it started tickling me again," the passenger said. "That's when I noticed the tarantula." She frantically knocked it off her leg. After a second tarantula was. spotted, passen- gers screamed and stood on their seats until flight attendants calmed them down. Entomologists saidthe invad- ers were likely Hispaniola Giant Taran- 0 0 0 tulas, smug- gled aboard to be sold in Canada. British police have apologized for entering a sand- sculpture competition with a depiction of a murder victim. The sculpture, which won first prize, de- picts a naked woman face down in the sand with seaweed hair and a plastic knife stuck in her back. "I like a joke as much as the next person, but this is a family beach event," said local councilwoman Hannah Toms. "I think it is in poor taste." Police said they were sorry if they'd given "any offense." On/y two percent of the c/aims Donald Trump has made during his presidential campaign have been true, according to the fact-check organization Six percent were mostly true, 15 percent were half true, another 15 percent were mostly false, 43 percent were false, and 18 percent were "pants on fire" lies. His 76 percent "false" rat- ing far exceeds that of all other candidates who ran for president. So reported Acoording to the astute Barbara D'Amico, politi- cians should be good at geometry. They know all the angles and talk in circles. And according to Christina "Chris" Quinlan, a politician approaches every subject with an open mouth. For the record, D'Amico and Quinlan are Russo Imports executives and their headquarters are in East Boston. Gee, just around the comer from where I was born, 49 Everett Street. Yes, I am a proud East Bostonian. Billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone pre- vailed in a salacious lawsuit brought by a former girlfriend, who alleged the 92-year-old majority shareholder of Viacom and CBS was mentally incompetent, said Edvard Pettersson and Chris- topher Palmeri in The Washington Post. Manuela Herzer, Redstone's former lover, sought to have herself reinstated as his health-care proxy, but a Los Angeles judge threw out the case after watching expletive-laced video testimony from a frail-looking Redstone saying he wanted Herzer out of his life. 66 percent of Americans feel that their house- holds are in good financial shape. Over the last five years, 5 percent have seen their pay "increase rapidly," and 32 percent have enjoyed "steady advances." For 46 percent, their incomes have remained "about the same." So reported Assoa- atedPress/ NORC. Wee bit of ltalian American history. In 1808, the patemal grandfather of New York's 4-term Gov- ernor Al Smith was born in Genoa, Italy. Also in 1808, Gaetano Mariotfini performed in Boston. He was among the first circus managers in the United States. In 1812, Jesuit Giovanni Grassi became the first president of Georgetown University. And, in 1814, John Sartori erected the first Catholic Church in New Jersey--St. John the Baptist. We would like to leave you with a quote we learned in a book by Doctor Marie Pasinski, Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You. =It's been estimated that we have twelve thousand thoughts per day," although some say the number is closer to sixty thousand. Yes, I do have twelve thousand thoughts per dayl Thoughts about my beloved wife Marilyn, my father and mother, etc ... The noted musicologist Al Natale reveals Hol- lywood's first sex symbol of the silver screen was Rudolph Valentino, born Rodolfo Guglielmi in Castellaneta, Italy, in 1895; he immigrated to the United States in 1913 and became a dancer. Stardom came in 1921 with the title role in The Sheik followed by Blood and Sand. In all, he made 18 movies between 1914 and 1926, the year he died at age 31 of a ruptured appendix in New York City. Grieving fans caused a mass riot during his ffmeral at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. A 64-year-old bank courier recently became the nation's first recipient of a penile transplant. Thomas Manning underwent the complex, 15-hour operation to replace the organ he lost to cancer with one from a deceased donor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Manning's doctors are optimistic that he will regain sexual function within a few months. And so Massachusetts General Hospital has made more medical history. AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME God planted the sky with stars and the world with Italians. Recipe Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CAPOI TA Eggplant 1 medium eggplant diced 1 tablespoon sugar 6 or 7 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon Capers 1 sliced onion 4 green pimento olives 3 tablespoonsprepared tomato 1/4 teaspoon salt sauce 1/8 tablespoon ground pepper 2 stalks celery diced A sprinkle of cayenne pepper 2 tablespoon wine vinegar (optional} Wash whole eggplant (without removing outer skin), and dice. Heat five tablespoons of olive oii in a skillet and add diced eggplant to simmer until it softens. Add sliced onion to skillet and one or two teaspoons of additional olive oil, and fry until onion is lightly browned. Add tomato sauce and diced celery. Simmer mixture until celery is tender. If needed, add a tablespoon of water before adding capers and chopped green pimento olives. Stir frequently to prevent sticking. Slightly heat wine vinegar separately. Add sugar and stir. Then pour vinegar gently over eggplant mixture in skillet. Simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper). (Optional) Salt to taste. Serve this hot or cooled as a side dish with broiled lamb chops, breaded fried curets or roast beef. It is also delicious on crackers or toasted bread to serve as hors d'oeuvres. Caponata can be refrigerated for future servings. It can also be frozen and reheated. NOTE: My husband and I met Louis and Rose "Dolly" Sorrentino on Cape Cod in the 1980s. They were former North End neighbors of ours for many years. We renewed our friendships. While having lunch at their Cape Cod home one day, Dolly served us some homemade Caponata. I mentioned how much I had enjoyed it when my mother served it. But my motherprepared Caponata only during the summer when eggplants were available. Like so many of her friends, Mama never had a written recipe. I was delighted that Dolly offered me a copy of her recipe. Because eggplants are now available year round, we can enjoy homemade Caponata throughout the year. LEGAL NOTICE REQUEST FOR INFORMATION The MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORffY (Authority, Massport or MPA) is soliciting a Request for Information for MPA CONTRACT NO. H268-S1, "UPGRADES TO EXISTING AIRFIELD LIGHTING CONTROL AND MONITORING SYSTEMS (ALCMS)" for L.G. Hansoom Airfield (BED), Bedford, Massachusetts and Worcester Regional Airport (ORH), Worcester, Massachusetts. The Vendor shall meet the following requirements: Provide a system in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-56 (current edition) Specification for L-890 Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS), with advanced monitoring and control, as well as preset failsafe operations. Meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for Airfield Lighting Control Systems as set forth in AC 15015345-53 Appendix 3 Addendum, latest edition at time of submission. The Authority has prepared a Request for Information (RFI) that describes the Authority's intention to acquire and install ALCMS at L.G. Hanscom Field (BED), Bedford, Massachusetts and Worcester Regional Airport (ORH), Worcester, Massachusetts and sets forth EvaluaUon Criteria and other requirements for the RFI. A Supplemental Information Package will be available, on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, on the Capital Bid Opportunities webpage of Masaport, as an attachment to the original Legal Notice http'J/ aspx, and on COMMBUYS ( in the listings for this project. If you have problems finding it, please contact Susan Brace at Capital Programs The Supplemental Information Package will provide detailed information about Background Information, Scope of Work, Selection Criteria and Submission Requirements. Submissions in response to the RFI will generally be evaluated on, but not limited to, (1) the extent to which the points of information and questions presented in the Authority's RFI are thoroughly and clearly answered, and (2) the extent to which the Vendor's equipment has been satisfactorily installed in similar situations. The selection shall involve the short-listing of one or more Vendors based on an evaluation of the Statements of Infonnation received in response to this solicitation. Massport reserves its right to conduct interviews, issue a Request for Proposal or seek product demonstrations if it is deemed necessary or, based on the quality and responsiveness of the submittals, select a Vendor or Vendors for implementation of the ALCMS. By responding to this solicitation, Vendors agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Massport Agreement included as an appendix to the Supplemental Information Package. For this Agreement the insurance requirements will be as set for~ in said Agreement. The Vendor shall specify in its cover letter that it has the ability to obtain requisite insurance coverage. Submissions shall be printed on both sides of the sheet (8 1/2" x 11"). One (1) original and nine (9) copies of a bound document, each limited to no more than 20 sheets (40 pages) of relevant material including a cover letter but not including covers and dividers, shall be addressed to Houssam H. Sleiman, P.E., CCM, Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs and received no later than 12:00 Noon on Thursday, July 21, 2016, at the Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan Office Center, Capital Programs Department, One Harberside Drive, Suite 209B, East Boston, MA 02128. Any submission that exceeds the page limit set here or that is not received by the Capital Programs Department in a timely manner may be rejected by the Authority as non-responsive. Any information provided to the Authority in any Proposal or other written or oral communication between the Proposer and the Authority will not be, or deemed to have been, proprietary or confidential, although the Authority will use reasonable efforts not to disclose such information to persons who are not employees or consultants retained by the Authonty except as may be required by M.G.L.c.66. The procurement process for these services will proceed according to the following anticipated schedule: Solicitation: Release Date June 22, 2016 / 12:00 Noon Deadline for submission of written questions July 6, 20161 12:00 Noon Official answers published (Estimated) July 11, 2016 / 12:00 Noon Solicitation: Close Date /Submission Deadline July 21, 2016 / 12:00 Noon Times listed are local time. Questions may be sent via email to subject to the deadline for receipt stated in the timetable above. In the subject lines of your email, please reference the MPA Project Name and Number. Questions and their responses will be posted on Capital Bid Opportunities webpage of Maasport at http://b/ default.aspxas an attachment to the original Legal Notice. MASSACHUSETrS PORT AUTHORITY THOMAS P, GLYNN CEO AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 6/17/2016