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June 19, 2015     Post-Gazette
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June 19, 2015

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Page 12 POST-GAZETTE, JUNE 19, 2015 k ATTENTION ATT )RNEYS -,IV LE( ;AL NOTICES y- Ray 15arron's 11 O'CLOCK NEW,.'5 Ready for this? To test Indiana's religious freedom law, pot smokers have formed the First Church of Cannabis and have an- nounced they will smoke weed during ser- vices. Church "Grand Poohbah" Bill Levin says police can't stop members from exer- cising their right to smoke "sacramental weed in church. "They don't go into church now and stop people under 21 from drinking sacramental wine," he said. Wow! A New York City woman is suing her ex-lover for six years of unpaid work because he refused to leave his wife. Theodora Lee Corse!l, 67, claims that she was uncompen- sated for her "professional services" as a gofer during her time with James Greenwald, 88, and says he promised that she would one day become the next Mrs. Greenwald. She wants $2 million for her work. The NHL Players Association refused NBC Sports president Mark Lazarus' request that players shave their scruffy "playoff beards" so fans could see "how young and attractive they are." Setting an example, after an Indiana woman got into a fistfight with another woman at a Walmart store, she called on her 6-year-old son to join in. "Johnny, punched her in her face!" she cried. The boy did as told until police arrived. This just in. Brian Williams will probably lose his anchor chair but may be assigned to a new job at NBC, says the New York Post. Williams has been serving a six-month sus- pension while network officials investigate allegations that he misled viewers on at least 11 occasions while discussing his ex- periences as a journalist -- including claiming he had been in a U.S. military helicopter forced down by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003. NBC executives are desperately looking for a way to reassign Williams, a source said, but "the talks are complicated and are ohgoing." Williams has a five-year contract paying him $10 million a year, and sources said he has vowed not to give up his anchor seat "without a fight." Weirdo! A Swedish father was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping his own son after neighbors didn't recognize the dad with his new beard. Forkel Kristofers, 39, was at home with 2-year-old Axel, when the tod- dler asked to be carried to a friend's house in a large grocery bag. A neighbor saw the newly bearded Kristoffers with the boy in the bag and called police to report a child snatch- ing. Officers arrested the dad,. but quickly released him after realizing the mistake. "It is currently not a crime to carry a child around in a bag," police said. Stay awake! Leonardo DiCaprio is gross- ing out his entourage with his stinky at- tempts to ward off hair loss, said the National Enquiret. The actor is fast going bald, and a source said he is trying to stimulate hair growth by rubbing natural remedies on his scalp -- incl.uding lemon juice, horseradish, and mixes of different spices. "Even the models that Leo's chatting up have asked us what's going on with the way be smells," said the unnamed pal, adding that DiCaprio's friends are fed up with the strange odors. "Now we're begging him to just try a hair transplant! Proprio Stronzo thinks Leonardo should rub Baccala on his head. Fred Astaire was almost as concerned with his toupee looking right as he was perfect- ing each dance number. So says choreog- rapher Hermes Pan. Be aware, in the 1980s, 80 percent of American workers took an annual vacation of at least one week. In 2014, just 56 per- cent did. Today, the average American is entitled to 14 vacation days, yet uses only 10 each year. Money making mouth! Since leaving office, former President George W. Bush has given at least 200 paid speeches, earning between $100,000 and $175,000 per appear- ance. Among those he's addressed are wealth management In-ms, energy com- panies, and the Bowling Proprietors' Asso- ciation of America. (Bowling is fun," he told them). Abortion rates have dropped by 12 percent O O O since 2010  across the U.S. The decline has occurred in both "red" states that have passed new abortion restrictions and "blue" states with no restrictions. Some Americans think being transgender is either morally acceptable (14%) or not a moral issue (39%). 31% think it's morally wrong. More poll results. 48% of Americans sup- port Hillary Clinton's proposal to automati- cally register all citizens who are eligible to vote. 36% oppose her proposal, and 16% aren't sure. In March, before her proposal, 53% of RepubIicans supported automatic registration. Now just 28% do. Franchising isn't cheap. It costs as much as $263,000 to open a Subway franchise, plus a $15,000 franchise fee. Taco Bell, which plans to open 2,000 new franchises by 2023, requires anywhere from $1.2 mil- lion to $2.5 million in total investment to get started. Good idea? About 40 percent of U.S. work- ers are required to take drug tests during the hiring process. In 2014, 9.1 million workers provided urine samples to major testing company Quest Diagnostics. About 3.9 percent tested positive, most of them for marijuana, followed by amphetamines and painkillers. Good news for U.S. job seekers! The jobs market remains "one of the bright spots" in the economic recovery, said Ylan Q. Mui in The Washington Post. The U.S. added 280,000 jobs in May, better than the 225,000 that were expected. The sector with the biggest gains were professional and business ser- vices, which added 63,000 new jobs, and lei- sure and hospitality, which added 57,000. Job openings are now growing at their fast- est rate since the late 1990s. Some interesting useless information. The leaning tower of Pisa, one of Italy's greatest tourist attractions, leans in a southern direction. And during the Second World War, Queen Elizabeth I! studied to become a car mechanic. Bird's feet are al- ways cold. Before Ronald Reagan became a movie star, he was a sports commentator. The smallest country in the world is The Vatican in Rome. It's only 0.17 square miles. And 32% of Americans think that animals should have the same rights as people, up from 25% in 2008. So how many Italian Americans are there in America? Last count, nearly 15 million people identified themselves as Italian Americans in the 1990 U.S. census. The Census Bureau estimates, however, that I out of 10 Americans has some Italian blood, bringing the total number of Americans of Italian descent to 26 million. Italian Ameri- cans are the fifth largest ethnic group. The four larger groups are: the Germans, Irish, English and African Americans. Italian Americans either make up 15 per- cent of the population or number more than 1 million in the following states: New York, 2,900,000; California and New Jersey, 1,500,000 and Pennsylvania, 1,400,000. Here in Massachusetts, we have 845,000 Italian Americans and most of them read the Post Gazette. Ha! Italian Americans are also found in significant numbers in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Rhode Island and Maryland. Our stately musicologist and show biz informant A! Natale says Andy Warhol claimed Goldie Hawn has a great body, and she kept it. But she has the face of a chicken, and that her giggle is what kept her from being sexy or a sex symbol. According to Leonard Bernstein, Phyllis Dfller used to be hilarious: Then she had all those face-lifts, so now she looks good ... and she's dull. And John Huston, said, Peter Oroole looks like he's walking around just to save funeral expenses. AMERICA IS A 'BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME Recipes From the Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CANNOLI : Six to ten wooden or stainless steel Cannoli rollers will be needed. CANNOLI SHELLS: 3 tablespoons shortening 2 teaspoons wine 3 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons water 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 beaten egg 3 cups flour Canola oil for frying FILLING: 1 2-pound container ricotta 1 cup sugar cheese A pinch of cinnamon SHELLS: Combine first four ingredients thoroughly. Add water, wine, and beaten egg. Knead dough into ball. Sepa- rate dough into small pieces (meatball size). Place in a bowl and cover. Roll each piece into a paper-thin round. Take one wooden or metal roller and gently wrap loosely around thin roller. To seal, dampen one edge of dough with a little water. It is best to prepare three or four cannoli before start- ing to fry. FRYING: Heat oil in deep fryer or saucepan. Carefully slip the cannoli shell with roller into the deep fryer (or sauce- pan). With spatula or slotted spoon, turn item in oil to brown on all sides. Use caution while removing hot cannoli from pan and from hot roller. It is best to fry one at the time as they brown quickly. Cool thoroughly before storing in a cov- ered container in a cool place. They remain fresh for two weeks. FILLING SHELLS: Drain ricotta cheese in a colander. Then place in a bowl. Add sugar and a pinch of cinnamon before mixing thoroughly by hand. Do not whip. With tea- spoon, fill shells with ricotta cheese mixture. Sprinkle con- fectionery sugar over the cannoli shell before serving. NOTE: It is best to fill the cannoli shells just before serving. Leftover-filled shells should be refrigerated. Filled shells will soften somewhat in the refrigerator LEGAL NOTICE REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS The MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY (Authority) is soliciting consulting sewices for MPA CONTRACT NO. A302-D8, FY16-18 TERM ENGINEERING SERVICES, BOSTON, BEDFORD, AND WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS. The Authority is seeking qualified multidiscipline consulting firm or team, with an emphasis on eogineering, with proven expenence to provide professional services including planning, design, and construction related services including resident inspection on an on-call, as needed basis. These services are expected to be provided at any Massport owned or operated aviation and maritime facilities including Boston- Logan International Airport, L.G. Hanscom Field, Worcester Regional Airport, Conley Terminal, Cruiseport Boston, and South Boston waterfront properties to name a few. The Consultant must be able to work closely with the Authority and other interested parties in order to provide such services in a timely and effective manner. The projects may range from small and simple to relatively large and complex. The Authority expects to select three (3) consultants. However, the Authority reserves the right to select a different number if it is deemed in its best interest to do so. Each consultant shall be issued a contract in an amount not to exceed One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000). The services shall be authorized on a work order basis. A Supplemental Information Package will be available, on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, on the Capital Bid Opportunities webpage of Massport http://www.massporLcom/doing-business/_ layoutslCapitalPrograms/default.aspx as an attachment to the original Legal Notice, and on COMMBUYS (www.commbuys.corn) in the listings for this project. If you have problems finding it, please contact Susan Brace at Capital Programs SBrace@massport.corn The Supplemental Information Package will provide detailed information about Scope Of Work, Selection Criteria and Submission Requirements. By responding to this solicitation, consultants agree to accept the terms and conditions of- Massport's standard work order agreement, a copy of the Authority's standard agreement can be found on the Authority's web page at The Consultant shall specify in its cover letter that it has the ability to obtain requisite insurance coverage. This submission, including the litigation and legal proceedings history in a separate sealed envelope as required shall be addressed to Houssam H. Sleiman, PE, CCM, Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs and received no later than 12:00 Noon on Thursday, August 6, 2015at the Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Drive, Suite 209S, Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA 02128-2909. Any submission which is not received in a timely manner shall be rejected by the Authority as non-responsive. Any information provided to the Authority in any Proposal or other written or oral communication between the Proposer and the Authority will not be, or deemed to have been, proprietary or confidential, although the Authority will use reasonable efforts not to disclose such information to persons who are not employees or consultants retained by the Authority except as may be required by M.G.L.c.66. MASSACHUSE'rrs PORT AUTHORITY THOMAS P. GLYNN CEO AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 6/19/2015 The POST-GAZE-I-rE newspaper is a paper of general circulation. We are qualified to accept legal notices from any court in each town that we serve. For information on placing a Legal Notice in the POST-GAZE'I-rE, please call (617) 227.8929; or mail notice to: POST-GAZETTE, P.O. BOX 135, BOSTON, MA 02113 Attn: Legal Notices