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July 6, 2012     Post-Gazette
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July 6, 2012

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Page 12 POST-GAZETTE, JULY 6, 2012 Ray Barron's 11 O'CLOCK NEW5 Wow! The popular gossip magazine The Na- tional Examiner's front page was headlined: Clinton divorce deal EXPLODES! Bill calls it off after Hillary COLLAPSES. Power couple Bill and Hillary Clinton have called off their divorce after the former First Lady collapsed in an emotional meltdown and he agreed to stick with her in her bid to become the first female President, sources reveal. Ac- cording to insiders, Bill, 65, was on the verge of filing for divorce -- a deal they'd ham- mered out years ago --when Hillary, 64, literally crumbled in tears. That's when Bill offered a new deal -- he'll stay if she agrees to run for the White House in 2016. "Hillary collapsed, begging Bill not to push through the divorce they'd agreed on, says a Demo- crat insider. In brief, being the first female contender for President is a hinge, history- maker. Yet, running as a divorcee hugely lessens her chance of winning. Enough said! From moo-to-youl Milk in the morning makes you eat less later! People who drink skim milk with their breakfast consume nine percent fewer calories at lunch than those who have fruit juicel Experts believe that milk was more satisfying since it con- tains more protein, which dials down hun- ger-related hormones better than carbohy- drates or fats. Also, milk is a little thicker than juice, making it feel more satisfying. Bella Culo of Chestnut Hill thinks there would be fewer divorces if men gave as much loving attention to their wives as they do to their cars, boats and dogs. A Chestnut Hill woman got a divorce be- cause of religious differences. She wor- shiped money and he didn't have a dime. Huh? A homeless man who stumbled across $77,000 in a city park learned that he could keep the money. Timothy Yost, 46, found a bag of damp bills and gold coins in a park in Bastrop, Texas. Although police ini- tially took Yost's find away from him, their attempts to locate the money's rightful owner proved fruitless. Under state law, the finder gets to keep recovered goods if the original owner can't be found. Yost has a clear idea how he'd start to spend his wind- fall. "I've been walking so long," he said. "The first thing I want is a vehicle." Ah, Bastrop, Texas! Would you believe we are an "honorary citizen" of the deep in the heart of Texas small city. Why? Because of raving about people there who befriended the young soldiers who visited the town when we were stationed at Camp Swift. Yes, I was one of them. "The stars at night are big and bright! Deep in the heart of Texas!" Beware! A new study found that the two most infested surfaces in hotel rooms are light switches and TV remote controls. So use your elbows! Lindsay Lohan is still partying, said The actress, 25, was treated by paramedics after being found unconscious in her hotel room; she cited exhaustion from long hours of filming a TV movie in which she plays Elizabeth Taylor. But the next night, she was seen partying with friends at Los Angles hot spot Chateau Marmont. "For someone so exhausted, it was shocking to see her out past 1:00 am," said an eyewitness. According to Carlo Scostumato, "A senior citizen's "swinging party" is where they spike the punch with Geritol." Weird. An Austrian woman has been granted a divorce because her husband cheated on her with a waitress during the wedding reception. The bride's dad walked in on the groom having a quickie with the waitress in the kitchen, and without say- ing why, went back out and shut down the music and sent the guests home. After wait- ing the required six months, the bride filed for divorce, which was granted. The scornato groom meanwhile has married the wait- ress. A recent poll revealed 67% of Americans support the use of unmanned drone aircraft to track down criminals, but 67% would op- pose the use of drones to issue tickets to highway speeders. 64% say they fear losing their privacy if law enforcement agencies begin rou- tinely using drones with high-tech cameras. Wait! Re- 0 0 0 suits of another poll! 75% of Americans say they're worried the country will soon fall into another recession. Heavy news! Taken cumulatively, the world population is 16.5 million tons over- weight, with Americans easily topping the scales. If everyone on the planet had the same average weight as Americans, it would be equivalent to having 935 million addi- tional people on Earth. Holy news! The New York Archdiocese ordained only one new Catholic priest this year -- the lowest number since the arch- diocese opened its seminary more than 110 years ago. Almen. A group of preachers in Phoenix recently formed a bowling league, They call them- selves "Holy Rollers." It's difficult to tell who gives some couples the most happiness, the preacher who mar- ried them or the judge who divorced them, Some comments about preachers: "Some of the best preaching is done by holding the tongue. The astute Steven Sebestyen thinks prayer gives strength to the weak, faith to the fainthearted and courage to the fearful. And Steven's attractive and brilliant wife Theresa says, "Regardless of your position in life, getting on your knees will help to Recipes from the Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED SWORDFISH STEAKS Broiled or Grilled 4 Swordfish steaks 2 medium onions 1/4 cup olive, canola or vegetable oil 2 tablespoons mayonnaise I/4 cup lemon Juice 1 teaspoon cider vinegar (optional) 2 tablespoon of butter or margarine SWORDFISH STEAK: Spread some oil or mayonnaise on the bottom of a broiling pan. Then spread a little oil or mayonnaise over the top and bottom of each swordfish steak before placing in the broiling pan. Place in preheated oven about two inches from broiling unit. Turn steaks to broil on both sides slowly. Steaks will turn whitish in color when they are cooked. Depending on size, broiling time will be about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then set broiling pan with steaks aside. ONIONS: Remove outer skin from onions. Cut nions in half, lengthwise, and then into 1/4-inch slices lengthwise. Set aside in a bowl. Heat oil in a skillet. Add butter or margarine and onion slices to the skillet. Stir and simmer until onions are about to brown slightly. Remove from burner and add lemon juice. Add vinegar (optional). Stir and return to burner. Simmer slowly a few seconds. Remove from burner. Spoon onions and liquids from skillet over each Sword- fish steak in the broiling pan. Cover with aluminum foil and return to heated broiler for about a minute. If you desire to brown tops, remove cover and broil for a few seconds longer. Serve each steak topped with onions and liquids from broiling pan. Serves four. NOTE: With Swordfish available year-round today, I alter- nate with broiling salmon one time and swordfish the next time. Both are very nutritious and easily prepared in the oven broiler or on a gas or charcoal grill. keep you on your toes." How true! The lovely pious Robyn Waters of .... Swampscott thinks the chaplains who pray for the United States Senate and House of ...... ....... .......... Representatives might speak a word now and then on behalf of the taxpayers. Robyn's fabulous husband Paul thinks "Kneeology" will do more for the world than theology. And Paul and Robyn's son, the hunk, Kyle, says, "Don't pray for an easy life; pray to be a stronger person." Speaking of fathers, the older men are when they have children, the more likely those children are to inherit a genetic boost that will help them live a long life. Sfaccimo! Former Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in prison for running what prosecutors called one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history. Stanford was convicted in March of fleecing thousands of investors out of an estimated $7 billion. Show biz reminiscing with the stately musicologist Albert Natale. Phyllis Diller who turns 95 on July 17 has been officially retired since May 2002. In the spring of 2009, she suffered a heart attack and then a second one while surgeons were implant- ing a pacemaker, "I was dead and they brought me back," says Phyllis. "I was para- lyzed from the neck down," she recalls. Others who faced deathl Jim Nabors, 82, has had surgeons replace one of his heart valves last month. Larry Hagman, 80, has been diagnosed with cancer. And Annette Funicello has been diagnosed with mul- tiple sclerosis, the 69-year-old original Mouseketeer has survived to celebrate her 26 th anniversary with second husband Glenn Holt, 81. Enough bad news! Good news[ New research has found that eating hard cheese is far better for the arteries than creamy butter that has the equivalent numtber of calories. Take vitamins? New research reveals that they DO work and DO make you healthier and even happier. It's no secret we down Vitamin D. Vitamin D reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, according to a recent review of all the published studies on D. Vitamin D promotes strong bones and encourages fractures to heal, say experts. For the first time, more than half of U.S. born babies are now black, Hispanic, Asian, or members of some other ethnic or racial group considered minorities, according to new Census figures. AMERICA IS l BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME POST-GAZETTE EAST BOSTON SATELLITE OFFICE NOW OPEN MARIE MATARESE 35 Bennington Street, East Boston 617.227.8929 TUES. 10:00 A.M. - 3.00 P.M. THURS. 11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M. 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