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July 6, 2012     Post-Gazette
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July 6, 2012

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BOSTON POST-GAZETTE, JULY 6, 201 2 Page 15 News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) Lou Dobbs and Swinging States According to most polls, President Obama is ahead in the all important Swing States that are said will de- cide the election this com- ing November at the polls. According to Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Network, the only way that Mitt Romney can beat Obama is to carry all the states that John McCain carried in 2008 and then do well in the Swing States. He would have to win a successful 1-2-3 strategy. One, he would need to win Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia. Two, he needs Florida and Ohio. Three, he needs to win Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. If he does all this, he is the next president of the United States. If he doesn't, he can join up with Bob Dole and John McCain as Dead Men Running. U.S. Attorney Doubts Bulger Free Pass The U.S. Attorney's Office doubts the claim made by Whitey Bulger's lawyer over claims that the FBI gave Bulger immunity during his years of service as a secret agent for the FBI. Bulger's attorney plans to file a mo- tion to dismiss charges against Bulger because he was promised immunity by a FBI official for working as an undercover informant for the federal agency. Wouldn't this be a kicker? He gets away with everything be- cause he was doing inside trading? The pain and suf- fering for all the families of all those victims never ends, Editorial (Continued from His goal is simple: to de- stroy the American nation. For decades our betters have encouraged open borders and unlimited Third World immigration. Corporatist Republicans seek to import cheap labor; liberal Demo- crats want to import millions of potential voters. The middle and working class, however, have been deci- mated. Wages have eroded, crime has skyrocketed and as a result, hospitals, schools and welfare services have been strained to the break- ing point. Illegal immigra- tion is slowly bankrupting America. The administration has whetted the insatiable appetite of leftist Hispanic activists. The logic is in- exorable: if a path to legal- ization can be paved for young illegal immigrants, then why not all 12 million to 20 million aliens in America? Mr. Obama clearly hopes to galvanize the His- panic community to build a permanent liberal coalition by massively expanding the Democratic base ... Eventu- ally it will be wholesale le- galization thereby entrench- ing Obamas for decades. Obama is slowly erecting a leftist state. This is what nationally syndicated radio talk host Michael Savage has been warning for years. The combative conserva- tive show, "The Savage Na- tion," reaches 10 million lis- teners every week (Mr. Kuhner acknowledges he guest hosts on his program). Almost alone among major conservative commentators, Mr. Savage has been sound- Page 3) ing the alarm about Obama's creeping dictatorship. His latest blockbuster, "Trickle Down Tyranny," (Harper Collins, 2012 is a must read.) Well written and concise, the book provides a detailed, comprehensive account of the administration's ram- pant corruption and numer- ous abuses of power. It has one overarching, central theme: Mr. Obama is a radical leftist carrying out a Venezuela-style revolu- tion. Mr. Savage calls the president a "fiscal Marxist" and a "new Hugo Chavez" determined to dismantle American capitalism and constitutional democracy. Mr. Savage discusses almost -every one of Mr. Obama's power grabs -- Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank financial reform, the de facto nationalization of General Motors and Chrysler, the drive to create a "green economy" through administrative fiat, the numerous policy "czars" who have Cabinet level powers but no accountability or congressional oversight, the National Defense Authoriza- tion Act, which enables the president to detain any U.S. citizen indefinitely under suspicion of being a "terrorist," the push to cen- sor the internet, the mas- sive expansion of govern- ment through out-of-control spending and record deficits, and the administration's criminal involvement in gun running to Mexican drug cartels. In summat.ion, I presente d the most important facts to prove Marxism is Obama's goal for America. LEGAL NOTICE B & B TOWING 50-R MOONEY STREET CAMBRIDGE, MA 02138 (617) 492-5781 (617) 437-9104 TO THE OWNER OR OWNERS OF THE FOLLOWING VEHICLES IF YOU COULD PROVE OWNERSHIP PLEASE CALL THE ABOVE NUMBER OR THESE VEHICLES WILL GO ON SALE IN THREE WEEKS. 2000 SUZUKI VIN #JS2GB41W3Y5180744 1997 FORD EXPLORER VIN #1FMDU32P4VUC53755 SUBMITTED BY MIKE SORRENTINO, JR. B & B TOWING Run dates: 7i6, 7/13 & 7/20112 LEGAL NOTICE MICHAEL SORRENTINO (AGENT) 95 CRESCENT AVE., SUITE 107 REVERE, MA 02151 (617) 347-9104 TO THE OWNER OR OWNERS OF THE FOLLOWING VEHICLES IF YOU COULD PROVE OWNERSHIP PLEASE CALL THE ABOVE NUMBER OR THESE VEHICLES WILL GO ON SALE IN THREE WEEKS. 2007 NISSAN VIN #1N4AL21E97N430050 2008TOYOTA VIN #JTDBT923984005357 2008 LANDROVER VIN #SALSH23418A147857 SUBMITTED BY MICHAEL SORRENTINO (AGENT) Run dates: 6/29, 7/6 & 7/13/12 EXTRA Innings by Sal Giarratani To Cheat or Not to Cheat Ken Caminiti "STEROIDS IN BASEBALL: Confessions of an MVP" was the cover story for Sports Illustrated back in the summer of 2002. It was Ken Caminiti, the 1996 NL MVP who exposed the ram- pant use of performance- enhancing drugs in baseball. The June 4, 2012 Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci stated the real story of the Steroid Era isn't found in tainted records or court cases, but by ordinary play- ers whose lives hinged on those choices made. Before moving forward, I need to acknowledge the Roger Clemens' case where the "Rocket Man" walked out of court a free man being ac- quitted by a jury of his peers for the crime of perjury. The case wasn't about whether he took steroids but whether he lied about it un- der oath. Will Roger now get voted into the Hall of Fame? I think not at least for a long time. If you elect him to Cooperstown, what about Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds? All these players are best remem- bered for the steroid scandal when these players started bulking up like the "Incred- ible Hunk" breaking out of their uniforms and who's hitting and pitching stats started going through the roof. Also, the latest baseball news about former Red Sox outfielder Marlon Byrd get- ting suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for a perfor- mance-enhancing drug only makes fans wonder what if anything is stilling going on. Byrd defended himself claiming his positive test was caused by medication he took this past winter for sur- LEGAL NOTICE MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed General Bids for MPA Contract No. M381-Cl, MYSTIC PIER 1 & MORAN TERMINAL INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS, CHARLESTOWN, MASSACHUSETI'S, will be received by the Massachusetts Port Authority at the Capital Programs Department Office, Suite 209S, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Drive, East Boston, Massachusetts 02128-2909, until 11:00 A.M. local time on WEDNESDAY, JULY 25 TM, 2012 immediately after which, in a designated room, the bids will be opened and read publicly. NOTE: PRE-BID CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD AT THE DORMITORY BUILDING, MYSTIC PIER 1,100 TERMINAL STREET, CHARLESTOWN, hA AT 1:00 PM LOCAL TIME ON THURSDAY, JULY 12 TM, The work includes FURNISHING ALL LABOR, MATERIALS, TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: MYSTIC PIER 1 (e) STEEL H-PILE REPAIRS; (b) CONCRETE RLLED FIBERGLASS JACKETS; (c) GROUT REPAIRS TO EXISTING CONCRETE JACKETS MORAN TERMINAL (a) STEEL PIPE PILE REPAIRS; (b) MARINE FENDERS; (c) CATHODIC PROTECTION REHABILITATION; (d) CONCRETE REPAIRS; (e) TIMBER CURB REPLACEMENT; Bid documents will be made available beginning FRIDAY, JULY 6 TM, 2012. The estimated contract cost for the Base Bid and Five Add Alternates is $5,147,000. Bid Documents in electronic format may be obtained free of charge at the Authority's Capital Programs Department Office, together with any addenda or amendments, which the Authority may issue and a printed copy of the Proposal form. A proposal guaranty shall be submitted with each General Bid consisting of a bid deposit for five (5) percent of the value of the bid; when sub-bids are required, each must be accompanied by a deposit equal to five (5) percent of the sub-bid amount, in the form of a bid bond, or cash, or a certified check, or a treasurer's or a cashier's check issued by a responsible bank or trust company, payable to the Massachusetts Port Authority in the name of which the Contract for the work is to be executed. The bid deposit shall be (a) in a form satisfactory to the Authority, (b) with a surety company qualified to do business in the Commonwealth and satisfactory to the Authority, and (c) conditioned upon the faithful performance by the principal of the agreements contained in the bid. The successful Bidder wifl be required to furnish a performance bond and a labor and materials payment bond, each in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract price. The surety shall be a surety company or securities satisfactory to the Authority, Attention is called to the minimum rate of wages to be paid on the work as determined under the provisions of Chapter 149, Massachusetts General Laws, Section 26 to 27G, inclusive, as amended. The Contractor will be required to pay minimum wages in accordance with the schedules listed in Division II, Special Provisions of the Specifications, which wage rates have been predetermined by the U. S. Secretary of Labor and/or the Commissioner of Labor and Industries of Massachusetts, whichever is greater. The successful Bidder will be required to purchase and maintain Bodily Injury Liability Insurance and Property Damage Liability Insurance for a combined single limit of $1,000,000. Said policy shall be on an occurrence basis and the Authority shall be included as an Additional Insured. See the insurance sections of Division l, General Requirements and Division I[, Special Provisions for complete details. This contract is subject to a Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise participation provision requiring that not less than TEN PERCENT (10%) of the Contract be performed by Minority/ Women Owned Business Enterprise contractors_With respect to this provision, bidders are urged to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Bidding Documents. Strict compliance with the pertinent procedures will be required for a bidder to be deemed responsive and eligible. This Contract is also subject to Affirmative Action requirements of the Massachusetts Port Authority contained in Article 84 of the General Requirements and Covenants, and to the Secretary of Labor's Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Opportunity and the Standard Federal Equal Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications (Executive Order 11246). The General Contractor is required to submit a Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities prior to award of the Contract, and to notify prospective subcontractors of the requirement for such certification where the subcontract exceeds $10,000. Complete information and authorization to view the site may be obtained from the Capital Programs Department Office at the Massachusetts Port Authority. The right is reserved to waive any informality in or reject any or all proposals. MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY DAVID S. MACKEY INTERIM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 07/6/12 gery unrelated to baseball. We had Byrd, 34, on the Red Sox for 34 games this sea- son where he batted .270 with 1 home run and seven RBIs. He was released June 12 and remains a free agent. Byrd sounded sincere say- ing, "I am mortified by my carelessness and I apolo- gize to everyone who loves this game as I do." I will give Byrd the benefit of the doubt, but I think it is too easy for players to still cheat today. I always liked Ken Caminiti, who was a good hitting third baseman for the San Diego Padres. How- ever, his 1996 MVP season was unbelievably one of baseball's best seasons. He could do no wrong that year and now looking back we seem to know why. I used to like Roger Clemens, but those last four seasons with the Red Sox when he was 40-39, he stunk. Duquette was right about the "twilight of his career" comment. He ends up in Toronto and turns himself around into a brand-new Cy Younger. He goes on to a great career with the Yankees too. Of course that tall skinny pitcher from Texas was replaced by the Pillsbury Doughboy. Baseball stats were ruined during the Steroid Era. All kinds of records were bro- ken, but the taint of the new records are like those tar bats and won't rub off them. I remember the last two seasons of Willie Mays with the N.Y. Mets when he looked like a nursing home resident at the plate and even worse in the outfield. It seemed normal since old sluggers usually look bad past their prime. Not so for guys like Barry Bonds, who continued to look like Superman at bat. Did players do anything really wrong by taking enhancement drugs? Was it illegal? Would you call it cheating or just taking ad- vantage of what was avail- able on the market for older guys with older muscles and older bones? Ask different players and you can get all kinds of answers to that issue. Did one guy named Jose Canseco write a great book on this problem in baseball? Anyone really want to read it? Bottom Line though: Re- member what happened to 1996 NL MVP Ken Caminiti? He passed away in 2004 from an alleged cocaine- related overdose and many wonder if he wasn't a high profile victim of the Steroid Era in baseball when all players only seemed to see the positives and none of the medical-related nega- tives related to drug use to enhance baseball skills slip- ping away. If you are a true base- ball fan, you need to read Tom Verducci's June 4 cover story, "SPECIAL RE- PORT: TEN YEARS AFTER ..." Good reading about bad times. im