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July 18, 2014     Post-Gazette
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July 18, 2014

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When a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. leaves three war veterans trapped in an elevator together, the isolation and highly stressful situation brings previous wartime experi- ences to the surface, and while dark forces are at work outside the elevator, a battle for control and survival ensues inside. The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani STANDING IN LINE AT TEDESCHrS The other day, I was buy- ing newspapers at Tedeschi's and noticed the shopper at the counter Was buying boxes of cereal, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, some canned food and apples. I knew right away, he wasn't using his own money but rather yours and mine. Who buys their weekly groceries at a convenience store? You would go to a large supermar- ket for the savings. However, once again, if you are using an EBT card or something of that nature, do you care how much milk is? As long as people get free stuff from the government, why should they do anything else. Sit back and let govern- ment take care of you as they make you totally depen- dent on them. I LIKE IKE "FYeedom has its life in the hearts, the action; the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed else like a flower cut from its life- giving roots. It will wither and die." -- President Dwight D. Eisenhower HANOVER STREET IS ON THE FREEDOM TRAIL A few weeks ago, I acciden- tally bumped into photogra- pher John McQuarrie from Ottawa, Ontario. He was in town finishing up his book of photography on the City of Boston which will be having a Fall 2014 release date. The book aptly names "Boston: the Spirit of Place" with a preview at www.magic Photos in this book cover places and scenes from Cape Ann to Cape Cod. Check it Out. MEANWHILE UP IN N.H. IT'S MITT AND BROWN I liked Scott Brown as my U.S. Senator and was frus- trated to see him taken out by a fake Indian, but Brown has bounced back by moving to New Hampshire and taking on U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, one of the most liberal U.S. senators in Washington. There are many GOP voters up in New Hampshire who don't think Brown is conserva- tive enough for them. Some of them are backing former U.S. Senator Bob Smith who is back in New Hamp- shire as a Republican again. Smith maybe to Brown's right but Smith can't dethrone Shaheen. Repub- lican voters need to be back- ing Brown because he can actually take out Shaheen. He has the best chance. Brown is a moderate con- servative and sometimes you can't find the candidate you want. I voted for him twice and if I lived in New Hamp- shire, I'd be voting for him again. Now is not the time to be stupid when you can send Shaheen packing. ROCHE BROS. COMING TO DOWNTOWN CROSSING Construction has started on the new Roche Bros. supermarket in the former Filene's building in Down- town Boston. It is slated to open in early 2015 and if business goes well, the com- pany can expand into the basement of the adjacent Millennium Tower. METHUEN SCHOOL WANTS GUNSHOT DETECTOR? What! A Methuen school may soon have a gunshot detector system installed, so said School Superintendent. Judith Scannell. The high- tech system seemed born in an overreaction to sev- eral school shootings. The system is already being used outside schools in some violent prone Boston neighborhoods. I passed by one at the corner of Wash- ington Street and Columbia Road in Dorchester. Makes sense out on the streets but inside a school building? Of course school officials in this case seem to see this technology speed- ing up a police response to a crisis. The superintendent says installing this device will make schools safer and give parents and students peace of mind. The company making these detectors is setting up the system free 6f charge to test it in a school and Scannell says she will seek a grant to have the detectors installed through the town's school system. The company behind the system says the technology has been used in over- seas war zones and has helped limit deaths and casualties. Are Methuen Public Schools a war zone? Does it make parents feel more comfort- able about the schools their kids attend, or is it just one more example of trying to sell a product by using fear as a selling point? News Briefs (Continued from Page I) to have wanted was a younger guy by the name of Chris McDaniel who was only 41 and active within the Tea Party folks. You heard all those estab- lishment types crow about how they saved Cochran from sure defeat by going all out for him. They even hired Democratic operatives and allegedly gave them walking around money to get out the Black vote and getting them top vote for Republican Cochran. If these national guys like former RNC chairman and ex-Governor Haley Barbour and U.S. Sen. John McCain had stayed on the sidelines, McDaniel would now be the GOP nominee and favorite going into the fall's general election. It seems clear that the Establishment Republicans fear the Tea Party more than Democrats. It would serve them well to see a Democrat pick up this Mississippi U.S. Senate Seat later this year at the polls. Did Obama Plan This Alien Kid Invasion? Did you know a federal employment ad posted in January showed that 65,000 unaccompanied children would enter the U.S. file- gaily? Does this information show that the Obama White House not only expected this new humanitarian cri- sis and seemed to encour- age it? Many Obama critics see this ongoing alien kid inva- sion as orchestrated by the Obama White House. Is the president just trying to get his way on comprehensive immigration reform by over- whelming the U.S.-Mexican border and collapsing any effort by the U.S. Border Patrol to secure our borders? Kudos to the residents of Murrieta, California who took up their U.S. flags and forced busloads of these recent wave of illegal children from entering their town as the reds were planning to reportedly do. Murrieta is the latest flashpoint for irate Ameri- cans trying to solve this invasion of tens of thousands of illegal young people trying to cross into America after traveling some 2,000 miles from their Central American homelands. As one citizen of that town put it, "We've had it. We all want a better life ... You can't come to our country and expect American citizens to dole out what you need from grade school till death." The outrage from the pub- lic is growing as more and more are slamming all these immigrant convoys across the country as these illegals are being bused or sent by airplanes across the nation. Kudos to Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, right here in the Bay State for telling the feds, their city doesn't need anymore illegals to finance with municipal ser- vices once dumped there by Washington. Instead of dealing with the problem, those inside the Beltway want to ship this crisis across the nation. President Says More Executive Orders are Coming Seems our president loves doing end-runs around Con- gress by signing executive orders. Rumor has it one is coming over this crisis be- ing played out down on the Southern Border. Is our president truly upholding both the spirit and letter of the Constitution and the rule of law when he tries :to act like Mussolini when he doesn't get his way with the Republican House?