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July 29, 2011     Post-Gazette
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July 29, 2011

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Page14 POST-GAZETTE, JULY 29, 2011 (FROM ITALIAN THE "CHARGING BULL" SCULPTURE OF WALL STREET REAPPEARS IN SHANGAY. Arturo Di Modica, a sculptor of Sicilian heritage, once created a gianV statue, a charging bull, which was placed in front of the Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York City in 1989.. Subsequently Di Modica came up with another unique idea, a Wild Stallion statue. 8 feet tall, which ended up in front of the Cipriani restau- rant in New York's downtown Soho district. We~ have now learned that another sculpture, like a bull, showed up in the Exposition Complex in Shangay, China, in 2010. What is in store for the future, we have no idea at the present time! BERLUSCONrS INDICTMENT FOLLOWS THE FAST RACK. We have recently been reading, even in the Ameri- can press and seen on U.S. television, that Berlusconi will be a "guest" of the Superior Court in Milan early in April, 2011. Of course, as we all know, the Italian Premier has been complaining often over the Judges' "behavior," which he defines as a "gang of communists" who are bent to destroy him at any cost. In short, the investigative judge chose the judicial "short cut" not only to speed up the over- all process, but ironically to follow an old idea Berlusconi often expressed: a quick trial instead of the trials that rou- tinely start several years after the investigations are over. Of course, the Premier often forgets what he says. This time he "has" to show up at the "Tribunale;" (Superior Court) to answer the charges. Let's assume for a moment that the Premier is found guilty, not necessarily on all charges, even on a couple of them. Would he resign from his posi- tion? So far he has continued to say that he could not, for he is convinced that no other person can be an effective Premier as her Is he really the only person who can govern in Italy, as he keeps saying, ad nauseam, on Italian TV (RAI CORP.) as he continues to blast everybody, even Presi- dent Giorgio Napolitano, accusing him of interfering with his new laws, showing disrespect to the Constitution! We are now left with the results of the trial. When? That's a good question! Debt Ceiling Mask Debt Issue {Continued from Page 1) I support the Republican cut, cap and balance ap- political hocus-pocus. We need to cut future spending, we need to cap how much we will spend and we need to create a mandatory balanced budget amendment so that the debt problem is actually addressed. I am not opposed to raising the debt ceiling a few more floors. President Reagan did it 18 times in his 8 years at the White House. President George W. Bush did it 8 times. The on-going increasing debt is far more important than the height of the debt ceiling. The president does not seem to get this and still likes pandering to fears. A long term fix has to include and balanced" approach to government spending. The days of a blank check for the president, any president, are over. In the current debate, it is House 3peaker John Boeh- ner who truly understands the gigantic scope of this issue and now what Wash- ington does really matters. We cannot solve the debt ceiling crisis by pandering to a political base or by put- ting fear into the heart of old people on social security. Action always speaks louder than words. It is time for more action and less words. Two Enjoyable Walks (COhtinued from Page 6) It is at this point that we make our return walk but not before we stop off at our favorite Chinese bakery where they serve a wide variety of cakes and sand- wiches, the perfect break before our return. It is here that we make the all-impor- tant decision to our return route. Do we retrace our walk along the Greenway or do we take the Harbor Walk along the ocean edge? No matter the route, it all makes for a delightful way to spend an hour or two, it is rewarding and healthy and most of all fun. The Sugar Bowl at South Boston is a two mile circu- lar path that you can begin at any point along the board- walk that fronts it but we tend to begin at Pleasure Is- land where we park our ear and then take off in the di- rection of Castle Island. It is there that we stop for ice cream at Sullivan's and then continue through a lovely park usually filled with chil- dren and onto the causeway where you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the Harbor Islands on the ocean side and a dramatic view of Boston on the lagoon side. At the bend in the causeway, where it turns back toward land, there is a great rest area where you can sit and watch the marine traffic and simply enjoy the ocean air. Our walk ends up right where it began, at Pleasure Island, completing a two mile course that is thor- oughly enjoyable. tf you are spending the summer in the city, we could not recommend a better way to pass a couple of hours than by taking one of these walks, two getaways that are virtually at your doorstep. The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani WHAT HAPPENS NEXT AT MT. CARMEL ANYONE'S GUESS Cardinal Sean O'Malley and the Archdiocese of Bos- ton have decided to declare a number of churches still in vigil such as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in East Boston and St. Frances Cabrini in Scituate no longer churches. Here in East Boston, the group has appealed to the Vatican to overturn the Archdiocese's decision. This has the possibility of putting these former churches on the real estate market. Peter Bore from the Council of Churches organizing the vig- ils thinks the Vatican might not decide what to do for a few more years. The Arch- diocese of Boston is saying the closings are coming much sooner and the vigils are tlcking down the clock. manner in which Cardinal O'Malley decided to shutter long established church par- ishes was unfortunate, the church buildings are legally the property of the Archdio- cese. While the chancery may not evict those in vigil, the closings are realistically getting closer. Vigilers are hoping against hope that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel will intercede and that there will be a miracle over on Gove Street. HAYMARKET SQUARE TOWER COMING? A development team is seeking to replace the very large concrete Government Center Garage with a 45-foot story high-rise. The devel- oper, HYM Investment Group, LLC, wants to build a seven building complex that includes offices, retailers, rentals and a hotel. According to Thomas N. O'Brien, former B.R.A. direc- tor and lead developer for this project, says currently the area is "a place that people travel through but not a place that people travel to, especially after 5:00 PM." The dcvcl0pcr f0rcneeo an "active retail and pedestrian corridor." CONDOLENCES TO AYANNA PRESSLEY Lately, many people have noticed City Councilor Ayanna Pressley's absence on the campaign trail. Few knew the reason behind this absence. Her mother had been gravely ill at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Ayanna was constantly at her bedside and as an only child, making important medical decisions on her mom's behalf. Two weeks ago her mother passed away. The ordeal of watching a loved one pass away is diffi- cult for anyone. I still remem- ber when each of my parents passed away years ago. I was constantly trying to be there for them and watching help- lessly as they made their way to that better place. Ayanna did the right thing, and now there is the pain of separation. However, if you believe in God, you know those who go before us are no longer in pain and are with God in eternal happiness. Ayanna will now push her- self onward with loving memories of her mother who took care of her when she was younger and of her- self taking care of her mother when that was needed too. We always feel alone in our pain, but we re- ally never are alone, are we? ST. THERESA VIGILERS VOW CONTINUED RESISTANCE A ah liaoaoa at a tan has decided to turn St. Theresa's Church on Broad- way in Everett into a chapel for Brazilian Catholics called St. Theresa's Oratory. How- ever. many of those there in vigil since 2004 are upset with this newly announced reuse for the church build- ing. One of the vigil leaders, Joan Shepard, said, "We are still in vigil, and we will maintain our vigil. We feel this decision is a mistake ... it's very disrespectful." Added Gloria Young, "We've been sitting here for seven years and for what? So that someone else can use it?" CONNOLLY SEEN EVERYWHERE City Councilor-At-Large John Connolly is a young, but not that young, political leader for the City of Boston. He's been out in the forefront on a number of issues con- cerning quality of life issues like healthy food for our pub- lic school kids. Recently, I have seen him numerous times over in East Boston and elsewhere as he travels the city's neighborhoods talking with folks about what they view issues af- fecting their lives. He isn't afraid to listen and take those concerns back to City Hall. He constantly is seek- ing solutions to make Bos- ton a great place to call home. He may live in West Roxbury, but his vision is citywide. He's taking nothing for granted and has been cam- paigning to get re-elected as an at-large City Councilor. He takes nothing for granted, and you will be see- ing more and more of him out in your neighborhood over the months before the November election. MORE BICYCLES IS LIKE MORE PIGEONS TO ME rll probably get another let- ter from my cousin Karen from Maine over this piece but here it goes anyway. The City of Boston has launched it's highly touted bicycle sharing program, Hubway, this week. Nicole Freedman, ,director of the city's Boston Bikes program says, "I think it's going to be very, very successful." Soon there will be an ad- ditional 600 bikes riding on the streets of Boston. Boy, am I looking forward to that ... NOT. According to Marc Draison, the director of the Metro Area Planning Coun- cil, which has been working on the bike sharing pro- gram, "The great thing is that everyone seems to want to do this." Hubway will launch 6 1 docking stations and 600 ~l~0a in on ar0a 0o~rmfl Allston, Brighton, Downtown, the South End and parts of Roxbury and South Boston. Thousands more bicycles could be added if the program proves successful. Just what we need, huh? More bicy- clists racing by us and going through red lights. I don't have problems with most folks riding their bikes, but there are far too many who ride them like outlaws on the road. Hopefully, the Boston Police will hand out bike citations to those riding bikes who endanger others. BEAWOLFE BACK SOON I caught up with Dominic Petrosino recently at the Elite in Day Square, and he says if you liked Beawolfe opening for Tavares at the Sacred Heart Festival on July 16, don't forget the Boston Harbor cruise on August 6, when the East Bos- ton rock band will be caus- ing some serious musical waves in the harbor. This band isn't called Still Water. When Dominie isn't order- ing his bacon and eggs from Jane at the counter, he's playing serious guitar with those classic rock tunes. Editorial {Continued from Hamilton Bridge over the Harlem River. Since 1977, the union has gone on strike five times at Boeing, the last one in 2008 that shut down the plant for eight weeks result- ing in the delay of three Page 3) years in the production bf the 787-jet liner. In Right to Work, the cor- porations in states like South Carolina do not have to contend with union strikes resulting in on-time deliveries of the product and businesstnside~.corr~ -loNe at profits projected. With China as a major competitor, Boeing may determine to close pro- duction in the United States and call on China for relief from the union mobsters. ran~rsi~r~fim~sszcorrr, - Nmiohat Rtghi' tO Work Comtnittee