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August 17, 2012     Post-Gazette
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August 17, 2012

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Page 2 POST-GAZETTE, AUGUST 17, 2012 The first was considered to be the most simple and natural weapon, therefore, it may be taken for granted that boxing was one of the earli- est athletic games among the Greeks. Even Apollo, Her- cules, Tydeus and Polydeuces were described as being dis- tinguished boxers. The art of boxing was believed to have been invented by Theseus, the killer of the Minotaur, and most Homeric heroes were described as being well acqualnteith it. Boxing was first introduced" as an Olympic sport for men, but later it was introduced for boys. The boxing matches dur- ing ancient times resembled our modern boxing. It was considered to be a point of skill not to attack one's antagonist, but to remain on the defensive and thus to wear down the opponent until he was obliged to PUGILATUS acknowledge defeat. It was also considered meritorious for a boxer to conquer another without receiving any wounds himself. The two main points in the sport were (1) to inflict blows; and (2) not to expose one's self to danger. Arms were extended much in the same fashion as they are today, and the blows were directed against the upper part of the body. The ears were especially exposed to great danger, and with regular pugilists were generally mutilated and bro- ken. Ear covers-were used in practice sessions, but never in the actual bouts. The two great differences between ancient and mod- ern boxing appears to have been in the partly opened fists, and in the sounds emitted by the contestants to add force to their blows. It was not uncommon to cause the death of an oppo- nent in a fair fight, but willful killing of an opponent was severely punished. If both contestants were tired, they were permitted a short pause in order to regain their strength. Ancient pic- tures often show boxers resting on their knees. The contests normally continued until one of the participants were beaten into uncon- sciousness or raised his hand as a sign of defeat. Ancient boxing was gov- erned by rules as  is today and ong rule specifically forbadg the taking hold of an opponent, or touse the feet to trip him. Roman box- ing appears to have been quite similar to that of the Greeks. These gregarious Latins also introduced a special kind of boxing, not in pairs, but in a general melee, which was called a "grex verberare." Next Issue: FRUMENTUM Romney Picks Ryan as HisVP Choice by Sal Giarratani The choice of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-WI) who is House Budget Chairman up on Capitol Hill sounds like a gamble for presumed Repub- lican nominee Mitt Romney to many political talking heads. The rather surprising choice was made in the Com- monwealth of Virginia which is an all-important state in the upcoming election for the Republican Party. Howie Carr made a good point fol- lowing the pick of Ryan as Mitt's running mate. Carr saw U.S. Senator Marco Ruble, (R-FL) as a much bet- ter strategic choice. As Carr pointed out, "Guys like Paul Ryan were already going to vote Republican. They've been voting Republican since 1980." I have heard that many conservative bloggers are calling this upcoming elec- tion "an election about ideas." Usually, campaigns say this when they have a boring going nowhere candi- date. Candidates rarely win on ideas. Presidential image and good looks always count for more, sadly in recent memory. In the case of the incumbent, forget ideas and (Continued on Page 15) Thomas M. Menino, Mayor I City of Boston NEW LOCATION PERFORMING WATERFRONT presented by at:OlEO  Ubertx 0 0 AND TRINE CHEILE CELTIC BAND Tuesdoy, August 21,6 pm Christopher Columbus Woterfront Pork Res Publica by David Trumbull There's Something for Everyone Today, Friday, August 17 th is the deadline to register to vote in the September 6 th Massachusetts State Primary, which is on a Thursday this year, not the customary Tuesday. If you are not registered and you miss today's deadline, you still have until October 17 th to register to vote in the November 6 th State and Federal Election. As is explained in detail on the website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, when you register to vote, you may choose to enroll in a political party or political designation or may choose to remain unenrolled, which is commonly referred to as independent. "Unenrolled" voters are the majority, at just over half of all voters (52% in 2010). Over a third (36% in 2010) of voters are enrolled in the Democratic Party. Republicans make up over ten percent (11% in 2010). As American humorist Robert Benchley (1889-1945) explained our political system, ".., one must bear constantly in mind the fact that there are two separate and distinct parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. The trick comes in telling which is which. As a general rule, the Republicans are more blonde than Democrats." Under the election laws of the Commonwealth there are, currently, three recognized political parties. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are familiar as the two largest in the Commonwealth, as they are nationally. The third, the Green-Rainbow Party may be less well known. It is affiliated with the national Green Party and has had some success in the Bay State, having a few of its members that have been elected to town or county offices. In addition, Massachusetts election laws recognize some- thing called "political designations" which are organized political groups that don't currently have standing as "parties." You can register as a voter of a designation. Currently there are 23 political designations: America First Party, American Independent Party, American Term Limits, Conservative Party, Constitution Party, Green Party USA, Interdependent 3 ra Party, Libertarian, Massachusetts Independent Party, Natural Law Party, New Alliance Party, New World Council, Pirate, Pizza Party, Prohibition Party, Rainbow Coalition, Reform Party, Socialist, Timesizing Not Downsizing, Veterans Party America, We The People, Work- ing Families, World Citizens Party. -- Whew, quite a list, covering just about the entire political spectrum. Some are to the right or left of the three parties in the Common- wealth. Others are dedicated to one, or a few, of the special issues that matter tremendously to an organized minority of voters. With the all the options -- three parties plus 23 designa- tions surely you can find some political philosophy to embrace. So register, learn about the candidates and vote! Since i969 FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS AUTO * HOMEOWNERS * TENANTS COMMERCIAL Experience makes the difference 209 BROADWAY, REVERE, MA 02114 Tel. 781.284.1100 Fax 781.284.2200 Free Parking Adjacent to Building @@@@@@@•@@@•••••••@@••0•••••••@•• • " ." ." .. • Lisa II/I. 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