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August 17, 2012     Post-Gazette
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August 17, 2012

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Page 14 POST-GAZETTE, AUGUST 17, 2012 4f I The Bilingual Co LO SAPEVATE CHE ...? Un genio italiano al lavoro negli Stati Uniti, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, oncologo e dal 2007 direttore del centro per la ricerca sul cancro alla Harvard University Medical School di Boston, ha messo a segno, con la sua equipe, una scoperta cruciale per la lotta al cancro: ha identificato una schiera di 30-40,000 geni, da lui ribattessati 'avatar', perche' rappreentano un universo parallelo a quello dei geni piu' noti che codificano le proteine e sono coinvolti nell'insorgenza dei tumori. Oggi, un nuovo passo avanti: Pandolfi ha scoperto il codice scritto nel DNA, che permette di capire come i geni 'avatar' funzionano. La scoperta pubblicata sulla rivista CELL permettera' fra breve, ha spiegato l'oncologo in un'intervista aII'ANSA, di mettere a punto farmaci 'mirati, alcuni dei quali gia' in fase di sperimentazione. Quelli delia ricerca oncologica' compiuti da Pandolfi sono passi avanti significativi. E' un impegno pr il quale (Pandolfi) ha recentemente ricevuto, in Italia, il Premio 2011 della Fondazione Alessio Pezcoller per la ricerca internazionale sul cancro presieduta da Gios Bernardi: un assegno di 75mfla euro che gli fu consegnato durante una solenne cerimonia presso il Castello del Buon Consiglio, di Trento, il 6 maggio (2011) . L'oncologo era in Italia per una serie di conferenze. All'Istituto Regina Elena di Roma ha illustrato il significato della scoperta del codice dei geni 'avatar'. Ha affermato: "sappiamo che i geni che codificano le proteine rappresentano il 2% del genoma umano - circa 20,000 - ma che fino a poco tempo fa non avevamo idea di quale fosse la funzione dei rimanenti geni. Con la nostra scoperta dei nuovo codice nel DNA ci permette di predire la funzione di 30-40,000 geni, di cui nulla sapevamo. Abbiamo ora la conferma che molti di essi sono 'geni del cancro' perche' legati alla sua insorgenza. La scoperta puo' ora condurre alla preparazione di nuovi farmaci. DID YOU KNOW THAT ...? An Italian scholar who works in the United States and is the director of the Cancer Research Center at Boston's Harvard Medical School since 2007, has made along with his group, a crucial discovery in the fight to defeat cancer: he has identified a phalange of 30-40,000 genes he has named 'Avatar,' for they represent a 'universe' similar to the already -- known genes which codify the proteins and are involved in the outbreak of tumors. Now a new step forward: Pandolfi has discovered the 'code' written in the DNA which allows us to understand how the genes 'avatar' behave. The discovery was published in the magazine CELL, explained Pandolfi during an interview to ANSA (Italian news agency), "to be able to make targeted -- drugs, some of which are being experimented." Those achieved by Pandolfi on can- cer research are significant steps forward. It is a commit- ment for which he has received, in Italy, the 2011 Prize from the Alessio Pezcoller Foundation for international can- cer research, which is presided by Gios Bernardi: a check for 75,000 euro (@ $95,000), given to him at a solemn cer- emony held at the Good Council Castle in the city of Trento, Italy, on May 6, 2011. Doctor Pandolfi was in Italy to deliver several lectures. At the Regina Elena Institute in Rome, he underscored the significance of the discovery of the code of the genes 'avatar.' We know that the genes that codify the proteins, he stated, represent only 2% of the human genome, about 20,000, but up until recently we had no idea how the other genes functioned. With the discovery of the new code in the DNA, we can now predict the function of the 30-40,000 genes we knew nothing about. Now we have the proof that many of them, are 'cancer genes,' because of the connec- tion to its outbreak. The discovery can now lead to the preparation of new pharmacologic products. On Sale Now! THE NORTH END Where It All Began The Way It Was by Fred Langone SALE PRICE $19.95 Plus Shipping & Handling On Site at The Post-Gazette 5 Prince Street, North End, Boston, MA Editorial (Continued from Romney to fight fire with fire. He should say, "Never mind those tax records, where's your real birth cer- tificate and what about those secret college records?" Hit hard and keep hitting. Right now Obama is taunting Page 3) Romney like Muhammad All, dancing around his own horrible record as president where we remain far worse off than four years ago. There is little hope left and only small change in our pockets after all has been said and done. If Romney doesn't find his courage, he'll be like the cowardly lion afraid of his own tail. The last thing the American people need is four more years of the Obama tale. News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) Warren Walks Back Her Comment About Saving Capitalism Recently, U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren had to walk back her com- ments that folks on Wall Street are supporting her candidacy because they know she can save capital- ism. Rather than just plain apologize for saying this %#&, she said it was wrong on her part to spread over- the-top comments about her and saving capitalism. She stresses that she her- self didn't make any over- the-top remarks but only helped spread them. In the world of Democratic politics this is the closest to an apol- ogy the public will ever get from someone like her. Foreclosures and the Economy Personally, I think pre- venting banks from just fore- closing on folks running behind with mortgage pay- ments makes good eco- nomic sense. Much of the ongoing problem with fore- closures was caused by the lenders luring folks with the promise of home- ownership. The Community Reinvestment Act started under Jimmy Carter and strengthened by Bill Clinton actually lured lenders into doing it too. In the end, we had an economic bubble burst. That being said, what sense is there in keep- ing families out of their houses? Lenders will not be able to sell them fast and they will end up staying vacant which means vandal- ism and its affect on property values in those neighbor- hoods where these houses are empty. It makes great sense to work out arrangements be- tween lenders and borrow- ers. Keep these folks in their homes and make new ar- rangements between both parties. Is it better to let houses sit empty making no money or keeping folks in their homes and making a little less money for lenders? Isn't something better than nothing? Projected $1.2 Trillion Deficit This Year The White House now pre- dicts that this year's federal budget deficit will end up at $1.2 trillion, marking the fourth consecutive year of trillion dollar plus deficits during the Obama Adminis- tration. The bleak numbers will add fuel to an already heated campaign. The economy will be a big factor in the election as our eco- nomic growth is not growing very well at all. The White House is predicting next year's budget will fall just short of a trillion dollars but remember it is still early and subject to change. Under Obama's budget plan, the U.S. total debt would reach $16.2 trillion by the end of the year and soar to $25.4 trillion at the end of this decade. Is it any won- der that the Chinese grow stronger-and stronger not doing the things we do? China is scooping Up so much that we should vote them our 51 st state and be- come an economic super- power once again. Bailouts Went to Wrong Crowd Credit card debt in this country has gotten out of debt as more and more Americans find themselves buried in hopeless debt. In the end, most credit card companies know lots of money will eventually be eaten up by them and not the borrowers which is why credit limits are dropping lower and lower. The govern- ment took care of those companies too big to fail but let the rest of us drown in a sea of red ink. We don't "rate" when it comes to needing help but they do? Student loan debt is the same thing. Most Ameri- cans get mired in this economy mess and the gov- ernment watches us drown. LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street East Cambridge, MA 02141 Docket No. MI12P3294EA Estate of LEO SONTAG Date of Death August 25, 2009 INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Pe'6tion of Petitioner Karen A. Sontag of Newton, MA, a Will has been admitted to informal probate. Karen A. Sontag of Newton, MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Represen- tative under the Massachusetts Uniform Pro- bate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Per- sonal Representatives appointed under infor- mal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner. Run date: 8/17/12 General Motors, Chrysler and the rest of the biggies are drowning and the gov- ernment sends out the troops to rescue them. Gov- ernment priorities seemed mixed up, if we seemingly want to right the ship of state with the "people who are actually this govern- ment. Everybody in Wash- ington supposedly works for us and not the other way around. Compromise is Not a Four-letter Word It appears up on Capitol Hill that our lawmakers have gone to their respec- tive corners and either you are with them or against them. No DMZ here. Both parties are guilty. Tea Party Republicans see no need to compromise and the same holds through for liberal Democrats. The logjam is bi-partisan. Too bad. our lame-stream liberal media only blames Republicans for sticking to their guns while calling Democrats prin- cipled for blocking their ears to compromise. U.S. Sen. Henry Clay is famous forever because of the Missouri Compromise and President James Madison has been called the "Father of the Constitution" because he fought hard to protect the people from the government. However, along the way in writing the Constitution, he and others viewed compro- mise as a necessity too. Hopefully, when push comes to shove even in today's bitter political world, cooler heads will prevail and things will get done that have to get done. 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