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August 25, 2017

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,!" , PAGE 4 POST-GAZE'l-rE, AUGUST 25, 2017 Bello: A Year in Italian Folklore The Treaxure Trove of Almanacs If you stepped into my parents' old home on any given day, you wolald most lkkely have heard the television tuned in to the Italian lariguage channel. I no longer bat an eye, for I have been used to this sinc e~practically the day. I Was bdrfi b :to :my father's by Ally Di Censo Symynkywicz (St. Helen's Day, August 18~), Bartolomeo (St. Bartholomew's Day, August 24~), or, as is the case in many a family, Rocco (St. Roch's Day, August 16~). The feast days of sai:nts are also interesting for the holiday and seasonal lore associated with them. The Assumption, for example, acquired many customs related to the start of the grain and first-fruits har- vest, which, like the feast day, occurred around mid-August. 2] The Sun and Moon: Like American almanacs, Italian almanacs will also tell the ris- ing and setting times of the sun and the moon. In olden times, farmers would have found this information very useful. Superstition parceled out vari- ous agricultural tasks to cer- tain phases of the moon, such as planting crops during the period when the moon grows in'the sky to ensure a similar result. Of course, nights with a full moon promised magic and mischief of all kinds. I like checking the rise and setting of the sun in order to gauge seasonal changes. When the sun no longer sets after eight o'clock, as is happening now, I know autumn is on its way. Similarly, I love watching the sunset time progressively grow longer after the winter solstice with the anticipation of the coming spring. 3) Household Hints: Trust me, Italians seem to have more practical uses for everyday household items, like rubbing alcohol, baking powder, lemon juice and candle wax, than I have ever heard. These little hints are cheap, environmen- tally sound, and just like hav- ing a wise grandmother next to - KITCHEN & BATH MASONRY REMODELING CONSTRUCTION love for the: Italian channel, practically every day of my life has consisted of some variation of a silly variety show, hour- long quiz game, soccer match, Italian soap opera, or news program. W b_jle I used to find these sl-/dWS rather goofy when I was little, I now appreciate them for helping me learn the Italian language and about Italian culture -- I especially love the travel and science programs. However, my favorite show on the Italian channel has not aired for seven years, though I watch it regularly online. It is called Almanacco di Domani, or Tomorrow's Almanac, and like most good things in my life, it was introduced to me by my dad. Thisquit little'fifteen-minute show provides folkloristic, astronomical, and fun fact information pertaining to the upcoming day -- birthdays, history, recipes, notable quotes, you name itl Even saying the name in my mind conjures images of cozy dark evenings spent curled up on my couch at home, listening to the zany music announce the details of the next day. I just love almanacs because they c ele~rg~e-,~e~ ~tj ~,e and tr adition ,-~hieh --anyorre reading this column knows I wholeheartedly embrace. Italian almanacs, whether in the form of the aforementioned television show or quick write-ups in local newspapers, are especially use- ful for anyone trying to find out more about the customs, beliefs and values that characterize his or her Italian heritage. In Ital- ian almanacs, you will almost always find the following: 11 The Saint of the Day: The calendar of saints is very impor- tant in Italian culture. Until not too long ago, this calendar often determined the name of the child born on a particular day. In this month of August, for example, you could have babies named Lorenzo (St. Lawrence's Day, August 10th), Assunta or Maria (Assumption of the Vir- gin Mary, August 15th), Elena Construction Services, LLC DEMOLITION Remodeling & Design FENCES & DECK: Licensed & Insured Bostonianc onstructionServic es@gmaiL c om you dishing out advice[ They definitively represent the more whimsical side of almanacs, true to the Italians' tradition of never taking themselves too seriously. I love almanacs because they remind me that every day is special. Each day arrives laden with its own lore, history, and curiosities. Almanacs teach us to always look forward, to keep hope and to always count even the smallest pleasures that a day can bestow. Now that I have been bitten by the almanac bug, I know that I will continue to pore over these olden bundles of wisdom and humor, whether in the form of Almanacco di Domanio or The Farmer's Alma- nac website. So thanks to my dad for introducing me to these cultural curios, and happy (almanac) reading to alll Ally Di Censo Symynkywicz is a Graduate Student in History at the University of Massachu- setts Boston. She appreciates any comments and suggestions about Italian holidays and folk- lore at adicenso89@graail.cotrL LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Tdal Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 768-5800 Docket No. MI17P4166GD CITATION GIVING NOTICE OF PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN FOR INCAPACITATED PERSON PURSUANT TO G.L c. 19013, ~P304 In the metter of EDWIN PARKER of Weeton, RESPONDENT Alleged Incapacitated Person To the named Respondent and all other interested persons, a pCdtion has been filed by Wingate at Waston of Weston, MA, in ~ above captioned matter alleging that Edwin Parker is in need of a Guardian and requesting that some other suitable person be appointed as Guardian to serve Without Surety on the bond. The petition asks the court to determine that the Respondent is ircapadtated, that ~e appointment of a Guardian is necessary, and that the proposed Guardian is appropriate. The ~e~on is on file with this court and may contain a request for certain specific authority. You have the fight to object to this pro- ceeding. If you wish to do so, you or your altor- ney must file a written appearance at this court on or before 10:00 A.M. on ~he retum date of September 12, 2017. This day is NOT a headng date, but a deadline date by which you have to file the written appearance if you object to lha petition. If you fail to tile the written appearance by the return date, action may be taken in this matter without further notice to you. In addition to filing the written appearance, you or your attorney must file a written ~ sta~g the spec~ facts and grounds of your objedkm wi~in 30 days after the return date. IMPORTANt' NONCE The sotsoma of th~ proneecU~ may hit or co~ take amy the ahoy-mined person's dgM to make leci~D~ about ~ersonel affairs or flnsocial etlak~ or Ix~h. The above-named pemon hasthe dght to ask for a lam/er. Anyone may mketlds r=l~ ou beh=,lf of the aix~.,-nmled 13ers~n. fftke alxwe-nmed i~mon cann~ a~rd a kee/er, soe my ~ ~=painted at S~te ~ WITNESS, Hon. ~ F. D~nelly, Jr., Rrst Justice of this Court. Date: August 15, 2017. Tara DeCristofaro, Register of Probate Run date: 8/25/17 For information about advertising m the Po .call 617-2 by Sal Giarratani Assault on American My God, the reaction by the leftwing media in this country to President Trump's rhetoric on what happened in Charlot- tesviUe, VAI It sounded almost as unhinged as the rhetoric from Liberal activists and pro- vocateurs of violence like the liberal fascists Antifa and Black Lives Matter. One would think from listen- ing to the pontificating of the likes of Don Lemon that Trump was a supporter of the Klan and neo-Nazi white supremacists. Trump, as usual was his own worst enemy when he could not clearly and unequivalently condemn the Nazis and Klan and call them the evil that they are. Trying to mitigate things for God knows why, he ended up looking and sounding like he was defending these seumbags. He said this and that and then that and this and then back again and ended up looking like a jerk. However, the mainstream media that some conserva- fives like Sean Hannity call the =Destroy Trump Media" started resembling hungry sharks in the water looking for their prey. They could smell blood over the tragedy in Charlottesville and started politicizing it in their continuing Anti-Trump narrative. Bouncing back and forth be- tween CNN, MSNBC and FOX, I felt only the Fox News Network showed any credibility. They tried to give viewers more than one side of the issue. I pity any conservative brought on Don Lemon's Show. They get eaten up alive. When these sad excuses of cable news media weren't talk- ing about Nazis, they were still talking about RussiaGate or, better still, the issue of Confed- erate statues. Lemon actually equated Gen- eral Robert E. Lee with Osama bin Laden. How can you even have a civil conversation with this empty suit on camera? His panel of liberal experts joined in his choir. One guy actually said there was a big difference between slave owners like Jef- ferson Davis or Robert E. Lee who led the Confederacy in the Civil War and George Wash- ington and Thomas Jefferson, who took on the Bdtsh in the American Revolution. Talk about convoluted logic. Do any of these liberal talking heads know anything about the history of the Civil War? I think not and you know that those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. On either CNNor MSNBC, who knows the difference, someone told the audience that any =right-minded person~ has to oppose what Trump said about white supremacists. I guess that means there's no need to debate that issue. Truth is one-sided. History and Culture/ There is a national debate over the removal of all those Confederate statues in Ameri- ca's public squares, especially in the South. Liberal Demo- crats, many of them are drown- ing in their own guilt, think re- moving statues actually means something. I have crossed over the Ma- son-Dixon Line and I have seen many of these statues and I think they reflect a part of our history we need to understand. We have come far since the days of slavery. We are better today then we once were. We can learn from history. If you listen to some anti- Trump liberals out there, the Confederacy was responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 sol- diers; but that number includes both sides in the war. Back during the Centennial of the American Civil War, Amer- ica understood the sadness of that war that pitted families and neighbors against one another. We viewed the great generals of that war with respect, regard- less of which side they fought to uphold. General Robert E. Lee was a great generai despite fighting for a lost cause. We re- spected principles back during the centennial, but we have slid downhill since 1965 and have forgotten how America was a better-place for all when that war ended. Over in Charlestown in a public park stands a Civil War monument to the Union dead. When I go down to Austin, TX, I see a Civil War monument to the Confederate dead at the State Capitol. I treat both with the same respect each deserves. I believe in knowing all about American history, not pretend- ing something didn't happen because I am uncomfortable about it. While everybody loves fighting the past, I would rather all of us were focused on America's future. We are in such turmoil fight now, splitting off into op- posing camps just like Ameri- cans did during the Civil War. The media needs to get its act together and help us all find commonality, but there's always better ratings when we are all killing each other over so much nonsense. One last bit of advice for President Trump--stop looking like a jerk and start building up America. Call Nazis what they are. Call the Klan what they are. These are not members of your base. Your base is concerned about the economy, jobs, public , safety and the future prosperity of all of us. Don't let the media confuse you (since you seem to get confused too easily at times). Stay on message and just tell the truth. The antagonist media isn't going away. Learn to live with them and not get swallowed up by their nonsense.