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September 11, 2015     Post-Gazette
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September 11, 2015

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(-, POST-GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 Page9 ........... + .......... ,.. = ...... 11 Life imitating art! After the Mafia staged an elaborate funeral for a well-known mob boss in Rome, replete with 500 mourners, rose petals dropped from a helicopter, and the theme from The Godfather, "Rome cannot be defaced by those who want it to become the set of The Godfather," one official complained. Huh? Facing a need for $743 million worth of repairs to crumbling infrastructure, the mayor of Jackson, Miss., has told residents the city can fix its many potholes through the power of prayer. "Yes, I believe we can "pray potholes away," said Mayor Tony Yarber, who is also a church pastor. "Moses prayed," he said, "and a sea opened." GOP presidential candidate Donald Tromp resumed his war with Fox News host Megyn Kelly,. saying her show was better when she was on vacation and tweeting an attack that she was "a bimbo." Fox News Chief Roger Aries called Trump's comments *crude and irre- sponsible" and demanded he apologize. All 7. I billion Earthlings. After NASA officials announced that there is "not one shred of evidence" to support internet-fueled rumors that a massive asteroid will strike the. Earth this September. "The killer asteroid doesn't exist," the space agency said. Well, we are still in the month of September. Let us hope the space agency is right. Moron! A Colorado man was arrested for allegedly trying to catch a flight he missed by bursting through a locked door, chasing the closed plane, and demanding to be let in as it was being towed to the runway. Gee. a 12-year-old Taiwanese boy on a museum tour tripped and put his fist through a 350-year-old masterpiece by Italian artist Paolo Porpora worth $1.5 million. Reminder, the first day of autumn is on September 23rd. So get your wardrobe ready for the coming cool season. Giuseppina, cosec storte, claims the only person who's constantly wrong and still keeps his job is the weatherman. The great Kyle Waters who is on Boston free and still herei" DummyI A suspected 0 0 0 burglar ~ came to re- gret taunting Florida police on Facebook. When the Polk County Sheriffs Office said on its Facebook page that Logan Hale, 21, was wanted for a break-in, Hale wrote: "HELIX) Lhere I am." Days later, Hale was spot- ted in a car and arrested. The sheriffs office then updated its Facebook status: "Logan Hale, you are on your way to jail. Your at- tempts to hide were of no avail. Epic fail." ,Wow! July was officially the hottest month since records began in 1880, with Earth's average surface temperature hitting 61.86 degrees Fahrenheit. July's average tempera- ture was 1.46 degrees higher than the aver- age for the twentieth century, and 0.14 de- grees above the previous hottest month, which occurred in 1998. Mama M/a/ More than 1 in 4 new mothers go back to work within two weeks of giving birth, according to a newly published study. Most of these new moms work for employers who do not provide paid maternity leave. Proprio Stronzo claims all mothers are physically handicapped. They have only two hands. A typical mother, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly an- nounces she never did care for pie. Remember, a modern mother is one who worries only when her daughter gets home from a date at a decent hour. Each year there are 105 baby boys born for every 100 baby girls. According to a Media General Association Press poll, ff parents could choose the sex of their babies, 27% would have a boy. 16% a girl. and 57% would have no preference. According to the Facts on ~ Dictionary of F rst Names, the most common names given to babies were: Michael, Matthew, Christo- Man#! You Eat!) Benvenutf! Our next region, Sardegna is the third largest region in Italy and is considered an island paradise by both tourists and the locals. Due to its strategically valuable posi- tion, this ancienLterritory has been the conquest of Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards and Austrians over the centuries. In fact, Sardinian dialect, dialetto sardo, is a Latin-based language that very much reflects this multi-cul- tural historic heritage. A wide variety of other dialects are also spoken in Sardegna and, depending on where you are on the island, the influence of Spain, Liguria, Tuscany or Corsica's languages can be clearly heard, trmkltu3 each dialect very unique and fascinating. Sardegna is blessed with a generous amount of inland as well as sea products. The island is home to one third of Italy's sheep and livestock farming, which is considered the main source of income for 1,6 million inhabitants. Sardinian shep- herds are known for their exceptional cheese-making skills and the town of Macomer, located between the cities of Oristano and Sassari, is known for its wide variety of cheeses -- Pecorino sardo being at the top of the list. Another very old shepherd tradition that has passed from one generation to the next is the roasting of porchetto -- suckling pig -- smoked and roasted on a pit over aromatic herbs and fragrant wood fire. Porchetto is a juicy and crispy delight best enjoyed with a glass of local Cannonau wine. Sardinians are also known for the/r very unique bread called pane carasau or carta da musica (music paper). These thin, almost transparent, rounds of bread resemble sheets of music manuscript paper, especially when they are broken into pieces making the characteristic sound from which the name origi- nates. In Sardinian cooking, after the bread comes pasta: fregula, fllindeu, culingionis are some traditional types. But the most representative pasta is the malloreddus, commonly known as gnocchetti sardi (little Sardinian gnoc~hO. Made with durum wheat and saffron, these tiny pieces of dough are rolled lightly by thumb over a sieve or a grooved board so that the ridged surface will best carry the condiment. Enjoy eating malloreddus with tomato sauce, lamb ragout, seafood or sim- ply with butter and a generous amount of grated pecorino sardo. Deliziosil MALLOREDDUS (serves four) Pinch of saffron Salt 2-2/3 cups durum wheat semolina + extra flour for College's Dean List, says, "Science can pre- pher and Brian for boys. And Jennifer, Sa- Water dusting dict an eclipse of the sun many years in ad- rah, Jessica and Amanda for girls. ...... ,+-~ ~,.m urh~_ ha. ~ ^.~o.~ ~ S Preparation" Dissolve the saffron and a little salt in 2/3 vance but cannot accurately predict the Mo,~ ,~.~~u~ oL~jj .................... " weather over the weekend." Waters is ma ....... ~.~A +^ ~.~.. +.~. ^ +~+. ~.~ool~s cup lukewarm water. In a food processor (or by hand ff pre- A ..~ ....... ore ......... e"^A some ferred), make the dough by mixing the flour with the saf- joring in Economics and will be graduating +..u v,~,~.,~ ,, ~ ,~ v.~-y~ p Hr., .. " - " " the li ted ere o ce fron water, adding more water 11 necessary to make a fairly withthe class in 2018. - " w i -t h aFh f f mil e ber firm dough Roll the dough into long lengths of about inch News from France. For the first time in cen- Ol me top nassies y st w : c n rn aoout e gn, e t o a a y m m , " ........... - "-" " t~" " t d In diameter and mp on smml pmces just unaer Inch m turies, most Parisian bakeries axe closed for nome maintenance, too many nmgs o o, the summer. The government last year - " -- d i " " 1 s length Using your thumb, roll these lightly over-a grooved pnysmat appearance an m sprucing or o -__ -, "., .......... 7/+ .7 ...... waived a law -- In effect since the 1790s -- in~ thinas ooam or me prongs m a torKm glve mem melrioarvea shape that said bakers must notify authorities in '? -" ~' " - ..... ..... and ridges Leave the mal/oreddus to dry for:~t least half A survey-oy tc.n. t~rusKm /~ssoctates " . _ ~+~+ advance before taking vacations, In order ,to sno- wed +'+that Ame-- ricans llsted o"ecember sa day before cooklng: + In ...... boiling salted water ~a~ll al dente. ensure that the city has enough fresh ba-the hannle.qt month of the year July is the Add the premrrel conalment and sprlnl~e Wl.~/~;j~t generous -+-- "'-rr ................ ~:'~+'" -"'~ " ""+ amount: of peeorino sardo auon appetitol" " " -=/:,~ guettes. Now the consequence of the rulenext happiest. February, is the least ppy, " +. + change Is being felt, as bakers have shut- The rate of mental hospital admisslons has tered their shops for a summer break and been highest In the summer.:Enough~f thls MALLOREDDUS (setwe ~ -headed to the beach. "I find myself buying depressing stuffl -+:' .. Un:ptzzico di zafferano in Acqua., inhere sliced bread from the supermarket, and In 'a new survey, the .+Wor/d Happiness Re: - polvere 400 t+s not even really bread," customer Audeport found:that theU.S, ranked: JU+St: 15t~ Sale + .... +. altra Debout told the Ftnanc/a/Times. Still, the Switzerland. iceland, and Denmark came out Pre rozi /:-DisSolvl 1o zafferano ~n ors and long lines that the British press .eynlf on top. : " : " : ' : " 150 ml dl aeqU ii:tteplda. Prepara la l +eally predicted at the start of the summer : ltaitan-American history: In ~+1!840, cuel~a Iopp~re~~-mano se preferisc0 .have riot materialized. . + Piedmontese Father Felix ~fllanls arrix~l:in A Florlda couple celebrates their anniver- America. He. became direc~ ofSt, da.~ph-'-s con I aequa e-!o~erano e aggiungen sary every year-by eating a piece of their Seminary at Fordham and taugh:ti~t St. modo da fo~:"~-:unapasta pluttosto ii~ eordolida 0.~ cm-di diametro e ricaw .orlglnal wedding cake -- which is now 60. ~ John's College,' Later, Vfllanls served:.~.ipas- 1 cm. lJsando. II po111ce, fai sclvolare I :years old. Ann and Ken Frederlcks just tor of several parishes, and was respo~islble una superflcle rigata o sulla forchetta marked their latest anniversary by takingfor building the first Cathollc Churcllii:tn the la tlpica curvatura e le another bite of the frosted, three-layer fruit- cake, which has been kept In a-coffee can gince flaelr 1955+weddhlg. The cake is "a little dry," admitted Ann,~ 8!, so she and her + ; husband..always moisten It with brandy be- fore digging in. "Our children are appalled that we would be eating something that's 60 years old," said Ann. "But believe me, it's quite tasty, as long as It's got enough brandy on It" A British morn and dad photographed their two kids climbing and Jumping on a barnacle covered buoy that had washed up on the beach, not realizing It was a World War II bomb. Kelly and Gareth Gravell found the 3- foot-wid metal ball on a Welsh beach and thought nothing of their kids Erin. 6, and Ellis. 4. happily clambering over the object. But a few days later, local officials announced that the "buoy" was in fact an old military mine and called in the Royal Navy to blow It +-~.)?:~+Ula. "Oops," said Gareth. "Thankfully, they are AMERICA IS A BEAI/TIFUL IT/SLIAN~I~ sale in robot da la farina .bAn SU t praticare Fal Bronx Saint Raymond's, Our distinguished m~icologlst=(~bert : aseiugare i:~ddus per dI cuocerll Ri : ua sal ta. Natale reports Katrlna didttt Stoi~ th~!~uslc con del peco~,/sardo. Buon in New Orleans, When many .muslc fled , : . in the wake of the storm, hometown j~-stars If~.~ l/l~ to cook Harry Connick, Jr., and aranford M salis mv.slmakasyoueat. ;i Y tool~'actl0n to "keep tradl~ns alive!~ this Alessandra:~mse'~ "+is an elemen~~:~/~-~" "~=~ school uniquely musical city." They oversaw the Ital/an/ang~+:(.tg0tcher in the Catho// ~~ and in deve-lopment of Musicians Village -- ~;~com- the North EntLiii~/s also a cook/ng ~~f~:.~under of munity In the Lower Ninth Ward thfit in- "Par/a come ~/~:7 fspeak as you eatO ~~s, where cludes 72 houses for displaced musicians the passion foL~ Italian language meets 11~Z~ :the Italian plus an impressive concert hall. Frenchman food. ' ~f Street, a club-lined strip just outside the French Quarter. has also boomed'since Kat~na. Choose carefully from its venues and you can hear "world-class" blues, funk, and jazz any night of the week. Gee, we should have AI Natale conduct a visit to the swing- ing city. Yes, today. September 1 1th, is my btrthdayt I no longer buy green bananast