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September 14, 2012     Post-Gazette
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September 14, 2012

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Page 12 POST-GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 Ray Barron's I RecipeSHomelandfrom the 11 O'CLOCK NEW5 byVitaOrlandoSinopoli The Republican Party crowned Mitt Romney support, but COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED as its presidential nominee. The center- reportedly de- MEATBALLS piece of the party's efforts to humanize cided a hasty I pound ground beef (or i/8 teaspoon of garlic Romney was a speech by his wife, Ann, who s e t t I e m e n t O O C) ground turkey) powder or one small testified to his steadfast nature, "You can was better for  1/2 cup Italian-style bread chopped garlic clove trust Mitt," she said. 'rhis man will not fail. the welfare of crumbs 1 teaspoon parsley flakes -- This man will not let us down. This man her daughter, Suri. 2 slightly beaten eggs optional will lift up America." Well, said! An actress in Hollywood described her 1 tablespoon grated Roman Wow! A struggling county in Indiana has ex-husband, "He's six feet tall in his socks cheese received an unexpected windfall in the form and 82,000 short in his alimony payments." Place ground beef or turkey, prepared breadcrumbs and of a $125 million endowment from an in- Bearing it! A Minnesota man napping on slightly beaten eggs in a bowl. Mix ingredients thoroughly. starance magnate who grew up there. David a hiking trail awoke to find a large black Shape meatballs by taking a full tablespoon of mixture and G,undlach, who died in California in Octo- bear looming over him and licking his face. rolling it in the palm of your hands into a ball shape. Place ber, left the extraordinary sum to Elkhart John Steitz, 26, says he was dreaming that each meatball on a lightly greased baking tray. Bake in a County, which suffered devastating job losses a playful dog was licking him. "I opened my preheated 350F oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes.* during the recession in the recreational eyes, and there was a bear on top of me with Remove from baking tray to separate meatballs from vehicle industry concentrated there. Gund- its face in my face," Steitz said. "I kind of excess oil. Makes about twelve to fifteen meatballs, depend- lach's gift will be shared among various opened my eyes and gave a "What-the-exple- ing on the size preferred. nonprofits that serve the Elkhart commu- tive?'" When he an'd hisfhiking partner *To microwave: Place meatballs on a microwave-proof nity, including daycare facilities, retirement jumped up and began banging pans, the bear platter and cook for five minutes, then turn and continue homes and arts organizations. Gundlach's ambled off and a shaken Steitz checked cooking for five to eight more minutes. generosity, said Community Foundation himself for damage. "Not a scratch," he said. President Pete McCown, "will change the Broadcast TV is getting a whole lot racier, NOTE: The aroma of frying meatballs filled the air in most lives of people in Elkhart County forever." according to a new report by the Parents North End apartments every Sunday morning. My brother and I Charity is twice blessed -- it blesses the Television Council. It found 76 incidents of waited for Mama to startfnjing her meatballs so that we could one who gives and the one who receives, full nudity on prime-time network TV last enjoy one before the noontime meal. Tip top place! Burlington, Vermont, res- year -- an increase of 407 percent from the My recipe evolvedffom watching my mother prepare her bread taurants are adding 18 percent to the bills year before. The networks' new trick is to cntmbsfor the meatballs. Most families had a special technique of French-speaking diners, on the grounds show fully naked characters with their to acquire their desired taste. When I prepare my meatballs, I that Quebecers are "bad tippers." Restaurant breasts, buttocks, and/or genitals pixilated, add one tablespoon of grated Romano cheese and one-eighth owner Sandy Kong defended the practice, Get it? teaspoon of garlic powder (or one small chopped garlic clove) saying, "Some Canadians come in, they Huh? Forty percent of all food in the U.S. to the flavored bread crumbs. These additions give me the taste spend like $100 or $150 and they leave the ends up in the trash, according to and aroma of the meatballs I remember enjoying in my waitstaff maybe a $1 tip." report by the Natural Resources Defense childhood. Once upon a time, while dining at fl res- Council. The average family of four wastes taurant in Boston, the waitress greeted us  $2,275 in food each year, or 20 pounds per by saying, "I'm a tip top waitress. If you don't person per month. .................... .................. tip me, I'll blow my topI" Bang up sales! U.S. weapons sales more * Res Publics (Continued from Page 2) Besse Cooper of Monroe, Georgia, who eel- than tripled in 201 I, according to a new con- bate and it was a very tight and Michael J. Doaovan for ebrated her 116 a birthday, says, "I mind my gressional report. The country sold $66 bil- own business and I don't eat junk food." lion worth of arms last year, up from $21.4 race. Nearly six thousand Clerk of Courts (Civil). In more people cast "practice" none of these races did Cooper is believed to be the world's oldest billion in 2010. America's largest customer votes for a Senatorial candi- the winning candidate win living person, was Saudi Arabia, which purchased more date who would have won the suffrages of more than Carlo Scostumato claims old age is unpre- than $33 billion worth of weapons, includ- even if all the voters stayed 5 percent of the registered dictable. You just wake up one morning and ing dozens of F-15 fighter jets. home than cast votes in a voters. Again, I have noth- you've got it! Retired superstar Regis Philbin's devoted race where their votes would ing against these particular Bells Culo of Chestnut Hill, says, "Three wife Joy's dream of having him home with have made a difference, politicians. They won and things indicate we are getting old. First, the her has turned into a nightmare! For years Along with the Register of are to be congratulated. How- loss of memory -- and we can't remember she nagged Regis to retire and now, just Probate contest there were ever, am I the only one who the other two." months after he actually stepped down, she's two Clerk of Courts positions thinks that is not good for One more time! Did you hear about the begging him to go back to work! "I can't get filled in this Democratic the long-term health of our old-timer in Kentucky who drank more than the guy out of my hair," says Joy, 70, of her Primary (because no Repub- Democracy when important a quart of whiskey a day for 60 years? When backfired wish. "I love my husband, but he's lican is running in the offices are filled by candi- he passed away at the age of 97, they tried happiest working and I'm happiest when he's November final election), dates who enjoy the active to cremate him, but he blew up and wrecked working too. I just didn't know it soon Maura A. I-Ienaigaa won for support of merely 5 percent the place! enough." Clerk of Courts (Criminal) of the registered voters? Moron! Richard Eggers, 68, who was fired Show business reminiscing with the hand- by a Wells Fargo bank in Des Moines when some, stately, ageless, musicologist Albert abackground check found that he'd been Natale. Diana Dots said, "Don't criticize K   Fullylnsured arrested in 1963 for putting a fake dime into people who've changed their names. Maybe Lic #017936 a laundromat washing machine. "It was a the original name didn't suit them. "My own stupid stunt," Eggers said, "but I don't think name was Diana Fluck Speaking of sug- ' NechaMcal that it warrants a termination almost a half gestive names, did you know Sandra Dee a century later." was Alexandra Zuck? We'd have been fools Bad week for: Driving in Washington, D.C., not to change our names." One more time! Heating & Air Conditioning after a national insurance study ranked Noting Frank Sinatra's friendship with John Sales, Service & Installation motorists there the most accident-prone in F. Kennedy, a 1960 Time magazine article the nation. Drivers there have an accident following Kennedy's election read: "The story Ken Shallow every 4.8 years, compared with every 13.8 in Hollywood is Sinatra would now be 617.593.6211 years in the safest city, Sioux Falls, SD. appointed Ambassador to Italy; Sammy Davis The only reason some motorists slow down Jr., Ambassador to Israel or Kenya; and for pedestrians is because they're afraid Dean Martin as Secretary of Liquor." they'll damage their cars. Nancy Sinatra majored in economics at the Ist Generation According to the astute Mona-Lisa Cap- University of Southern California, while puccio, "Maybe the reason we have traffic studying piano, voice, dance and drama. And Italian-American problems is because the traffic has become Jerome Kern received Academy Awards for as dense as the drivers." two songs ""The Last Time I Saw Paris" Wits Orl(llldo Slllopoli The dead man's float, after a passerby spot- (1941) and earlier "The Way You Look Shares with us ted a body face-up in Pennsylvania's Susque- Tonight" (1936). hanna River. As a police forensic team A few weeks ago we heard from Joe "Duke" a delighOul recollection approached, the body startled them by sit- Cipriano, former sax player with Guy ]FromM,,,, I of her memories as a child ring in the water. "I didn't mean to worry Lombardo's band. Cipriano is a native of -I%|elI* u up growing up in anyone," said Joseph DeAngelo, who'd been Roslindale and some decades ago along with ,dub, perch wearing a life jacket and enjoying a "nice, his wife Dorothy moved to Manhattan.  Boston's "Little Italy" quiet" float. There, he was sweating out his musician's Hollywood stuff! Katie Holmes will walk union card when he heard Guy Lombardo and a collection of away from her marriage to Tom Cruise with was looking for a tenor sax player. He made Italian family recipes barely a sliver of his $250 million fortune, it! And he made over $100,000 a year work- 'rA 0U,tO SloPOtI from the homeland. said Holmes will receive a total of ing for Lombardo. Yes, Lombardo's musi- $4.8 million in child support over 12 years, cians were the highest paid in the business! but -- as per her prenuptial agreement with Well, Joe lives in a large home on Long Greatas Gifts Cruise -- no spousal support. The actress Island and does at lot of reminiscing. FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM could have chosen to argue for more child AMERICA IS A BF, AUTIIeIJL ITALIAN NAME and in local bookstores -- ask for Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 ISBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY ~