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September 26, 2014     Post-Gazette
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September 26, 2014

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Page2 POST=GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 Stir00 Nostra by Prof. Edmund Turiello A weekly column highlighting some of the more interesting aspects of our ancestry.., our lineage.., our roots. THE WAR OF THE TITANS The "Titanomachia," or War of the Titans, was brought about mainly be- cause o&apos;f the attitude that Cronus had developed to- ward his sons and daughters. We remember Cronus as the leader of the Titans who swallowed the first five of his six children at birth because he was warned that he would be overthrown by one of his offspring. Zeus, the sixth child, was not swallowed be- cause a large stone was sub- stituted in his stead. Later Zeus succeeded in getting Cronus to drink a potion which contained a powerful emetic. This caused the stone to become disgorged, and it was followed by the five brothers and sisters of Zeus. Opposition to the rule of the Titans was started by Zeus, who convened a meet- ing on Mt. Olympus. He an- nounced that anyone who aided him in overthrowing the Titans would be permit- ted to reign as a god until the end of time. Styx, a goddess who dwelt in a lofty grotto at the entrance to Hades, was the first to pledge her support of Zeus. She also pledged the support of her four children, whose names were Bin (Force); Cratos (Strength), Nike (Victory) and Zelus (Emulation). Prometheus (the savior of mankind) aligned himself With Zeus, as did all of the Olympian gods. All of theTitans except Oceanus supported Cronus. They took their position in the Othrys Mountains of Southern Thessaly and the forces of Zeus occupied Mt. Olympus, about fifty miles to the north. The broad plain between these two moun- tains became the scene of a gigantic battle which contin- ued for ten years without <_0. Real Estate Matt6o Gallo Appraisals Sales & Rentals 376 North Street Boston, MA 02113 (617) 523-2100 Fax (617) 523-3530 either side gaining a victory. Finally, in desperation, Zeus sought the advice of Grand- mother Gaea. She advised aid from the Hecatoncheires (hundred-handed monsters) and the Cyclopes whom Cronus had previously im- prisoned in the dungeons of Hades. Zeus immediately went to the lower world, slewed the dragon that was guarding these dungeons and released the prisoners. The liberated Gargantuan creatures stormed onto the plains; their thunder, light- ning, and great strength pro- vided just the added power that was necessary to gain a victory for Zeus. Those defeated Titans were then hurled down into Hades and enclosed within walls of brass. The hundred-handed monsters were designated to be their relentless jailers for the rest of time. Atlas, a sec- ondary Titan, was punished by being forced to hold the heavens upon his shoulders for all of eternity. Contrary to a popular be- lief, Atlas was not required to hold the earth. NEXT WEEK: Atlas, Other Versions For more information, call 617-227-8929. 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Question I is a proposed law to eliminate the require- ment that the state's gasoline tax, which was 24 cents per gallon as of September 2.013, be adjusted every year by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index over the preceding year, but not be adjusted below 21;5 cents IAer gallon. A YES-vote would repeal the current law, enacted by the legislature, that .automatically increases the gas tax every year without a vote.-For information regarding why you may wish to vote YES, call Steven Aylward at-617-744-0760. A NO vote would keep the current automatic tax increases in place. For information regarding why you may wish to vote NO call the Committee for Safer Roads and Bridges at 617-391-9663. Question 2 is a proposed law to expand the current Bottle Bill by requiring deposits on containers for all non-alco- holic non-carbonated drinks. A YES vote would expand the Bottle Bill. For information regarding why you may wish to vote YES call Coalition for an Updated Bottle Bill at 617-747-4322. A NO vote would leave the current law as is. For informa- tion regarding why you may wish to vote NO call Compre- hensive Recycling Works at 617-886-5186. Question 3 is a proposed law to prohibit casino gambling. A YES vote would repeal the law, passed by the legisla- ture, which legalized casinos and lead to the recent ap- proval of a yet-to-be-built casino in Everett. For informa- tion regarding why you may wish to vote YES call Repeal The Casino Deal at 617-701-7823. A NO vote would make no changes to current law. For information regarding why you may wish to vote NO call Domenic Sarno, Mayor of Springfield, at 617-520-4559. Question 4 is a proposed law which would entitle em- ployees to earn and use sick time according to certain con- ditions. A YES vote would entitle employee s to earn and use sick time according to certain conditions. For informationre- garding why you may wish to vote YES call Raise UP Massa- chusetts at 617-284-1260. A NO vote would make no change in the laws regarding earned sick time. For information regarding why you may wish to vote NO call Retailers Association of Massachu- setts 617-523-1900. Saint Padre Pio by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Francesco Forgione, was born on May 25, 1887. He was the son of Giuseppa and Grazio Forgione, peasant farmers, who lived in the small Italian village of Pietrelcina. Francesco was very devout even as a child, and at an early age felt drawn to the priesthood. As a young boy, he was able to see and communicate not only with his guardian angel but also with Jesus and the Virgin Mary. In his sim- plicity, he assumed everyone had the same experiences. He became a Capuchin novice at the age of sixteen and received the habit in 1902. Francesco was ordained to the priesthood on August 10, 1910 after seven years of study and became known as Padre Pio. On September 20, 1918, Padre Pio was kneeling in front of a large crucifix when he received the visible marks of the crucifixion, making him the first stigmatized priest in the history of Church. The painful wounds would remain with him for 50 years. The doctor who examined Padre Pio could not fred any natural cause for the wounds. Upon his death in 1968, the wounds were no longer visible. In fact, there was no scarring and the skin was completely healed. He had predicted 50 years prior that upon his death the wounds would heal. The wounds of the stigmata were not the only mystical phenomenon experienced by Padre Pio. The blood from the stigmata had an odor described by many as similar to that of perfume or flowers, and the gift of bilocation was attrib- uted to him as well as healing, prophesy and discernment of spirits. When a friend once questioned him about these charismas, Padre Pio responded, "You know, they are a mystery to me too." His day began at 2:30 in the morning when he would rise to begin his prayers and prepare for Mass. His regular workday lasted 19 hours divided between Mass and confessions. He was able to carry on with just a small amount of sleep and food. He rarely left the monas- tery and never took a day's vacation from his grueling sched- (Continued on Page 15) &